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DOROTHY MACKEY -  The Making of The Third World America- Sex Slavery in Plain View

Dorothy Mackey has a degree is law enforcement and worked in law enforcement, a Bachelors of Science in Political Science; and Masters in Public Administration graduating with the highest honors of Summa Cum Laude, a secondary graduate  equivalent degree in Federal Contract Administration and Negotiation, was an honorably serving US military Captain (11 yrs) and Commander (6 1/2 yrs) and is an ordained minister, and was the co-founder of STAAAMP (Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel)  a national and international speaker of rapes which was (torture into the Monarch Program Sexual Slavery in the US military under mind control where she witnessed and was subjected to being a sex slave for criminal elitists and leaders both nationally and internationally). She is a Reiki Master and teacher, Life Coach and Teacher.
Dorothy Mackey (former married name Triplett) was a Catholic allowed to be serial raped beginning at 18 months old (Vatican /Pope benedict got immunity in 2004 from Pres. Bush for 38 yrs of raping and torture of US children), abused using psychical, sexual and psychological abuses supported by the Hitler, Himmler, Eikmann studies coming over from Germany (Nazi) under Operation paperclip to be used within the US government to its children in which these children would be manipulated, coerced and forced into lives NOT OF THEIR MAKING, to be abused, used and thrown away. Among them sexual slavery and entertainment known as the Monarch Program under mind control. Hidden in plain view throughout America IT has been operating since 1952: finders, handlers, rapists, connectors, traffickers, conditioners, groomers and arranged marriages, eliminators is an entire hidden system of organized criminal networks who operate to severely brutalize infants and toddlers as selected children  denying these children/adults their DIVINE RIGHT to their free choice and free will for their lives. Once used up by whomever they were OWNED by; they are denied jobs, attacked in jobs to destabilize them to be used as FALSE FLAGS, are denied safety and real healthcare but are in fact shattered more as their marriages are destroyed, loved ones killed, homes broken into and pets killed. They are often murdered by accidents, set up for crimes to go to prison, set up to be scapegoats of major crimes and sent to psyche wards for trying to recover, have safety and to have loving, productive lives.  
Dorothy Mackey's life is one of hundreds of thousands of these stories who life in America was manipulated into government studies, athletics, law enforcement and in college earned a degree in law enforcement studying evidence, laws, and accountability; and earned a degree in Political Science would be manipulated into a military officers corps (ROTC) by university criminal employees; resulting in her being placed in what is known as PROGRAMMED FUN or the WHORE CORPS in the military as an officer. Using the US Army Vietnam torture manual she endured being increasing abused, tortured for sexual slavery by organized criminal networks (husbands and wife's officers and enlisted, federal employees on her bases.
She warns NOW of America the future in which a Farm Bill has been passed making all Americans "animals." and As the economy is shut down as seen in 2nd and 3rd world nations, parents desperate for food, water and to survive will sell a child, and or a debt will be collected a child. For sex slavery, body parts, snuff films, labor, child soldiers or mercenaries, etc. Welcome to the new businesses....by criminals.
Americans lives are ever increasingly in shambles; jobs, savings, generations old lands, education, retirement and medical plans ever increasingly under attack to be stolen as insurances and new fangled scams operating just under the margin of laws are being used and exploited under entrepentueralship, capitalism of MBA holders, financiers and Admiralty laws -lawyers; are backed by paid for poli-kickens (those who throw many under the bus) legislatively, as elite and leaders ignore the crimes and open up ever widening loopholes of greater and greater moral bankruptcy.   All the while the new criminal elite, or bought off, or those intimidated or silenced do nothing as America and its younger generation is sacrificed in plain view, those responsible retire and their new cleaner version fain ignorance as to the ongoing debotchery as the bought and paid for bobble heads known as mainstream media deny the facts of the obvious criminal enterprises. Al Capone would have been proud of them all.