Homeowner’s HIGHER Costs: Jackson City Council Approves New Sidewalk Rules | Local News | ledger.news

Jackson City Council Approves New Sidewalk Rules  –  February 2019

At its meeting last night, the Jackson City Council approved new ordinances governing water use and the maintenance of city sidewalks.


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GREEN CREDIT -2018 Edition – CHINA BANKING ASSOCIATION (592 Page Book) for Banking Professionals

Note: on the cover page it states;
Series Books for Banking Professionals
Technically Supported by International Finance
Corporate, a member of the World Bank Group
Green Credit – 2018 Edition
Edited by:  China Banking Association
Oriental Research Institute of Banking Professionals


Faced with increasing resource constraints, severe environmental pollution and a deteriorating ecosystem, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council highly valued the development of green finance, and successively issued framework documents in recent years, such as the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Ecological Civilization and the General Plan for the Reform for Promoting Ecological Progress to guide and lead the ecological progress. The said documents clearly put forward the strategy for establishing China’s green finance system for the first time and clarified the due diligence and liability exemption requirements as well as the legal liability of environmental protection of lenders. In 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping addressed in his report at 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that China will develop green finance to promote green development, to speed up reform of the system for developing an ecological civilization, and to build a beautiful China.

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RAIN TAX – Revenue to TAX homeowners for Storm Drain Repairs “Intentional” Deferred Maintenance for Decades. . .





Rain tax

A stormwater fee, also known as a rain tax, is a charge imposed on real estate owners for pollution in stormwater drainage from impervious surface runoff.



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RAIN TAX and MORE: NJ Could Soon Slap These 3 New Taxes, Fees On You | Manasquan, NJ Patch



For example, the so-called “rain tax,” as Republicans dubbed it, permits counties, municipalities and certain authorities to establish stormwater utilities and related fees and other charges.

An advocacy group called New Jersey Future said the bill, which was approved by both houses of the Legislature, “provides municipalities, counties, utilities and authorities with a long-needed tool to manage flooding and dirty runoff from rainwater.”


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TAX on the SUN

AX on the SUN . . .
Spain’s ‘sun tax’ set to be scrapped – pv magazine International

Note:  The “Sun Tax” will likely, be reinstated should the tax actually be terminated.  WHY?

The Cabal is creating a “Circular Economy” using accounting firms that are creating revenue schemes.   
Ernst and Young, for example, has been engaged by all our incorporated cities, government agencies, and even the Vatican to create revenue from Natural Capital.  We have learned that natural capital is the pricing of ALL NATURAL RESOURCES.  An inventory, on every single natural resource, is now being created to count “every” resource and to create tax on all soil, grass, trees, coral reefs, sand, rocks, sea products, the AIR, the SUN, and everything else . . .
Watch the You Tube Video named below which is posted on StopTheCrime.net:


ACCOUNTING FIRMS “Bankrupting” ALL CITIES London Based Accounting FIRMS to Create New Revenues ELECTRIC GRID SHUTDOWNS

Spain’s ‘sun tax’ set to be scrapped   June 12, 2018

Spain’s newly created government may execute, among its first orders of business, the cancellation of the solar tax on distributed generation (the notorious “impuesto al sol”), which was introduced in the fall of 2015 by the Rajoy government. Rajoy’s conservative People’s Party (PP) was removed from government after losing a no-confidence motion over a corruption scandal.

In her first official statement, in which yesterday’s announcement for a more ambitious 2030 EU renewable energy target was made, Spain’s new Minister of the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera said that herministry will support the European Parliament’s request to ban the so-called “sun tax”, as well as any obstacle to the development of self-consumption models for solar households and businesses. More details on when the tax may be cancelled, however, were not provided.

Last week, the Spanish solar association, Unef announced its support for the appointment of Teresa Ribera. “We hope that the ministry will keep the promises included in the political program of the new government, which include the elimination of the well-known ‘sun tax’, as well as the administrative barriers currently imposed on the projects of self-consumption, and the definition of a regulation for community solar projects,” the association said.

The elimination of the solar tax may further boost Spain’s rooftop PV segment, especially for C&I projects. Under regulations, only PV systems up to 10 kW are exempt from paying the tax. For larger installations, the legislation for self-consumption imposes charges on both existing and new installations, both on a capacity and generation level.

Despite the tax being in force, last year around 135 MW of new PV systems were connected to the Spanish grid. This growth, which was significantly larger than in the previous three years, was mainly driven by small-sized grid-connected PV systems for self-consumption and stand-alone systems for agricultural use.

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Ernst Young Accounting: Taxonomy – A scheme of classification.

Taxonomy is the process of naming and classifying things such as animals and plants into groups within a larger system, according to their similarities and differences.
  1. taxonomy | Definition of taxonomy in English by Oxford Dictionaries

    Definition of taxonomy – the branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms; systematics.
    The branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms; systematics.

    Taxonomy is the science of classification of plants and animals.

    Facts About Taxonomy

    • The word taxonomy is derived from two Greek words – taxis, which means order or arrangement, and nomos, which means law or science.
    • Taxonomy is normally shown or illustrated in a taxonomy tree that breaks down classifications and sub-classifications about a particular subject in a tree diagram.
    • The field of taxonomy largely began with “alpha taxonomy,” which is used to classify species and subspecies of plants and animals.
    • Taxonomy has expanded over the years to include the classification of both animate and inanimate objects.
    • In recent years, the concept of taxonomy has been used for the organization of subject matter in libraries and other information fields.
        1. An example of taxonomy is the way living beings are divided up into Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
        2. An example of taxonomy is the Dewey Decimal system – the way libraries classify non-fiction books by division and subdivisions. The number assigned, combined with the first three letters of the author’s last name, become the call number used for deciding the order of arrangment of books on the library shelf.
        3. An example of taxonomy is the way a website classifies and organizes available resources and information to help navigation within a website.



    pl. -·mies

    1. the science of classification; laws and principles covering the classifying of objects
    2. BIOL.a system of arranging animals and plants into natural, related groups based on some factor common to each, as structure, embryology, or biochemistry: the basic taxa now in use are, in descending order from most inclusive, domainkingdomphylum(in botany, division), classorderfamilygenus, and species
    Origin of taxonomy

    French taxonomie from Classical Greek taxis (see taxis) + nomos, law (see -nomy)

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REVENUE: BC TAX – Backlash builds over homeowner speculation-tax form | Times Colonist



The B.C. NDP is scrambling to respond to backlash over its surprise announcement that all homeowners in B.C.’s urban centres will be treated like speculators unless they fill out a tax exemption to declare otherwise.

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WATER and Accounting Fraud Agency: Setting the Stage for Water Rates: Policy Direction Should be a Priority – NBS

Setting the Stage for Water Rates: Policy Direction Should be a Priority



In the vast majority of cases, important water rate policy issues are never really discussed until the Proposition 218 hearing, which is undoubtedly the worst time to have that discussion. If the rate adoption process is going to blow up, that’s when it will happen. Discussing and adopting well-vetted and well-understood rate-related policies beforehand can reduce the heated battles and tone down the rate-payer venom by settling some key questions, such as: (1) Are we willing to minimize rate increases at the expense of adequately funding capital replacement costs? (2) How do we make trade-offs between revenue stability vs. water conservation?[1] or (3) Are we accumulating sufficient reserves to position ourselves to issue new debt? This paper discusses practical measures to consider prior to the heated debates about rate increases.

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Recycled Water Pricing Alternatives – NBS

Recycled Water Pricing Alternatives



California’s continuing drought underscores the severity of the State’s water supply defects. While in one respect all water supply problems are local, the expanding role of water transfers and development of new sources of supply create a common thread linking all water purveyors, and highlights the growing need for recycled water supplies and expanded water reuse systems. Among the challenges of an expanding role  for recycled water is how to appropriately price it, particularly in light of on-going court decisions that have raised questions about new restrictions on   pricing alternatives.

This paper is intended to provide a brief discussion  and general guidance on pricing principles and mechanisms that water agencies may want to consider when establishing rates for recycled water customers.

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Keensight Capital is an independent European Growth Buyout firm with more than 20 years of proven investment success in supporting the management teams of profitable, growing companies. We provide capital to finance organic growth, enable strategic acquisitions, or help buy out existing shareholders.

The strong relationships we cultivate with management teams truly set us apart: we become much more than just an investor, but a trusted advisor and a partner with a large and influential network spanning several sectors and continents.

Through our various experiences, we have gathered a strong expertise and knowledge in growth industries. Our core sectorial focus is Information Technology, including Internet, and Healthcare & Wellbeing. In each of these sectors, the investment professionals in our team leverage their entrepreneurial and professional backgrounds to provide insightful strategic advice. While these specific sectors are at the heart of our company, we consider investments with any company that has strong growth potential.

The Keensight Capital team has concluded 50 transactions since 1998, yielding more than 40% IRR from a total of 37 exited investments. Our investment record is the direct result of the productive and straightforward relationships that we nourish with the management teams we support.


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