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Bio-chemical, Biological and Electromagnetic Weapons of Mass Destruction . . .

U.C. Berkeley - Research Document - "TO DESTROY HUMANITY" . . . Calcium Ion Signaling and the human immune system -  along with EMF radiation . . .

The document below is a transcription from an interview conducted by Deborah Tavares with Ronald Paul Angell on 5/15/14.  We have also attached the audio link that we had transcribed . . . You may find this U.C. Berkeley research paper very disturbing, however, this information is extremely IMPORTANT to share with EVERYONE you know . . .

BRIEF NOTES from the Berkeley research paper as the document was initially being described:  (Complete information Above)
The research in this document was paid for by the taxpayers to create weapons for mass genocide on a global scale. . This research document was on the UC Berkeley website and has since been removed from the public domain . . . this paper was presented at a symposium in the Recent Advances in Understanding Electromagnetic Energy Interaction with Biological Systems - sponsored by the National Society for Bio-electricity at the 75th Annual Meeting of Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology - April 24, 1991 - Atlanta, Georgia (do the math - this information has been available since 1916) - page 3 of the PDF document attached . .   is information from the research medicine and radiation and biophysics division Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley CA  94720 - July 1991  Electromagnetic Field Effects on cells of the immune system the Role of Calcium (Ion Ca++2) Signaling     The researchers were originally looking to increase bone density and to build bone and muscle for the good . . .The scientists were tricked into working on these technologies which were used for sinister purposes by a grand master, conductor to have detrimental effects on society . . .

They were looking at organ funcition and shutting down organs . . .

Bio-electromagnetic specific weapons that will randomly cause disease and death - it is a fingerprint-less murder weapon for plausible deniability.

Combined with Chemtrails the Gwen and cell towers and HAARP as well as the satellites that were introduced into space under the code name Star-wars . . .

Page 34 - Item 40 - the electromagnetic environment and cancer promotion

This is the missing link/document that spells out the beginning of taking the brains and bodies of human beings globally using chemtrails and electromagnetic radiation ELF waves, pulsed microwave, pulsed infrared and pulsed near infrared radiation with Super Computers (AI) and advanced NMRI technology - this is brain mapping using NMRI technology in the satellites . . . shutting off various human organs randomly with AI, and mind controlling of the medical staff involved that are committing the act of murder under plausible deniability. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing chess with humanity and the biosphere of EARTH . . .

WARNING FROM - Stephen Hawking warns that AI and the rise of robots might be disastrous for mankind | Mail Online . . .