BREAKING: 5G Internal Conflicts Article 4-2-19

Note:  Please watch to see how this 5G CONflict unfolds . . . Do not think for a moment this secret frequency grid deployment will end due to public safety concerns. REALLY? 
Public safety is NOT a concern – think about the premeditated GENOCIDE policies . . . 

We know that the 5G is necessary to activate the coming implanted RFID chips for worldwide mass surveillance, mind, body, and thought control is the GOAL by our CONtrollers.

5G Internal Conflicts Article 4-2-19
1) The Trump administration is feuding internally over the fate of airwaves critical to 5G networks.
2)  The clash pits FCC Chairman Ajit Pai against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine over whether the FCC’s efforts to free up more wireless spectrum for 5G will interfere with the government’s use of nearby airwaves for weather forecasting and disaster relief.
3)  The fight centers on airwaves in a specific band of spectrum, 24 GHz, which wireless carriers like AT&T and Verizon say are critical to deploying 5G because they have the capacity necessary to handle large amounts of data. The FCC plans to auction off the airwaves, which are largely unused, to wireless companies starting on Thursday.
4)  The issue has become more acute as the U.S. prepares to outline its vision for the spectrum band at the World Radiocommunication Conference in Egypt this fallThe conference seeks to harmonize global standards for 5G. If the U.S. doesn’t advance a coherent strategy for the 24 GHz spectrum band, FCC officials fear, it could set back American efforts to shape the rules of the road for the next-generation networks.
5)  The leaders of the House Science Committee urged the FCC on Wednesday to postpone the 24 GHz auction over the interference concerns, arguing that 5G should not come “at the expense of the safety and security of the American people.” The chairmen of three House appropriations subcommittees also sent a letter Wednesday requesting a delay of the auction, citing the same concerns.
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