PG&E – and FIRES and more . . . a You Tube

David Hawkins lays out the fires in relation to:

MDA (McDonald Detweiler and Assoc) now Maxar Technologies [CIA front]
   drag-and-drop interface for specific targets
Serco (in charge of multiple air traffic controls ATCs)
NIMA (National Imaging & Mapping Agency)
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
Nanowave Technologies Inc. – microwave (HPM) transmitters
Cavity magnetron patent passed to RCA by British (British RCA became Serco)
“socially responsible investment”
“catastrophe bonds” (cat bonds) – PG&E took out a big one in July 2018
collateralized debt obligation (sponsors / investors)
sabotage team
“carbon credits” – car hits

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