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Do's and Don'ts for Investors in Global Distressed Asset Markets - Knowledge@Wharton


Microwaving Iraq & Microwaving Innocent Targeted Americans

Neurologist Dr. Ed Spencer reveals all regarding neurotech experimentation, covert implantation, and microwaving of populace. William Thomas reveals EMF weapons: " “They are saturating the area with ULF, VL...

Gunderson Affidavit


SHERIFF MAKES OMINOUS VIDEO BRAGGING ABOUT USING A SMALL ARMY TO BUST KIDS WITH WEEDhttps://www.blacklistednews.com/Sheriff_Makes_Ominous_Video_Bragging_About_Using_a_Small_Army_to_Bust_Kids_With_Weed/62715/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Walmart is developing a personal-shopper service for rich moms — and a store with no cashiers - Recode

Scientists hope to inject robo-cat with AI to help seniors - ABC News

AI brain chips will 'evolve' humanity into 'zombies' | Daily Mail Online

AP Exclusive: Digital police state shackles Chinese minority

Human Systems Roadmap Review

WARNING - California health officer advises cellphone use limits | The Fresno Bee
NOTE:  Watch the YouTube "The Cooking of Humanity" . . . and the "Nasa War Plan"
and go to www.StopTheCrime.net home page and read on the source document tab "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars". Cellphone frequencies have become brain addicting.  ADDICTIVE . .  Now that we are faced with cellphone addiction we are being warned by the California Department of Health to limit cellphone use.  Keep in mind the Departments of Health are behind fluoridation in all communities, required vaccinations, and the department acknowledges climate change as being caused by to many people using to much stuff - of course ignoring global corporate weather control systems that are artificially creating the climate change.  It's OUR FAULT . . . Keep in mind the article below is a coverup to camouflage the health effects from the deployment of WiFi in our homes and WiFi hot spots, antennas, cell towers throughout our neighborhoods, the smart meters attached to all our homes wirelessly transmitting reads to the utility companies along with wireless smart appliances just to list a few of the intentional electromagnetic assaults upon all living things.  This article is blaming us for the damage we are inflecting upon ourselves by technologies being used as a silent weapons system of warfare against us.  We have many military, scientific and government documents on StopTheCrime.net that tells us the known health consequences and health damage from frequencies . . . The corporate governments and agencies know and are blaming us for the damage they are inflicting . . 

Remote Behavioral Influence Technology by John J[14]


Secret Mind control in sweden and world wide | Who controls the past controls the future … Who controls the present controls the past … citat – George Orwell

A Case Against Microwave Science

World Health Organization - Setting the Standard for a World of Wireless
HARM to ALL Living Creatures and Beings



HARVESTING OF BABIES - a Tragic Situation for Families in England ~ Please Share!

This video will show one method of how and where the child abusers get kids!  Certainly with all the talk of this (trying to be suppressed by the mainstream media by calling it "fake news") you may have wondered about this horrific reality.  This video will show you a government program of how an atrocious abuse of children and families is currently happening and being orchestrated in England



Pearl Harbor + 75: Illuminati Use False Flags to Start Wars



WEEK OF 2016 04 18

Letter to FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program Being Stopped and Reversed.


WEEK OF 11/15/2015


HERE ARE LAWS MOST DON’T KNOW, BUT SHOULD - Contributed by Al Duncan ‏


1. The IRS is not a US government agency it is an agency of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Diversified Metal Products v I.R.S et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391)

2. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is an agency of the U.N. (Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Ed. page 816)

3. The United States has NOT had a Treasury since 1921 (41 Stat. Ch 214 page 654)

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Presidential Documents Volume 24-No. 4 page 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-2887)

5. The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States! No more reorganizations. After over 200 years of bankruptcy it is finally over. (Executive Order 12803)

6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA, and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the U.S. government. Even though the “U.S. Government” held stock in the agencies. (U.S. v Strang, 254 US491 Lewis v. US, 680 F.2nd, 1239)

7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the U.N. through the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Theapplication for a Social Security Number is the SS5 Form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 forms not the Social Security Administration. The new SS5 forms do not state who publishes them while the old form states they are Department of the Treasury. (20 CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Chap. 111 Subpart B. 422.103 (b))

8. There are NO Judicial courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464 Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat 138-178)

9. There have NOT been any judges in America since 1789. There have just been administrators.(FRC v. GE 281 US 464 Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1 Stat. 138-178)

10. According to GATT (The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) you MUST have a Social Security number. (House Report (103-826)

11. New York City is defined in Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Guiliani stated on C-Span that “New York City is the capital of the World.” For once, he told the truth.(20 CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Chap. 111, subpart B 44.103 (b) (2) (2)

12. Social Security is not insurance or a contract. Nor is there a Trust Fund. (Helvering v. Davis 301 US 619 Steward Co. v. Davis 301 US 548)

13. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which is an agency of the United Nations. (It says U.S. Department of Treasury at the top left corner, which again is part of the U.N. as pointed out above)

14. You own NO property, Slaves can’t own property. Read carefully the Deed to the property you think is yours. you are listed as a TENANT. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)

15. The Most powerful court in America is NOT the United States Supreme court, but the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (42 PA. C.S.A. 502)

16. The King of England financially backed both sides of the American Revolutionary War. (Treaty of Versailles-July 16, 1782 Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80)

17. You CANNOT use the U.S. Constitution to defend yourself because you are NOT a party to it.(Padelford Fay & Co. v The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

18. America is a British Colony. The ‘United States’ is a corporation, not a land mass and it existed before the Revolutionary War and the British Troops did not leave until 1796 (Republica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774)

UNITED STATES is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions – Sovereignty See videos



FIRE Chiefs back plan to streamline fire services in | The Press Democrat - Media Cover-up ‏

COMMENT: Incremental Regional Consolidation - goal to eliminate rural/county living (property theft and forced relocation) due to unsafe property locations and increased fire conditions due to climate change - along with cancelled fire policies. .

Chiefs back plan to streamline fire services in | The Press Democrat



An influential advisory committee backed a proposal Wednesday to streamline Sonoma County’s tangled mix of 40-plus fire agencies and request about $9.5 million in annual funding, ending a 14-month study that explored ways to reshape the county’s complex fire services network.

About three dozen fire officials from throughout the county hammered out the final decisions at an almost four-hour meeting that touched on the most sensitive issue — the identity of local fire agencies.

There was no contention over the decision to seek the money, as local fire officials believe the county has underfunded services for years and needs to step up its efforts. But the decision on whether to create a new regional structure with a goal of consolidating some local fire services divided those who wanted to maintain their autonomy and those who said change must come.

The two issues will go to the Board of Supervisors on Dec. 8.


WEEK OF 07/05/2015

Hell Froze Over As Argentina Embargoes Chevron's $2 Billion In Assets ~ The Chevron Pit - Contaminated the Rain Forest


Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2012
Yesterday, hell froze over when an Argentine court embargoed or, in effect, froze up to potentially $19 billion in Chevron assets in the South American country.

Now it's time to fight it out on the ice.

Chevron, which now has about $2 billion in assets in Argentina, has sworn it will never pay a dime to cleanup the contamination it left behind in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Said former General Counsel Charles James: "Not till hell freezes over, and then we will fight it out on the ice."

Chevron has defied Ecuador's courts, refusing to pay an enforceable $19 billion judgment and forcing the Ecuadorians to file lawsuits to seize assets in Ecuador, Brazil, Canada and Argentina to obtain the damage award for one of the world's largest oil-related environmental disasters.


WATER - Used as a Killing Machine . . . attached are some of the names, foundations, government agencies, and grants used to KILL OFF the Living

COMMENT: U R G E N T - Please go to www.PrimaryWater.org to learn the water facts of PURE water and why we do NOT have a water shortage. . . Our drinking water is being intentionally poisoned by corporations that are revenue based for profits and do not make money by supporting good health. You will see and hear about government documents that outline our REAL World reality on the YouTube - "Water Wars - Stealing Water for Profit and Power" and "Primary Water Explained" . . .

WATER - Chloramine Causing Collateral Health Damage



Chloramine is a toxin added to the drinking water. It is a secondary disinfectant used by many states as a primary disinfectant. Chloramine is ammonia added to chlorine to make chloramine. Chlorine has been shown from animal and human research to cause breast cancer and miscarriages in humans. Chloramine is listed in the MSDS industrial chemistry book with a “skull-and-cross-bones” changed by the Government to an “X”. Chloramine is only to be used in an emergency to attempt to destroy emerging or reemerging pathogens which include Gigardia lambia liver flukes and Cryptospoidium in humans. Chloramine is not proven efficient at a dose-level LD 50 kill-level without being a precursor for cancer potential in humans and animals. Resistance to conventional disinfectants and the ability to grow in the distribution system are the key factors in the emergence of protozoan and bacterial pathogens like Naeglera fowleri (also known as the brain-eating amoeba) is a water-borne pathogen in warm water transmitted into the nasal passage to cause meningoencephilitis in humans.

Clients - Norcal Geophysical Consultants INC
Bechtel Corporation Black & Veatch Broadbent ... CA Regional Water Quality Control Board Camp Dresser ... Sonoma County Water Agency Squaw Valley ...

EXCERPT from above link listing some of the "destroyers" of the Living . . . open the link above to view other killers . . .


We provide our services to a full range of private and public sector companies, agencies, and municipalities. A partial list of previous clients include:

Acton Michaelson Environmental AECOM
AMEC Foster Wheeler
ATC Associates, Inc.
Barr Engineering
Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
Bechtel Corporation
Black & Veatch
Broadbent Associates
Brown and Caldwell
Bureau Veritas
Burns & McDonnell
CA Department of Mental Health
CA Department of Toxic Substances Control
CA Department of Transportation (CalTrans)
CA Department of Water Resources
CA Regional Water Quality Control Board
Camp Dresser & McKee (CDM )
CDM Smith

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lockheed Martin
Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District
Malcom Pirnie, Inc.
Miller Brooks Environmental
Miller Pacific Engineering Group
Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH)
Moore Twining
Ninyo & Moore
Oregon Department of Transportation
Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)

University of California, Davis
URS Corporation
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
U.S. Forest Service
U.S. Navy
U.S. National Parks Service


[PDF]Download the 2012 Annual Report - Water Education ...

Parsons Corporation. Sponsors at the Silver Level were: ARCADIS/Malcolm Pirnie; Association of California Water Agencies;. Best Best ... Board Member RandeleKanouse. .... County Office of Education grant program in November to integrate classroom ..... S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation ... Sonoma County Water Agency.
[PDF]Work Teams and Acknowledgments - California Water Plan

other State departments and agencies; federal, regional, and local agencies; California Native American Tribes; private and public .... David Groves, RAND Corporation ..... Grant Davis, Sonoma County Water. Agency ... Jude Laspa, Bechtel.



The long lists of individuals show the magnitude of resources required to develop the California Water Plan and advance integrated water management. These individuals come from the Department of Water Resources and other State departments and agencies; federal, regional, and local agencies; California Native American Tribes; private and public entities; and from universities and think tanks. We have drawn on many of California’s best and brightest for technical, strategic, and policy insight. They have spent countless hours, many of them as extra workload or as volunteered time, to help develop the framework provided by the California Water Plan, with which we as Californians can consider our options and make critical decisions regarding our water future.

We worked individually and came together as groups — water suppliers and customers; urban and rural residents; environmental advocates; agricultural and other industry representatives; flood protection agencies and organizations; private and public groups; and local, regional, State, federal, and tribal governments. Building on the progress of California Water Plan Update 2009, we continued our collaborative process as we developed Update 2013 with the shared purpose of advancing integrated water management in California.


[PDF]California Water Plan Update 2005 - Department of Water ...

California Department of Water Resources
Lloyd Fryer–Kern County Water Agency, Association of. California Water .... Tim Anderson, Sonoma County. Water ... David Groves, RAND Corporation. Michael ...
water plan plenary 2012 presenter information - California ...

Davis, Grant: General Manager of the Sonoma County Water Agency where he is .... Groves, David: Senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation and a professor ..... Greater China and the Bechtel Fellows Technical Excellence Program, ...
[PDF]Our Consultants | SCORE

SCORE Association
Sonoma County: Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Sonoma ... Bechtel Corp, Creative Research Systems, DNF, Excel Precision Corp: General ... McCann-Erickson, McClure & Tjerandsen, Medtronic Inc, Miller Freeman Inc., Panera ...Corporation, Richard Adler Associates, Sonoma County Water Agency, ...
EXCERPT from above link:
Our Consultants
More Sharing Services
We strive to assign requests to consultants with relevant skills and experience. In order to ensure the appropriate skills are brought to each client, some counseling sessions are staffed by multiple consultants.

Locations of face-to-face Counseling:
Sonoma County: Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Sonoma
Napa County: Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga, Yountville, American Canyon
Mendocino, Lake and Humboldt Counties are served by E-Mail, Phone or travel.

Consultant's Skills, Industries and Companies

Skills: Accounting, Application Software, Business Planning and Strategy, Financing, Change management, IT, Employee engagement, Engineering, Event planning, Facilitation, Finance, Food Product Development, Franchising, Instructional design, Leadership development, Legal, Management Consulting, Market research, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Operations, Project management, Start-ups, Technical Marketing/Sales

Industries: Advertising, Airlines, Angel Investing, Appliances, Banking, Biomedical Devices, Publishing, Investment Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Education, Consulting, Consumer Electronics, Engineering, Entertainment, Food Manufacturing, Food Retail, High Tech Manufacturing, Learning and Development, Leasing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Non-Profit, Retail, Software Development, Vineyard Management, Wine

Companies: Accenture,Achieva Consulting, Aidells Sausage, Apollo Group, Applebee's, Arthur Andersen, Bank of America, BASS Tickets, Bear Stearns, Bechtel Corp, Creative Research Systems, DNF, Excel Precision Corp: General Electric, Hewlett-Packard/Agilent,ILC Technology Inc.,J Walter Thompson, KPMG, Mazing Foods, McCann-Erickson, McClure & Tjerandsen, Medtronic Inc, Miller Freeman Inc., Panera bread, Paperloop Inc., PricewaterhouseCoopers, Pro Pork Specialty Pork Producer, Quintiles Transnational Corporation, Richard Adler Associates, Sonoma County Water Agency, Toxicol Laboratories, U.S. Leasing, Vande Rose Meat, World Airways, Young Realty


[PDF]Download the 2012 Annual Report - Water Education ...

Parsons Corporation. Sponsors at the Silver Level were: ARCADIS/Malcolm Pirnie; Association of California Water Agencies;. Best Best ... Board Member RandeleKanouse. .... County Office of Education grant program in November to integrate classroom ..... S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation ... Sonoma County Water Agency.

At the May conference, perspectives on the standards related to these areas were presented by Department of Water Resources’ officials, in-Delta residents and water agencies, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The seven members of a special response panel then offered their thoughts and perspectives – representing the water export and environmental communities as well as Delta residents and representatives, and state and federal officials.

Agencies and organizations providing additional financial support for the conference were ATKINS, Central Delta Water Agency, Contra Costa Water District, Kjeldsen, Sinnock & Neudeck, Inc., MBK Engineering, South Delta Water Agency, The Dutra Group and The Nature Conservancy. Additional assistance was provided by American Rivers, Natural Resources Defense Council and the Planning and Conservation League.

Remote Sensing Workshop

Technological advances and the ability to monitor water remotely took center stage at a special workshop cosponsored by the Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund, California Water Foundation and NASA. About 65 people attended the invitation-only September workshop held in San Diego.

Assistant Interior Secretary Anne Castle and Bradley Doorn, program manager of NASA’s applied sciences program, gave presentations in addition to academics, agency scientists, water policymakers and others. An article about the workshop will be posted on the Foundation’s website in 2013.


Hell Froze Over As Argentina Embargoes Chevron's $2 Billion In Assets ~ The Chevron Pit . . .




Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2012
Yesterday, hell froze over when an Argentine court embargoed or, in effect, froze up to potentially $19 billion in Chevron assets in the South American country.

Now it's time to fight it out on the ice.

Chevron, which now has about $2 billion in assets in Argentina, has sworn it will never pay a dime to cleanup the contamination it left behind in the Ecuadorian rainforest. Said former General Counsel Charles James: "Not till hell freezes over, and then we will fight it out on the ice."

Chevron has defied Ecuador's courts, refusing to pay an enforceable $19 billion judgment and forcing the Ecuadorians to file lawsuits to seize assets in Ecuador, Brazil, Canada and Argentina to obtain the damage award for one of the world's largest oil-related environmental disasters.

[PDF]INSIDE GRA's 13th Annual Meeting in Sonoma County ...

The Sonoma County Water Agency ... Email: jstrandberg@pirnie.com .... products , processes, or services, or the use of any trade, firm, or corporation name is for the information and convenience of the ...... Examples are AMEC, ARD, Bechtel,.

Days of Wine and Water


The Groundwater Resources Association of California is dedicated to resource management that protects and improves groundwat




Oil and water may not mix, but GRA demonstrated that wine and water do at its 13th Annual Meeting in

Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, from September 22nd through the 24th, 2004. The theme of the meeting was “Managing Aquifers for Sustainability — Protection, Restoration, Replenishment and Water Reuse.” This meeting provided several “firsts” for GRA, including the first time for:

Presentations dominantly from abstract submittals.

GRA Sonoma County

Water Agency

Facilities Field Tour


attendees, reviewing evaluation forms and


The Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) provides wholesale public water supply to approximately 570,000 people in Sonoma and Marin Counties in Northern California.

WEEK OF 06/21/2015

WATER WARS: Ignoring Drought US To Divert Water to Mexico

Hoover Dam Drying Up Arizona “About” To Lose Water Rights

and a UN AGENDA 21 Smart Growth Community - a census designated place

Drought spurs rodent problems across California — RT USA


ALERT: Google Chrome Listening In To Your Room Shows The Importance Of Privacy Defense In Depth
Yesterday, news broke that Google has been stealth downloading audio listeners onto every computer that runs Chrome, and transmits audio data back to Google. Effectively, this means that Google had taken itself the right to listen to every conversation in every room that runs Chrome somewhere, without any kind of consent from the people eavesdropped on. In official statements, Google shrugged off the practice with what amounts to “we can do that”.

It looked like just another bug report. "When I start Chromium, it downloads something." Followed by strange status information that notably included the lines "Microphone: Yes" and "Audio Capture Allowed: Yes".


WEEK OF 05/24/2015

HEALTH ALERT: Aspartame was once used by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent
Keep in mind the FDA = Federal Death Association and is a corporation tasked to clear the path that allows mega corporations to earn hugh profits and carry forward population reducing protocols . . . What we know is when the FDA retracts a controversial chemical that is to create the illusion the FDA is watching out for consumer interests . . . The FDA is NOT looking out for the health interests of We the People. . .

"Aspartame contains several major components: methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid. All of which have been individually shown to possibly stimulate brain solar cells to death. They disturb the hormonal balance in the brain."

Aspartame: By Far the Most Dangerous Substance Added to Most Foods Today

WATER PSYWARS: Vandals Attack an Inflatable Dam - 50 Million Gallons of Water went into San Francisco Bay



A ROTHSCHILD Website - PlainSight.com - Causing Water Plumbing Leaks and Creating New "Deep" Markets, and more
ROTHSCHILD'S Minions - Dr. Patrick DeSouza a member of the CFR | Leeb Capital Management . . .


Capital management and investments for profits requires creating NEW "DEEP" MARKETS.

We have discovered that intentionally causing copper plumbing water leaks has fostered new companies to mitigate the damage while decreasing property owners cash reserves and savings. . .

For example, new "DEEP" markets are created as a result of intentional and deliberate large scale manipulations of destabilizing building structure integrity, and the business opportunities that emerge from damage and repair requirements. We have investigated a number of properties, contacted insurance agents and plumbing companies and have discovered wide-spread damage from water copper plumbing pin hole leaks which are a major cause of water leak damage and continual repair costs to property owners.

Rothschild has created new "DEEP" markets by requiring corrosive additives to the municipal water supplies, such as fluoride, chlorine, etc. These toxic chemicals are sold to the populations as health benefits ignoring the real science of human damage, but then again causing injury profits the corporate structure, too. Damage caused by continual plumbing pin hole water leaks in the copper piping has become an enormous expense to property owners. These small leaks can drip for sometime before being detected and dependent on how observant occupants are determines how much damage results. These leaks can not only damage carpets, pads, drywall, furniture but can travel between walls to lower levels and become a source of mold if not handled by professionals with the equipment to extract and dry out the materials.

Ever wonder why there are so many companies that specialize in leak detection and water extraction? Ever think about leak detection companies? Certainly leaks will occur but when the intentional goal is to cause water leaks we must rethink our circumstances. We consulted with several insurance companies to determine how wide spread these water leaks are and were told, "water damage from plumbing are the main insurance claims they deal with". It is important to know that if your water damage is not a sudden event the insurance companies will not provide coverage. If the insurance company determines you had a water leak and it was a slow leak you are not covered, this is according to State Farm. We asked several other insurance companies about their water leak claims and what areas they were involved with and in Southern California these companies had information on Pasadena and Santa Monica where plumbing leaks were frequent, and both areas are fluoridated. . .

We have learned that in the last two years plumbing water leaks have increased, and we also know the increased pulsed electromagnetic frequencies are causing damage as well. All wireless communication devices - i.e. WiFi, cell phones, computers, cell towers, antennas, smart meters, and more, create building material fatigue. EVERYTHING is made of frequencies and the continuous effects of pulsed microwave frequencies act like small earthquakes causing damage and the need for repair - a NEW "DEEP" BUSINESS. . . We learned that American Leak Detection is a business model that is benefiting the international bankers coffers. . . as you will learn from reading the link below that was found on the Plain Sight website aka Rothschild and companies.

ROTHSCHILD'S Minions - Dr. Patrick DeSouza a member of the CFR | Leeb Capital Management . . .



Plain Sight and its team of Yale scientists have been working with Leeb Capital Management to develop next generation quantitative tools to provide Leeb Capital an analytic edge.

In keeping with Leeb Capital Management’s focus on resources, Dr. DeSouza is also Executive Chairman of Water Intelligence plc, a publicly traded London-based company that provides metering and "leak detection" solutions for the water industry.

Dr. DeSouza has twenty years of experience in investment banking and practicing securities law. Over the course of his career, he has significant experience with respect to billions of dollars of M&A and corporate finance transactions both in the United States and internationally.

Dr. DeSouza has also served at the White House as Director for Inter-American Affairs on the National Security Council. In addition to articles on economic policy, he is the author of Economic Strategy and National Security (Westview 2000) which includes contributions from former senior members of the Bush and Clinton Administrations. He has been a visiting lecturer at the Yale Law School where he taught a course on global wealth management. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Dr. DeSouza is a graduate of Columbia College, Yale Law School and Stanford Graduate School where he wrote his doctoral dissertation on foreign investment in the United States.


The PlainSight Group Company Overview

Contributed to U.S. innovation policy at the highest levels - including at the White House, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and major national universities . . . We license our intellectual property to third parties ranging from Fortune 500 companies such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin (defense) to smaller companies such as BrainScope Corporation (medical).

Organized Community Harassment (aka Gang Stalking): America's Cointelpro Democracy - YouTube

OMGs Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - ATF and Law Enforcement REPORT
The ATF, Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information (OSH), Field Intelligence Support Branch, has prepared the following report to provide intelligence and analysis on outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMH's) in the United States military and Government.

Some key findings: OMG support clubs are recruiting a large number of active-duty military personnel - utilizing active-duty military personnel and U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and employees to spread their tentacles across the United States.
Since 2007, ATF and its UNLAWFUL enforcement partners, domestic and abroad, have discovered the documented OMG members have been employed as Federal employees and contractors, active-duty military, reservists and National Guardsmen. Numerous OMG members, prospects and associates are also employed with State and local government agencies. Besides being members of the police and fire departments, they work for the parking authority, water and sewage departments, etc., and 911 call centers, and even in nuke plants. . .



WEEK OF 05/17/2015

TRICKED AGAIN: City of Berkeley to require cellphone sellers to warn of possible radiation risks | US news | The Guardian
While this may appear as GOOD NEWS - it's NOT!
A warning label on a weapon that has been introduced into our society, intentionally, is a meager offering by Berkeley "lawmakers" who are taking directives from the criminals . . . We are loosing the battle to prevent mass genocide by electromagnetic radiation (EMF, RF and MW) by believing what you will read below is helpful . . We are continuing to be disarmed by lawyers/lawmakers facilitating the corporate agenda not only for profit enhancement but to control the populations by using frequencies that is a silent weapons warfare system with the goal of mind control and murder. . .

Factual scientific based evidence and the many warnings that the use of cellphones will damage our brains and kill us - is being ignored. In the short term labeling of a "potential" health risk will make many feel victorious, but hidden are the many additional years cellphone weaponry will continue to cause the health damage intended by the corporate criminals. The criminals will profit over our last gasp for life resulting from our wireless gadgets. What you will observe by understanding "the right-to-know" debate is the illusion that public concern is being addressed when in-fact the debate has been stealth-fully controlled by those who have NO concern for ethics, morals or life itself. . Stop and Think! Do not be fooled by organizations OR non-profits that promote CHOICE, LABELING or the RIGHT-TO-KNOW . . . Think of all the failed opposition where the debates were framed with labeling, and how the industry actually seduced the consumer with labeling that further minimized the danger . . . Yes, Tricked Again!
Berkeley lawmakers voted this week to require cellphone retailers to provide customers with a notice on the potential health hazards of carrying their device too close to their bodies, making the progressive California city the first in the nation to have wireless warnings if the law is allowed to go into effect in July.

“It’s an important right-to-know issue,” said Berkeley mayor Tom Bates, who voted in favor of the measure. “It’s really just a note of caution.”

Currently, most wireless-capable devices such as smart phones carry FCC-mandated safety recommendations on how close to the skin the devices should be kept. It’s suggested that users keep most models at a distance of 5 to 25mm to limit radiation exposure to safe levels.

Litigation Attorney Says Weather Manipulation Causing California Drought « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Common Mycoplasmas - Now Weaponized, Pathogenic And Deadly
The pathogenic Mycoplasma used to be very innocuous, but biological warfare research conducted between 1942 and the present time has resulted in the creation of more deadly and infectious forms of Mycoplasma. Researchers extracted this mycoplasma from the Brucella bacterium and actually reduced the disease to a crystalline form. They "weaponised" it and tested it on an unsuspecting public in North America.

PRIMARY WATER - Cover-up: SEVERAL OCEANS UNDERNEATH THE EARTH’S CRUST « The Burning Platform . . . Scientists INVENTING More Deception and NOT Admitting Water is a RENEWABLE!
INSIDER COMMENT: The article you will read below is covering-up the real water science. Since the water facts are emerging and people are understanding the Water Scarcity Crisis is a HOAX we can expect to read more attempts to hide the water facts . . . Those that are positioned to profit the most from the illusion of scarce water resources are scrambling to invent confusion as you will see in the article below. . . You will note the article states, "after decades of theorizing and searching, scientists are reporting that they've finally found a massive reservoir of water in the Earth's mantle - a reservoir so vast that could fill the Earth's oceans three times over. This discovery suggests that Earth's surface water actually came from within, as part of a "whole-Earth water cycle", rather than the prevailing theory of icy comets striking Earth billions of years ago" End Quote -

Of course, the scientists HAD to move out of the icy comet theory since so much has been revealed about Primary Water and consistently PROVEN for many many decades . . . What is being hidden in the article are the simple words - Water is RENEWABLE and is continuously created as a constant natural process within the Earth's mantle . . . Think about hot and cold springs, geysers, desert oasis and many wells that have been providing pure clean water to other cities, countries and privileged people world-wide. . . Primary water has been a well kept secret . . And the article below is NOT the entire TRUTH . . . Go to www.PrimaryWater.org where you can read the water bible "New Water for a Thirsty World". Watch the YouTube "Primary Water Explained" and take ACTION to help get the REAL WATER FACTS OUT - FAR and WIDE!


EXCERPT: A fascinating new discovery. Posted 5/7/2015 . . .

After decades of theorizing and searching, scientists are reporting that they’ve finally found a massive reservoir of water in the Earth’s mantle — a reservoir so vast that could fill the Earth’s oceans three times over. This discovery suggests that Earth’s surface water actually came from within, as part of a “whole-Earth water cycle,” rather than the prevailing theory of icy comets striking Earth billions of years ago. As always, the more we understand about how the Earth formed, and how its multitude of interior layers continue to function, the more accurately we can predict the future. Weather, sea levels, climate change — these are all closely linked to the tectonic activity that endlessly churns away beneath our feet.

This new study, authored by a range of geophysicists and scientists from across the US, leverages data from the USArray — an array of hundreds of seismographs located throughout the US that are constantly listening to movements in the Earth’s mantle and core. After listening for a few years, and carrying out lots of complex calculations, the researchers believe that they’ve found a huge reserve of water that’s located in the transition zone between the upper and lower mantle — a region that occupies between 400 and 660 kilometers (250-410 miles) below our feet.
With all that said, there could be massive repercussions if this study’s findings are accurate. Even if the ringwoodite only contains around 2.6% water, the volume of the transition zone means this underground reservoir could contain enough water to re-fill our oceans three times over. I’m not saying that this gives us the perfect excuse to continue our abuse of Earth’s fresh water reserves, but it’s definitely something to mull over. This would also seem to discount the prevailing theory that our surface water arrived on Earth via a bunch of icy comets.


WEEK OF 05/03/2015

FREQUENCIES: Military Electronic Warfare Expert Warns of Covert Genocide
Since the 1950s, Soviet/Russian and U.S. Militaries have been researching electromagnetic frequencies to determine which are the most harmful to humans.

"Governments must no longer ignore what the Soviet/Russian and U.S. Militaries learned from their seven-decades-long exhaustive research: a) microwaves are the perfect military weapon; b) low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radiation – at even the weakest levels – is harmful to all living things; and, c) the most lethal frequencies within the entire RF band are between 900 MHz to 5 GHz – and are particularly lethal to a human’s central nervous system and immune system. Any EMR emitted on microwave frequencies is a potential weapon – not a consumer product!"

FIRES: PLAN to BURN UP NORTHERN CALIFORNIA . . . Disclosing the Documentation and the Perpetrators - Mendocino County Supervisors Reject Timber Resolution and BIG BUCKS discovered behind the PLOT - 'cap and trade' or the voluntary carbon offsets market

New Smart Trains - New Smart Towns for DUMB PEOPLE . . . See the Maps . . a Train and a Town - who Knew?

"Let YOUR Life be a Friction to Stop the Machine" - YouTube
Nightmare Machine of Predatory Capitalism & Imperialist Mania --
For those who are not aware that there is something profoundly wrong
in America and the WORLD then you have only moments to educate
yourselves to the realty YOU face. . . WE MUST stand up to this insanity.
This 22-min video explains it like no other that I have ever seen.

This is the reason to stand up, NOW!

There is the famous old quote, especially apropos for us all -
In [Nazi] Germany, first they came for the communists,
and I did not speak up, because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I did not speak up because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist,

Then they came for the Catholics
and I didn't speak up because I was a protestant.

Then they came for me,
and by that time no-one was left to speak up.

--Pastor Martin Niemoller (victim of the Nazis)

WHEN will YOU speak up?

PG&E BEAMED RF WAVES at CUSTOMERS: Beam RF at Sebastopol, NO. CALIF - Email exchange between Calif. Public Utility Commission and PG&E
Email exchange between Calif. Public Utility Commission and PG&E . . .

The attached email exchange is between the Calif. Public Utilities Commission and PG&E . . VERY DISTURBING

SEBASTOPOL was GROUND ZERO for the opposition against smart meters, originally. . . and where many of the anti-smart meter protestors LIVE . .

Beam RF at Sebastopol / 65K PG&E/ CPUC emails

PG&E and CPUC are commenting on a "space weather risks" article. Paul Clanon is the Executive Director of the CPUC. Cherry is the VP of Regulatory Affairs, Frank Lindh is a CPUC attorney and Michelle Cooke is the interim director of the CPSD (CPUC Safety Division). At the time the CPSD was investigating PG&E for the Ralph, spy case. See attached pdf
Below you can read the comments that have been received, so far, that address that statements contained in the email exchange (above) between the CPUC (Calif. Public Utility Commision) and PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) - keep in mind Rothschild controls the CPUC and PG&E . .

Comment ONE: I consulted with a top expert, a man who was a high official in an American Electronics company with
a classified job and deep knowledge about all these matters. I have been able to come up with the following.

This system is a set of orbital sun collectors which will concentrate sunlight and convert it to microwaves
and send it down to a station to generate power. It however could be used by aiming it on any target below
within a certain radius to completely destroy all human life, slowly, in any large city. A very dangerous, unneeded means of
generating power now that we have so many free energy means available.

Obviously most energy producers are associated and under the control of the USG and Intel - EARTH, INC.

Comment TWO: I agree with your assessment - this e-mail exchange dated 2011 is indeed "very disturbing". I submit it is merely a wisp of the smoke from an recently fired gun - i.e. the visible tip of a very dangerous iceberg. I strongly suggest you immediately file a series of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests targeting both the CPUC and PG&E in order to hopefully get a fuller picture of this complete iceberg and what has transpired concerning this to date. You as a California resident have every right to know what your "public utilities" are doing with their rate dollars!

As you know from my "Weather or Not" presentation - beamed RF micro-waves from space are the PATENTED technique for manipulating the earth's jet streams in order to in turn selectively modify weather patterns world-wide. "Climate Change" is genuine - however, I submit it is simply not the result of excessive human carbon emissions "footprints" as infamously claimed.

The potential to generate electricity from beamed RF waves is certainly a possibility with the existing technology - but I submit it is not the primary goal. I submit the necessary outer-space RF generators are already in place and have been functional for at least a decade and a half.

This is a very interesting trail of damning bread crumbs that needs to be followed up on in my opinion.


Assessing and Evaluating Department of Defense Efforts to Inform, Influence, and Persuade: Desk Reference | RAND
To achieve key national security objectives, the U.S. government and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) must communicate effectively and credibly with a broad range of foreign audiences. DoD spends more than $250 million per year on inform, influence, and persuade (IIP) efforts, but how effective (and cost-effective) are they? How well do they support military objectives? Could some of them be improved? If so, how? It can be difficult to measure changes in audience behavior and attitudes, and it can take a great deal of time for DoD IIP efforts to have an impact. DoD has struggled with assessing the progress and effectiveness of its IIP efforts and in presenting the results of these assessments to stakeholders and decisionmakers. To address these challenges, a RAND study compiled examples of strong assessment practices across sectors, including defense, marketing, public relations, and academia, distilling and synthesizing insights and advice for the assessment of DoD IIP efforts and programs. These insights and attendant best practices will be useful to personnel who plan and assess DoD IIP efforts and those who make decisions based on assessments, particularly those in DoD and Congress who are responsible for setting national defense priorities and allocating the necessary resources. In addition to identifying where and why efforts have been successful, assessment can help detect imminent program failure early on, saving precious time and resources. An accompanying volume, Assessing and Evaluating Department of Defense Efforts to Inform, Influence, and Persuade: Handbook for Practitioners, offers a quick-reference guide to the best practices presented here for personnel responsible for planning, executing, and assessing DoD IIP efforts.

The RAND Corporation Waging the ‘‘War of Ideas’’ . . . PSYOPS
‘‘Wars of subversion and counter subversion are fought, in the last resort, in the minds of the people,’’ a leading British authority on counterterrorism concluded in 1971.1 More than three decades later, there is growing recognition among U.S. government officials, journalists, and analysts of terrorism that defeating al-Qaida— arguably the preeminent challenge to U.S. security—will require far more than ‘‘neutralizing’’ leaders, disrupting cells, and dismantling networks.

The much greater threat is posed by the global jihadist movement that Usama bin Ladin continues to inspire. That move- ment, characterized by some observers as a worldwide insurgency,3 threatens the United States’ interests in regions as diverse as central Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

In war everything is simple, but even the simple things are extremely difficult. Although the United States and its allies have waged successful campaigns to discredit totalitarian ideologies such as fascism and communism, these operations have never come readily to liberal democracies. Part of the explanation can be found in the uneasiness open societies tend to have about engaging in psychological manipulation, lying, and other mendacious and ‘‘underhanded’’ practices that are likely to be part of any full-scale campaign against a hostile ideology.7 That this campaign would necessarily involve efforts to discredit a religious viewpoint—no matter how extreme that viewpoint might be—also clashes with liberal notions about the importance of religious liberty and the need to maintain the separation of church and state. More fundamentally, waging a blatantly ideological struggle seems quite unnatural to Americans and other Westerners, who tend to downplay intangible factors such as ideas, history, and culture as political motivators, preferring instead to stress relatively more concrete driving forces such as personal security and physical well-being.

RAND Corporation: Psychological Operations by Another Name Are Sweeter | RAND
The solution is simple. To protect military information support operations from developing the same sort of taint that psychological operations now have, they should be made unambiguously truthful. PSYOP (now MISO) doctrine should be rewritten to ban misleading or false content or disseminating messages with false attribution. Clear (and publicly stated) policies prohibiting falsehood and MISO doctrine that is free from "black" tools and approaches will signal to U.S. allies and target audiences alike that MISO personnel are honest, credible and trustworthy sources of information. Credible sources are, after all, the most persuasive.

There may still be times when the Department of Defense wants and needs to mislead or manipulate an enemy. Most of these will be tactical and short-term needs, and either directly protect the lives of U.S. forces or trick adversaries into exposing themselves to harm, or both. To preserve U.S. credibility in those cases where "black" tools are necessary, they should be separated completely from military information support so that MISO is never touched by the taint of falsehood.
Commanders who desired such capability could employ it, but the “black” tools would be separated with a policy firewall from truthful efforts to inform, influence, and persuade. This would promote greater collaboration with public affairs and civil affairs, and would facilitate the realization of strategic communication principles. And, to keep things honest, the residual "black toolkit" could be called something evil-sounding, like "deceptive manipulation" or even....PSYOP.
Dr. Christopher Paul is a social scientist at the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. He is the author of Whither Strategic Communication?, Information Operations - Doctrine and Practice, and co-author of Enlisting Madison Avenue.

RAND Corporation: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military: Volume 2. Estimates for Department of Defense Service Members from the 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study | RAND
In early 2014, the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office asked the RAND National Defense Research Institute to conduct an independent assessment of the rates of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination in the military — an assessment last conducted in 2012 by the Department of Defense using the Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Active Duty Members. The resulting RAND Military Workplace Study invited close to 560,000 U.S. service members to participate in a survey fielded in August and September of 2014. This volume presents results from this survey for active- and reserve-component service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. It includes estimates of the number of service members who experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, or gender discrimination in the past year, as well as detailed information about the characteristics of those incidents, decisions to report, and experiences with response and legal systems for both male and female service members. It also describes service members' beliefs and attitudes about these problems.

Frequencies USED to Target a Driver to CRASH . . Energy, EMF, Beam Weapons can switch Your Brain OFF . . . based upon 1960's Technology - posted on www.StopTheCrime.net

Explanation of how technologies can be used to target for assassination - Start to listen at 14:00 into the audio link. (U.S. Psychic War Plan).

Listen to the audio link HERE the story of Jeff Rense and his Crash on 4/24/15:



WEEK OF 04/26/2015

Undetectable Mind Control - Fritz Springmeier (Full Length)

John Todd exposes his former family, the Illuminati - YouTube

“New Ruralism” – a NEW TOWN Proposed in Central California: Quay Valley new 7,500 acre sustainable “green” town in Kings County, Central California . .
NOTE: Smart Development is based upon falsified science of climate change. Smart Cities are Attrition Warfare wherein in the enemy is contained, resources are managed, travel is controlled and the enemy is easily manipulated, controlled and subdued. . .

HUMAN RESOURCES Social Engineering In The 20th Century HQ FULL - YouTube

JADE HELM - AMERICA the Theater of Operations: Jade Helm according to those orchestrating the military operations . . . and Insider Intel Comment
INSIDER INTEL COMMENT: Jade Helm is a "privatized" drill run out of Israel through Canada by a DOD contractor. It may be turned live by another Israeli false flag attack on 8-15-15.

AIMING for ZERO: California's greenhouse gas emission targets are getting tougher - LA Times (Link, Comment and Excerpt)
Comment: Climate change policies are creating New Global Markets based upon greed and falsified science of concealing the real cause of climate change. . Most people know that the governments, corporations, militaries and international bankers control the weather and have weaponized weather to target , create fear and drive relocation of populations into resilient cities. Resilient cities were pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation and are intended to help communities absorb shock and better respond emotionally to destruction and death. Resilient cities are engaged in reducing Co2 emissions and identifying those people that are not TRAUMA prepared . . . Big Pharma stands to make billions on the stress disorders intentionally created by the gradual use of silent weapons being used upon society. Climate change polices are weapons of mass destruction. Learn more go to www.StopTheCrime.net and watch on YouTube "Who is Running America and the Climate Action Plans" . . . also go to www.PrimaryWater.org to learn the real water facts - we DO NOT have a water shortage . . .

The governor's order aims to cutemissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. Previous goals, which were set during former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration, were to reach 1990 levels by 2020, then 80% below that standard by 2050.

“I’ve set a very high bar, but it’s a bar we must meet,” Brown told a crowd of hundreds at a climate change conference in Los Angeles. “It’s a bar not only for California, but it’s a goal for other states, for the United States as a whole, and for other nations around the world.”

RAND Corporation:  Psychological Warfare | RAND - Renamed from PSYOPS to MISO - military information support operations


WEEK OF 04/19/2015

US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
Mission - The mission of the Combat Casualty Care Research Program is to reduce the mortality and morbidity resulting from injuries on the battlefield through the development of new life-saving strategies, new surgical techniques, biological and mechanical products, and the timely use of remote physiological monitoring.

Department of Defense Weather Programs

GMO APPROVED - FDA says GMO apples, potatoes are 'safe for consumption' - LA Times 3/20/15
The Food and Drug Administration on Friday gave its blessing to two new varieties of genetically engineered apples and six varieties of potatoes also created by genetic alteration. The agency called the new strains of apples and potatoes “as safe and nutritious as their conventional counterparts,” a finding that makes their appearance on the U.S. market imminent.

CAUSING DAMAGE to Create New Markets: the Plain Sight Group - Deep Markets Program - aka international bankers (Rothschild)

ROTHSCHILD'S Minions - Dr. Patrick DeSouza a member of the CFR | Leeb Capital Management
Comment: Capital management investments for profits requires creating NEW MARKETS.

Thus, for example, new markets are created as a result of deliberate large scale manipulation of intentionally destabilizing building structure integrity, and the business opportunities that emerge from damage and repair requirements. We have personal experience with the consequences of corrosive additives to the municipal water supply, in that, the fluoride, chlorine, etc. have been causing continual plumbing pin hole water leaks in the copper piping. Dependent on how observant a tenant maybe determines how much damage results. Second floor water leaks can not only damage carpets, pads, drywall, furniture but can travel between walls to lower levels and become a source of mold.

Ever wonder why there are so many companies that specialize in water extraction? Ever think about leak detection companies? Certainly leaks will occur but when the intentional goal is case water leaks we must rethink our circumstances. We consulted with several insurance companies to determine how wide spread these water leaks are and were told, "water damage from plumbing are the main insurance claims they deal with". It is important to know that if your water damage is not a sudden event the insurance companies will not provide coverage. Meaning if the insurance company determines you had a water leak and it was a slow leak you are not covered, this is according to State Farm. We asked several other insurance companies about their water leak claims and what areas they were involved with and in Southern California and they said Pasadena and Santa Monica - both areas are fluoridated. . .

Additional note, we have had increased water leaks the last two years and we also believe the increased pulsed electromagnetic frequencies are causing damage as well. All wireless communication devices - i.e. WiFi, cell phones, computers, cell towers, antennas, smart meters and more create building material fatigue. EVERYTHING is made of frequencies and the continuous effects of pulsed microwave frequencies act like small earthquakes causing damage and the need for repair - a NEW BUSINESS We learned that American Leak Detection is a business model that is benefiting the international bankers coffers. . . as you will learn from reading the link below that was found on the Plain Sight website aka Rothschild and companies.

Plain Sight and its team of Yale scientists have been working with Leeb Capital Management to develop next generation quantitative tools to provide Leeb Capital an analytic edge.

In keeping with Leeb Capital Management’s focus on resources, Dr. DeSouza is also Executive Chairman of Water Intelligence plc, a publicly traded London-based company that provides metering and leak detection solutions for the water industry.

Dr. DeSouza has twenty years of experience in investment banking and practicing securities law. Over the course of his career, he has significant experience with respect to billions of dollars of M&A and corporate finance transactions both in the United States and internationally.

Dr. DeSouza has also served at the White House as Director for Inter-American Affairs on the National Security Council. In addition to articles on economic policy, he is the author of Economic Strategy and National Security (Westview 2000) which includes contributions from former senior members of the Bush and Clinton Administrations. He has been a visiting lecturer at the Yale Law School where he taught a course on global wealth management. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Dr. DeSouza is a graduate of Columbia College, Yale Law School and Stanford Graduate School where he wrote his doctoral dissertation on foreign investment in the United States.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE - NEW WORLD ORDER REPORT: Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) Briefing Call - Dept. of Energy on Behalf of the White House

WARNING: Norway First Country to End FM Radio in 2017
INSIDER COMMENT: Freeing up FM frequency band width and auctioning off those frequencies to multi national corporations for the purposes of expanding mind control technologies upon the populations . . . Globally!

Look at the document discussed in the YouTube "Cooking of Humanity" that is what this is about . . . PURE EVIL! The document is entitled - "Realizing the Full Potential of Government-Held Spectrum to Spur Economic Growth" - the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) - July 20, 2012 - this was found on the WhiteHouse.gov website . . This is the Silent Weapons Systems being EXPANDED - this is WAR!
In what will likely be the first of a global transition to digital radio, Norway has announced it will switch off its FM band, becoming the first country to do so. Norway will start turning off FM radio on January 11, 2017, and plans to stop transmission of the last FM signal to the country's northernmost regions by Dec. 13 of that year.

HORRIFYING LITERALLY the PLAN of ROUNDING THE KIDS UP . . .. . . "Keeping Kids In School" Project to sustainably improve school attendance in Sonoma County - Recover Lost Revenue from KIDS not in school
Watch the video of this below - YOU will be STUNNED . . . Literally the Plan to Round OUR Kids UP!

VIDEO ARCHIVE of "Keeping Kids in School" http://sonoma-county.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=2&event_id=322&meta_id=155481
Probation competed for and won a $2.145 million Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) to provide case management services to K-12 students experiencing school attendance problems and their families. The JAG grant provides $715,000 per year for three years to fund the Keeping Kids In School (KKIS) Project. KKIS is part of a larger countywide school success framework, consistent with the Board of Supervisors’ priority of ongoing investment in education, and supported by a broad group of stakeholders collaborating to improve connection to school in Sonoma County.

The Truancy Problem
Research shows that truancy has a complex set of causes, and can be just one of many problems a student or family is facing. It has far-reaching consequences that affect students, families, schools and communities. Illustrating the direct financial impact truancy has on school districts, according to the California Attorney General, in Sonoma County a total of $9.1 million of state revenue was lost due to absenteeism during the 2012/13 school year, or about $171 per student. The long-term outcomes of truancy are even more extreme, mounting huge societal expenses from low educational and occupational attainment, poverty, social service and justice system involvement, poor health, increased crime and victimization, and foregone tax revenues.

This link starts the video at item 26 - "Keeping Kids in School" and is VERY DISTURBING. This proceeding clearly demonstrates Education is a MARKET based on revenue, and the individual attendance of "each" child. Attendance data collecting on each child/parent will soon become closely monitored to prevent lost revenue for the school districts in the future. . .


The archive video, as shown above, can also be found on Sonoma County CA Board of Supervisors Meeting on 4/14/15 and you will see the meeting archive and the video of the meeting. The video on item 26 starts at 1:14:30 through 2:00:55 . . .

Item No. 26 - Keeping Kids in School a federally grant funded program . . . Everyone MUST listen to the plans being hatched, right now, to STOP absenteeism - which represents $9.1 million in lost annual revenue for the schools due to truancy.

AMERICA the Theater of Operations:  Jade Helm according to those orchestrating the military operations . . . a city council presentation CHILLING
Listen carefully - you will be stunned

Exploiting Africa: Corporate "Asset" Tracking from Thousands of Miles Away . . .

Locals angered with exploration activities - African Mining Brief

Game Theory Opposition Program -Validation - YouTube

The RAND Corporation "The Game Theory" - March 1979

Game theory

WATER and WEATHER WARS: The Drying of California . . . Exposing the Illusion of Water Scarcity - Using the Water and Weather for WAR!
What you will read in the paragraph below is EXACTLY what has been planned by the international bankers and presented in THEIR documents entitled "Water Market USA - Global Water Intelligence" and Goldman Sach's "Taking a Deep Dive into Water" Documents here:

URGENT REPORT: Global Water Intelligence – Water Market USA - Report Out of Oxford, England – This shocking PLAN identifies and exposes the corporate national and international government agencies, and bankers PLAN designed to secretly take over PUBLIC Water municipalities to privatize the water resources for corporate profit and control . . . Click to download and distribute widely.

ALERT: Goldman Sachs – Taking a Deep Dive into Water . . . big profits for bankers controlling the water supply . .

Water Wars - Stealing Water for Profit and Power - YouTube

Go to www.PrimaryWater.org Please watch the YouTube: "Primary Water Explained"

“About 90 percent of the world’s freshwater stocks currently remain under public control, but privatization is becoming more common as revenue-strapped governments increasingly cannot afford to maintain and repair crumbling municipal water purification and delivery systems often built decades ago. Historically, however, in places where privatization has been established, it has proven to be another cause of—rather than a solution to—chronic water shortage problems. That is, because corporations are (by their nature) more concerned with making money than serving people’s and communities’ best interests, water privatization has led to corruption, lack of corporate accountability, loss of local agency, weakened water quality standards, and steep rate hikes that eliminate poor people’s access to water.” - See more at: http://www.batr.org/corporatocracy/041515.html#sthash.nTkzYE3J.dpuf



WEEK OF 04/12/2015

Troubled Waters: Global Warming and Climate Change a Weapon of Mass Destruction
COMMENT: If you only read the excerpt below you will see the scheme to inflict falsified science policies of global warming hidden by the real climate change which is the weaponization of the weather and the use of HAARP. You will see the plans that are fully engaged to absorb the Arab World into the genocide programs of which the majority of people are unaware. Soft Kill - Slow Kill techniques are demonstrated though the illusion of water scarcity. We are witnessing a silent weapons system of Attrition Warfare that is intended to bring about countless deaths - orchestrated by heartless government corporations and international bankers.

We can sit idly by - or engage by getting the TRUTH out about the falsified science behind global warming and climate change - The real climate change that is the covert use of weather weapons. Inform everyone you know of the real water facts - please help warn these innocent victims and get the information out of these monstrous plans put in place to take their lives.

While there are many documents and countless books and websites we recommend starting with these YouTubes "Water Wars Stealing Water for Profit and Power" - '"Primary Water Explained" - "Water Crisis Hoax" - "Who is Running America and the Climate Action Plans" and visit www.StopTheCrime.net

Troubled Waters - Climate Change, Hydropolitics, and Transboundary Resources . . .



Climate Change in the Arab World: Threats and Responses

Mohamed Abdel Raouf Abdel Hamid
The Arab World’s Vulnerability to Climate Change

The Arab World will be one of the regions most affected by global warming. According to the Climate Change Index (CCI) developed by Maplecroft, a British risk analysis consul- tancy, it is home to 5 of the top 10 countries most exposed to the impacts of climate change: Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, and Somalia.

The Arab countries face numerous environmental challenges and have to reconcile many conflicting priorities, from promoting economic diversification, ensuring water supply and food security, and furthering environmental protection and conservation to adapting to the impacts of global warming.

A World Health Orga- nization study has estimated that the modest warming that has already occurred since the 1970s was responsible for 150,000 excess deaths by the year 2000.1

Egypt ranks as the second most exposed country. With the vast bulk of its population con- centrated in the Nile Valley and Delta, it is at high risk of inland flooding; it also faces extreme risk of negative health effects. Iraq, fifth most vulnerable, is at high risk for coastal flooding, exposure to extreme temperatures, susceptibility to decreasing food availability, and the negative health problems these create. Morocco and Somalia, at 6th and 10th place respectively, are both expected to experience increased risk of inland flooding and extreme temperatures.

In the critical Persian Gulf, all six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)—Bah- rain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) —are pro- jected to suffer significant repercussions from global warming. Bahrain, 11th on the CCI, has a relatively small land mass that is in danger of being inundated as sea levels rise with climate change. Qatar is especially susceptible to inland flooding, with 18.2 percent of its land area and 13.7 percent of its population less than 5 meters above sea level. Bahrain and Qatar, together with Kuwait, figure among the countries exhibiting “extreme” vulnerability on the Maplecroft index. Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are all rated “highly” vulner- able. Many other countries in the region are also expected to be significantly affected by climate change. Yemen ranks among those “extremely” vulnerable, and Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Tunisia score “high” on the CCI.

Water Pressures - Most of the Arab world falls under the classification of extreme water scarcity, defined by the United Nations as anything below 1,000 cubic meters per capita of average annual water supply. Many countries of the region already use more than 40 percent of their total available water resources, and more still are projected to do so in the next two decades (see annex 1).

Global warming will exert new pressures on water resources around the world.

Water is at the heart of the problem of climate change. Accelerated glacier melt, rising sea levels, drought, and desertification are all water-related issues. Historically, civiliza- tions rise near the banks of major rivers and are heavily dependent on their flow for water, agriculture, transportation, and trade. Water has always been both a blessing and a source of conflict. In fact, the English word “rivalry,” derived from the Latin rivalis, essentially means “one using the same river as another.”4

Water is also inextricably linked to the health of a population. Fresh water is required for drinking, sanitation, and irrigation of cropland. It has a direct influence on agriculture, which in turn affects harvests and livelihoods, particularly in subsistence farming areas. Changes in saltwater levels could result in saltwater intrusion into aquifers, rendering the groundwater unpotable. Water quality will also be affected by higher surface water tem- peratures which promote algal blooms and increase bacteria and fungi content.5

It is hardly surprising that some of the most parched regions of the world also suffer from perennial unrest. Extrinsic factors, such as rising food prices, can fan civil discord. Yet it is often the dependence of agriculture on scarce water supply that lies at the heart of the problem.

MIKE ADAMS EXPOSED: Energy-hungry desalination plants will turn all California residents into global warming sinners and destroyers of life - NaturalNews.com
Comment: Does Mike Adams believe in "fossil fuels" and global warming? Well you read HIS article.

We know Peak Oil aka fossil fuel is false science - YouTube "Origins of Oil" petroleum does not come from dead dinosaurs. Also, right now the controllers are creating the illusion of Peak Water - Water is a Renewable and is a natural process that is continuously created within the Earth. Watch the YouTube - "Primary Water Explained" and "Water Crisis Hoax" and go to www.PrimaryWater.org . . .

Meanwhile, Mike Adams seems to be limited hang-out!

NaturalNews) The irony is inescapable: In reaction to the historic drought that has transformed the California dream into California dust, the state is now embarking on the construction of a wave of desalination plants that will turn ocean water into fresh water. Tragically, these power-hungry desalination plants will be running primarily on fossil fuel-generated electricity, meaning that California residents will have to commit global warming crimes (i.e. producing carbon dioxide) every time they flush their toilets or take a shower.

Fresh water, in other words, is about to have a "fossil fuel consumption equivalent" across the state. Every gallon of water consumed will have a calculable CO2 emission profile and mercury pollution factor, meaning that a person will not be able to live in California without being a global warming sinner.

California, of course, is the state that prides itself on being progressive and environmentally conscious. Yes its non-sustainable lifestyle consumed the region's limited fossil water supplies to the point of near-collapse. Now, it must become America's worst carbon dioxide producer just to provide basic water supplies to its people. And where will all the natural gas and coal come from that powers these desalination plants? The very same energy-producing states that Californians typically condemn for producing fossil fuels.

Flush a toilet and you destroy the planet
Most eco-conscious Californians are unaware that the energy they use comes predominantly from fossil fuels. (See source.) Natural gas -- which produces carbon dioxide when burned -- generates almost half the state's electricity. Coal generates another eight percent or so, meaning that fossil fuels provide the majority of California's electricity. (Renewables only provide about 18 percent, and nuclear provides another nine percent or so.)

What this means is that as more and more desalination plants come online, they'll be using primarily fossil fuels to process water -- an energy-intensive operation.

"A $1 billion desalination plant to supply booming San Diego County is under construction here and due to open as early as November, providing a major test of whether California cities will be able to resort to the ocean to solve their water woes," reports the New York Times. "Plans are far along for a large plant in Huntington Beach that would supply water to populous Orange County. A mothballed plant in Santa Barbara may soon be reactivated. And more than a dozen communities along the California coast are studying the issue."

As each of these plants comes online, they will add an extremely high energy cost to the water consumed by California residents. Every act that consumes water -- washing your hands, watering a garden, flushing a toilet -- will carry a heightened ecological cost. When water simply falls out of the sky, consuming that water is ecologically sound. But when water has to be procured using extremely energy-intensive desalination systems, it can no longer be considered a "green" resource.

"[Desalination plants] will use a huge amount of electricity, increasing the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming, which further strains water supplies," writes the New York Times, reiterating what the liberal media calls "concluded science" which claims modern-day global warming is almost entirely caused by human activity. If that's the case, however, then Californians who consume water produced by desalination plants must categorize themselves as global warming sinners who are destroying the planet every time they drink a cup of water.



WEEK OF 04/05/2015

WATER WARS:  FINES $500.00 per DAY:  Gov Jerry Brown: Californians to Be Heavily Fined for Long Showers - Breitbart 4/5/15
Brown said, “This executive order is done under emergency power. It has the force of law. Very unusual. It’s requiring action and changes in behavior from the Oregon border all the way to the Mexican border. It affects lawns. It affects people’s — how long they stay in the shower. How businesses use water.”

Brown said to enforce his order, “Each water district that actually delivers waters — water to homes and businesses, they carry it out. We have a state water board that overseas the relationships with the districts. Hundreds of them. If they don’t comply, people can be fined $500 a day. Districts can go to court to get a cease and desist order. The enforcement mechanism is powerful. In a drought of this magnitude, you have to change that behavior and you have to change it substantially.”

Guest host host Martha Raddatz pointed out, “More water used for almond production than is used by all residents and businesses in San Francisco and Los Angeles combined.”

Brown countered by saying, “Farm workers who are — very low end of the economic scale here, are out of work. There are people in agriculture areas that are suffering. Who are providing food.” adding, “They’re not watering their lawn or taking long showers. They’re providing most of the fruits and vegetables of America. And a significant part of the world.”

ROTHSCHILD's AMERICA Stealing Africa: Land and Seed Laws Under Attack, Battle for Control of Land, Water, Seeds, Minerals, Forests, Oil | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
“The 50 million people that the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition claims to be lifting out of poverty will only be allowed to escape poverty and hunger if they abandon their traditional rights and practices and buy their life saving seeds every year from the corporations lined up behind the G8.” – Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement, member of AFSA, September 2014

A battle is raging for control of resources in Africa – land, water, seeds, minerals, ores, forests, oil, renewable energy sources. Agriculture is one of the most important theatres of this battle. Governments, corporations, foundations and development agencies are pushing hard to commercialise and industrialise African farming.

Many of the key players are well known.1 They are committed to helping agribusiness become the continent’s primary food commodity producer. To do this, they are not only pouring money into projects to transform farming operations on the ground − they are also changing African laws to accommodate the agribusiness agenda.

Privatising both land and seeds is essential for the corporate model to flourish in Africa. With regard to agricultural land, this means pushing for the official demarcation, registration and titling of farms. It also means making it possible for foreign investors to lease or own farmland on a long-term basis. With regard to seeds, it means having governments require that seeds be registered in an official catalogue in order to be traded. It also means introducing intellectual property rights over plant varieties and criminalising farmers who ignore them. In all cases, the goal is to turn what has long been a commons into something that corporates can control and profit from.

This survey aims to provide an overview of just who is pushing for which specific changes in these areas – looking not at the plans and projects, but at the actual texts that will define the new rules. It was not easy to get information about this. Many phone calls to the World Bank and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) offices went unanswered. The US Agency for International Development (USAID) brushed us off. Even African Union officials did not want to answer questions from – and be accountable to – African citizens doing this inventory. This made the task of coming up with an accurate, detailed picture of what is going on quite difficult. We did learn a few things, though:

• While there is a lot of civil society attention focused on the G8′s New Alliance for Food and Nutrition, there are many more actors doing many similar things across Africa. Our limited review makes it clear that the greatest pressure to change land and seed laws comes from Washington DC – home to the World Bank, USAID and the MCC.

• Land certificates – which should be seen as a stepping stone to formal land titles – are being promoted as an appropriate way to “securitise” poor peoples’ rights to land. But how do we define the term “land securitisation”? As the objective claimed by most of the initiatives dealt with in this report, it could be understood as strengthening land rights. Many small food producers might conclude that their historic cultural rights to land – however they may be expressed – will be better recognised, thus protecting them from expropriation. But for many governments and corporations, it means the creation of Western-type land markets based on formal instruments like titles and leases that can be traded. In fact, many initiatives such as the G8 New Alliance explicitly refer to securitisation of “investors’” rights to land. These are not historic or cultural rights at all: these are market mechanisms. So in a world of grossly unequal players, “security” is shorthand for market, private property and the power of the highest bidder.

• Most of today’s initiatives to address land laws, including those emanating from Africa, are overtly designed to accommodate, support and strengthen investments in land and large scale land deals, rather than achieve equity or to recognise longstanding or historical community rights over land at a time of rising conflicts over land and land resources.

• Most of the initiatives to change current land laws come from outside Africa. Yes, African structures like the African Union and the Pan-African Parliament are deeply engaged in facilitating changes to legislation in African states, but many people question how “indigenous” these processes really are. It is clear that strings are being pulled, by Washington and Europe in particular, to alter land governance in Africa.

• When it comes to seed laws, the picture is reversed. Subregional African bodies – SADC, COMESA, OAPI and the like – are working to create new rules for the exchange and trade of seeds. But the recipes they are applying – seed marketing restrictions and plant variety protection schemes – are borrowed directly from the US and Europe.

• The changes to seed policy being promoted by the G8 New Alliance, the World Bank and others refer to neither farmer-based seed systems nor farmers’ rights. They make no effort to strengthen farming systems that are already functioning. Rather, the proposed solutions are simplified, but unworkable solutions to complex situations that will not work – though an elite category of farmers may enjoy some small short term benefits.

• Interconnectedness between different initiatives is significant, although these relationships are not always clear for groups on the ground. Our attempt to show these connections gives a picture of how very narrow agendas are being pushed by a small elite in the service of globalised corporate interests intent on taking over agriculture in Africa.

• With seeds, which represent a rich cultural heritage of Africa’s local communities, the push to transform them into income-generating private property, and marginalise traditional varieties, is still making more headway on paper than in practice. This is due to many complexities, one of which is the growing awareness of and popular resistance to the seed industry agenda. But the resolve of those who intend to turn Africa into a new market for global agroinput suppliers is not to be underestimated. The path chosen will have profound implications for the capacity of African farmers to adapt to climate change.

This report was drawn up jointly by the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) and GRAIN. AFSA is a pan-African platform comprising networks and farmer organisations championing small African family farming based on agro-ecological and indigenous approaches that sustain food sovereignty and the livelihoods of communities. GRAIN is a small international organisation that aims to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems.

The report was researched and initially drafted by Mohamed Coulibaly, an independent legal expert in Mali, with support from AFSA members and GRAIN staff. It is meant to serve as a resource for groups and organisations wanting to become more involved in struggles for land and seed justice across Africa or for those who just want to learn more about who is pushing what kind of changes in these areas right now.

Initiatives targeting both land and seed laws

G8 New Alliance on Food Security and Nutrition2

• Initiated by the G8 countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and US

• Timeframe: 2012-2022

• Implemented in 10 African countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania

WEEK OF 03/29/2015

BioMedical Implants and References for Implant Technologies

Patent to use Hypodermic Needles Injecting MicroTransponders into People - wireless neuro-stimulation, vagus nerve, neural plasticity
The company has a patent pending for a delivery system for implanting an array of neurotransponders next to a peripheral nerve by means of a hypodermic needle. The individual transponders can be linked together to form a cluster, and to make removal simpler. Each neurotransponder is the size of a grain of salt (about 1 mm in length and 0.25 mm in diameter), small enough for dozens to be implanted simultaneously in a single location.

BLAST OUT - Terrifying: Why Are People in Kazakhstan Falling Asleep for Days? - and INSIDER INTEL COMMENT included
Yes - the people including children are suddenly falling asleep and experiencing other symptoms as well. This is likely due to either a special pesticide sprayed on crops/people, sprayed by aircraft as an aerosol, or the military is testing a new virus. The USG has developed these types bio weapons to immobilize enemy troops. These Bio-weapons have been tested on unsuspecting GIs and civilians. Very sinister!

For more information on the types of warfare technologies used to attack the enemy please read the Nasa War Plan on www.StopTheCrime.net
Important to note these people may have been implanted with biomedical devices, and in conjunction with increased frequencies the people could be controlled remotely . . .

Excerpt -
Hundreds of residents of Kalachi, a small town near a former Soviet Union uranium mine in Kazakhstan, have been suffering from a mysterious sleeping sickness that causes them to fall asleep for two to six days and wake up with significant memory loss.
While the eerie sickness was first reported in 2010, cases have been emerging in droves since March 2013. Other symptoms include feeling dizzy, being unable to stand up and extreme fatigue. The Russian Times reports that eight children fell asleep within an hour during the first week of school, and several months later, 60 people were hit with the disease on the same day.

Boeing gets force-field 'shock wave attenuation' patent - CNN.com

U.S. Nerve Gas Hit Our Own Troops in Iraq
Breathing Poison
During January and February 1991, when the U.S. bombed Iraq’s weapons plants and storage sites, poisonous plumes floated across the desert to thousands of U.S. troops based on the Saudi border. Sirens wailed daily, but officers in charge announced that the chemical-detection alarms were faulty.
In a 2012 Neuroepidemiology article, Jim Tuite, a Gulf War illness expert, and Dr. Robert Haley, an internist/epidemiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, wrote that “large numbers of U.S. and Coalition military personnel were exposed to levels of sarin … high enough to cause irreversible or other serious, long-lasting adverse health effects.”


What is a Targeted Individual? 1
What’s Happening to Targeted Individuals? 4
1. Choose the Target 4
2. Take Their Privacy 5
3. Monitor Communications 6
4. Take Their Income 6
5. Take Their Home 6
6. Take Their Family 7
7. Kill Their Pets 8
8. Put Them in a Mental Hospital 8
9. Destruction of Electronic Equipment 9
10. Financial Burden of Repairing and Replacing
Personal Items, Electronics, Appliances
and Vehicles 10
11. Surveillance 10
12. Stalking 12
13. Noise Campaign 14
14. Poisoning and Drugging 15
15. Radiation 15
16. Implants 17
17. Medical Care 19
18. Biological Weapons 20
19. Harassment 21
20. Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) 22
21. Sleep Deprivation 23 Why is this Happening? 24
1. The Agenda of the New World Order 24
More Lies and Coverups 24
2. Perfect the Human Race for Some 25
The Georgia Guidestones 26 3. Eliminate Opponents 27 A Battle for the Mind 27
Mind Control Technology 28
Tip Guide for Targets 29
Shielding 29-30


WEEK OF 03/22/2015

Nano Technology Research Global Map - Google Search . . . includes Morgellons photos

WATER Lies - LA Times - California has about one year of water left. Will you ration now?
WATER is a RENEWABLE . . . we are NOT running out

BREAKING: Sonoma County, California to WORK with Rockefeller and Rothschild on WATER . . . CONSENSUS - Sonoma County in California HIRED this group

PROOF: Nationwide FORCED New Green Energy Retrofitting Requirements with Rockefeller/Rothschild Financing

EPA Wants to Monitor How Long Hotel Guests Spend in the Shower | Washington Free Beacon

Who owns the Fed? Here's a CHART

Windscreen wipers damaged when Melanie came out of her lawyer's office.  This illustrates the continual daily types of harassment that crime victims must endure without support or recognition of these type of crimes by law enforcement and the general public by and large. . .

Psychiatrist Colin Ross—The CIA Doctors & Military Mind Control - YouTube

ENHANCED SPYING on EVERYONE: The Orwellian Re-Branding of “Mass Surveillance” as Merely “Bulk Collection”
Just as the Bush administration and the U.S. media re-labelled “torture” with the Orwellian euphemism “enhanced interrogation techniques” to make it more palatable, the governments and media of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance are now attempting to re-brand “mass surveillance” as “bulk collection” in order to make it less menacing (and less illegal). In the past several weeks, this is the clearly coordinated theme that has arisen in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the last defense against the Snowden revelations, as those governments seek to further enhance their surveillance and detention powers under the guise of terrorism.

FCC Releases Open Internet Order | FCC.gov - a Report based upon "Consensus" = DELPHI = the Rand Corporation Mind Control for Meeting Programs

Comment: As you read the changes set in motion by the international bankers understand NOTHING will be cost effective for the people - NOTHING . . . What we know is that economic GAPS that have existed in our experience of using the Internet, and everything else, will now be commodified. . The bankers do not make profits on missed potential and are expanding markets for revenue . . Every nook and cranny will be assessed for expanding profits . . . The bankers are working on seizing all potential gaps that exist for corporate profits, power and control. . . Brace yourself there is much more to come - if we continue to consent . . . go to www.StopTheCrime.net and read "Lawfully Yours" at the top of the home page . . .


Informed by the views of nearly 4 million commenters, our "staff-led roundtables",
numerous ex parte presentations, meetings with individual Commissioners and staff, and more, our
decision today—once and for all—puts into place strong, sustainable rules, grounded in multiple sources
of our legal authority, to ensure that Americans reap the economic, social, and civic benefits of an open
Internet today and into the future.

The overwhelming "consensus" on the record, is that carefully-tailored rules to protect Internet openness will allow investment and innovation to continue to flourish. Consistent with that experience and the record built in this proceeding, today we adopt carefully-tailored rules that would prevent specific practices we know are harmful to Internet openness—
blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization—as well as a strong standard of conduct designed to prevent
the deployment of new practices that would harm Internet openness. We also enhance our transparency
rule to ensure that consumers are fully informed as to whether the services they purchase are delivering
what they expect.

Americans love the free and open Internet. We relish our freedom to speak, to post, to rally, to
learn, to listen, to watch, and to connect online. The Internet has become a powerful force for freedom,
both at home and abroad. So it is sad to witness the FCC’s unprecedented attempt to replace that freedom
with government control.
It shouldn’t be this way. For twenty years, there’s been a bipartisan consensus in favor of a free
and open Internet. A Republican Congress and a Democratic President enshrined in the
Telecommunications Act of 1996 the principle that the Internet should be a “vibrant and competitive free
market . . . unfettered by Federal or State regulation.”1 And dating back to the Clinton Administration,
every FCC Chairman—Republican and Democrat—has let the Internet grow free from utility-style
regulation. The result? The Internet has been an amazing success story, changing our lives and the world
in ways that would have been unimaginable when the 1996 Act was passed.
But today, the FCC abandons those policies. It reclassifies broadband Internet access service as a
Title II telecommunications service. It seizes unilateral authority to regulate Internet conduct, to direct
where Internet service providers put their investments, and to determine what service plans will be
available to the American public. This is not only a radical departure from the bipartisan, market-oriented
policies that have served us so well for the last two decades. It is also an about-face from the proposals
the FCC made just last May.



WEEK OF 03/08/2015

UN Global Biodiversity Assessment Report - 1995
YOU are UN-SUSTAINABLE . . . a Partial List of what's NOT Allowed . . . people and animals, too!


WEEK OF 03/01/2015

WARNING: Bechtel’s NTIA and FirstNet NOI Response - a Confidential Company Report
Due to the complexity of deploying the FNN based on a single, nationwide network architecture that evolves with technological advancements, we believe it is absolutely essential to the success of the FNN that NTIA and the FirstNet Board select a single recognized program management firm to implement the program. This firm must be technology and vendor agnostic, along with being carrier neutral. The need to deploy a reliable, ubiquitous, redundant, and interoperable broadband network for public safety users clearly requires an integrated systems engineering approach. Furthermore, program success is a direct function of empowering national oversight (setting technology standards, controlling costs and schedules, deconflicting logistics and network issues) while maximizing state, local, and tribal content (“national reach with a local touch”). The general attributes of such a program management firm are detailed later in this discussion.


Don't Talk to Police - YouTube = a MUST WATCH

"WATER WARS" in IRELAND - Irish govt fears global media coverage of ‘political policing,’ anti-austerity activists say — RT News

Irish TD Paul Murphy, who was removed from his house at 7am on Monday by police, told RT the arrests were “politically motivated,” and designed to intimidate Ireland’s anti-water charges movement.

The movement opposes the Irish government’s recent policy shift on water taxation. Campaigners warn the government's water charges are a veiled austerity tax that many Irish citizens can't afford to pay.


PARENS PATRIAE . . . GOVERNMENT AS PARENT - WE are ALL Under the Rule of a Tyrant
Each one of us, including our children, are considered assets of the bankrupt United States which acts as the "Debtor in Possession." We are now designated by this government as "HUMAN RESOURCES," with new such resources being added (born) continually. The bankruptcy is a receivership, rather than a discharged bankruptcy. The bankruptcy debts are serviced, not paid or discharged. The Human Resources service the debt, which continues to grow with time.

The federal government, under Title 15, U.S.C., re-delegates federal Parens Patriae authority to the state attorney generals. The attorney generals' can now enforce all legislation involving your personal life, the lives of your children, and your material assets.

In today's society the government, through the doctrine of Parens Patriae, has already instituted its control of our children through the legislative process. Medical treatments are enforced through the court with threats of loss of your child if the treatment is challenged. Vaccinations are now mandatory. Refusal may result in the loss of your child under the guise of "child neglect" (failure to preserve the trust corpus). If you spank your child or cause him/her any embarrassment or indignities, you are also at risk of having your child taken from you under the guise of child abuse (damaging the trust corpus).

Some states have legislation either pending or passed to give social workers arrest authority. School nurses may now report any suspected child abuse to the proper authorities. Warrantless searches of your home are tolerated by the courts, all in the name of safety for the child.

The Sun Sentinel, a Florida news paper, reported on March 15, 1996 that limits on the ability of divorced parents to relocate when minor children are involved were clarified by the Florida Supreme Court. The high court three years ago approved a policy favoring relocation requests of custodial parents as long as such moves are made in good faith for the well being of parents and children. Also, the justices ruled at that time, moves cannot be made "from a vindictive desire to interfere with the visitation rights of the other parent." The right of locomotion is held as an element of personal liberty. Restraint upon the right of locomotion was a well-known feature of slavery abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment. A first requisite of the right to appropriate the use of another man was to become the master of his natural power of motion. The control by government courts (supra) of an individuals' freedom of locomotion could be construed as a sign of ownership of the individual, or slavery.

It has been reported that in California, early in the year 1996, an assembly woman, in regard to education policy, made the statement "the children belong to the STATE."

Parens Patriae legislation covers every area of your personal life. Federal Parens Patriae legislation can be found in Title 15 of the United States Code:

TITLE 15, Sec. 15h. Applicability of Parens Patriae actions:
STATUTE- Sections 15c, 15d, 15e, 15f, and 15g of this title shall apply in any State, unless such State provides by law for its non-applicability in such State.

The primary responsibility of a State is to protect it's citizens from the tyranny of the federal government. The Federal Constitution claims a citizen can seek redress and protection under the 14th Amendment of the Federal Constitution for any state legislation that brings them an injury by depriving them of a civil right. A state may sue the Federal government for protection for its citizens if federal legislation violates the Constitutions of the several states and brings harm to its citizens. The 14th Amendment did not authorize congress to create a code of municipal law for the regulation of private rights. Positive rights and privileges are undoubtedly secured by the fourteenth amendment, but they are secured by way of prohibition against state laws and state proceedings affecting those rights and privileges. The amendment was intended to provide against state laws, or state action of some kind, adverse to the rights of the citizen secured by the amendment. Such legislation cannot properly cover the whole domain of rights appertaining to life, liberty and property, defining them and providing for their vindication. That would be to establish a code of municipal law regulative of all private rights between man and man in society. It would be to make congress take the place of the state legislatures and to supersede them.

However, the Supreme Court in the above case ruled that: A State may not, as Parens Patriae, institute judicial proceedings to protect her citizens (who are no less citizens of the United States), from the operation of a federal statute upon the ground that, as applied to them, it is unconstitutional.

The Parens Patriae power has been recognized and exercised from time immemorial as being under the rule of a tyrant.

HEAD TRANSPLANTS:  First-ever human head transplant is now possible, says neuroscientist - Quartz
Update: New Scientist reported Feb. 25, 2015, that Canavero will announce at a conference in June a project to make the first human head transplant possible by 2017.

Technical barriers to grafting one person’s head onto another person’s body can now be overcome, says Dr. Sergio Canavero, a member of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group. In a recent paper, Canavero outlines a procedure modeled on successful head transplants which have been carried out in animals since 1970.


WEEK OF 02/22/2015

Wind Turbines can be Hazardous to Human Health
Large wind turbines generate very low frequency sounds and infrasound (below 20 Hz) when the wind driving them is turbulent. The amount of infrasound depends on many factors, including the turbine manufacturer, wind speed, power output, local topography, and the presence of nearby turbines (increasing when the wake from one turbine enters the blades of another). The infrasound cannot be heard and is unrelated to the loudness of the sound that you hear. Infrasound can only be measured with a sound level meter capable of detecting it (and not using the A-weighted scale). Video cameras and other recording devices are not sensitive to infrasound and do not reproduce it.

They Disappeared: Chicago Police Detain Americans at Abuse-laden 'Black Site' | US news | The Guardian . . .
“Homan Square is definitely an unusual place,” Church told the Guardian on Friday. “It brings to mind the interrogation facilities they use in the Middle East. The CIA calls them black sites. It’s a domestic black site. When you go in, no one knows what’s happened to you.”

Vaccine Mandates - "Parens Patriae"

RIGHTS over PARENTS - CDC - Website - Vaccine Mandates - "Parens Patriae" . . .
FYI -- Look at this ... This chapter is from the CDC vaccine mandates;

From Chapter 13 (p. 273)

Vaccination Mandates: The Public Health Imperative and Individual Rights


Parens Patriae

Further authority to compel vaccination of children comes under the doctrine of parens patriae in which the state asserts authority over child welfare. In the 1944 case of Prince v. Massachusetts, which involved child labor under an asserted right of religious freedom, the U.S. Supreme Court summarized the doctrine, noting that:

"Neither rights of religion nor rights of parenthood are beyond limitation. Acting to guard the general interest in youth’s well being, the state as parens patriae may restrict the parent’s control by requiring school attendance, regulating or prohibiting the child’s labor, and in many other ways. Its authority is not nullified merely because the parent grounds his claim to control the child’s course of conduct on religion or conscience. Thus, he cannot claim freedom from compulsory vaccination for the child more than for himself on religious grounds. The right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death. (321 U.S. at 166–7, 64 S.Ct. at 442)"

Parens Patriae: Legal Definition of Parens Patriae . . .
pa·rens pa·tri·ae
the government, or any other authority, regarded as the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves.
the principle that political authority carries with it the responsibility for protection of citizens.


Who is running America?

Who is Running America explains how the bankers and the BAR unlawfully altered our form of government and replaced the Constitution with the Uniform Commercial Code
Who is running America? Have you ever asked that question?

Under the doctrine of Parens Patriae, "Government As Parent", as a result of the manipulated bankruptcy of the United States of America in 1930, ALL the assets of the American people, their person, and of our country itself are held by the Depository Trust Corporation at 55 Water Street, NY, NY, secured by UCC Commercial Liens, which are then monetized as "debt money" by the Federal Reserve. It may interest you to know that under the umbrella of the Depository Trust Corporation lies the CEDE Corporation, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the American Bar Association (the legal arm of the banking interests), and the
Internal Revenue Service (the system's collection agency).

Now you know who is running America!


WATER WARS: Taps run dry in Brazil's biggest city as drought bites - Telegraph

Excerpt -

It may have the world's biggest water supply and the seventh biggest economy, but that's not enough to keep water running during the country's worst dry stretch since the 1930s

"There's water but there's also a lot of people. International standards say water stress is when levels fall below 1,500 cubic metres per person per year. Here, it's 200 cubic metres. We're experiencing a water situation like a semi-desert."
Last month, there were government warnings that the reservoirs could dry up completely in four or five months.
And Professor Semensatto said water stress was likely to continue in São Paulo for four to five years, threatening not only the city's economy but the rest of the country as well.

Fluoride in drinking water may trigger depression and weight gain, warn scientists - Telegraph

Excerpt - 2/23/2015
Fluoride could be causing depression and weight gain and councils should stop adding it to drinking water to prevent tooth decay, scientists have warned.
A study of 98 per cent of GP practices in England found that high rates of underactive thyroid were 30 per cent more likely in areas of the greatest fluoridation.
It could mean that up to 15,000 people are suffering needlessly from thyroid problems which can cause depression, weight gain, fatigue and aching muscles.
Last year Public Health England released a report saying fluoride was a ‘safe and effective’ way of improving dental health.
But new research from the University of Kent suggests that there is a spike in the number of cases of underactive thyroid in high fluoride areas such as the West Midlands and the North East of England.


Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Harassment/Terrorism Awareness!
Transcript and Youtube Link


Gangstalkers Record Brain Frequencies for Torture with Electronic and Acoustic Weapons - YouTube


ROTHSCHILD: PlainSite Pro :: Affordable legal analytics and research tools for lawyers and general counsel

Fox Rothschild LLP - MAP here -


WEEK OF 02/15/2015

ALERT: Canada's New Anti-Terrorism Legislation Echoes The PATRIOT Act, Expands Spying Powers And Government Reach
---Government determined to pass anti-terrorism bill despite opposition criticism
---Canada's new anti-terror legislation prompts civil liberties fears
---Canada's New Anti-Terrorism Legislation Echoes The PATRIOT Act, Expands Spying Powers And Government Reach

BREAKING: FORCED ADULT VACCINATION Plan - Healthy People 2020 . . . Federal Register and the PLAN
The federal register is soliciting comments on the National Vaccine Plan. How many of you have heard of the
"Healthy People 2020". Sound similar to all the other 2020 plans? We are the 'resource' being managed . . .

Solicitation of Written Comments on the
Draft National Adult Immunization Plan

The Daily Journal of the United States Government


National Adult Immunization Plan . . . DRAFT: National Vaccine Program Office February 5, 2015

Vaccination is considered one of the most important public health achievements of the
20th century and continues to offer great promise in the 21st century. Vaccines save
lives and improve the quality of life by preventing serious infectious diseases and their
consequences. However, the benefits of vaccination are not realized equally across the
U.S.population. Adult vaccination ratesremain low inthe UnitedStates,and significant
racial and ethnic disparities also exist.

The NAIP is intended to facilitate coordinated action by federal and nonfederal partners
to protect public health and achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their
consequences through vaccination of adults.The NAIP includes indicators to draw attention
to and track progress against core goals.These indicators will measure progress against
set standards and inform future implementation and quality improvement efforts.
The plan establishes four key goals ,each of which is supported by objectives and
strategies to guide implementation through 2020:
Goal 1: Strengthen the adult immunization infrastructure.
Goal 2: Improve access to adult vaccines.
Goal 3: Increase community demand for adult immunizations.
Goal 4: Foster innovation in adult vaccine development and vaccination-related technologies.

Achieving the goals of the NAIP is facilitated by agreement on plan priorities and coordination of the wide range of programs that support them. The Assistant Secretary for Health serves as the director ofthe National Vaccine Program and will lead the NAIP and its implementation. In support of this mission, NVPO will facilitate collaboration and coordinate the monitoring of progress for the NAIP.

Announced to stunned audience: 'I can’t do it anymore'

 Vaccine injuries, The Truths Are Here - Dr. Andrew Moulden, Conférence Liberté de Choix en Santé, Montréal, 12 sept. 2009 - YouTube

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines - YouTube

Murder by Injection - by Eustace Mullins . . . pdf (This is Biological Warfare)
There is an excellent book written in the 70's by Eustace Mullins called "Murder by Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America". In the very beginning it shows exactly how alloapthy came into being. You can find it as a free pdf online, highly worth the read.

This man was so ahead of his time it's not even funny. He even wrote about fluoride causing neuro-toxic effects upon the brain and how it was used in Russia to 'control' the population and David Rockefeller went there to learn about this.

WAR - INSURANCE COMPANIES Wage BIOLOGICAL WARFARE through VACCINE GRANTS from Blue Shield of California Foundation - Delivering Care to the Remaining Uninsured

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Blue Shield of California Foundation Board of Trustees has approved a $120,000 grant to County of Sonoma Department of Health Services, to support the project, Delivering Care to the Remaining Uninsured.

Attached is a grant agreement establishing the terms and conditions of the grant award. Review, have an appropriate officer of your organization sign the agreement, and return one signed copy to the following address or electronically. Grant payment(s) will be sent via electronic transfer to your organization's bank account as per the information outlined in your completed ACH form.

Blue Shield of California Foundation
Attention: Jessica Gau, Grants and Contracts Administrator 50 Beale Street, 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105 grants@blueshieldcafoundation.org

PURPOSE of the GRANT: To collaborate with local stakeholders to collect and analyze data on the remaining uninsured in Sonoma County and develop policy recommendations that will ensure better access to care for this population.

By November 30, 2015, collect data from community health centers and other providers who are currently seeing the remaining uninsured population to better understand demographic, utilization, and clinical characteristics of undocumented, low-income individuals receiving medical care in Sonoma County.

By November 30, 2015, develop and conduct a county-wide, cross-sectional health access survey that will target 300 low-income, uninsured individuals in Sonoma County

By January 31, 2016, present final results of analysis to Covered Sonoma and other county stakeholders, such as Sonoma County Health Action and Upstream Investments, a county-wide prevention effort.


VACCINES: Beware of petitions and calls to legislators

From: sayno2flushots <sayno2flushots@gmail.com>
Date: February 18, 2015 11:48:26 AM PST
Subject: Beware of petitions and calls to legislators

The campaign is on to eliminate vaccine exemptions.

It is a perfectly sound 'business' plan for Big Pharma to lobby legislators for the removal of vaccine exemptions. It has been done for many years and Big Pharma has a huge amount of money to put this campaign in motion. See Profits, Not Health, Motivate Mandates. Let's face it, unless you have money to put in their hot little hands, your opinion means nothing to them. Newbies to 'lobbying' may not yet understand or accept this fact. Veterans like Kristine Severyn, Ingri and I have watched this play out over many years.

Also, if pockets of vaccine-aware parents can be located demographically, news stories can be planted in their local media to falsely create a problem which may or may not be real. As Jon Rappoport reported regarding the so-called "measles outbreak"

Now some folks are recommending that people sign a petition on the WhiteHouse.gov website calling for a study to be done by the CDC. These folks might be new to this topic and are unaware of what has transpired over many years and has been exposed recently by Dr William Thompson, CDC whistle blower. There is no question that the controllers of the CDC know there is a connection between vaccines and autism. They have known for years and have deliberately been covering it up. So, why ask them to do a study?

When you sign petitions, you give your name and demographic location (zip code). By doing this you help them locate the pockets of resistance so they can plant stories in these areas. It not only doesn't help, it hurts. The WhiteHouse.Gov petition web site was not set up to help the 99%. It was set up as a data collection devise so the population's real concerns could be identified, their demographics analyzed and the appropriate propaganda could be 'crafted'. And we volunteer the info. They don't even have to pay for polls or surveys.

Would a legitimate representative government pull such a stunt? Of course not, but a federal corporation would do exactly that.

From Judge Dale's The Great American Adventure:
Time to grow up America! Look around you and look at your lives! They have eliminated the family farms and local stores; placed us into cities; gave our industry away to break the unions; issued valueless currency and stole our gold and silver; raised taxes and stole their paper currency back; involved us in staged wars; began a mass fore-closure of American homes and poisoned our air and public water!

The debate has to be moved away from making demands on the CDC - as if they could be trusted - to exposing them for the liars, cheats and thieves they really are!!


AL Whitney

Retired Registered Respiratory Therapist
Former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children
Spouse of a retired Family Practitioner

In Defense of Humanity - RBN weekly program
AntiCorruption Society
Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines
People for Safe Technologies

RUSSIA ACCUSED of CONTROLLING the WEATHER: The CIA Accuses Russia Of "Manipulating The World's Weather" | Zero Hedge
Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, said:
"Consultants working for the CIA rang and said we’d like to know if someone is controlling the world’s climate would we know about it?
Of course they were also asking - if we control someone else’s climate would they then know about it."


How much lead is in your chocolate?

ARAMARK is the Food Provider - PRISON's - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO) - YouTube


WEEK OF 02/08/2015

High Tech LASER/MASER Weapons Being Used to Kill Livestock of New Brunswick Farmer Werner Bock For Refusing to Knuckle Under to Agenda 21 Takeover

Cattle Rancher Werner Bock Arrested

Werner Bock's Electronic Attack/Cattle Mutilation Ordeal Part 1

Werner Bock's Electronic Attack/Cattle Mutilation Ordeal PT# 2/4


The Rothschild Bloodline - Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Aramark Food Delivery « Refugee Resettlement Watch . . . and Michelle Obama
HOUSTON (CN) – More than 100 Vietnamese nationals say they were “assaulted, imprisoned, defrauded, and treated like indentured servants” making clothes for U.S. companies in Jordan, where labor contractors – and the Vietnamese government – lured them with promises of high-paying jobs.

The workers were starved, beaten, imprisoned at the factory, and at least one died from the abuse, according to the federal complaint.

The workers claim defendant U.S. companies Aramark and Academy Sports & Outdoors were part of an “international human trafficking conspiracy,” as they contracted the factory to make clothes for them.

ARAMARK Joins First Lady Michelle Obama in Campaign Against Childhood Obesity . . . oh no - research Aramark . . .
Remember - the administration wants EVERY child to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the wireless laps in school . .


What is an Incubator Farm?

WEEK OF 02/01/2015

Bush Wants Microchipped Society - intercept and monitor people's thoughts

VACCINE DISCLOSURE: Influenza Vaccination Makes Sense for Everyone $ $ $ Admission
CAUTION: This letter has been sent out to YOUR doctors and your child's Pediatricians
It is undeniable that vaccinating against influenza is good for patients. As luck would have it, vaccinating against influenza is good for the financial health of your practice as well. For example, let’s calculate monies generated for administering influenza vaccine for a doctor with a panel of 2,000 patients. We’ll be conservative and consider that only 1,000 patients will get their influenza vaccine in your office. Some of the 1,000 not receiving the vaccine in your office might be infants younger than 6 months of age and not eligible for the vaccine, and some patients will go to retail-based clinics or refuse the vaccine.

I know you are all financially savvy and you have purchased influenza vaccines at the lowest possible price. This would be from a group purchasing organization or directly from the manufacturer. The fee you receive has been set by your contract with each managed care organization and you are seeing a 10% to 25% profit. If your practice purchased the vaccine at approximately $10, the profit on these 1,000 patients will range from $1,000 to $2,500.

Additionally, you are receiving a vaccine administration fee, which should range from $14 to $30. This amounts to $14,000 to $30,000 for the 1,000 patients. Furthermore, in my practice, we do not vaccinate if a patient has not received a well visit in the last 12 months. If 100 patients who call for a flu shot ending up scheduling a well visit, you should be generating an additional $10,000. Bottom line: $25,000 to $42,500, which is not bad!

"EVERYTHING" CONNECTED . . . THE INTERNET of THINGS = US . . . Can You Read This Number ? . . FACTOID
The number of connected devices has increased by 4,000% between 2003 and today. The new IPv6 internet protocol allows for 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 connections which is believed to be sufficient for the foreseeable future.

Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control

ALERT: California lawmakers aim to limit vaccine exemptions (w/video) | The Press Democrat
A Washington state lawmaker introduced a bill Wednesday that would remove the personal belief allowance for an exemption in that state.

Public health officials believe an immunization rate of at least 90 percent is critical to minimizing the potential for a disease outbreak. California's kindergarteners met that threshold at the start of this school year, according to state statistics: 2 percent were exempted because of their parents' personal beliefs and another half a percent were exempted because of their parent's religion.

DISCLOSURE: CDC Indoctrination Campaign - Patient Education and Indoctrination PROGRAM - Vaccines: Ed/Curriculum Brochure, and more

Excerpts - Distribute Flyers - Booklets, Fact sheets, posters - links to useful websites. CDC materials are not copyrighted and can be downloaded, copied and distributed.
On this site you will find a variety of educational information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent. For each vaccine, you can access information about who should receive the vaccine, when it should be administered, and what patients or parents should know about it. Immunization providers can also find more general information on vaccine administration as well as tips on how to talk to your patients about vaccines and address their concerns.
The information is in various printed formats—flyers, booklets, fact sheets, posters—and includes links to other useful websites. CDC materials are not copyrighted and can be downloaded, copied, and distributed to patients. Some items can be ordered through an online ordering system.

Immunization educational materials are intended to complement personal education and advice from the healthcare provider. Informed patients, working together with their healthcare providers, are the "key players" in keeping themselves and their children healthy and protecting the health of the public.

Materials That Can be Used to Educate Patients . . .

PRESS RELEASE - ALERT - Parents and EVERYONE ELSE - See the Press Release below - this is your FREE flyer to download and Distribute to ALL . . Informing of Vaccine DANGERS!


BREAKING: Secretly Forced Chips In Targeted Individual Removed, Identified (PHOTOS)
Another Innocent Targeted Individual of US Gov't COINTELPRO & MK ULTRA Frequency Torture Gains Solid Evidence

VACCINATIONS: CDC Document of Immunization Strategies - a SMOKING GUN
First, it is important to note Immunization is NOT the same as Vaccination . . tricking the public with words is a good start in the deception when using toxins to inject into our children, read the
inserts . . . and watch the YouTube "Lethal Injection" . . .

Use of Data Collection on various doctors Immunization rates, Review Goals to 'Sustain' Immunization rates, Incentives/Bribes, Teamwork/Bullying, publicize immunization efforts in a newsletter (Shame'em), Provide funding for other rewards for provider staff (More Bribes), Small tokens of appreciation, Hand-out resource materials (indoctrination/propaganda), Send out reminder notices to patients (Harasses), Compete with other doctors to increase immunizations, and compete with other states, Motivate/Educate (Indoctrinate), make use of electronic newsletters to get information out, (more Harassment), site reason of deficiencies, report patient subsets, use data collected from an immunization registry, use and report data collected during an office visit for further analysis (Yikes - FURTHER ANALYSIS), Use studies of private pediatricians to document improvements in immunization rates, increase number in the adult population assessments, Data collecting and Record keeping are vital, Immunization records should meet ALL legal requirements.
Immunization Strategies for Healthcare Practices and Providers

The Need for Strategies to Increase Immunization Levels


Excerpts Below: Recommended to read entire link above . . .
Vaccine-preventable disease rates in the United States are at very low levels. In 2009, only 71 cases of measles, 3 cases of rubella, no cases of diphtheria, 18 cases of tetanus, and no wild-type polio were reported to CDC. Given these immuni- zation successes, one might question the continued interest in strategies to increase immunization levels.

Immunization levels are a better indicator for determining if there is a problem with immu- nization delivery, and this chapter will focus on increasing immunization levels and the strategies healthcare providers can use to do this.

Specific concerns about U.S. immunization levels and areas for further study include the following:

Childhood immunization rates are still suboptimal. In 2009, for example, only 85.7% of children 19 to 35 months of age had received four doses of DTaP vaccine.

For other age groups, immunization rates are considerably lower than those for early childhood. According to Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System data from 2005, a median of only 65.5% of persons 65 years of age and older received the influenza vaccine in the past 12 months, and 65.7% had ever received pneumococcal vaccine.

Economic and racial disparities exist. Low-income and minority children and adults are at greater risk for underim- munization. “Pockets of need” exist in our nation’s inner cities.

Cost-effectiveness needs more research. More research is needed regarding which strategies increase immunization levels with the least expenditure so these strategies can be prioritized.

Sustainable systems for vaccinating children, adolescents, and adults must be developed. High immunization rates cannot rest upon one-time or short-term efforts. Greater understanding of strategies to increase and sustain immuni- zation levels is necessary in order to create lasting, effective immunization delivery systems.

Many strategies have been used to increase immunizations. Some, such as school entry laws, have effectively increased demand for vaccines, but the effectiveness of other strate- gies (e.g., advertising) is less well documented. Some proven strategies (e.g., reducing costs, linking immunization to Women Infants and Children (WIC) services, home visiting) are well suited to increasing rates among specific populations, such as persons with low access to immunization services.

The AFIX Approach
The CDC, through state and other grantees, administers a program designed to move healthcare personnel from a state of unawareness about the problem of low immunization rates in their practice to one in which they are knowledgeable, concerned, motivated to change their immunization practices and capable of sustaining new behaviors. The acronym used for this approach is AFIX: Assessment of the immunization coverage of public and private providers, Feedback of diagnostic information to improve service delivery, Incentives to motivate providers to change immunization practices or recognition of improved or high performance, and eXchange of information among providers. First conceived by the Georgia Division of Public Health, AFIX is now being used nationwide with both public and private immunization providers and is recommended by governmental and nongovernmental vaccine programs and medical professional societies.

AFIX - Blend of advanced technology and personal interaction . . .
First, AFIX focuses on outcomes. It starts with an assessment, producing an estimate of immunization coverage levels in
a provider’s office, and these data help to identify specific actions to take in order to remedy deficiencies. Outcomes are easily measurable. Second, AFIX focuses on providers, those who are key to increasing immunization rates. AFIX requires no governmental policy changes, nor does it attempt to persuade clients to be vaccinated, but instead focuses on changing healthcare provider behavior. Third, AFIX, when used successfully, is a unique blend of advanced technology and personal interaction. Much of the AFIX process can be done electronically, increasing speed and accuracy of assessment and feedback and streamlining reporting. However, the personal skills of the assessor and that person’s ability to establish rapport with and motivate a provider are critical to achieving lasting results.

CDC has developed a software program, CoCASA, that enables assessment to be done electronically, is flexible enough to accommodate whatever assessment parameters are desired, and provides results that can be printed immediately. This program will be described further in the section, “AFIX Tools and Training.”

Incentives -
Incentives are extremely variable. No one thing will be effective for every provider, and a single provider may need different types of motivation at different stages of progress. Things like small tokens of appreciation and providing resource materials at meetings have helped providers approach their task positively and create an atmosphere
of teamwork, but longer-term goals must be considered as well. Since the effort to raise immunization rates may involve an increase in duties for staff, offering assistance in reviewing records or sending reminder notices might more directly address a provider’s needs. Incentives pose a challenge to the creativity of the program representative but also offer the opportunity to try new ideas.

Finally, incentives are opportunities for partnerships and collaboration. Professional organizations or businesses have been solicited to publicize the immunization efforts in a newsletter or provide funding for other rewards for provider staff. Many other types of collaboration are possible; these also have the benefit of increasing awareness of immuniza- tion among diverse groups.

VFC–AFIX Initiative

In the last several years, responsibility for immunization
has largely shifted from public health departments to private providers, who now vaccinate nearly 80% of children in the United States. Many of these providers participatein the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, a federal program whereby funding is provided for state and other immunization programs to purchase vaccines and make them available at no cost to children who meet income eligibility requirements. Because immunization program staff make periodic quality assurance site visits to VFC providers, CDC launched an initiative in 2000 to link some AFIX and VFC activities and incorporate AFIX activities during VFC provider site visits. VFC program staff are encouraged to promote the AFIX approach and, if possible, to combine VFC and AFIX site visits. This reduces the number of visits to a single provider and helps avoid duplication of staff time and effort. In addition, it increases the emphasis on overall quality improvement for a provider rather than meeting the requirements of a single program.

CoCASA can provide immediate results of the assessment, supplying the reviewer with the information needed for use in the feedback session and noting areas that need further follow-up. CoCASA saves the reviewer time and provides various analysis options. CoCASA reports provide estimates of immunization coverage levels and potential reasons for the coverage level, such as missed opportunities for immunization and patients who did not return to finish the immunization series. The program can generate reports on specific sets of patients, such as those mentioned. Data from an immunization registry or patient management system can be imported into CoCASA, and data collected during the visit can be exported for further analysis.

Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Many recordkeeping tasks, as well as patient reminder/ recall activities, can be greatly simplified by participationin a population-based immunization information system (IIS), also known as an immunization registry. An IIS is a computerized information system that contains information about the immunization status of each child in a given geographic area (e.g., a state). In some areas, an IIS is linked to a child’s complete medical record. An IIS provides a single data source for all community immunization providers, enabling access to records of children receiving vaccinations at multiple providers. It provides a reliable immunization history for every enrolled child and can also produce accurate immunization records, if needed for school or summer camp entry.

A goal of Healthy People 2020 is to increase to 95% the proportion of children younger than 6 years of age who participate in fully operational, population-based immuniza- tion registries. In 2009, approximately 77% of children in this age-group met this participation goal. Federal, state and local public health agencies are continuing their efforts to improve the registries themselves and to increase participation by immunization providers. Registries are a key to increasing and maintaining immunization levels and provide benefits for providers, patients, and state and federal immunization program personnel. More informa- tion about immunization registries is available on the CDC Vaccines and Immunization website at http://www.cdc.gov/ vaccines/programs/iis/default.htm.

Psychological barriers to health care are often more subtle but may be just as important. Unpleasant experiences (e.g., fear of immunizations, being criticized for previously missed appointments, or difficulty leaving work for a clinic appoint- ment) may lead clients to postpone receiving needed vacci- nations. Concerns about vaccine safety are also preventing some parents from having their children immunized. Overcoming such barriers calls for both knowledge and interpersonal skills on the part of the provider—knowledge of vaccines and updated recommendations and of reliable sources to direct patients to find accurate information, and skills to deal with fears and misconceptions and to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for patients.


WEEK OF 01/25/2015

AMERICA CORRUPTION, TOO - Christopher Story - EU Corruption Part 1/3

BULL DOZE ALL EXISTING BUILDINGS: Plan To Spend $90 Trillion Redesigning Cities Without Cars - Business Insider
The $90 trillion proposal came from former US vice president Al Gore, former president of Mexico Felipe Calderon, and their colleagues on The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. That group hopes to persuade the world's leaders to do something about humanity's suicidal effort to heat the earth's climate.

Part of fighting climate change will mean redesigning, or building anew, towns and cities without cars, Calderon says.

"We cannot have these cities with low density, designed for the use of cars," he said. "We recommend those cities should have more density and more mass transportation." Together with a program for reforming land use, and bringing deforestation to zero, the total cost of this plan would most likely be $90 trillion in future investment, Calderon said.

Business Insider spoke briefly with Calderon after the panel to ask him to explain where this $90 trillion was going to come from and how exactly one might persuade every city on earth to go along with it.

It turns out the $90 trillion is the total of infrastructure investment that is likely to be spent anyway building and upgrading cities. Gore and Calderon are arguing that it be spent more wisely, to produce cities that don't encourage people to burn fossil fuels just to get from A to B.

The key will be to persuade the mayors — again, all the mayors on earth — that designing new cities this way will be vastly preferable to the old way, in terms of efficiency and prosperity for their residents. "The mistake we made in Mexico was to let cities develop however they want, and it's a mess," Calderon told Business Insider. It's in the mayors' "best interests" not to repeat that "mistake," Calderon said.

ADVISORY: Deadly dog virus strikes in Michigan - last year; Mystery illness blamed for Ohio dog deaths - newsnet5.com Cleveland
NOTE: The chemtrails are a delivery mechanism and means for delivering bio-warfare agents to both humans and animals . . .

ANN ARBOR, Mich - A deadly dog virus has struck Ann Arbor, Michigan already quickly killing six. Veterinarians say it may spread from owners to their pets. Early treatment can save your pet . . .

WEEK OF 01/18/2015

Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetic's - Humans Have NO Defense
For the past six months I have been undergoing the greatest paradigm shift I have ever had to go through. It has rattled my nerves and shaken my bones. This intense adjustment of my "world"has come about by studying the information given by Col. Tom Bearden at his website Cheniere. The new knowledge there has necessitated a total revision of my ideas about physical reality, the world we live in, and the future of humanity.
This paradigm shifting even actually made me dizzy on certain days as I tried to absorb and digest Bearden's vast amount of information. I am not a scientist at all, just a layman, and I have little comprehension of the math and high physics of this new science called "Scalar Electromagnetics."But there is a great deal of information at Cheniere which needs to become common knowledge as fast as possible, for the sake of the survival of life on earth.

Bill Gates is worried about artificial intelligence too - CNET
Microsoft's co-founder and former CEO is the latest luminary from the world of technology and science to warn against the threat of smart machines.

WARNING: Artificial Intelligence - a SIGNED OPEN LETTER Concerns of Safety and Social Benefits Due to Artificial Intelligence - Stephen Hawking and others
INSIDER COMMENT: This is corporate scientific spin - (AI) Artificial Intelligence has already advanced where this technology is out of control . . Over twenty-five years ago DARPA inventors created Self Awareness Reflective Systems - theory how to build systems that could reason about its own resources - this is AI.

In the NASA War Plan on page 31 - says: 'Of Particular Concern' - Uncontrolled/Uncontrollable SELF - REPLICATION of Brilliant Robots (IT) and Nano-Replicators (NANO) . .
Also, on page 66 - reads: Increasingly Critical - are Humans Limitations and Downsides - Humans are to Large, to Heavy, to TENDER, Humans are to Slow both Physically and Mentally; Humans require Huge Logistic Trains (Cost to much): Humans have rapidly decreasing-to-negative "Value Added". Page 14 - the KEY to the FUTURE Automatic/Robotic EVERYTHING. . .You can read the NASA WAR Plan on www.StopTheCrime.net on the home page.

Those people whose signatures are below are attempting to claim immunity that will let them off the hook for the monster THEY knowingly or unknowingly created and unleashed upon all that is good and innocent . . . By their signatures of admission they acknowledge what has already happened with the technology now set to destroy humanity as we have known it. One must investigate if any of the signees below have signed contracts accepting and requesting grant funds and taken the money to advance this computing nightmare. Grants are nothing more than bribes with strings attached to an agenda. Technology has been funded by tax dollars without the people being informed and these technologies are being used to subdue and control the minds of the global population. AI is the ultimate mind control machine to eliminate "free will" which is the victory long sought by those who plotted for the perfect PEACE. PEACE aka AI will now advance without the interference of human emotion, tenderness, the creativity and the goodness of the human spirit.

Dozens of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors involved in the field of artificial intelligence, including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have signed an open letter warning that greater focus is needed on its safety and social benefits.

FLI - Future of Life Institute Research


Artificial intelligence (AI) research has explored a variety of problems and approaches since its inception. It's capabilities in these areas and others cross the threshold from laboratory research to economically valuable technologies, a virtuous cycle takes hold whereby even small improvements in performance are worth large sums of money, prompting greater investments in research. There is now a broad consensus that AI research is progressing steadily, and that its impact on society is likely to increase. The potential benefits are huge, since everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence; we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools AI may provide, but the eradication of disease and poverty are not unfathomable. Because of the great potential of AI, it is important to research how to reap its benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls.


Edited by Reza Fazel-Rezai The number of classes varies between two and eight, although Gao et al. (Gao, 2003) established an experiment with even 48 targets. Bakardijan et al. (Bakardijan, 2010) investigated SSVEP responses for frequencies between 5 and 84 Hz to find the strongest response between 5.6 Hz and 15.3 Hz peaking at 12 Hz. With their frequency-optimized-eight-command BCI they achieved a mean success rate of 98 % and an information transfer rate (ITR) of 50 bits/min. Bin et al. (Bin, 2009) reports of a six-target BCI with an average accuracy of 95.3% and an information transfer rate of 58 ± 9.6 bits/min. Although most SSVEP-based BCIs work with gaze shifting towards a source, recent studies (Allison, 2009, Zhang, 2010)

Contents Preface Chapter 1 IX Hardware/Software Components and Applications of BCIs 1 Christoph Guger, Günter Edlinger and Gunther Krausz Applied Advanced Classifiers for Brain Computer Interface 25 José Luis Martínez, Antonio Barrientos Feature Extraction by Mutual Information Based on Minimal-Redundancy-Maximal-Relevance Criterion and Its Application to Classifying EEG Signal for Brain-Computer Interfaces 67 Abbas Erfanian, Farid Oveisi and Ali Shadvar P300-based Brain-Computer Interface Paradigm Design 83 Reza Fazel-Rezai and Waqas Ahmad Brain Computer Interface Based on the Flash Onset and Offset Visual Evoked Potentials 99 Po-Lei Lee, Yu-Te Wu, Kuo-Kai Shyu and Jen-Chuen Hsieh Usability of Transient VEPs in BCIs 119 Natsue Yoshimura and Naoaki Itakura Visuo-Motor Tasks in a Brain-Computer Interface Analysis 135 Vito Logar and Aleš Belič A Two-Dimensional Brain-Computer Interface Associated With Human Natural Motor Control Dandan Huang, Xuedong Chen, Ding-Yu Fei and Ou Bai Advances in Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interfaces for Control and Biometry 171 Nuno Figueiredo, Filipe Silva, Pétia Georgieva and Ana Tomé State of the Art in BCI Research: BCI Award 2010 193 Christoph Guger, Guangyu Bin, Xiaorong Gao, Jing Guo, Bo Hong, Tao Liu, Shangkai Gao, Cuntai Guan, Kai Keng Ang, Kok Soon Phua, Chuanchu Wang, Zheng Yang Chin, Haihong Zhang, Rongsheng Lin, Karen Sui Geok Chua, Christopher Kuah, Beng Ti Ang, Harry George, Andrea Kübler, Sebastian Halder, Adi Hösle, Jana Münßinger, Mark Palatucci, Dean Pomerleau, Geoff Hinton, Tom Mitchell, David B. Ryan, Eric W. Sellers, George Townsend, Steven M. Chase, Andrew S. Whitford, Andrew B. Schwartz, Kimiko Kawashima, Keiichiro Shindo, Junichi Ushiba, Meigen Liu and Gerwin Schalk

Chapter 10 Preface Communication and the ability to interact with the environment are basic human needs. Millions of people worldwide suffer from such severe physical disabilities that they cannot even meet these basic needs. Even though they may have no motor mobility, however, the sensory and cognitive functions of the physically disabled are usually intact. This makes them good candidates for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology, which provides a direct electronic interface and can convey messages and commands directly from the human brain to a computer. BCI technology involves monitoring conscious brain electrical activity via electroencephalogram (EEG) signals and detecting characteristics of EEG patterns via digital signal processing algorithms that the user generates to communicate. It has the potential to enable the physically disabled to perform many activities, thus improving their quality of life and productivity, allowing them more independence and reducing social costs. The challenge with BCI, however, is to extract the relevant patterns from the EEG signals produced by the brain each second. A BCI system has an input, output and a signal processing algorithm that maps the inputs to the output.

The following four major strategies are considered for the input of a BCI system: 1) the P300 wave of event related potentials (ERP), 2) steady state visual evoked potential (SSVEP), 3) slow cortical potentials and 4) motor imaginary. Recently, there has been a great progress in the development of novel paradigms for EEG signal recording, advanced methods for processing them, new applications for BCI systems and complete software and hardware packages used for BCI applications.

In this book a few recent advances in these areas are discussed. In the first chapter hardware and software components along with several applications of BCI systems are discussed. In chapters 2 and 3 several signal processing methods for classifying EEG signals are presented. In chapter 4 a new paradigm for P300 BCI is compared with traditional P300 BCI paradigms. Chapters 5 and 6 show how a visual evoked potential (VEP)-based BCI works. In chapters 7 and 8 a visuo-motor-based and natural motor control-based BCI systems are discussed, respectively.

New applications of BCI systems for control and biometry are discussed in chapter 9. Finally, the recent competition in BCI held in 2010 along with a short summary of the submitted projects are presented in Chapter 10. X Preface As the editor, I would like to thank all the authors of different chapters. Without your contributions, it would not be possible to have a quality book, help in growth of BCI systems and utilize them in real-world applications. Dr. Reza Fazel-Rezai University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND, USA Reza@UND.edu 1 Hardware/Software Components and Applications of BCIs Christoph Guger, Günter Edlinger and Gunther Krausz g.tec medical engineering GmbH/ Guger Technologies OG Austria 1. Introduction Human-Computer interfaces can use different signals from the body in order to control external devices.

Beside muscle activity (EMG-Electromyogram), eye movements (EOGElectrooculogram) and respiration also brain activity (EEG-Electroencephalogram) can be used as input signal. EEG-based brain-computer interface (BCI) systems are realized either with (i) slow cortical potentials, (ii) the P300 response, (iii) steady-state visual evoked potentials (SSVEP) or (iv) motor imagery. Potential shift of the scalp EEG over 0.5 – 10 s are called slow cortical potentials (SCPs). Reduced cortical activation goes ahead with positive SCPs, while negative SCPs are associated with movement and other functions involving cortical activation (Birbaumer, 2000).

People are able to learn how to control these potentials, hence it is possible to use them for BCIs as Birbaumer and his colleagues did (Birbaumer, 2000, Elbert, 1980). The main disadvantage of this method is the extensive training time to learn how to control the SCPs. Users need to train in several 1-2 h sessions/week over weeks or months. The P300 wave was first discovered by Sutton (Sutton, 1965). It elicits when an unlikely event occurs randomly between events with high probability. In the EEG signal the P300 appears as a positive wave about 300 ms after stimulus onset. Its main usage in BCIs is for spelling devices, but one can also use it for control tasks (for example games (Finkea, 2009) or navigation (e.g. to move a computer-mouse (Citi, 2008)). When using P300 as a spelling device, a matrix of characters is shown to the subject. Now the rows and columns (or in some paradigms the single characters) of the matrix are flashing in random order, while the person concentrates only on the character he/she wants to spell. For better concentration, it is recommended to count how many times the character flashes. Every time the desired character flashes, a P300 wave occurs. As the detection of one single event would be imprecise, more than one trial (flashing of each character) has to be carried out to achieve a proper accuracy. Krusienski et al. (Krusienski, 2006) evaluated different classification techniques for the P300 speller, wherein the stepwise linear discriminant analysis (SWLDA) and the Fisher’s linear discriminant analysis provided the best overall performance and implementation characteristics. A recent study (Guger 2009), performed on 100 subjects, revealed an average accuracy level of 91.1%, with a spelling time of 28.8 s for one single character. Each character was selected out of a matrix of 36 characters.


Joyce Riley's The Power Hour - 01-19-2015 - DEBORAH TAVARES joins TPH once again to delve deeper into critical world events and actions against humanity. She will discuss the status of the people and how war has been declared upon us.

REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Awareness! - YouTube

Mind Control Weapons . . . as reported on CNN

DISCLOSURE: The USA 2016 President must restore the original 1789 constitution and protect the rights of children against pedophiles. A White Hat in the White House

SANDIA National Lab REPORT - Printed May 2006 Self-Assembling Holographic Biosensors and Biocomputers . . . pdf

WARNING - a SUPER Super Flu Vaccine . . . listen to the end of the video to hear the TV announcement . . .

FIBERS in the BRAIN: The main purpose of chemtrailing is eventual mind control
The main purpose of chemtrail is eventual mind control of world population. Almost 85% of world population already infected with nano-fibers from Chemtrail. These fibers have miniature electrical components that assemble as nanobots and and attach to brain neurons and multiply with effect of ELF waves. Even if Chemtrail stops right now, every human beings could be influenced by mind control for political agendas. The best way to get rid of nanobots is to build clinics equipped with strong EMP that destroys these nanobots and body cleansing. US along with China has a major role for bringing one world government which requires mind control and depopulation. In fact China is allowed to take over Federal Reserve and their fascist model is planned to be used in US and worldwide and eventual one world government that could never be materialized

WEEK OF 01/11/2015

WiGLE: Wireless Network Mapping

DARPA Program Seeks to Use Brain Implants to Control Mental Illness | MIT Technology Review

GLOBAL FOUNDRIES RF Solutions - New York's "Tech Valley" . . .A new world awaits ... A world of inNEWvation



Captain Joyce Riley : Gulf War Syndrome

WIRELESS EVERYTHING: WiTricity and Wireless Power | WiTricity Corporation - "THE COOKING OF HUMANITY"


Watch This looks like an ordinary car until the roof opens @ Komando Video

WARNING: Nicholas Carr’s ‘Glass Cage': Automation Will Hurt Society in Long Run | Mediashift | PBS

Works with Nest. | Nest - Total Surveillance System to Track and Monitor EVERYTHING You Do

Best Science Fiction Movies - Most Prophetic Sci-Fi Movies Ever - Popular Mechanics

The ‘Internet of Things’ - Disguised Convenience a Trojan Horse for Mankind . . .Will the ‘Internet of Things’ take off in 2015? - Business - The Boston Globe

Electronic Trade Show in the USA 1/2015 "The Stealth Weapon System Roll-outs" - About Us - 2015 International CES, January 6-9
The International CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Held in Las Vegas every year, it has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. 01-11-2015 Show Clip

Bow-WOW! 'Smart collar' for dogs beams video to owners' phones - Breitbart

WEEK OF 01/04/2015



William Pawelec Interview - YouTube - Whistler-blower: Human Implants

Presidential Bioethics Commission - Full HD - YouTube

CLIP 1 2 3

The David A. Larson Report - Tracked and Tortured by implanted micro-stimulators

Brain Computer Interface BCI - Robert Naeslund: The Human Brain Project - YouTube

Mind Control Targeted Individual South Korea


MEDICAL DOCTOR Recognizes Energy Weapons Used on Patients
This letter is from Dr. Colodzin, a psychologist who understands what is happening to targeted (tortured) individuals. This letter significantly helped a tortured woman in California. The psychiatrist changed her diagnosis from Schizophrenia to Delusional and she was released from hospital confinement.


HUMANS into ROBOTS with Chem Trails, Smart Meters, HAARP, Reproducing in CANDIDA see Description - YouTube

WIND ENERGY SCAM - Top Professor Fired for Exposing Huge Wind Energy Scam

Transhumanist controllers attempt assassination by remote suffocation - YouTube














WEEK OF 12/28/2014

URGENT REPORT: A New Jersey bid to "privatize water" without public votes

FirstNet - Sets TRAP with NTIA, U.S. Dept. of Commerce and Rothschild
COMMENT: This is the translation of the REAL intention of FirstNet. Read the psyops, for public consumption, under this translation . . .

FirstNet a FORCE Multiplier - Surveillance and high-speed nationwide network dedicated to track the enemy, the citizenry of the United States. U.S., Inc. is determined to catch, monitor and identify more innocent citizens and bring them to justice in the criminal corporate construct - think NDAA Natl. Defense Authorization Act - arrest without cause, or a warrant, hold (incarcerate) indefinitely without representation . . The 9/11 Terrorist Commission recommended the broadband data collection network to apprehend citizens within the communities. . .
FirstNet will be built to maximize non-lethal directed energy grade standards using Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless technology(radiation kills), which is the most advanced invisible, finer-printless, silent systems weaponry being used today. FirstNet will deliver greater coverage, capacity, connectivity, cyber security and "resiliency" than the current multiplicity of diverse wireless weapons, under the guise of public safety. . .

Police, firefighters and emergency medical service personnel will still rely on their land mobile radio (LMR) networks for mission-critical voice with FirstNet providing high-speed data, supplemental commercial grade "voice" and eventually mission-critical LTE voice. FirstNet also will support the integration of LMR networks, even after LTE voice is provided.

Funded by the theft of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act signed Feb. 22, 2012, FirstNet is deployed by stealth and paid with Federal Reserve Fiat Currency per the law and projected proceeds from 2014 spectrum auctions. The network is overseen by a for-profit Board of national and International interests, including individuals from public safety; current and former local, state and federal officials and criminals of high standing; and wireless experts that write the falsified safety standards to achieve maximum corporate profits. FirstNet is an independent entity within the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration. FirstNet is a NET and is set to use its vast frequency array to target the enemy, without the enemy (the people) realizing they are being subdued. . .

FirstNet anticipates the imminent release of Task Orders!

About FirstNet | NTIA - Natl. Telecommunications & Information Administration
United States Dept. of Commerce . . .

The broadband data network fulfills a fundamental need of the public safety community and a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission. Creating FirstNet will require an unprecedented level of public-private partnership, collaboration and shared commitment to the well-being of all Americans.
Using a nationwide spectrum license, FirstNet will provide a single platform for daily public safety communications. When natural disasters, threats to our nation’s security, or other emergencies occur anywhere in the country, FirstNet will enable local, state, regional and national emergency responders to communicate at the direction of the incident commander.


Spain’s Security Law Would Restrict Free Speech, Press

Under the new law, the following actions will be heavily fined up to 30,000 Euros. If citizens want to appeal the fines, they will have to pay judicial costs.

Recording, photographing or publishing pictures or videos of the police;
Demonstrations not formalized by the state;
Protesting outside of government buildings;
Refusal to identify yourself to a law enforcement officers;
Carrying out meetings or assemblies in public spaces;
Impeding or stopping an eviction;
Disobedience or resistance to authority or its servants in the performance of their duties;
Altering public order in a hoodie or any other element that obfuscates your identity;
Offending or insulting Spain, the autonomous communities, the local authorities or their institutions, symbols, anthems and emblems;
Demonstrating in places deemed as critical infrastructure such as airports or nuclear plants;
Celebratory public events that break the prohibition or suspension ordered by authorities.

In addition, and most troubling for many, the following power has been given to law authorities:

Police can now have black lists for alternative press, activists and protestors;
Police can perform external bodily searches at their discretion;
Random identity checks, which may believe will impact immigrants and minorities the most;
Government can prohibit any protest if it is deemed that public order will be disrupted.


Our Overseas correspondent from Ireland John Weigel - reports
Smart grid powers up privacy worries
The next Big Data threat to our privacy may come from the electricity we consume in our
homes. “Smart” online power meters are tracking energy use — and that data may soon
be worth more than the electricity they distribute.
Intel files patent for real-time facial recognition system
December 30, 2014 -
Intel recently filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a
new technology method of real-time facial detection using an image or video of the subject
taken by a mobile device.
DARPA Is Building A Drone That Can Tell What Color Shirt You’re
Wearing From 17,500 Feet
For the past few years, DARPA has been working on a system called ARGUS-IR, or
Autonomous Real-Team Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance – Infrared, which can take video
over an area that is so super high resolution — 1.8 gigapixels — it would take a fleet of
100 Predator drones to produce the same images.
Caravan fire deaths: Photographer held over drone use
A freelance photographer plans to make a formal complaint after he was arrested while
flying a drone near the site of a fatal caravan fire. Eddie Mitchell was held as he attempted
to get shots following the blaze in Newchapel, Surrey, which killed a mother and her two
young children.
Congress demands answers on feds’ cellphone tracking by simulator
The chairman and ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee want answers from
the Obama administration on cell-site “simulators,” which are reportedly used by law
enforcement to track suspects but also have the potential to capture information on
cellphones in their vicinity.

From Andre Fauteux, Editor, La Maison du 21e siècle magazine
Hydro Quebec offering deal for meter removal

From Amir Borenstein, www.norad4u.co, Israel
New video inside - Preview to EMR/EMF! - http://youtu.be/fkCo0lR3Z70
Thanks a lot for reading!
Amir Borenstein
EMR Updates: The Microwave Factor
The Newsletter of EMF Refugee, The International
Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)
Education! Awareness! Support! Action!
(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness, from apathy to action, from
selfishness to compassion.)
Who said there was no news out there on the ill effects of electromagnetic
radiation from cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, and other forms of wireless?
December 21st - December 31st, 2014
Microwave - and other forms of electromagnetic - radiation are major (but
conveniently disregarded, ignored, and overlooked) factors in many modern
unexplained disease states. Insomnia, anxiety, vision problems, swollen lymph,
headaches, extreme thirst, night sweats, fatigue, memory and concentration
problems, muscle pain, weakened immunity, allergies, heart problems, and
intestinal disturbances are all symptoms found in a disease process originally
described in the 1970s as Microwave Sickness.
1. Bacteria grow 2 and 3 x faster in water exposed to low levels of EMR
3. Wireless Radiation Safety in 2014: The Year in Review
4. Privacy will not exist in 10 years, Pew survey of tech experts says
5. Jimmy Gonzalez "Cell Phones Cause Cancer"
6. Calming Behavior in Children with Autism and ADHD The Electromagnetic
Radiation (EMR)-Lowering Protocol (That Has No Cost Or Side Effects)
7. "We Have Not Been Heard!" - Democracy v. Technocracy
8. Letter: NV Energy statements show arrogance
9. Smart Meters are not so smart
11. The Health Risks of WiFi Devices Such as Smartphones Are Being Willfully Ignored
by Millions. Are You Among the Damned?
12. Ontario Auditor General: Smart meters a total flop, $900M over budget
13. Media Release: NDP says it's past time to ditch smart meter manufacturer Sensus
14. Smartphone use 'changing our brains'
15. Peevey Farewell Love Fest Disrupted by Smart Meter Protests
16. The effect of 900 and 1800MHz GSM-like radiofrequency irradiation and nicotine
sulfate administration on the embryonic development of Xenopus laevis
17. Long term and excessive use of 900 MHz radiofrequency radiation alter microrna
expression in brain
18. CHALLENGE for Dr. van Deventer of the WHO EMF Project
19. Smart Meters Have Failed and Were a Dumb Investment
20. Electric shock link to motor neurone disease
21. Letter to The Editor: Fools Rule at the ACC
22. Powerwatch Breaking News: 21/12/2014: Pointless WHO EHC consultation
23. Newsletter from International EMF Alliance
24. I can’t go to sleep!


COMMENT: Inventing the Green Economy has been built upon parallel systems of deception, invented false science and fear based mind control. . What we are witnessing is the transformation of global polices to create a NEW Green Market for the national, international and banking criminals. .

We are being moved into a false reality by clever heartless criminal networks that do not have ethics, morals and concern for life . . . We are in a very dangerous corporate construct. . .

Please, visit www.StopTheCrime.net and go to our YouTube channel for the latest discussions using military, corporate government, and real science resource documents . .


NSA - WARNING from Whistler Blower William Binney


COMMON CORE - Dr. Gary Thompson Common Core Presentation Idaho Falls November 2014

Common Core Results in Behavior Change without Protest

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Digital Library with Formative Assessment Practices and Professional Learning Resources for Educators


New grant to UCLA for Brain Mapping – RECENT

Brain Mapping and Obama

Links CRESST UCLA to Government with grant amount paid

Talks about details of CRESST grant

The Education Sciences Reform Act February 2014

CRESST REPORT 748 Indicators of After-school Care programs 2008


Funding CCSS for California amount of funding


Core Module - Middle School Questionnaire


Middle/High School is the phase of children’s education and development, usually representing grades 6 through 12, defined by adolescence, including a desire for increasing independence. 

Center on Response to Intervention (RTI Center)


CRESST REPORT 823 - On the Road to Assessing Deeper Learning: The Status of Smarter Balanced and PARCC Assessment Consortia

The Future of Learning and Assessment in a Changing World

Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with The Regents of the University of California for Consortium-Managed Services for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

WEEK OF 12/21/2014


Aldous Huxley : Brave New World

ALERT: Special Report on a TI - with references
Reference #1 of 11 - Evolving communication in robotic swarms using on-line, on-board, distributed evolutionary algorithms

Evolving communication in robotic swarms using on-line, on-board, distributed evolutionary algorithms . . .

#2 of 11 Antnet: Modified Routing Algorithm for Packet Switched Networks.


#3 of 11 Utilizing Colored Pheromones and Helping Ants for Wireless Mesh Networks Routing

#4 of 11 titles and websites are incomplete
#5 of 11 titles and websites are incomplete
#6 of 11 titles and websites are incomplete
#7 of 11


#8 of 11

Search this site - most interesting . . .

#9 of 11

Observations of Strong Surface Radar Ducts over the Persian Gulf

#10 of 11


#11 of 11

Human Enhancement and Experimental Research in the Military

So here is the last one we can find as you can see from the others - there are a several that are difficult to track down, the titles and websites are incomplete.

12-11-2014 BROADCAST http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-27564/TS-922437.mp3
GUEST: DEBORAH TAVARES, www.stopthecrime.net


WEEK OF 12/14/2014

NASA and mind control NASA MOBLAS 4 (HPWREN) High Performance Wireless Research $ Education Network
Provides global satellite and lunar laser ranging data and their related products to support geodetic and geophysical research activities as well as IERA products important to the maintenance of an accurate International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF).  The service develops the necessary global standards/specifications and encourages international adherence to its conventions.

SDG&E Mission Control - HPWREN (High Performance Wireless Research & Education Network)

HPWREN - part of the death network
HPWREN is connected to the ANR - Applied Network Research, and the PBO Network - Plate Boundary Observatory.  SDSU HPWREN is mission control for SDG&E through Arapnet VisCenter.  This is a huge Visualization Wall for SDG&E. 
UNESCO - UN International Network
UNAVCO - PBO Network, funded by the NSF ( National Science Foundation ) and NASA:

San Diego State University (SDSU) the HPWREN
These are just a few of the networks ( GRIDS ) that SDSU's HPWREN is connected with:
1. CalRENs2 - CENIC NETWORK/ California Research & Education Network, Version 2
It is a multi-tiered, advanced network-services fabric serving the vast majority of the research & education institutions in the state
2. BIRN GRID - Biomedical Informatics Research Network
3. TERA GRID - high performance computers, data resources @ 11 partner sites. The project started in 2001 and operated from 2004-2011 with the GIG - Grid Infrastructure Group ( University of Chicago with provider sites throughout the U.S. )
4. GENI GRID - Global Energy Network Institute through the UN. UNESCO is on HPWREN and throughout the U.S. on the GRID infrastructure
5. PRAGMA GRID - Pacific Rim Application Grid Middleware Assembly
6. NATIONAL LAMBDA GRID - National Research Network
7. ABILENE GRID - high performance backbone network, retired in 2007 and upgraded to the network known as ' Internet2 Network.'
8. GEON GRID - Geosciences GRID, with multi functional global grid
All of these Grids are connected throughout the U.S. on many college campuses. All connected to Stanford Universities ' VLF Research Group' or HAARP.
NASA's MOBLAS 4 on HPWREN is an ILRS station. ILRS-International Laser Ranging Service located on Mount Laguna. Part of the ' Near Earth Network Programs.'

Agency reduces power on 72-mile WLAN link | Computerworld

Here is a picture of Rich when he 1st started at SDSU.  Rich was 6'2" tall and 200lbs.  The exact example for comparisons in current cell phone manuals for exposures.  The 2nd picture of graduation, we knew something was wrong, but we didn't know what.  Notice his skin coloring.  He looks...cooked.  He is also squinting with his right eye.  The exact location of his tumor, the right frontal lobe. 

Parents seek answers on Carlsbad cancer cases
“We want to know what you’re going to do for our town — our soil, our water, our air,” said Stacey Quartarone, a Carlsbad resident whose son, Chase, died in December from large B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “I can prove to you there’s a cluster here. We’re scared.”

Electromagnetic Expert Investigates UCSD Cancer Cluster - 10News.com KGTV ABC10 San Diego

Campus Building Blamed for Cancer Cluster


WEEK OF 11/30/2014

Scalar Waves used in Mind Control - Extremely Important


Geoengineering, Fukushima radiation, & the Transhumanist Agenda

HEALTH vs the CLIMATE CHANGE – Environmental Health Indicators of Climate Change for the United States: Findings from the State Environmental Health Indicator Collaborative
Insider Comment: This report discusses health predictions based upon the assaults from the deliberate large scale manipulation of the Earth's climate caused by the military, private corporations and international bankers.  The deliberately created weather events are expected to affect the health status of millions of people, globally.  We can no longer sit on the side-lines and be silent about these weapons that are being used against us. . . We can no longer accept the false science of Global Warming and Climate Change that are creating corporate government policies that WILL change our lives, forever . . . Knowledge is POWER . . Learn more go to www.StopTheCrime.net and watch the YouTube Who is Running America and the CAP . . .





WEEK OF 11/16/2014

ADVISORY: 'Holy Grail' of Green Energy Storage . . . storing the wind . . .

New Hampshire Lives on Water New Hampshire Water Sustainability Commission Final Report

Comment: Below are excerpts from the Final Water Report - The report was based upon meetings conducted under the Delphi Technique which are "fake" meetings . . Why Fake? The meetings are based upon conclusions that have been determined prior to the onset of the meetings. . . The guise of public input is ONLY to advance the appearance that agency agendas and conclusions have the support and input of the public - which is not the case . . . BEWARE YOU ARE BEING DELPHIED! Meaning - Tricked, manipulated, bullied, deceived, and herded into false agreements that you have not truly participated in.

NOTE: This is a Fake Report - In this report there are conflicting assessments about the quality of the water i.e.. Page Two: CONTAMINATED WATER. Page Five: IN THIS PARAGRAPH THE WATER IS GENERALLY GOOD QUALITY; Page Six: HERE NATURALLY OCCURRING AND MANMADE 'CONTAMINANTS" IN THE WATER . . . The agencies that run these scam meetings and write up these scam reports do not think you will read them. . . Well we ARE reading these reports and we SEE the boiler plate repetition with many of the other reports that are utter nonsense and make NO Sense at all . . . DO NOT CONSENT TO BEING DELPHIED!


NEW HAMPSHIRE - Lives on Water NEW HAMPSHIRE Water Sustainability Commission FINAL REPORT - DECEMBER 2012
This report describes the work of the Commission and its findings. The Commission, through this report, presents a framework for action in seven goals with recommendations that, if met, will ensure the health and vitality of our state’s ecological systems, the availability of good quality water for the health and economic vitality of future generations.

Over the last 19 months, the Commission has sought to engage with and listen to the public at six public sessions around the state, 3 and has heard from those who have taken the time to write and e-mail us, and to come to our meetings. 4, 5, 6 We heard from approximately 500 individuals, and their thoughts and input are reflected in this report. The Commission listened to many experts on a variety of issues affecting New Hampshire’s water 7 and studied the work of other water-related commissions. 8

As a statewide community we know what we must do, but we need a coordinated voice and the initiative to do it. The work of the Commission is just the beginning of what will be required of our residents, businesses, nonprofits, public agencies and leaders in government and the private sector. That work must start with broad public engagement and collaborative partnerships. The Commission calls upon people in New Hampshire to become actively engaged as stewards of our water resources and to act upon the recommendations to achieve the goals presented in this report.

The bill is coming due on deferred maintenance and investment in water infrastructure. Our water infrastructure is a key part of New Hampshire’s economic advantage. It is increasingly expensive to maintain and replace, and is aging and increasingly inadequate to meet our needs due to deferred maintenance and more protective standards for treatment as knowledge grows. The increasing frequency of extreme weather events (see the figure on page 14) presents an additional challenge to the existing infrastructure.


The groundwater that 60 percent of the state’s population drinks is "contaminated" in some areas by naturally-occurring or manmade chemicals, such as arsenic and MtBE, respectively (NHDES, 2008). The quality of groundwater used for private water supplies is often not known or tested.


We are very fortunate in New Hampshire to have abundant water. Our state receives approximately 40 inches of rain annually (NOAA, 2012). In most years and in most places, we have plenty of water to meet our needs for drinking water, to grow and produce food, and to supply our local industries, businesses, schools, homes and other needs. We have water of "generally good quality" to enjoy for recreation — boating, swimming and fishing — all around our state, which is an important factor in the success of the second largest sector of our economy, tourism. Our groundwater aquifers provide drinking water to approximately 60 percent of the state’s population (NHDES, 2008). We have about eighteen miles of seacoast and over 200 miles of estuarine shoreline that support tourism, a fishing industry and estuarine incubators of life like Great Bay (NHDES, 2008).
However, there is only so much water in our state that we can sustainably use. It is something essential to both well-being and life itself and thus a resource worthy of care above all others.

If we generally have sufficient water of "good quality" to support our needs, why are we concerned about water and its future sustainability? The answer is that there are a number of trends and indicators that collectively suggest this condition may not persist if we do not take actions now to ensure that sustainability.

Water Quality - Surface water and groundwater are intricately connected, and are adversely affected by naturally occurring and manmade "contaminants". Storm water runoff and non-point source pollution are responsible for much of the pollutants reaching our waters, and will be made worse by increases in population and associated land development, and the increasing frequency of high intensity precipitation events. Relatively few people from the 40 percent of the state’s population that uses groundwater from private wells for drinking regularly test their wells for contamination (NHDES, 2008).

We are not on a sustainable path with regard to the availability of enough clean water where we need it and when we need it in New Hampshire.

Page Seven:
Do I know how much it costs to deliver clean water for me to use and to treat my wastewater? If clean water is a potentially finite resource, what is its value? Is that value, and the systems required to treat and deliver our water, , reflected in the price that I pay for the water I use?

How can I contribute as a member of my community to advocate for the responsible use and protection of water so that future New Hampshire generations have enough clean water? What local organizations could I work with and support to bring this about? If I serve on a town committee or commission, do I understand how land use affects water quantity and quality? Do I know whom to contact for more information? Does my town have a water management plan for the future? Does my town take steps to protect and conserve land around or near source water areas and aquifers?

Page 11:
We do not know enough about the quality of groundwater, especially for "private wells". Naturally-occurring contaminants such as arsenic and manmade contaminants such as MtBE are commonly found in groundwater (e.g., arsenic and radon levels in 20 and 55 percent of private wells, respectively, exceed safe drinking water standards). Many people do not know to test their private wells regularly (i.e. every 3 to 5 years) (NHDES, 2008).

Page Two:

Our watersheds, communities, and built infrastructure will be robust, resilient, and able to adapt to changing weather patterns.

Adequate public and private funding will be available for managing water resources effectively and efficiently.

Page Three:

Data and Monitoring – We need sufficient, timely and accurate information upon which to base decisions. We need to know about the existing quality and quantity of our water as well as changes that are occurring. We need to know what actions are necessary to ensure that our lakes, rivers, groundwater, ponds, estuaries and wetlands remain the crown jewels of our state, able to support vibrant and healthy individuals, communities, economies and ecosystems.

• Changes in weather patterns will stress flood control, storm water and storage infrastructure. The frequency of extreme weather events in New Hampshire has doubled in recent years (Madsen, 2012), and these events put significant pressure on and, in some cases, overwhelm existing storm water systems, dams and other water infrastructure, and contribute to non-point source pollution. In addition, there are greater fluctuations in rain and snow amounts with attendant consequences for groundwater recharge, storm water runoff, drought and flooding. Relevant engineering standards for water infrastructure and dams are in many cases inadequate for the increasing frequency of extreme weather events.


Extreme downpours have become more frequent across much of the United States, particularly in the Northeast. An extreme weather event (represented by individual dots) is only expected to occur once per year in a particular location based on historical records. New Hampshire now experiences extreme weather twice as frequently as in the past. Source: Madsen, 2012.


There is a range of foreseeable consequences associated with the identified issues if they are left unaddressed, including:

Failure of water infrastructure and expensive repairs of water systems will lead to economic disruption. Kicking small problems down the road causes big problems, and big problems cost more money to fix.

In some areas, there may not be enough clean water available to meet local needs. This condition will have adverse effects on public health, the economy and the environment.

Human and ecological systems may no longer be able to fully tolerate disturbance, restore balance and adapt to change. Full restoration of such systems is often extremely expensive and difficult, if not impossible.

Developanawardsandrecognitionprogramtobringattentiontomeritoriouseffortsoccurring on a sub-watershed, watershed or statewide basis.

The Commission is calling on New Hampshire residents to learn about and understand water because New Hampshire lives on water. Our families, our communities and our manufacturing and tourism-based economy absolutely depend on water. We need a shared water ethic to guide us into the future so that our children and their children, on through the generations, will have the same or better quality of life as we have today.

WEEK OF 11/09/2014

Who is Running America explains how the bankers and the BAR unlawfully altered our form of government and replaced the Constitution with the Uniform Commercial Code

Who Is Running America?

ALERT: "BAN" on Groundwater "Wells" Approved in Ventura County | California Avocado Commission
COMMENT: This will likely be the start of well drilling moratoriums across California spilling into other states. . . It is suggested that we advise as many rural well users as possible to consider pulling well drilling permits. Many people are pulling well drilling permits NOW. . Check your building department guidelines on how long a permit is useable if you do not drill immediately - in some areas you have a year - and you can extend the permit some cases as well.

Then, and most importantly, learn about drilling for "primary water". We have been misinformed about where water comes from . . . the Earth continuously makes water from within. To learn more about Primary Water go to www.StopTheCrime.net to the primary water link on the home page . . or go to the Primary Water Institute . . .




WEEK OF 11/02/2014

"Lawfully Yours" - a People’s Empowerment Guide to Our Corrupt Corporate-Commercial Illegal System


Sixteen Things Libya Will Never See Again
NOTE: Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country. While drilling for oil they discovered Primary Water which is a renewable and continual process within the Earth. Primary water is an alternative to atmospheric water and is accessible as a water source, globally. We were not told the facts of how water is created by hydrogen and oxygen and is plentiful.

WEEK OF 10/19/2014

"Lawfully Yours" - a People’s Empowerment Guide to Our Corrupt Corporate-Commercial Illegal System

CELL PHONE DANGER: Former Nokia Technology Chief: Mobile phones wrecked my health . . .

AERIAL VACCINES: Australia Determined To Forcibly Vaccinate By Intentional and Controlled Release of Aerosolized GMO Vaccine
Read page 52 of the Nasa War Plan - germ warfare and airborne varieties of Bioweapon's . . .(Ebola virus)

Aerial vaccines have used in the United States directed towards animals by the use of plastic packets dropped by planes or helicopters. Sanofi(who is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world) has subsidiary companies such as Merial Limited who manufacture Raboral, an oral live-virus poisonous to humans yet distributed wildlife in the masses.


In 2006 Michael Greenwood wrote an article for the Yale School of Public Health entitled, "Aerial Spraying Effectively Reduces Incidence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Humans." The article stated that the incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according to research by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.

Under the mandate for aerial spraying for specific vectors that pose a threat to human health, aerial vaccines known as DNA Vaccine Enhancements and Recombinant Vaccine against WNV may be tested or used to "protect" the people from vector infection exposures. DNA vaccine enhancements specifically use Epstein-Barr viral capside's with multi human complement class II activators to neutralize antibodies.




WEEK OF 10/12/2014


REP James Traficant

GREEN Cremetion - New body 'liquefaction' unit unveiled in Florida funeral home - goes down the drain . . . 

EARTHQUAKES: Hazard Associated with Deep Well Injection - Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin No. 1951 (Manuscript approved for publication on June 28, 1990.1Institute for Crustal Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106.2U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA 22092). The PDF for the report is under the comment below . . .

COMMENT: The perfect earthquake, "fingerprintless" and deliberate! Think about this - maximize profits by using the earth as an invisible internal dump site by injecting toxic waste underground. Under certain circumstances some of the injection sites cause earthquakes. Big profits are made due to the deliberate damage caused by earthquakes and the cost required for reconstruction of damaged infrastructure . . . Plus, the savings by disposing manufacturing chemical wastes into the ground versus LEGAL disposal . . The Perfect Crime. . .

This report discloses facts that have been CONCEALED from the public . . . Furthermore, can we fully reLIE upon a report like this to represent REAL scientific data? Particularly, when this report discusses impacts of water loads due to reservoirs that this report says causes earthquakes? If indeed reservoirs for water storage cause earthquakes, this finding would lend to the acceptance of dam removal, which doesn't add up when you think of ALL the lakes i.e. Great Lakes (water reservoirs), in the United States that store water, collect surface water run-off and increase the ground water supply . . . Keep in mind we are finding that MOST scientific reports are based upon consensus science and NOT real science. This is Criminal Science which is profiting the bankers that are creating 'markets" out of intentional and deliberate redefining of REAL factually based data. Science has been for sale, for profits, for control and to enslave the populations through corporate statutes, rules and ordinances to enforce criminal policies based upon false science with criminal intent. Keep in mind - the global warming science is another consensus based science created to further profit the bankers and enslave the people. .

It is possible this report was crafted as a cover for the seismic damages caused by injection wells by falsely blaming the impacts of damages caused by water reservoir storage. .

The profit driven bankers have been "vaccinating" the earth with LETHAL injection wells, and have Plans to privatize the PUBLIC water supply. Their strategy will drive public water resources into private hands, a partnership launched quietly in January 2012 at the World Economic Forum. They plan to establish water governance that put the private sector in the driver's seat in water management and control . . and create a global water "market", wherein they sell our water back to us . . The international bankers are seizing public water resources under the cloak of many corporate government agencies such as the EPA, Army Corp of Engineers, Dept. of Interior, The World Bank, VEOLIA (Rothschild), Nestle, Coca-Cola, GE, and more, along with our local state and corporate governments. It makes sense that the international bankers would benefit by reducing access to water resources creating the fear of seismic destruction.


Excerpts from above link:
Under certain circumstances, the increased pore pressure resulting from fluid injection, whether for waste disposal, secondary recovery, geothermal energy, or solution mining, can trigger earthquakes. This report discusses known cases of injection-induced seismicity and how and why earthquakes may be triggered, as well as conditions under which the triggering is most likely to occur. Criteria are established to assist in regulating well operations so as to minimize the seismic hazard associated with deep well fluid injection


Within the United States, injection of fluid into deep wells has triggered documented earthquakes in Colorado, Texas, New York, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Ohio and possibly in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Inves- tigations of these cases have led to some understanding of the probable physical mechanism of the triggering and of the criteria for predicting whether future earthquakes will be triggered, based on the local state of stress in the Earth's crust, the injection pressure, and the physical and the hydrological properties of the rocks into which the fluid is being injected.

Page 66

The phenomenon of seismicity induced by the impoundment of reservoirs is more widespread and better documented than that of injection-induced seismicity; how- ever, the mechanism of reservoir-induced seismicity is more complicated and not as well understood (Gupta and Rastogi, 1976; Simpson, 1986a). (HUM? THIS IS CLASSIC DOUBLE-SPEAK). Reservoir-induced earth- quakes were first described in association with the filling of Lake Mead, Nev. (Carder, 1945), but it was not until the late 1960's, when earthquakes larger than M 5.5 occurred at four major reservoirs (Hsinfengkiang, China, Kremasta, Greece, Lake Kariba, Rhodesia, and Koyna Reservoir, India), that sufficient concern was raised to warrant inves- tigation of the mechanism controlling reservoir-induced seismicity. The largest of the earthquakes believed to have been induced by the impoundment of a reservoir occurred at Koyna Reservoir in 1967 and had a magnitude of 6.5. It caused over 200 deaths, 1,500 injuries, and considerable damage to the nearby town and the dam. Thus, the hazard associated with reservoir-induced seismicity is significant.

Unlike injection operations that only affect pore pressure, the presence of a large reservoir modifies the environment in several ways. First, the large mass of the reservoir represents a large increase in the imposed load, which increases the in situ elastic stresses. The load of water also affects the pore pressure directly (by the infiltration of the reservoir water and subsequent raising of the water table) and indirectly (through the closure of water- saturated pores and fractures in the rock beneath the reservoir load). This coupling between the elastic and the fluid effects in the rock, as well as the poorly understood response of inhomogeneities in material and hydrologic properties of the rock to changes in stress induced by the reservoir load, make modeling the impact of reservoirs much more difficult than for cases of fluid injection (Simpson, 1986a). Nevertheless, there are enough similar- ities between injection- and reservoir-induced earthquakes that they both provide a number of constraints on the mechanism of triggered seismicity.

Although the magnitude of the net pore pressure change produced by reservoir impoundment is often considerably less than at many fluid injection sites, the larger physical dimensions of the reservoirs allows their influence to extend over much broader areas.


TO LEARN MORE GO TO - wwwStopTheCrime.net to the USA, Inc. link and watch or read "The Iron Mountain Report" . . Senate Report 93-549 and "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Federal Judge Dale - all free downloads from www.StopTheCrime.net or google search . ..

NSA Broadband Planar Log-Periodic Feed for the Spherical Reflector Used at Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory

CANDIDATES for Brain THEFT Recent Advances in Brain Computer Interface Systems




WEEK OF 10/05/2014

Leon Panetta CIA Links to World Government Rockefeller Agenda 21 - Gary Arnold

David Dees Art Page

EBOLA: FINAL NAILS IN THE EBOLA SCAM COFFIN: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is a PROVEN FRAUD, Here is the Evidence. I Am Sick and Tired of Repeating this FACT Over and Over Again!

HARVESTING YOUR BODY PARTS:  Gardai to arrest man as Margot Seery's 1994 cold case hots up

Bad Medicine - Video Links

MEDS of DEATH:  Bad Medicine Big Pharma Exec Turned Whistleblower
Dr. John Rengen Virapen, former Eli Lilly & Co. executive, who decided to quit and speak out about Big Pharma's method of profiting from chronic illness, after 35 years of being in the business, saying, "My hands are as dirty as theirs," as he admits bribing Swedish officials to approve of Prozac.


WEEK OF 09/28/2014

DRONES - the GLOBAL MAP: The Drone Census | Drone U - zoom in on what’s happening in your neighborhood

THE WATER WARS MAP - Existing Water Supplies are Inadequate (they say) - and will lead to WATER WARS per the Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of Interior -

These agencies say - Improved water management requires knowledge of basin-specific "problems". The Bureau of Reclamation prepared an analysis of potential water supply crises and "conflicts" (water wars) by the year 2025. This analysis is based on a combination of technical and other factors, including population trends and potential endangered species needs for water. The Department of the Interior intends to seek extensive input from states, tribes, and the public on this analysis and expects that it will be revised and improved through this effort.

The MAP below Illustrates "Conflict Potential" over the Diminishing Water Supply and the KEY on the Map shows the Conflicts as considered Moderate - Substantial to Highly Likely. Keep in mind the Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of Interior are corporate government agencies and are supporting the bogus science of Global Warming aka Climate Change and are denying the existence of the weather modification programs that ARE deliberate large-scale manipulations of the Earth's climate that include impacts on the water supplies . . The droughts are engineered for the purpose of transferring "public" water control into the hands of the bankers and corporations. This MAP is very disturbing - look at the red zones. .(click on the map to enlarge)

The Department of Interior and the Bureau of Reclamation states this:

As a part of Water 2025, the Department of the Interior will use all available "tools" that have a demonstrated capacity to address potential water supply crises. Note: The department has an enforcement/ police devision. The Map above shows regions in the West where water supply conflicts are likely to occur by 2025 based on a combination of factors including population trends and potential endangered species' needs for water. The red zones are where the conflicts are most likely to occur. This analysis does not factor in the effects of climate change, which is expected to "exacerbate many of these already-indentified issues. . .

Website Comment: Please, view the water documents that confirm the plans to seize and privatize OUR water and sell it back to us for massive corporate profits . . The Goldman Sachs' document "Taking A Deep Dive into Water" confirms the United States has an "abundant" water supply/resource. . . "The Global Water Intelligence -Water "Market" USA Report" is the PLAN describing HOW private investors and bankers WILL covertly take over the public water agencies in the United States to create a water "market". Go to www.StopTheCrime.net to the Water Wars link to view these documents . . .

WARNING: The O.W.L. Foundation - WATER CRISIS "MAP" - WATER WARS and GUNS . . . The O.W.L. Foundation warns us
Excerpt from above Link:
Sonoma and Marin Counties are clearly identified as having a "dark yellow" status for conflict. The Department of the Interior interprets this risk as "substantial". In fact, not only is there a "substantial risk for conflict" the risk is calculated as being the SAME as Klamath County. Conflict has already commenced in Klamath County and people have been "shot" and shot at.


The WORLD BANK: New MAP and Report Identifies Major Clean-Tech Market Opportunity for Small Businesses in Developing Countries
Comment: When the World Bank refers to small businesses they are referring to their PPP's Private Public Partnerships. Keep in mind the World Bank makes more profits when their corporate agencies stomp out locally owned businesses and seize the local markets. . Important to understand that in order for the international bankers to control and develop new energy "markets" local communities are targeted, one community at a time behind the double speak of GO LOCAL . . . The Go Local movement has been tricked by the bankers the movement is really about international transfer of local control at every level . . . The Clean Energy "Market" is a new money making scheme for the international bankers, in that, after the profits are made from polluting the water, etc. and fabricating new energy polices based on the need to reduce green house gas emissions a NEW Green "Market" aka Economy emerges. . All of the climate change agendas are to build new markets for the corporate banking cartels . . To understand how our local governments really work go to www.StopTheCrime.net and click on the USA, Inc. link . . .

ADMISSION: SMART METERS - This is why smart meters were deployed in Santa Clara, California for WiFi
NOTE:  SMUD, the utility company in Sacramento, California, CEO - John Distasio said on a public video that “we installed the meters but the really important thing is all of the “apps” that would be used in them”.



WEEK OF 09/07/2014

ADVISORY: CDC - Flavorings-Related Lung Disease - CHILDREN: 10 states report outbreak of respiratory illness in kids

WATER a Corporate DOCUMENT - "Statutory Water Rights Law" and Related Water Code Sections (as amended, including Statutes of 2013)
Note:  The Local, State and Federal governments are not real.  They are privately owned corporations called governments.  All laws created by these government corporations are private corporate regulations called public law, statutes, codes and ordinances to conceal their true nature . . . read "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Judge Dale and free download from the net or www.StopTheCrime.net

WATER MAP - Tracking and Monitoring How California Water Agencies Are Responding to Record-Dry Conditions
Note: The plans to take over the US Water "Market" are posted on www.StopTheCrime.net under water wars . . . this map is data collection to track and monitor the creation of the "mandatory" water reduction policies and to verify city by city and county compliance to the manufactured drought and water scarcity schemes intended to create FEAR, and privatize the US water into the control of the banking corporate and Rothschild crime organizations.

BRAINS: Miniature 'human brain' grown in lab - BBC News

ADVISORY: Air Quality Agency, Says Agency Outside Chemtrail Story (Q&A - most important)
Excerpts from above link: (Open the above link to read the Q&A - shocking)
A jet-lain stripe of white cloud is featured in the contact window of the city/county pollution control bureau website. The image vanished when a CBS Radio news affiliate made inquiries about chemtrail pollution in the county.
Meet Bob Colby, the director of the Chattanooga/Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau whose work is paid for by Chattanooga-area taxpayers but whose mission is to enforce the view of air quality under the dictates of the U.S. government. The local face on the remote and global power sitting in Washington.

Indeed, evidence of at least the edges of stratospheric engineering exists in the record. Aluminium, strontium and barium — said to be the main elements in U.S.-manufactured skies — are regularly present in city and county air, according to Mr. Colby’s response to my state records request. Mr. Colby dismisses these numbers as “traces,” nothing about which to be worried. Skystriping, sky tattooing, sky hacking, chemtrailing, call it what you will — remains officially a nonstory.

The key elements in the secretive federal program are not part of his duties. Against them, the watchdog barks not
Bob Colby’s responses to my questions, like the slivers of metal standing at attention as a magnet passes over, help steer us in our quest for the facts of local economy and its enemies.

As the shavings come into line, my speculations trace the direction along which they point. That the official regulators of air pollution are a necessary distraction, a cover for a possibly dangerous, unregulated, untested aerial cloud-making weather modification program that sprays milky haze into the stratosphere to dim the sun, as you perhaps have noticed in your home city. Meanwhile, micromanagement of ground-produced fumes makes us assume that the U.S. government is just as fussy about other kinds of smoke. No government with a watchdog such as Mr. Colby on the ground could tolerate jet-lain pollution above the clouds as conspiracy theorists suggest. No national power as vigilant with leaf-burning bans and inspecting dry cleaners could conceivably ordain the depositing of millions of tons of aerosolized particles aloft that could be the unsuspected cause of oddities such as bee colony collapse and skyrocketing rates of neurological disorders among the populace.


ALERT: BRAIN MAPPING - Intensive EU and US Brain Research: Mapping, Interpreting and Controlling Your Soul
Excerpt From Above Link:
Abstract: The NWO Satanists seek to vigorously gain mind control over us. For about 100 years, the Rockefeller Foundation funded Mental Hygiene, incl. the psychiatrist and Hitler´s chief eugenicist, Ernst Rüdin, the Tavistock Institute and its prophet, Freud, as well as the Nazi -inspired and Communist World Federation for Mental Hygiene. Concurrently Soviet and, later, American scientists (MK Ultra) experimented with criminal physical methods to control us – accompanied by massive propaganda in the MSM (90 % owned by the Illuminati) against all morality, which the first Director General of the Rockefeller -supported WHO, G. Brock Chisholm, believed to be the mother of all perversions and wars.

THINKING AHEAD First-ever human head transplant is now possible, says neuroscientist

WHY? - Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers Are Intercepting Calls All Over The US - Yahoo Finance - (Insider Comment Provided)
Insider Comment: This is easy to trace back. Check ownership of towers and who operates them. It will all track back to
Mossad and Israeli communication companies and DoD contractors.

ADVISORY: EPA - Maps Developed in Secret Suggest EPA IS Expanding Regulations . . . Massive water and land GRAB
Excerpt from above link:
BISMARCK, N.D. — A map developed by the EPA and released to a U.S. House committee investigating controversial proposed water regulations should have citizens concerned, says U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer. “It is certainly alarming the EPA would develop these maps in secret and only release them after being confronted by members of Congress,” Cramer, a Republican, said in a news release accompanying his office’s release of the maps. “The EPA has been hiding information which could upset the public and jeopardize its massive power grab of unprecedented authority over private and public water.”

Actually this is a map that is interactive. Find your state, increase the size of the map, the blue lines are all the water EPA wants to control. When I opened Montana it was a mind blower. I know we have headwaters, I know we have reservoirs, dams, rivers however, when you increase the size of the blue streams it will take your breath away.
Article - Keep in mind this is NOT a right or left agenda do not fall into that trap. These plans were created by the "incorporated" government and its agencies and as long as we remain in an annually extended National State of Emergency ALL corporate government rules, laws and ordinances WILL continue to unlawfully demise our existence . . and executive orders will continue to be advanced upon us through the executive branch of the white house . . .



WEEK OF 08/31/2014

ADVISORY: CALIF. DROUGHT DELIBERATE  California Drought Amazing Satellite Fraud 8 14 14
Controlling the weather to allow purchase of "private" water rights . . .

Questions for non-profits . . .USA, Inc. - the IRS and 501 (c) 3 non profits . . . Discussion
STATEMENT: The EDF is a Corporation and doing business . . . as you know the US is a corporation, too (listed on Dun & Bradstreet). . . the idea that we have a representative government is a clever illusion that so far as tricked many people . . . everything is based upon Commerce, contract and grants . . . ALL through the executive branch via exec. order . . .
The - FCC, Inc., EPA, Inc., CDC, Inc. and more all gov inc. agencies doing business . . .

REBUTTAL: EDF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. As is the environmental organization I chair, Friends of Merrymeeting Bay. And, as are most environmental groups like ours as well as most educational, religious, literary and scientific groups. Just because you are incorporated [as a non-profit or profit] does not have to mean you act like a bunch of prostitutes to big business, as EDF happens to do. Most of us have D&B numbers as well. Doesn’t mean a thing so not a good indicator of evil.

ALL 501 (c) 3 non-profits are registered with the corporate STATE OF . . . .
They are bound by the restrictions and statutes of the STATE OF . . .
If they violate these restrictions, rules or statutes, they can lose their charter.
If they strongly condemn or criticize the actions of the STATE OF, they can lose their charter.
If they come down too strong against USA INC, the private corporation known as the IRS can trigger an audit . . . this has been done many times. This frightens these groups as the IRS has been known to falsify documents to shut down and/or punish those that too strongly oppose the banksters agendas. As we know the STATE OF is the banks and has been since 1933.

From Who is Running America
The Federal Reserve is at the root of most of our present statutory regulations, "laws", in the control and regulation of virtually all aspects of human activity in the United States, through successively socialistic constructions laid upon the Commerce clause of the Constitution. Basically, the Federal Reserve is the "STATE" of the United States.

Lastly, follow the money! Very few 501 (c) 3 non-profits survive on membership alone. I was on the Board of Directors and I witnessed first hand how difficult that is. They generally take grants from 1) government and/or 2) foundations. Both government and foundation grants are contracts with strings attached.

Questions for non-profits:
Why do good people with good energy and ideas submit paperwork to the STATE OF to create a non private corporation? Why don't they see that very few non-profits achieve their goals and put themselves out of business? Why don't they see that once they incorporate with the STATE OF they must follow the political agenda and corporate statutes of the STATE OF? Why don't they see that once incorporated the STATE OF owns their organization and the good people with good energy and ideas become employees of the STATE OF thereby limiting their ability to challenge the system they are trying to change?

Do they inform those they seek as members or donors that they are under the control of the STATE OF and the IRS - NO
Do they inform those that seek their advice that they have limits as to their ability to challenge the system they are trying to change - NO
Do they inform the public that the interests of their own corporation (fiscal health) takes priority over the cause they claim to be advocating for - NO
Non-profit corporations are not likely to come up with real solutions, as the real solutions lie in challenging the authority of the very same STATE OF corporation that holds their charter.

Certified Complaint - Lawsuit - Against FBI, CIA, NSA, DoD.
Keep in mind our court system no longer represents the people, and generally these lawsuits are thrown out for lack of evidence or national security . . . Read Senate Report 93-549 and understand that "every" year since 1933 each president has extended the National State of Emergency which has subverted the Constitution. This should be apparent since we know that through the executive branch of the white house statutes aka "executive orders" keep being thrust upon us, and they do not serve us, and we have not voted from them . . . Sadly, our Judiciary system serves the interest of USA, Inc. which is engaged in Commerce . . . Read "The Matrix and the U.S. Constitution" and "The Clearfield Doctrine" free downloads on www.StopTheCrime.net

WARNING: The ZOMBIE Apocalypse - even the Pentagon has a Plan - CONOP 8888 . . .
The USG has secret bio weapons which can produce zombie behavior: one version a gene modified rabies type virus comp-lined
with the common cold, another purely hallucinogenic based (BZ derivative) turns the masses violent when sprayed as an aerosol.

Other nations may have these doomsday biological weapons too. These have all been tested, some publicly. Here is
an article which explains this. This article was censored for some months and had to be republished. See if you can guess why.

The Pentagon defense plan which illustrates threats from zombies, CONOP 8888, was submitted on April 30, 2011. Its creators were military personnel in Omaha, Nebraska. Foreign Policy stated that they experimented with a scenario “that could never be mistaken for a real plan” to train for a diverse selection of possible threats. The three main points are applicable to a variety of attacks, as pointed out by Business Insider: 1) protect the civilian population by keeping a defensive perimeter, 2) eradicate all possible threats, 3) provide aid to civil authorities in the restoration of law and order.
Read more

http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/16/politics/pentagon-zombie-apocalypse/ - Are You Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse? These Folks Are
The Pentagon Has A Plan To Stop The Zombie Apocalypse. Seriously.

FORCING Rental Inspections: Bexley wants oversight on rentals

“The question is whether it’s an invasion of privacy for tenants and whether it oversteps bounds for landlords,” she said.

At a meeting this month, Bexley council members noted that they had fielded questions about whether criminal penalties were attached to the proposed ordinance and what would happen to landlords if tenants didn’t allow inspections.

Note: these NEW statutes are being adopted in local incorporated cities throughout the country. . This is asset stripping those owners of income properties and forcing inspections that could lead to increased fines and penalties . . . To find out if your city has adopted similar over-reach policies search the name of you city followed by rental properties over-site inspections and fees . . .

WEEK OF 08/24/2014

Satanic ‘black mass’ gets green light from U.S. city OKLAHOMA 
She told WND the city will not block the black mass from being held despite an uproar among Christian and family groups, which are mobilizing to stop it. “All activities during the event must abide by our local ordinances and laws, including laws that govern nudity, lewd acts, ritual sacrifice, as well as building codes for open flames,” McClintock said in an email to WND. “The Civic Center Music Hall is not underwriting this event in any way, nor paying for outside advertising. Individuals wishing to attend must purchase a ticket to get in.”


Spectra Research Institute - Direct Brainwave to Computer Interface Development . . . 

Robo Brain' will teach robots everything from the Internet . . .

Child Organ Harvesting And Trafficking-Linked Arrest Made In Mexico . . .

FREAKY: Head Transplants Could Become Reality, Scientist Says . . .

BBC - Radio4 - Today/Brain Transplants . . . How to perform a human brain transplant in 11 easy(ish) steps . . . 
Dr. Robert White is evil- but many more existed before world war II - and did horrible things to people in nazi concentration camps

ROBOTS: Fast-Food Workers Could Face Robot Armageddon: Industrial Roundup

Norway’s Hidden History - "Aryan" Children Subjected to LSD Experiments, Sexual Abuse & Mass Rape . . . now shine the light
Norway’s powerful Justice Committee has ordered the government to compensate thousands of people, many of whom were locked up in lunatic asylums because they were the children of Norwegian mothers and German soldiers. A statement from the committee said the government should quickly draw up a compensation scheme for an estimated 10,000 claimants. "The Justice Committee statement has shown us an exit sign from the tunnel of darkness in which we have moved for over 50 years," said Thor Brandacher, chairman and spokesman for the Lebensborn Committee, and the son of a Norwegian mother and Austrian father. The committee’s decision comes as the Norwegian Supreme Court prepares to issue a verdict in December in an appeal case brought by 17 so-called Lebensborn children against the Norwegian government for gross abuse at the hands of the state. The case has been thrown out in two earlier courts, which ruled that such cases all fell under the statute of limitations. "I am sure that the Supreme Court will also say that the case falls under the statute of limitations as well, but we then have six months to negotiate with the government and reach agreement," said Mr Brandacher. "If they will not negotiate we will go to Strasbourg, and Norway will never be the same again. No civilised country can withstand the testimony that would be made public there." After German troops withdrew from Norway at the end of the Second World War, an official programme of weeding out occupation liaisons began that resulted in the arrest of some 14,000 young women and the detention in military camps of 5,000 girls who were known to have had children with German soldier

ORGAN HARVESTING: Internet search Knights templar mexican organ harvesting gang . . . a BIG BUSINESS . . .

BODY PARTS: Immigration is human trafficing and organ harvesting – New York Times- The FBI arrested 44 people . . .
The FBI arrested 44 people in New Jersey that have been harvesting organs of immigrants and pro peace anti war people for decades and moving the money to Israel-

FALSE SCIENCE WARNING: Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty - NYTimes.com . . .
the State, Local and Federal Governments are NOT REAL - and Global Warming was created intentionally by the corporations to blame the people for global pollution - Read "The Report From Iron Mountain" or watch the documentary YouTube the report is a free download from www.StopTheCrime.net

NOTICE:  "Geoengineering – the problem of competing values in environmental and technological governance" by Prof Steve Rayner | Events | Oxford Martin School . . .

Do Think Tanks Matter?, First Edition: Assessing the Impact of Public Policy

ETHICS for Society? Institute for Science and Ethics | Oxford Martin School . . . Weather Modicification
The Institute for Science and Ethics (formerly known as the Program on Ethics of the New Biosciences) was established in June 2005 with funding from the Oxford Martin School. It is a research project based within the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Philosophy and is directed by Professor Julian Savulescu.

The Institute's approach is to apply analytic philosophy and argument from a non-partisan, open position, and to work directly with scientists to understand, analyse and interpret complex issues arising from scientific advance. The project has a multidisciplinary team, which includes expertise in medicine, philosophy, practical ethics, sociology and psychology.

ADVISORY: The Planet Hacking Rules « The Dish - For better or for worse, we’re talking about hacking the planet.

OXFORD: Scientists Propose First Major Framework for Climate Engineering Experiments
Professor Steve Rayner, the co-director of the Oxford Geoengineering Programme, has unveiled a proposal to create the first serious framework for future geoengineering experiments.

"The emergence of interest in climate geoengineering, broadly defined as the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract climate change, has provoked controversy about the practicality and wisdom of such ideas," the document reads.

Mind Control - Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today

EARTH QUAKE: NAPA County - Climate Action Plan - Final March 2012 - Prepared by ICF International . . .

EyeVerify: Wells Fargo boosts startups creating tools for financial industry - SFGate
The bankers - this is a San Francisco firm . . . disgusting . . go to www.StopTheCrime.net and take a look at the source document entitled NWO Exposed by an Insider 1969 . . . it was disclosed in the document that each person would be tracked and should a household harbor an undesirable, as deemed by the corporate government, they would be found out and dealt with accordingly.

Partial Excerpt from above link:
EyeVerify of Kansas City, Kan., seeks to replace traditional online banking passwords with a "biometric password" - a selfie of the whites of a user's eye. Kasisto's "virtual specialist," a voice-enabled artificial intelligence application developed by the New York startup, helps users execute a variety of financial transactions. San Jose's Zumigo offers location-based technology that helps merchants weed out fraudulent purchases made with a stolen mobile phone.

ROBOTS: MURDER HUMANS - Robots could murder us out of KINDNESS unless they are taught the value of human life
The NASA War Plan shows that robots are planned to replace humans . . . and the plan talks about the Chew Chew robot - eats flesh . . . so the article below should come as no surprise!

Partial Excerpt From Above Link:

Future generations could be exterminated by Terminator-style robots unless machines are taught the value of human life.
This is the stark warning made by Amsterdam-based engineer Nell Watson, who believes droids could kill humans out of both malice and kindness.
Teaching machines to be kind is not enough, she says, as robots could decide that the greatest compassion to humans as a race is to get rid of everyone to end suffering.
'The most important work of our lifetime is to ensure that machines are capable of understanding human value,' she said at the recent 'Conference by Media Evolution' in Sweden.
'It is those values that will ensure machines don't end up killing us out of kindness.'

BREAKING:  AUTISM Cover-up:  Autism. MMR vaccine, CDC coverup . . .

AUTISM:  CDC Whistleblower Revealed - YouTube  MMR Vaccine Causes Autism and the CDC Know . . .

Vaccine-autism connection: US Congressman stonewalled

CDC and CNN censors, deletes report on CDC whistleblower

"MonsterMIND" . . . Snowden: NSA working on 'MonsterMind' cyberwar bot . . . 
Comment: Snowden obviously has not heard that the Fourth Amendment was tromped on in 1933.
See Senate Report 93-549 . . . Local, State and Federal governments are NOT REAL . . They are privately owned corporations called governments . . Remember - as long as the United States extends the National State of Emergency, which is done annually by every sitting president since 1933, the Constitution and Bill of Rights has been subverted. To learn more about this sad reality go to www.StopTheCrime.net click on the USA, Inc. link . . .


WEEK OF 08/17/2014

Aquiess Inc., Weather Modification Using Electromagnetic Beams Common Knowledge at Aquiess,Inc. SD - Weaponized Weather Operation for Decades w/ same Technologies

LISTEN - Reverse Speech - Hear Voices from the Unconscious - David John Oates on Rense Radio Network - ReverseSpeech.com

Department of Defense Weather Programs . . . United States Air Force
The Air Force and NOAA chemtrailing and creating storms in Florida and elsewhere to generate money in higher instance premiums for house and car insurance. This is insurance fraud and murder in cases of drowning, boating accidents, car accidents and from hurricane Andrew hurricane, Katrina hurricane, Charley and hurricane Sandy. Are the real estate agents tied to weaponized weather assaults on homeowners? Do the 4100 military and civilians running weather modification programs have side business in construction companies and landscape companies and city agencies? I wonder how many of these employees run insurance companies or landscape companies or contracting companies ?

ADVISORY: RFID Chipping of AMERICANS - CIA and Corporate Government PSYOPS and RFID Chipping of unwitting Americans . . LETTER ATTACHED From and Ohio Representative . . .
Urgent - it is most important to search victims of directed energy weapons aka TI's and Organized Gang Stalking VICTIMS . . . not only resulting from being implanted with RFID chips, unknowingly, they are assaulted by ground assault teams who use directed energy that tortures, causing tremendous suffering and often times drives the target to suicide. Voice to skull technologies are often used and most people who are unaware of these types of assaults simply right TI's off as crazy . . Rep. Jim Guest's letter of October 2007

There are many that debunk this REALITY and they too are perpetrators of this most horrific crime. .

Please, search the use of these weapons and how brain entrainment and mind control are the goals. . .

Sadly, government operatives and CIA websites create false information that diminishes the truth . .

NOTE: the governments efforts to squelch the facts are cleverly created by false information . . . spoofs - beware of the trickery being launched on all of us watch the YouTube PSYWAR - The Real Battlefield is the Mind Part 1 - YouTube

. . . After you read the following FACTUAL REAL letter you will then see an article intended to marginalize the TRUTH of RFID Chipping citing a false university study claiming 1 in 3 Americans are RFID Chipped . . . this is a false study. THE LETTER IMMEDIATELY BELOW IS REAL . . .
Rep. Jim Guest's letter of October 2007

BREAKING: SMART METER UPDATE from MEXICO . . . Smart Cards FORCING the People to PREPAY for Utilities
OUR COMMENT:A truly disgusting development, rolled out as a big trial balloon to see if the people accept the Smart Card without mass rioting, and the people will probably accept the Smart Card . .

Mexico is a criminal state like America, run by the CIA and the Drug Cartels. Until the drug cartels and the CIA are cleaned out
of Mexico there can never be any decency in their government, just like here in America - USA, Inc.

This will hasten the genocide program . . . Poor people will simply NOT be able to prepay for utilities . . . FORCING the Smart Cards on EVERYONE is a move away from currency . . . and not only will they need to drastically reduce the use of energy - the utility companies will remotely shut utilities off - at will - and attribute the shut downs to power grid over loads and lack of prepaid funds on the NEW Smart Cards. Watch this development closely - since beyond the deployments of the Smart Grid worldwide we will get a Smart Card . . . Again, this is the incremental SWITCH from currency to the PREPAID credit/debit cards - YES, the monetary system is transitioning from currency to an energy based system of exchange as foretold in TECHNOCRACY. .

So, now beyond structuring our thought patterns of the populations through the smart meters, all disguised as promoting new energy efficiency and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, when actually the meters are a trojan horse set up for deep spying and behavior modification programs . . . We are being hooked up through the Smart Grid and the RFID chipped smart appliances to fusion centers, facial recognition software, HD cameras, attached to pulsed beam microwave emitters to "entrain moods", block thoughts, and to our share data with NSA and DHS, and MORE - BUT now we are likely to ALL get Smart Cards . . . This corporate construct is controlling ALL government agencies and even managing pulsed beam microwave emitting streetlights operating full strength during rush hour and serving as listening posts other times. .

This is the silent weapons system using finger-printless methods to subdue the population without the people even knowing they are being manipulated and attached by a weapons system. .

As we receive more information out of Mexico we will send out updates.


They are doing it! Here in Mexico, they are beta testing the new SMART Meters with a new caveat. Without the people's consent, they are imposing or forcing on at least three states of Mexico, Veracruz, Guanajuato and Puebla, prepaid power via an 'intelligent' PREPAID POWER CARD. Can you believe this? IUSA and the CFE teamed up to impose this bizarre new system on the populace.

People are upset, and so they should be! This new system came into place by the Commission Defederal de Electricidad forging the citizens' signatures on their documents that allowed them to change the users' plan from a bimonthly billing system to that of a prepaid system whereby, you pay in advance for your power with a new SMART CARD instead of after receiving the service. How insane this is! Well, imagine that they cut off your power all of a sudden. Then you must go and pay as much as you need. The motto and campaign by the Fascist Government of Mexico is 'Pay as you go. You are in control of your power.'

Here is the PDF link to the original manual or user guide that the CFE is distributing.





WEEK OF 08/10/2014

The NEW GREEN ECONOMY GOIN BROWN: WATER WARS Deliberately Engineered - Santa Cruz Water Violators . . . News Article and Comment
The weather has been deliberately manipulated to change the climate, GLOBALLY . . .

Now, in drought stricken California the weather weapons have been used to create the drought. The power structure aka d'facto corporate government really believes they can continue to trick people into believing there are NO such weather manipulation programs . . The general public remains willfully ignorant and brainwashed . . We see the increased progress of mind-control to manipulate, tame and control the masses. . . The bankers aka criminal crime families are making HUGH profits while poisoning all levels of consumer products and economically gutting country after country . . . "The general rule is that there is a profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profits. Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then offer solutions" - this is a quote out of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars . . . free download from www.StopTheCrime.net

Now the new drought saying, here, in Sonoma County in Northern California is "Brown is the New Green". . . Right now Sonoma County is in a declared Stage Two drought , and has a Cash for Grass Program, wherein, water rate payers will pay 50 cents per square foot for lawn that is removed up to $1,000.00. Just think if the state declares a Stage Three drought we will be prohibited from watering ANY lawns at anytime, day or night, PERIOD. Further, we will be prohibited from planting new annual plants, vegetables, flowers or vines. . .

Implanting Humans with Microchips for Targeting and Mind Warfare . . .

CAUTION: COURT CASE - Secret Cell Tower Electromagnetic Assault Weapon Victim Wins Landmark Court Case . . . not so fast this is likely a trap . . .
After a landmark court case, a California Targeted Individual victim of a secret cell tower radio frequency directed energy weapon, won her case in court against her perpetrator, she has been inundated with other targets pleading for help. The win has stirred the strong emotions and hope of hundreds of innocent targeted individuals, all claiming they are being attacked by secret microwave weapons used for mind control and to torture them.

Caution: We know the Judiciary system does NOT serve us, but rather the illusion of justice . . . The Judges are privately employed administrators called Judges and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called Statutes . . .

This victory is likely the secret shadow government promoting the illegal justice system and to snare and entrap other targeted victims by locating them and causing further harassment and torture . . .
To learn more read the "Aquarius Operations Briefing" on the home page of www.StopTheCrime.net


WATER WARS: Groundwater mining is "exploitation" of shared resource - Editorials - The Sacramento Bee
Understand what is being said here - residential rural wells are exploitation of water . . . This is setting up the distain between city dwellers hooked up to municipal water versus people that reside in the country and those farmers and ranchers that MUST have wells since connections to city provided water services do not exist. There are incremental plans that have long since been initiated to ultimately classify properties outside the city growth boundaries as unsustainable and sprawl . . . identified as emitting co2 emissions which MUST be reduced or "eliminated" to prevent climate change . . . These plans have already been approved in many cities across the nation . . Watch the YouTube "Who is Running America and The Climate Action Plans" . . . and to learn more go to www.StopTheCrime.net to the Climate Action Plan link . .

EXCERPT from the above link:

Groundwater rules are different. Its use is essentially unregulated, except in a few urban counties. Virtually every rural county considers groundwater the property of the person with the pump. If that pump sucks water away from neighboring wells, well, that’s unfortunate.

The problem with this case of groundwater mining is who profits from it. If Del Puerto were buying surface water from an irrigation district, the money would go to the district and benefit all its members. But private groundwater sales benefit only the seller.

That’s why farmers – generally conservative and often downright disdainful of government regulations – might soon welcome state intervention. The Legislature soon will consider bills for establishing state guidelines if not rules. Besides, they might not have a choice.

A recent case in Siskiyou County, if it survives appeal, could change the groundwater legal landscape. After overpumping lowered the Scott River, a Superior Court judge ruled that groundwater feeding the river belonged to the public and not solely to those who owned the pumps. It’s entirely likely similar challenges are being prepared to protect the Merced, Tuolumne and Stanislaus rivers.

In times of scarcity, water needs to be shared, not exploited.

Now that corporate government agencies will black mail unwitting people by adding porn onto their computers there is no end to the tyranny we face . . and the danger just keeps intensifying . . .

Google was set up by the CIA in the first place. The FBI has put porno of various kinds including children on numerous targeted individuals computers and swat teaming them, arresting them and seizing their computers and sometimes all their assets.

The FBI has a section that creates and distributes child porn, for money, and to set up marks for entrapment. Sometimes they get legitimate violators, but they always ignore Congresspersons and anyone associated with the WZ lobby who commit these horrendous crimes of actually using and trafficking in children and sometimes human sacrificing them, blood letting.

The number one activity of the CIA is child sex abuse and trafficking and training of children for politicians, judges, USG officials and corporate leaders, and so on. Select children are either bought or bred from female cult members. These children are raised in the most draconian conditions of torture, and animal and human sacrifice imaginable. Then these special CIA kids are sent to the finest colleges and pushed into high level USG jobs like president. This is REAL and is happening NOW . . .

They were caught but were released and no one has had the power to stop this. These human and child atrocities are allowed because the whole (USG) US Government is controlled by a worldwide satanic cult called the "Church of the Process" (a worldwide MI-6 deep black Intel operation). This is no joke and these are the folks that go to Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, and Belizean Club for prominent cult women, and more.

My reason for sharing this with you so that you understand the source of all this Hell on Earth. Major LE and Intel investigations have shown that between 39-44% of all US Congressmen are pedophiles. Darkness cannot stand exposure to Truth and Light . . .This is truly a war between good and evil.

This article also will condition people (brainwash) that because scanning your e-mails, they can catch and arrest bad people, so it is justified.

Remember � Google has entered the home energy monitoring/management industry through their purchase of NEST. Make sure people understand that a google thermostat, has the same ramifications. Stay away from google products. Pedophile snared as Google scans Gmail for images of child abuse - Telegraph







WEEK OF 08/03/2014

O A T I . . . and the Smart Meter GRID a Corporate PLOT - a Weapon for Psychotronic Harassment and Assaults on all Utility Customers . . .While there are many corporations involved "Oati" is a national network and is now in place without anyone knowing
about it. This was all done low profile through grants and contracts under the guise of "increased grid efficiency", and
all electric consumers will be paying for their own psychotronic harassment and assaults as well as coordinated spying,
remote dictated "induced appliance breakage", and intel spying (minute by minute).

There are now many people disclosing information on advanced psychotronics that have been deployed.
There are substantial amounts of documentation coming out about sci-tech, e-system, and the Fort Worth USAF "double-dippers".

The corporate power brokers aka bankers and mega corporations track whistle blower communications and suppress them through various means. For example (as the NASA War Plan) discloses people will be assaulted with high powered lasers, beamed weapons anytime anywhere. These are silent weapons for a quiet war now being waged on the global population . . .

It's important to understand why whistler blowers seem in short supply. . Many are being assaulted by a variety of psychotronic
weapons, lasers - remote beam weapons and satellites. These weapons are at least 50 years ahead of what any of us
have been told even exist . . .

Some important individuals have been hit with psychotronics. Most important - we have learned the biggest problems were (in order of importance), remote phones from China which can be amped up, WI-Fi set at higher levels, smart meters, wireless printers even when off and cell phones left on closer than ten feet. People are reporting in increasing numbers that remote targeting with pulsed beam microwaves directed from cell phone towers which are triangulated or directly aimed from a "new neighbors" home are also used for electronic harassment and torture that cause illness and death all by remote control . .

Despite what many might think there are numerous mid-level good guys in the various intel agencies who are leaking everything. Secrecy is now in the process of forever being eliminated as the whole system is breaking down from within.

It is MOST important to read the "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" a technical manual (www.StopTheCrime.net) that describes the intentions of the international bankers . . the manual explains how the plan of global manipulation, enslavement and genocide has been implemented . . . and how we are all being assaulted without realizing we are being subdued by a weapon . . .Now you know. THEY have told you what's coming!

ALERT: U.S. may be well positioned to make transition to 5G cellular networks, report finds - FierceMobileGovernment - Mind Warfare Intensified . . .
COMMENT: This is all part of a very ultra-high tech "Hiving" process to bring most people into a central
Psychotronic Hive mind. We MUST do all we can to get this information out while we still are functional . . . We are in a Mind War . . the goal is FULL Spectrum Dominance and depopulation . . . We must not CONSENT . . . but first you must understand the battle being waged using Psychotronic Weapons - all wireless devices, cell towers, Gwen towers, antennas, smart meters, RFID chipped appliances, cell phones, TV's, radios, WiFi, satellites, the media, many movies, etc . . . go to www.StopTheCrime.net - to the Mind Control link . . Go to YouTube watch PSYWAR and Wires in the Brain - for starters.

IMF urges higher energy taxes to fight climate change
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Energy taxes in much of the world are far below what they should be to reflect the harmful environmental and health impact of fossil fuels use, the International Monetary Fund said in a new book on Thursday.

LAW SUIT FILED - Richard L. Cain vs. The United States Government, the DOD and other Agencies . . . Human Research VIOLATIONS and MORE . .
Unfortunately, this law suit will likely be thrown out based upon National Security claims by the perpetrators, the d'fact U.S. Inc., government . . . Read "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Judge Dale to learn that our Local, State and Federal governments are not REAL . . . They are privately owned corporations calling themselves governments. .

Attorney's know the court system does not serve the people, and knowingly continue to extract money from clients who believe they are represented in the judiciary system and they are not . . The Judges are privately employed administrators called Judges and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called Statutes . . .

SCIENCE CON JOB - World's top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers - we are witnessing false corporate science being pushed by corporate owned PR Firms. . .
SCIENCE CON JOB - "World's top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers" - we are witnessing false corporate science being pushed by corporate owned PR Firms. . . OUR children are being taught the false science of global warming in school and worse. Our reality has been created and we have been brainwashed in order for those in power to further enslave and depopulate as they bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER of "FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE" . .

RAND Corporation - SHAPING - the Next One Hundred Years . . . PDF
In order to understand the importance of this document it is necessary to search the Rand Corporation and the Tavistock Institute . . . The Rand Corporation is behind mind control techniques to crete a global society that is manageable and to drastically reduce the global population. .

RAND Corporation & Mind Control Techniques - Aiming for ZERO Energy Usage - Tavares and Rense

USA INC. Lawless in America - The MAP . . . Think the Supreme Court protected your cellphone from warrantless searches? Think again . . .
Keep in mind - Senate Report No. 93-549 tells us as long as the United States remains in an annually extended National State of Emergency the Constitution has been abolished - the Constitution has been buried under mountains of corporate statutory lawless rules wherein corporate government agencies were created to force this tyranny upon us . . to learn more go to www.StopTheCrime.net Recommend reading "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Judge Dale . . . And it is important to remember that Border Control considers the borders to be within 100 miles of the border and they have been setting up checkpoints within that range. So in Florida, it means everywhere. - 2/3 of US population lives in “Constitution-free” zone. Nine out of the top ten US cities and two thirds of the country's population …


WEEK OF 07/27/2014

CONTRACT - To Develop Weapons Using Directed Energy Weapons M67854£Q4£C-5074 University of Florida

Alan Watt - Mind Control Techniques - July 6, 2014 Blurb

PRESS RELEASE - Scientists Call on Government to Protect Public from Wireless Radiation Exposure
Jul. 9, 2014 - BERKELEY, Calif. --
More than 50 scientists from 18 nations called on government to minimize the public's exposure to the radiation emitted by wireless devices including cell and cordless phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and baby monitors.

IMF urges higher energy taxes to fight climate change
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Energy taxes in much of the world are far below what they should be to reflect the harmful environmental and health impact of fossil fuels use, the International Monetary Fund said in a new book on Thursday.


DISCLOSURE: The RAND Corporation - Aims for ZERO Emissions in the 21st Century to STOP Climate Change . . .
You will NOT learn by the title from the article below what the BIG story really is . . . YES, the RAND Corporation - Aims for ZERO Emissions in the 21st Century to STOP Climate Change . . . How do you Operate ANYTHING without emissions?

The RAND Corporation hides behind the idea they are a think tank when in reality RAND works for the Globalists/Bankers ruthless agendas. RAND implements what they are instructed by the ELITES - policies of false science, advancing the DELPHI Technique into all meetings with trained facilitators to manipulate the meeting outcomes, and much more . . . The corporate employees and agents that work for RAND do not question the research that is nothing more then research and science for sale wherein there is no concern about the effects to life on the planet . . .

Here's a Quote from RAND:
The new proposed Environmental Protection Agency rules aimed at reducing emissions from existing coal plants represent one of the most significant federal actions on climate change to date. If successful, these rules will help the United States meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.

That is a worthy goal, but stopping climate change will require the United States and the rest of the world to virtually eliminate emissions over the course of the 21st century. Getting anywhere close to zero emissions demands sustained political and public support, driven by an energy production sector given enough incentives to make carbon reduction succeed.

Read more here: Viewpoints: New coal plant rules need sustained support to succeed - The Sacramento Bee

Robert Lempert the senior scientist at the RAND Corporation and director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition. Steven W. Popper is a RAND senior economist and professor of science and technology policy at the Pardee RAND Graduate School.

New Coal Plant Rules Need Sustained Support to Succeed | RAND Blog


ENERGY AUDITS - Green Jobs Training - Programs in Calif. - and Headed to YOUR TOWN . . . the goal to reduce the use of energy by monitoring ALL property . . . nationwide
"An Energy Auditor examines a company or home to find where energy is being lost or wasted and makes suggestions for making the structure more energy efficient. Some areas are now starting to require homeowners have an energy audit before they can sell their residence. Those who have experience in engineering, home inspections or building are energy auditor naturals. Talk with your community college to see if they offer energy auditor courses. The Association of Energy Engineers or Everblue both offer energy auditor training in South San Gabriel."

COMMENT: The network of companies to perform energy audits has been and is being setup to monitor all structures in the nation. The process of contacting homeowners and tenants to acquire data about the properties has begun. Unwittingly, property owners and tenants WILL divulge property data that will be used, in the future, to force strict energy reduction polices upon all structures. . . Watch the YouTube "Who's Running America" to learn more about these polices your cities have adopted without your knowledge or consent, and now expect you to obey and pay . . . Your cities have signed the contracts and taken the grant money to adopt these plans that are based upon the false science of Climate Change that we must prevent climate change aka climate disruption by reducing our carbon footprint.

To check and see if these energy audit companies are in your area just type the Name of Your City and State followed by Energy Audit Companies . . .

The NEW green businesses and jobs are based upon climate change polices that your incorporated cities signed YOU onto. These policies require you to reduce your GHG Greenhouse gas emissions. This green economy is creating enforcement style jobs, enforcement policies, rules, regulations, fines, property devaluation and more. Many properties will be unable to meet the energy policy requirements and occupancy could be denied. . . Code enforcement officers could be instructed to "red tag" structures to prohibit further property use. Should you attempt to sell your home you must submit to the energy audit and perform the required corrections that will be entered into a national data base against your property address. Any perspective new buyer of your property will be unable to get a loan approval through the banking mafia system until energy audit corrections have been made . .

Keep in mind there are various target dates that dictate a phasing in of greater energy reduction requirements . . the ultimate goal according to the Dept. of Energy is Aiming for ZERO energy use or learning to live in a new reality . . . Eventually, all properties will "require" energy upgrades dictated by executive order and the United Nations template called "The Climate Action Plan". CO2 emissions aka GHG Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced within established target dates and monitored to verify reduction compliance. If your city does not meet the reduction goals your city building ordinances will be amended to provide for further energy reductions, and your local building standards will be modified to allow for more rigid enforcement and expanded codes to reduce your carbon footprint. . .

DRONES - Dept. of the ARMY - April 13, 2007 - "Joint Targeting" . . .
2. Purpose
This publication has been prepared under the direction of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS). ItsetsforthjointdoctrinetogoverntheactivitiesandperformanceoftheArmedForcesofthe United States in operations and provides the doctrinal basis for interagency coordination and for US militaryinvolvementinmultinationaloperations. Itprovidesmilitaryguidancefortheexerciseofauthority by combatant commanders and other joint force commanders (JFCs) and prescribes joint doctrine for operationsandtraining. ItprovidesmilitaryguidanceforusebytheArmedForcesinpreparingtheir appropriateplans. ItisnottheintentofthispublicationtorestricttheauthorityoftheJFCfromorganizing the force and executing the mission in a manner the JFC deems most appropriate to ensure unity of effort in the accomplishment of the overall objective.
3. Application
a. Jointdoctrineestablishedinthispublicationappliestothecommandersofcombatantcommands, subunified commands, joint task forces, subordinate components of these commands, and the Services.
b. The guidance in this publication is authoritative; as such, this doctrine will be followed except when,inthejudgmentofthecommander,exceptionalcircumstancesdictateotherwise. Ifconflictsarise between the contents of this publication and the contents of Service publications, this publication will take precedence unless the CJCS, normally in coordination with the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has provided more current and specific guidance. Commanders of forces operating as part of a multinational (alliance or coalition) military command should follow multinational doctrine and procedures ratifiedbytheUnitedStates. FordoctrineandproceduresnotratifiedbytheUnitedStates,commanders should evaluate and follow the multinational command�s doctrine and procedures, where applicable and consistent with US law, regulations, and doctrine.

Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics

Dane Wigington - OH NO: To Many People emitting to much CO2 Right-pointing black triangle Dane Wigington in Sacramento -- Is climate engineering decimating our weather? - YouTube
Listen 3: 35 seconds into Dane's talk . . . he did a good job on sounding the alarm over the Geoengineering - toxic spraying from aerosols aka Weather Warfare - and that is TRUE.However, we must question he position on Climate Change . . . WHY is Dane supporting false science that was manufactured by consensus and not REAL science? Per Dane - People put 100 million tons of C02 in the atmosphere every single day . . .
Note: Dane admits, in previous talks, that he worked for BECHTEL . . . Search BECHTEL
The solution for those that are supportive of the SUSTAINABILITY movement is massive reduction of the global population, GENOCIDE.

Anatomy of a Con Job - by John Truman Wolfe - Exposing the Players and the Scam Behind the Sustainability Movement . . .

Waterless World - Weather Warfare and Psywar - No Water, No Food, DEATH to the Planet . . . ALL WARS are Bankers WARS - this is WATER Warfare . .
We really can congratulate ourselves, the baby boomers, the ones who have ridden high on the hog with their attitudes. I am talking about those attitudes that destroy the future because we just do not have the ability to look reality right in the face. We are heading into a horrendous water crisis unlike anything that the world has ever experienced before and right now there do not seem to be any solutions capable of addressing this crisis.

2013 Watchlist Guidance
A newly leaked government document reveals that agencies such as the NSA, CIA, and FBI do not require or seek “concrete facts” or “irrefutable evidence” that someone is a terrorist before adding them to official watch lists. Indeed, the National Counterterrorism Center document reveals that the rules for adding Americans to databases such as the “no-fly list” are so broad in scope, that only a “reasonable suspicion” is needed to add someone who might commit “violent acts”or engage in “intimidation or coercion” at some point in the future. Government agents now need only what is vaguely referred to as “fragmentary information” in order to put names on the lists.
The 166-page document was written as a guidance to government terrorism watch lists by officials at the Pentagon, as well as the major government intelligence agencies. While the document is unclassified, it’s key points were “quietly approved” by President Obama.The document was made public by The Intercept, the website for which journalist Glenn Greenwald now writes.
The document also reveals that people who have been acquitted in court of terrorism charges are kept on the databases owing to the fact that they “may nevertheless meet the REASONABLE SUSPICION standard.” The government considers it appropriate for such candidates to “remain on, or be nominated to, the Terrorist Watchlist.”

The document states “In determining whether a REASONABLE SUSPICION exists, due weight should be given to the specific reasonable inferences that a NOMINATOR is entitled to draw from the facts in light of his/her experience and not on unfounded suspicions or hunches. Although irrefutable evidence or concrete facts are not necessary, to be reasonable, suspicion should be as clear and as fully developed as circumstances permit.” In some cases, this “reasonable suspicion standard ” is even bypassed, meaning that Americans can end up on watch lists by merely being related to or associated with someone who is suspected.
“The immediate family of suspected terrorists—their spouses, children, parents, or siblings—may be watchlisted without any suspicion that they themselves are engaged in terrorist activity.” the Intercept report notes. “Another loophole is quite broad—’associates’ who have a defined relationship with a suspected terrorist, but whose involvement in terrorist activity is not known.” it continues. “A third loophole is broader still—individuals with ‘a possible nexus’ to terrorism, but for whom there is not enough ‘derogatory information’ to meet the reasonable suspicion standard.” the report also states.
Even more bizarrely, people who are known to be dead are added and kept on the lists, in case someone else adopts their identity. The document reveals activities that could lead to one being added to a watch list include “destruction of government property,” and “damaging computers used by financial institutions.” The document defines terrorism as any act that is “dangerous” to property and intended to influence government policy through intimidation.

The document also makes reference to the fact that because the so called underwear bomber was able to get on a plane despite being on the no-fly list, a “threat-based expedited upgrade” was made to the government guidelines. This effectively gives a single Federal official the unilateral authority to flag “entire categories” of people the government is tracking onto special elevated watch lists for extra scrutiny. The power to carry this action out is vested in the assistant to the president for homeland security and counter terrorism, a position that does not require Senate confirmation.

Once a person is added to a watch list, all law enforcement agencies in the country have access to their details. Police are able to run cross checks. Meaning that anyone placed on the lists could be pulled over for a traffic infraction but end up being arrested on suspicion of being a terrorist.

As we have previously reported, many innocent American citizens have been added to terrorism watchlists over entirely innocent activities. Once a person is added to a list, they can remain in federal databases for up to 30 years, lawsuits have noted. The process for getting off of the watchlists has been declared unconstitutional in court. Further lawsuits have indicated that the government terrorism watchlists are extremely prone to abuse and error. Commenting on the leaked information, the head of the American Civil Liberties Union’s national security project, Hina Shamsi, said that it proves the government is “secretly blacklisting people as suspected terrorists” with little or no evidence. Without going into details, a spokesperson from the National Counterterrorism Center described the government watch lists as “an important part of our layered defense” against terrorists.

Chris Zucker - EXPOSING the crimes and harassment of organized gang stalking and the torture weapons directed at individuals -
Chris is a victim of forced covert brain computer interface surgery, nonconsensual human experimentation, many years of torture, and numerous assasination attempts.(at Stony Brook University Hospital, Long Island, New York)
Human Rights Advocate, show host on FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA WORLD RADIO.
Chris have conducted hundreds of interviews with victims, whistleblowers and many others exposing government working with organized crime, that is systematically destroying America and other nations, globally. Chris networks globally to assist and expose these corporate government gang stalking and assaults upon individuals from directed energy weapons and more . . .
These ARE crimes being perpetrated against humanity by the international banking criminals . . .





WEEK OF 07/20/2014

Gang Stalking - Evidence of Sabotage at Work . . .

Targeting Individuals: Organized Gang Stalking What You Need To Know . . . waging covert assaults and attacks using torture devices

GOVERNMENT CONTRACT: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA M67854·Q4·C-5074 - The Peripheral Pain System Used to Target
Comment - These weapons are false plasma weapons that hit nerves creating false pain using lazar, RF and pulsed EMF technologies. Important to note the plasma in the chemtrails also causes damage to physical property, power in vehicles, can disrupt batteries - causing shorter battery life, can short equipment out, radios can be disrupted and attacked. High intensity directed energy to nociceptors/nerve endings that identify pain on our skin i.e. when you are burned you pull your hand back . . are pulsed energy ADS and are able to connect on a neuron/nociceptors (nerve) level whereby the technology causes a false pain so people will go on medications and pills . . . So really you are not in pain but these technologies can create the illusion of pain, This is part of the active denial system (Active Denial = pain and pleasure - rewards or torture = mind control torture weapons - these are the means and weapons for global mind control implementation - another example if a politician does not vote for what the controllers/criminal crime families want the politician can be tortured with these weapons . . . Below is a government contract for the technology being used by covert criminals upon the populations, globally. . .
Chemtrails are for changing the atmosphere into a PLASMA for Directed Energy weapons of Mass Destruction, using Weaponized Weather. directed energy weapons, the Weaponized power grid, and weaponized telecommunications grid.Weapons of Mass Destruction - CONTRACT UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA M67854·Q4·C-5074 - The Peripheral Pain System. The detection of pain begins with a complex set of peripheral afferents (nociceptors) that detect and encode a great variety of stimuli. These peripherally encoded events are relayed by axons into the central nervous system (spinal cord, thalamus, cortex) where the information undergoes the complex assembly required to produce a localized, conscious perception of pain (Cooper and Sessle, 1993)...

ATTACK on RANCHES: NEW REPORT - Beef pollutes more than pork, poultry, study says
COMMENT: The false science and policies that the local, state and federal corporate government have adopted are requiring reduction of our CO2, Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These policies are based upon false science and are advancing into all sectors of society. . You WILL find these policies in your town which are requiring CO2 reduction to prevent climate change. These policies impose monitoring programs that will determine land use and place requirements upon all structures (homes, schools, office buildings, apartments) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rural land use, of any kind, is considered sprawl and unsustainable and must be returned to natural habitat and forests . . . What is really behind the expansion of these polices based upon false science? These plans are a cover for land theft, in that, ranchers will be "discouraged" through penalties and environmental code enforcement officers to reduce greenhouse gas by eliminating beef cattle. The goal of the GHG reduction policies is to vacate rural lands and force populations into the cities . . . This is REAL - these polices are an Executive Order (a UN template - Climate Action Plan) requiring reduction of GHG emissions, and all cities MUST comply to strict monitoring deadlines.

UC Santa Barbara - The Study on Virtual Sexual Reality

SECRET and SUPPRESSED: Banned and Hidden History . . . Why OUR Military and First Responders will be UNABLE to Help the People
Los Alamos National Laboratory, now under supervision of University of California, prepared a report for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) setting forth that use of microwave radiation on terrorists could kill them, stun them or at least modify their behavior by changing their “perceptions.” At this point the cloak is donned, and the report continues: “There are reports of Eurasian communist countries performing research with combined fields of signals from several different microwave frequencies to produce at least perceptual distortions in humans.”
Los Alamos National Laboratory, now under supervision of University of California, prepared a report for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) setting forth that use of microwave radiation on terrorists could kill them, stun them or at least modify their behavior by changing their “perceptions.” At this point the cloak is donned, and the report continues: “There are reports of Eurasian communist countries performing research with combined fields of signals from several different microwave frequencies to produce at least perceptual distortions in humans.” . . .

Cathy O'Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim

HUMAN AUDITORY PERCEPTION OF PULSED RADIOFREQUENCY ENERGY J.A. Elder and C. K. Chou Motorola Florida Research Laboratories 8000 W. Sunrise Blvd. Plantation, FL 33322 - Motorola has created pulsed mind control technology that is being used as a weapons system, globally .

FREY Effect - (Voice to Skull) Remote Measurement of Brain Signatures: "Microwave Hearing" 

1933: Zionists sign a deal with Hitler – “The Transfer Agreement” A book by Edwin Black



WEEK OF 07/13/2014

Jose Delgado - Electromagnetic Mind Control . . . Quote and Short YouTube 
“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.

Dr José Delgado.Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974.

Findings in Autism Consistent with EMF and RFR

AVIARY - Mind Control Warfare . . . The MITRE Corporation is tied to AVIARY
Exploration of mind control technologies, with particular emphasis on psychotronics and V2K (voice-to-skull) weaponry

Human Performance DOCUMENT (Mitre Corporation) - Complete Control of Politicians, Civilians and ALL Life on the Planet
This report analyzes some approaches that have been sug- gested for optimizing individual performance, in the context of potential actions of an adversary who may not be guided by the same cultural or eth- ical concerns that govern US military operations. The measures considered include medical supplements; non-invasive modifications of brain effective- ness, for example by training and sleep optimization; neuro-pharmacology; and neural implants.

The tasking for this study was to evaluate the potential for adversaries to exploit advances in Human Performance Modification, and thus create a threat to national security. In making this assessment, we were asked to evaluate long-term scenarios. We have thus considered the present state of the art in pharmaceutical intervention in cognition and in brain-computer interfaces, and considered how possible future developments might proceed and be used by adversaries.

KHAT (CHAT) DRUG - HUMAN PERFORMANCE - Used by the Military . . . mood changes, hyperactivity, aggressiveness and more . .
Khat is a plant. The leaf and stem are used as a recreational drug and as medicine.
As a recreational drug, the leaves and stem are chewed by people in East Africa and the Arabian countries to elevate mood (as a euphoriant).
The World Health Organization (WHO) lists khat as a drug that creates “dependence” in people, meaning it produces a continuing desire to keep using it. In Somalia, civilian and military use of khat has been blamed for fueling civil war, draining the nation's economy, and undermining international relief efforts. It has been estimated that in Somalia khat hewers spend more then 35% of their daily earnings on khat. It also leads to low productivity due to reduction in working hours spent on searching for and chewing khat and on the after-effects. This is a serious obstacle to the development of the country.
How does it work? Khat contains stimulants similar to amphetamines.


UC Santa Barbara - VIRTUAL REALITY: Avatar - Getting inside your head: Virtual Reality guru Jeremy Bailenson’s Writing Life | The Man of Twists and Turns
I know someone who did undergrad with  Dr Jeremy Bailensen.  He went to the university of Michigan undergrad and got a PHD from UCSB in virtual sexual reality and is a professor at Stanford. He also was a member of the skull and bones fraternity zeta psi.  The same fraternity George h bush was a member and Prescott bush and George W Bush.   All his research was funded by the mitre corporation where the CIA is located.  


Dr. James Schiesinger (PUPPET MASTER OF MIND CONTROL and Human Slavery) Former Director of CIA, Senior Staff of RAND Corporation, Former head of Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs . . . and much more
Dr. James R. Schlesinger serves as chairman of the board of The MITRE Corporation. He is also a consultant to the Departments of Defense and State, and a member of the Defense Policy Board and the International Security Advisory Board.

Dr. Schlesinger is a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration and a member of the American Academy of Diplomacy. He is a director of the Sandia National Corporation. He is also a counselor and trustee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a trustee of the Atlantic Council, the Nixon Center, and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.

Dr. Schlesinger was the nation's first Secretary of Energy, taking the oath of office one day after President Carter signed the legislation creating the new department. He served in this position from August 5, 1977, until 1979. In the previous year, President-elect Carter had asked Dr. Schlesinger to become assistant to the president, charged with the responsibility for drafting a plan for the establishment of the Department of Energy and a national energy policy.

From July 1973 to November 1975, Dr. Schlesinger was Secretary of Defense. Immediately prior to this appointment, he served as Director of Central Intelligence. In August 1971, he was selected by President Nixon to become chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, a position he held until February 1973.

Dr. Schlesinger began his government service in 1969 as assistant director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget (later the Office of Management and Budget), where he also served as acting deputy director.

He was a senior staff member at the RAND Corporation from 1963 to 1967, and RAND's director of strategic studies from 1967 to 1969. He also served as consultant to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and to the Bureau of the Budget.

From 1955 to 1963, he was assistant and then associate professor of economics at the University of Virginia.

Dr. Schlesinger has also served on many government commissions and advisory groups. Recently, he served as chairman of the Secretary's Task Force on Department of Defense (DoD) Nuclear Weapons Management. He was also vice chairman of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States. From 1999 to 2003, he was a member of the Panel to Assess the Reliability, Safety, and Security of the U.S. Nuclear Stockpile, and from 1998 to 2001, he was a member of the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century (Hart-Rudman Commission). He served as co-chair of the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on DoD Energy Strategy and the DSB Task Force on the Future of the Global Positioning System (GPS). He chairs the advisory group on GPS for the PNT (positioning, navigation, and timing) Executive Committee. He was vice chairman of the President's Blue Ribbon Task Group on Nuclear Weapons Program Management (1984–1985) and served on the Governor's Commission on Virginia's Future (1982–1984) and the President's Commission on Strategic Forces (1982–1983).

Dr. Schlesinger has been awarded thirteen honorary doctorates. He is the recipient of the National Security Medal, the DoD Eugene G. Fubini Award, as well as six other departmental and agency medals. He is the recipient of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Distinguished Service Medal, the George Catlett Marshall Medal, the H. H. Arnold Award, the Navy League's National Meritorious Citation, the Distinguished Service Award of the Military Order of the Carabao, the Jimmy Doolittle Award, the Military Order of the World Wars Distinguished Service Award, the Henry M. Jackson Award for Distinguished Public Service, and the William Oliver Baker Award. In 2009, he received the Air Force Association's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Schlesinger is the author of The Political Economy of National Security, 1960, America at Century's End, 1989, and numerous articles.

In 1950, Dr. Schlesinger received a bachelor's degree, summa cum laude, from Harvard College, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and was selected for the Frederick Sheldon Prize Fellowship. He received his master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard University in 1952 and 1956, respectively.

YALE PROJECT - American Teens’ Knowledge of Climate Change . . . testing the false science of Climate Change for acceptance
YALE "Brainwashing" PROJECT SURVEY - American Teens’ Knowledge of Climate Change . . .

This survey shows the results of the citizens acceptance and the effectiveness of the programming of the false science of Global Warming, Climate Change and now called Climate Disruption, and the need for the people to reduce their CO2 emissions . .

The environment has been used for disguising weather and economic warfare . . and identifying petroleum as a product from dead dinosaurs aka fossil fuel. Petroleum is not a by-product of dead dinosaurs . . .

Yale is reporting the results of this survey that assesses the successful rewriting of science by the falsified science of the Al Gore Global Warming make believe that has now created standards of indoctrination and polices requiring ALL of us reduce our green house gas emissions . . . Documented evidence that the ecology would be "intentionally" polluted by corporate manufacturing and other agencies was revealed in the "Iron Mountain Report" released in 1966. . The goal was to create mass pollution to generate global fear and blame over population in-order to replace battlefield warfare, and to ultimately bring in a golden age of peace. . . a totalitarian take over of humanity in which "every" aspect of our lives is monitored, surveilled and the population reduced by genocidal programs. . .

To view one layer of false science polices geared to profit the criminal corporate US government agencies take a look at the Climate Actions Plans located at www.StopTheCrime.net climate action plan link - and also watch the YouTube "Who's Running America?" - most important . . . This plans are revenue polices being adopted by YOUR city, counties and state agencies, right now. These plans will impose fines, penalties and restrictions of land use. Code enforcement officials will demand entry into your homes and business to conduct energy audits. YES! The goal is to require replacement of all inefficient appliances and equipment with Energy Star Rated appliances and MUCH MORE . . . YOU will be "required" to replace/retrofit and adapt NEW environmental statutes and rules to all homes, apartments, businesses, institutions, etc . . . All these NEW environmental polices are statutes, rules and laws which come through the executive branch of the White House via Executive Orders. We did not vote for these corporations to create these rules but we will be forced to OBEY and PAY? And WE MUST NOT CONSENT . . . Your silence is presumed as your consent . . .

The corporate structure has a strangle hold on our wallets and is ushering in policies that we did not agree to. WHY? The US government no longer serves us, the people . . . Go to www.StopTheCrime.net - to the USA, Inc. link and read "The MATRIX and the US CONSTITUTION". .

What you will read below are the results of surveys and studies to evaluate the success of the corporate government media, education, and brainwashing of the people into believing in false science of Global Warming that has resulted in increased weather events. We are being tricked into believing we MUST reduce our CO2 emissions in order to change the climate . . .

UNIT 731 - Unlocking a Deadly Secret - SURGERY without anesthetic
Link1 Link 2

Executive Order 13526 Sect 1.7 Classification National Security 12/29 23009 Obama - Executive Order DECEPTION and Disguise

Patent US5984239 - Weather modification by artificial satellites
This is global weaponized weather warfare. Not in the control of the US but patented in the US and developed in the US. . Run by the energy companies, Cheney, Bush, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Rumsfeld, Dan Quail, Carl Rove The people behind the Project of the New American Century .


First Brain Transplant -
Dr Robert White has been able to take a human brain out of the body and keep it alive since 1963. Cleveland Medical Hospital Ohio- Dr Robert White- the most evil man on planet earth- He wants to transplant Dr. Steven Hawkings brain to a new body- Internet Search Dr Robert White Brain Transplant 

DEATH STATS CONCEALED: USA – Iowa – genetically modified foods may have killed over 2,000,000 Americans and the government’s covering it up with the H1N1 vaccines

Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)

The Urban Dictionary . . . Defines Targeted Individuals


In His Shocking Book, "Dr. Mary's Monkey" Author Edward T. Haslam Exposes How The Polio Vaccines That Millions Of American Children Received In The 1950s And 1960s Were Biologically Weaponized With Cancers Which Have Inflicted Enormous Suffering On An Entire Generation Of Americans

WEEK OF 07/06/2014

Grant Scientific: Oral Vaccine To Inhalation Rabies

Pentagon's self-guided bullets leave enemies nowhere to hide

Ukraine Swine Flu deaths indicate H1N1 vaccine and biological weapon link

Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons
The Human Genome Project may now open the door to the development and use of genetic weapons targeted at specific ethnic groups. This project is currently being conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Energy Department, which also oversees America’s nuclear weapon arsenal.
In October 1997, Dr. Wayne Nathanson, chief of the Science and Ethics Department of the Medical Society of the United Kingdom, warned the annual meeting of the Society that “gene therapy” might possibly be turned into “gene weapons” which could potentially be used to target particular genes possessed by certain groups of people. These weapons, Nathanson warned, could be delivered not only in the forms already seen in warfare such as gas and aerosol, but could also be added to water supplies, causing not only death but sterility and birth defects in targeted groups.

Rense Radio Network - StopTheCrime Show Archives

Interview with Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden - 1991

A NEW GOVERNMENT Announced - Vice President Al Gore Announces New Public-Private Partnerships to Offer Workers 21st Century Skills

Operation Hardtack : umbrella 1958 atomic bomb test

OPERATION HARDTACK 1958 = Tsunami Bomb Indonesia Indian Ocean - 2004   

Mind Control - Psychotronics & Psychological Warfare Explained  TRANSCRIPTION

The Immediate Future - Structure Replacement: With "ribbons" of graphene, width matters

CONVERSATIONS WITH THE CROW (CIA - "department of dirty tricks" whistleblower) The CIA is doing the chemtrails


The Future: Will Replace ALL Structures and SOLAR . . . Graphite Revolution

By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' And That Could Be A Problem - Louis Del Monte Interview On The Singularity - Business Insider

Crib death- as Barrie Calls it "Cot Death" of babies is caused by microwave weapons and cell towers and wifi - TRANSCRIPTION
All Wifi must be removed from schools globally and wifi must be removed from neighborhoods. All Fetus formation can be aborted by wifi and or cell tower microwave radiation and Reagan and Bush's Star wars.
Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons expert and who worked for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service, talks about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation.
Barrie Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons.

Corporate Statutes: USA, INC. has 87, 282 Final Rules Published In The Federal Register ... And Counting
USA, Inc. as told us by the Emergency Powers Act and the FACT that each and EVERY year since 1933
each US President as annually extended the National State of Emergency, wherein the Rule of Law and the Constitution has been abolished . . .
Local, State and Federal Governments are NOT REAL . . . they are privately held corporations posing as governments. See Senate Report 93-549 and read "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Judge Dale . . . a free download

New Study on Vaccines by the RAND Corporation
A new study out by the RAND corporation.
The RAND corporation is the Rockefeller founded think tank that cursed us with the Delphi Technique and "consensus science reports' and Alex Abella wrote a book exposing this nefarious unscrupulous think tank.
Consensus science reports are soooo easy to expose as manipulated- outcome-predetermined reports. The Rockefellers played a big role in corrupting the medical profession. Russell Blaylock, MD did great research on them.

PARKS CLOSED: Popular Bay Area campground closed due to drought
This closure is UN Agenda 21 policies under the Wildlands Project . . prohibiting use and access of rural parks and land by the people . . .
We know the military and the corporations have created the California drought - to initiate water rationing, monitoring, land theft of rural lands owned by farmers, ranchers and rural residential land dwellers . . Watch the YouTube "Who's Running America?"

HEAD TRANSPLANT - Transplanted the First Monkey Head | Motherboard



WEEK OF 06/29/2014

NASA - subvocal speech recognition

THOUGHT CONTROL:  Facebook And The Ethics Of User Manipulation [Updated] | TechCrunch
Excerpt -
A recent study conscripted Facebook users as unwitting participants during a weeklong experiment in direct emotional manipulation. The study set out to discover if the emotional tone of a users’ News Feed content had an impact on their own emotional makeup, measured through the tone of what they posted to the social service after viewing the skewed material.
Nearly 700,000 Facebook users were shown either more positive, or more negative content. The study found that users who were given more positive news feeds posted more positive things, and users who were given more negative news feeds posted more negative things.
Surprising? Doubtful. Unethical? Yes.

YOU Are Under Assault: Thought Police “1984″ | Brain-Computer. NSA spying whistleblower Edward Snowden’s statements have been verified. Reporter Glenn Greenwald has promised numerous additional disclosures from Snowden

Nano Brain Entrainment- Internet Search Rodolfo LLinas wires in the Brain- Rodolfo LLinas in the Nazi Brain scientist brought over to the USA from Bogata Columbia to New York University and interfaces with the US NSA and CIA. Columbia South America has been fascist since 1900 AD.
Chemtrails are for nano brain entrainment- Internet Search Rodolfo LLinas wires in the Brain- Rodolfo LLinas in the Nazi Brain scientist brought over to the USA from Bogata Columbia to New York University and interfaces with the US NSA and CIA.

WEEK OF 06/22/2014

Donald Rumsfeld Gen Myers Microwaves Beam Weapons


USAF and US Army Advanced Hovercraft (UFO's)

NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer 

MORGELLONS - IN OUR BODIES - artificial technology structural forms at nano level

Were We Controlled? - Lincoln Lawrence, Kenn Thomas (read pages 25 - 32)

Remote-controlled human

VETERANS: Sue CIA & Army for Cold War Drug Experiments

"The US Space Command's "Vision for 2020"
All of these systems, including the deployment of ground-based missile defenses in Alaska and California, have been made possible by the US withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty of 1972, first announced by President Bush in December of 2001, and effective six months later. This was the first arms treaty which had been canceled through "presidential action".
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s invocation of a “space Pearl Harbor” – appears a thin argument for such expenditures of treasure and good will. This exceedingly fearful posture ignores the fact that the US has more than sufficient force to dissuade any nation, including China and Russia, from attempting such an attack. It also ignores multilateral efforts, strongly supported by China and Russia and by virtually all US allies and friends, to pass a treaty outlawing space weaponization. U.S. opposition to treaty based approaches to outer space was reiterated in the 2006 National Space Policy2. Nor does the threat of terrorism justify the full weaponization of space, as terrorists have access to only the most primitive means of obstructing outer space activities.
Most commercial satellites can be used for both military and civilian purposes. These include satellites in the Global Positioning System, which is designed and controlled by the US Department of Defense. This system in wartime is used to identify targets and provide the basis for guiding weapons to hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy, as it was in Iraq with devastating effect. Given US military control of this system, both the European Union and Russia have developed positioning systems of their own. In addition, civilian satellites are used to map the world, chart and predict weather, and effect communications from telephoning to virtual conferences to international broadcasting. These satellites are also subject to military uses, and were used extensively during the Iraq wars. Given the growing use of outer space for military uses, international tension has developed over the appropriation of scarce orbital slots and radio frequency bands for military satellites.

U.S. Space Policy: MASTER OF SPACE (Vision For 2020)

Strategic Threat Unrecognized by the WEST - Dr. Lt Col Tom Bearden former Manhattan Project Scientist Exposes the threat of Russian Mind control on the USA and their superiority over the USA - Explore Magazine 1999 Volume 9 Number 3

WEATHER WEAPONS: Commercial Applications of Electromagnetic Climate Change Confirms Military Agenda

1Report to the President by the Commission on CIA Activities within the United States   [Vice President Nelson A. Rockefeller, Chairman].   Published 1975 

Here’s a Super-Secret Cold War Spy Satellite Program — Revealed! | TheBlaze.com in 2011

Human monitoring - United States Patent: 4706689 - IMPLANTABLE HOMING DEVICE
An apparatus for location and monitoring of humans has been developed. The device employs a unique programmable signal generator and detection system to locate and monitor the movement of individuals. It additionally utilizes a physiological monitoring system to signal a warning for the necessity for immediate help. The device is small enough to be implanted in young children as well as adults. The power supply and signal generator are designed to function at a low duty cycle for prolonged periods before recharging.
US Patent 20070139247- Torture patent   While studying physics today on October 15th 2013 and the the torture patents used in cell towers, radio towers, airplanes, helicopters, trucks, cars, and houses- the patent sent to my by a physics professor from Europe.. in regards to the torture done with DEW- Directed Energy Weapons..
This is the key to what is taking place as to why the US politicians are not able to run the USA (Because they are tortured and being influenced) the way it was run before 2005- Democratically US Patent 20070139247 December 15th 2005- Torture patent and Torture Patent used in Sales- US Patent 4159703 Oct 1992 Torture Patent From Cleveland Ohio- United States Patent Application Multifunctional radio frequency directed energy system 

Senator John Glenn- Human Research Protection Act of 1997 . Former Senator John Glenn  full text from congressional record. .
With This LAW- that passed in both the house and senate- even classified INFORMATION IS DECLASSIFIED- Senator Glenn "You just think about your family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about." Senator Glenn's Statement floor U.S. Senate January 22, 1997 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD—SENATE S645

Presidential "Bioethics Investigation" on directed energy weapons - Washington DC- 2011

CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons

CDC - ZOMBIES aka Maxwell Demons . . . Diagram of Mind Control "Robotized" Transhumanism . . . Dr. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden


Army Developing "Synthetic telepathy" United Nations Commission of Human Rights

WiFi Frequencies - The Invisible Killing Fields - How OUR Appliances are Assaulting Babies, Adults and Pets . . .
"There are NO safe levels of Radiation" Barrie Trower - UK weapons expert

HIDDEN KILLER TECH: Stealth Concealment Solutions, Inc. - "Imagine running a business whose success relies on being completely undetectable to the public"


Classified docs on "Nano" kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill H. Weld

CIA Disclosure - Wartime Crimes: Records of the Central Intelligence Agency (RG 263
The Hijacking of America by the 4th Reich hiding under the disguise of freedom that is really "fascism" - the end of all freedom for all people for all time . . .
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Name Files and Subject Files compiled by the CIA in response to the Disclosure Acts. These files are comprised of documentation from several CIA filing systems and are organized under the names of 788 individuals and subjects found in response to many thousands of search terms and subject matter guidance provided to the Agency by the IWG. The approximately 60,000 pages provide information on wartime crimes; on the postwar search for, contact with, and intelligence use of war criminals and Nazi collaborators; and new information on the workings of U. S. intelligence during the Cold War.

WARNING: Strategic Threat - Completely Unrecognized by the West - Dr. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden former manhattan project scientist
This is all part of the "hiving process" through ultra high tech psychotronics with aerosol spraying and inhalation of nanoparticles. This entrains moods and changes brain functioning over time.

Directed Energy Weapons . . . Airborne Air Assault, Light Infantry

Julianne McKinney --- Right-pointing black triangle US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Coming Holocaust

Records of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (Record Group 263) Files released in response to the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Disclosure Act

The WAR on TERROR is a LIE - 911 and the continued State of National emergency Transcription

CDC ADMITS: Zombies are REAL and the CDC Supports Fraudulent Global Warming Corporate Science to Reduce (GHG) Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Comments from StopTheCrime.net: First, it is most important to know that the CDC is NOT a health protection organization. The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet (like ALL the so-called "government agencies"). The CDC does not serve the American people as will be demonstrated.
What you will read in the link from the CDC website - the "Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response".
The CDC has prepared for mind control robotic humanization, aka transhumanism. Both the mind control and monitoring are already in use and have been for many decades. The monitoring has been verified in many documents and by the recently declassified "Octagon Program" out of Danbury, Connecticut in which they were able to listen to conversations using a parabolic dish with a microphone placed at the focus of the parabola which has been revealed in recent disclosures by not only Snowden, the NSA whisler-blower, but previous NSA whistler blowers that told us "everything" that we say is listened to and we are controlled with self replicating nano wires that grow within the fissures of the brain.
We are monitored and controlled like a two-way crystal radio and remote controlled toys.

The CDC knows that the technological advancements for mind control works through self replicating nano wires in the brain and electromagnetic pulsed microwave and/or infra-red interface mind control in conjunction with super computers. (as described as radio hypnotic inter-cerebral control in the book "Were We Controlled?" by Lincoln Lawrence - 1967 Library of Congress Catalogue Card No. 67-15098 - pages 25-32) It was known and anticipated by the CDC that there would be Zombie attacks which started in 1998, and that these attacks would be ongoing. (Ref. "Aquarius Operations Briefing" on www.StopTheCrime.net). Zombie attacks can be committed by - lawn mowing crews, tree trimming companies, plumbing repair services, pest and bug spraying companies, etc. that are sent in to stock, intimidate, harass, steal and target victims with (DEW's) directed energy weapons, chemical and psychotronic weaponry. Individuals within corporations and the military are covering up these crimes used to attack victims. This is organized crime . . You can be assaulted from someone you just met, or do not know, or someone you've known and loved for years. A mind controlled Zombie could be your own child. nephew, niece, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or other relatives, neighbors and even animals used to attack people. A mind controlled Zombie could be someone in a relationship that has suddenly turned aggressive, angry and violent with very little warning. Some examples of what they can do: grab your stirring wheel while you are driving on the freeway not only causing you to go out of control, but to injure others . .
It could be a medical practitioner i.e. nurse or doctor, that has been predetermined by artificial intelligence to diagnose a non-existent or fictitious disease to create an illness and cause death. Artificial intelligence (AI) uses directed energy weapons to create the disease or symptoms that the doctor, who is under mind control, has already described . . or the doctor, who is under mind control, can get you in the operating room and botch the operation - perhaps nick the small intestine or artery, or leaving sponges inside the patients body cavity, etc. Zombies are real and are a combination of bio-weapons and super computers created by man. These are the global elites weapons being used not only on American's but the Global Population and all other living things! The planet is under attack by chemical, biological, radiological and bio ethic specific weapons that have been engineered to deliberately poison the food, water, air and all living plants, animals and humans. All the wireless pulsed microwave weapons are LEGAL. These weapons are being deployed and allowed by the Department of Energy, the public utilities, legislators, the FCC, the Telecom Industry, and more. These weapons include the global smart grid, cell towers, antennas, GWEN towers, satellites and our wireless communication devices, and this includes RFID chipped appliances that are all part of the silent weapons system a use of frequencies to control our minds, torture and eliminate "free-will". All this information is documented . . . Watch the YouTube "The Cooking of Humanity".
Here are just 2 zombie attack stories 1 2
The CDC also claims that we MUST reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent climate change and adverse weather conditions in- order to reduce health risks . . Below is a graph that provides an overview and that illustrates the CDC's position of corporate political made-up science NOT based upon REAL science . . . The CDC is NOT a health protection organization. The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet (like ALL the so-called "government agencies"). The employees of the CDC do NOT work for the American people. Their job is NOT to protect Americans from harm. The job of the CDC is to give cover (plausible deniability) and credibility to a deceptive health industry and to promote agendas that are advancing an economic and weather warfare weapons system of death upon the population. The CDC is clearly misrepresenting real science as demonstrated below:

LETTER: Acknowledgment of Directed Energy WEAPONS . . Former Nasa Scientist and Former House of Representative James Guest (from the state of MO)

LETTER - 2011 Presidential Bioehthics committee meeting 2011 Presented to the President in regards to Cointel Pro and torture by the CIA on the Federal Govt and civilians

Jaw Dropping What Calif. Police Just Did Regarding Targeted Individuals!

WHO and WHAT the US Military REALLY IS -Blackwater, Fema, Nasa Linked

Ron Angell - Evidence for World Criminal Courts of Justice

EXPOSED:  European royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties
Comment from a StopTheCrime.net - contributor . . .Let us be honest, this has been going on for ever, BUT who are their victims, those whose family members would NOT go along with corruption, favoritism, abuse of others...these are who are considered the dissidents....those who refused to be corrupted, to abuse others to hate and be criminals.



WEEK OF 04/15/2014

Declassified Report

MIND MATRIX--by Commander X


David A. Larson - Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis Research Funded by the NIH/NINDS/NPP and The Alfred E. Mann Foundation - David A. Larson

How The NSA Harasses Thousands Of Law Abiding Americans Daily By The Usage Of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)

John St_ Clair Akwei vs NASA -+ Targeted Individuals


Carl Grinde.blog on mindcontrol






Patent for remote monitoring of the brain



Bob Boyce's un-requested VeriChip and associated tumor removed

"Mind Control in the 21st Century"; Veterans Today

Dr. Robert Pedowitz v. UCLA



Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics by Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD

Artificial Telepathy 101

Nano implant+CIA+FCC

Tavistock - The Best Kept Secret in America