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"NASA: The Future of WAR" on StopTheCrime.net * The FUTURE is NOW!


Half Page Flyer / FULL PAGE FLYER


Boeing gets force-field 'shock wave attenuation' patent - CNN.com

Common Mycoplasmas - Now Weaponized, Pathogenic And Deadly
The pathogenic Mycoplasma used to be very innocuous, but biological warfare research conducted between 1942 and the present time has resulted in the creation of more deadly and infectious forms of Mycoplasma. Researchers extracted this mycoplasma from the Brucella bacterium and actually reduced the disease to a crystalline form. They "weaponised" it and tested it on an unsuspecting public in North America.

 Vaccine injuries, The Truths Are Here - Dr. Andrew Moulden, Conférence Liberté de Choix en Santé, Montréal, 12 sept. 2009 - YouTube

BLAST OUT - Terrifying: Why Are People in Kazakhstan Falling Asleep for Days? - and INSIDER INTEL COMMENT included
Yes - the people including children are suddenly falling asleep and experiencing other symptoms as well. This is likely due to either a special pesticide sprayed on crops/people, sprayed by aircraft as an aerosol, or the military is testing a new virus. The USG has developed these types bio weapons to immobilize enemy troops. These Bio-weapons have been tested on unsuspecting GIs and civilians. Very sinister!

For more information on the types of warfare technologies used to attack the enemy please read the Nasa War Plan on www.StopTheCrime.net
Important to note these people may have been implanted with biomedical devices, and in conjunction with increased frequencies the people could be controlled remotely . . .

Excerpt -
Hundreds of residents of Kalachi, a small town near a former Soviet Union uranium mine in Kazakhstan, have been suffering from a mysterious sleeping sickness that causes them to fall asleep for two to six days and wake up with significant memory loss.
While the eerie sickness was first reported in 2010, cases have been emerging in droves since March 2013. Other symptoms include feeling dizzy, being unable to stand up and extreme fatigue. The Russian Times reports that eight children fell asleep within an hour during the first week of school, and several months later, 60 people were hit with the disease on the same day.


U.S. Nerve Gas Hit Our Own Troops in Iraq
Breathing Poison
During January and February 1991, when the U.S. bombed Iraq’s weapons plants and storage sites, poisonous plumes floated across the desert to thousands of U.S. troops based on the Saudi border. Sirens wailed daily, but officers in charge announced that the chemical-detection alarms were faulty.
In a 2012 Neuroepidemiology article, Jim Tuite, a Gulf War illness expert, and Dr. Robert Haley, an internist/epidemiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, wrote that “large numbers of U.S. and Coalition military personnel were exposed to levels of sarin … high enough to cause irreversible or other serious, long-lasting adverse health effects.”

Murder by Injection - by Eustace Mullins . . . pdf (This is Biological Warfare)

WAR - INSURANCE COMPANIES Wage BIOLOGICAL WARFARE through VACCINE GRANTS from Blue Shield of California Foundation - Delivering Care to the Remaining Uninsured

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Blue Shield of California Foundation Board of Trustees has approved a $120,000 grant to County of Sonoma Department of Health Services, to support the project, Delivering Care to the Remaining Uninsured.

Attached is a grant agreement establishing the terms and conditions of the grant award. Review, have an appropriate officer of your organization sign the agreement, and return one signed copy to the following address or electronically. Grant payment(s) will be sent via electronic transfer to your organization's bank account as per the information outlined in your completed ACH form.

Blue Shield of California Foundation
Attention: Jessica Gau, Grants and Contracts Administrator 50 Beale Street, 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105 grants@blueshieldcafoundation.org

PURPOSE of the GRANT: To collaborate with local stakeholders to collect and analyze data on the remaining uninsured in Sonoma County and develop policy recommendations that will ensure better access to care for this population.

By November 30, 2015, collect data from community health centers and other providers who are currently seeing the remaining uninsured population to better understand demographic, utilization, and clinical characteristics of undocumented, low-income individuals receiving medical care in Sonoma County.

By November 30, 2015, develop and conduct a county-wide, cross-sectional health access survey that will target 300 low-income, uninsured individuals in Sonoma County

By January 31, 2016, present final results of analysis to Covered Sonoma and other county stakeholders, such as Sonoma County Health Action and Upstream Investments, a county-wide prevention effort.


Rise of the robots at AOL lead to job cuts
Today there are approximately 119 million people surviving on a government doles. But governments produce nothing, they only consume through revenues and confiscations, and then they regurgitate it into the coffers of Banksters, Corporation heads, public servants and those whom they owe; black holes and bottomless pits. Governments are parasites that eventually devour themselves and everyone along with them.

WARNING: Artificial Intelligence - a SIGNED OPEN LETTER Concerns of Safety and Social Benefits Due to Artificial Intelligence - Stephen Hawking and others
INSIDER COMMENT: This is corporate scientific spin - (AI) Artificial Intelligence has already advanced where this technology is out of control . . Over twenty-five years ago DARPA inventors created Self Awareness Reflective Systems - theory how to build systems that could reason about its own resources - this is AI.

In the NASA War Plan on page 31 - says: 'Of Particular Concern' - Uncontrolled/Uncontrollable SELF - REPLICATION of Brilliant Robots (IT) and Nano-Replicators (NANO) . .
Also, on page 66 - reads: Increasingly Critical - are Humans Limitations and Downsides - Humans are to Large, to Heavy, to TENDER, Humans are to Slow both Physically and Mentally; Humans require Huge Logistic Trains (Cost to much): Humans have rapidly decreasing-to-negative "Value Added". Page 14 - the KEY to the FUTURE Automatic/Robotic EVERYTHING. . .You can read the NASA WAR Plan on www.StopTheCrime.net on the home page.

Those people whose signatures are below are attempting to claim immunity that will let them off the hook for the monster THEY knowingly or unknowingly created and unleashed upon all that is good and innocent . . . By their signatures of admission they acknowledge what has already happened with the technology now set to destroy humanity as we have known it. One must investigate if any of the signees below have signed contracts accepting and requesting grant funds and taken the money to advance this computing nightmare. Grants are nothing more than bribes with strings attached to an agenda. Technology has been funded by tax dollars without the people being informed and these technologies are being used to subdue and control the minds of the global population. AI is the ultimate mind control machine to eliminate "free will" which is the victory long sought by those who plotted for the perfect PEACE. PEACE aka AI will now advance without the interference of human emotion, tenderness, the creativity and the goodness of the human spirit.

Dozens of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors involved in the field of artificial intelligence, including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have signed an open letter warning that greater focus is needed on its safety and social benefits.

FLI - Future of Life Institute Research


Artificial intelligence (AI) research has explored a variety of problems and approaches since its inception. It's capabilities in these areas and others cross the threshold from laboratory research to economically valuable technologies, a virtuous cycle takes hold whereby even small improvements in performance are worth large sums of money, prompting greater investments in research. There is now a broad consensus that AI research is progressing steadily, and that its impact on society is likely to increase. The potential benefits are huge, since everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence; we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools AI may provide, but the eradication of disease and poverty are not unfathomable. Because of the great potential of AI, it is important to research how to reap its benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls.


Exotic Weapons to KILL . . . Conference to Explore Laser-based Weather Control 

“World War III will be a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.”  Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), Canadian thinker

Twenty First Century Warfare - "Theater Operations at the Speed of Light"

Climate Change aka Geoengineering/NASA - Wineries urged to rip out diseased vines Sonoma County and Napa - Sacramento Business Journal

Genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in the U.S. in Jan 2012 - without consent

Tidal wave accelerator

Transhumanism : Hidden History and Agenda

HUMANS OBSOLETE - Ray Kurzweil shares plans for immortality - Cyborgs and Robotics


TARGETING CIVILIANS . . .America's Electromagnetic and Directed Energy Weapons Program


NASA The Future of War

Human Systems Roadmap Review

Scientists hope to inject robo-cat with AI to help seniors - ABC News

AP Exclusive: Digital police state shackles Chinese minority

WARNING - California health officer advises cellphone use limits | The Fresno Bee

AI brain chips will 'evolve' humanity into 'zombies' | Daily Mail Online

Rise of the Machines and Robots: Future of the Science (Discovery Documentary) - YouTube

Robo Brain' will teach robots everything from the Internet . . .

The Truth of NASA

DRONES: Drone-hunting! Being pestered by drones? Buy a drone-hunting drone - Telegraph

Blackwater,Fema,Nasa Linked

SLIDE 27 Of the NASA Future of Warfare Document
Illustrated in this Episode of the Outer Limits

Woman dies after airport scanner interferes with her pacemaker

"The US Space Command's "Vision for 2020"
All of these systems, including the deployment of ground-based missile defenses in Alaska and California, have been made possible by the US withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty of 1972, first announced by President Bush in December of 2001, and effective six months later. This was the first arms treaty which had been canceled through "presidential action".
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s invocation of a “space Pearl Harbor” – appears a thin argument for such expenditures of treasure and good will. This exceedingly fearful posture ignores the fact that the US has more than sufficient force to dissuade any nation, including China and Russia, from attempting such an attack. It also ignores multilateral efforts, strongly supported by China and Russia and by virtually all US allies and friends, to pass a treaty outlawing space weaponization. U.S. opposition to treaty based approaches to outer space was reiterated in the 2006 National Space Policy2. Nor does the threat of terrorism justify the full weaponization of space, as terrorists have access to only the most primitive means of obstructing outer space activities.
Most commercial satellites can be used for both military and civilian purposes. These include satellites in the Global Positioning System, which is designed and controlled by the US Department of Defense. This system in wartime is used to identify targets and provide the basis for guiding weapons to hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy, as it was in Iraq with devastating effect. Given US military control of this system, both the European Union and Russia have developed positioning systems of their own. In addition, civilian satellites are used to map the world, chart and predict weather, and effect communications from telephoning to virtual conferences to international broadcasting. These satellites are also subject to military uses, and were used extensively during the Iraq wars. Given the growing use of outer space for military uses, international tension has developed over the appropriation of scarce orbital slots and radio frequency bands for military satellites.

AERIAL VACCINES: Australia Determined To Forcibly Vaccinate By Intentional and Controlled Release of Aerosolized GMO Vaccine
Read page 52 of the Nasa War Plan - germ warfare and airborne varieties of Bioweapon's . . .(Ebola virus)

Aerial vaccines have used in the United States directed towards animals by the use of plastic packets dropped by planes or helicopters. Sanofi(who is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world) has subsidiary companies such as Merial Limited who manufacture Raboral, an oral live-virus poisonous to humans yet distributed wildlife in the masses.


In 2006 Michael Greenwood wrote an article for the Yale School of Public Health entitled, "Aerial Spraying Effectively Reduces Incidence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Humans." The article stated that the incidence of human West Nile virus cases can be significantly reduced through large scale aerial spraying that targets adult mosquitoes, according to research by the Yale School of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health.

Under the mandate for aerial spraying for specific vectors that pose a threat to human health, aerial vaccines known as DNA Vaccine Enhancements and Recombinant Vaccine against WNV may be tested or used to "protect" the people from vector infection exposures. DNA vaccine enhancements specifically use Epstein-Barr viral capside's with multi human complement class II activators to neutralize antibodies.



Genetically Modified - GM Babies Born

Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA.PDF

As a Human Made Of Flesh, Bone, and Spirit - I Have Grave Concerns About This Document

Massive Spy Grid - NSA = PRISM (surveillance program) - Wikipedia

NASA Secrets Revealed

DOCUMENT EXPOSED: Geneva Academy - Directed Energy Weapons Termed ‘non-lethal’ - Tools of Global Genocide
The document you are about to read is extremely dangerous and very disturbing! LOOK AT THIS PAPER AS A RED FLAG OF WHAT THE THREATS TO HUMANITY ARE - TOOLS OF GLOBAL DESTRUCTION . . . Please assist us in getting this information out into all the media outlets that will run this . . . It is showing the advantage of directed energy weapons, active denial and, biochemical weapons, hostage-taking, couched in language that means the opposite. This document is about a guide to oppose international law and is an admission of skirting international law. Those people involved in writing this document are the perpetrators promoting the use of these weapons . . . We must expose these weapons and the crimes these perpetrators are causing to all living creatures on a cellular level - to all populations not chosen by the elite to survive - this is population control and genocide based upon the active denial program . . this document justifies International law and is written by the perpetrators as doublespeak i.e. war is peace, non-lethal but lethal . . . Active Denial System (ADS) is a weapon of mass torture, mass destruction and an inhumane psychologically traumatizing weapon. This weapons are also used to blow up your vehicle tires, your engine, your water heaters, well pumps, they are used to cause pin hole plumbing leaks and these weapons can fry your brain . . This document discusses older technologies and defines NON LETHAL - BUT DEADLY WEAPONS!!
They are using doublespeak when stating non-lethal when these weapons are lethal. . ."Doublespeak" - by William LUTZ - 1978 Version . .
William Lutz, professor of English at Rutgers University, discusses his most recent book Double-Speak: The Use of Language to Deceive You. A unique analysis of American English, examples of double-speak are "human kinetics" in place of "physical education," and "pavement deficiencies" instead of "potholes." Double-speak is consciously used to manipulate. Lutz points out that his mission is not to eradicate double-speak, but to eliminate double-speak from the discourse of important issues where it is most dangerous. He states that double-speak is most prevalent in government, followed closely by the advertising industry. The reason why we are referencing this book is to introduce you to the idea that since the end Carter administration and the rise of the Reagan Bush administration in 1988 double speak, a deceptive language of falsified meanings, was developed which is 180 degrees opposite of how the dictionary defines meanings of words; i.e. Freedon is Slavery; War is Peace and so on. The document you are about to read discussing "non-lethal" weapons is an extremely dangerous document and an admission of lethal weapons designed to injure, maim and kill . . using double speak to lesson the reality of the meaning. Globally, documents like this have play deceptive word games and have successfully manipulated us with ambiguities and double speak. . . .
Non-kinetic-energy weapons termed ‘non-lethal’ A Preliminary Assessment under International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law Stuart Casey-Maslen October 2010(Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights)
info@adh-geneve.ch Directed Energy Weapons, microwave mind control weapons, and infa red mind control weapons and Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights http://www.adh-geneve.ch/docs/projets/Non-Kinetic-EnergyOctober2010.pdf The following are excerpts from this document:
For a number of years a great deal of research and development has been taking place in developing new types of weapons, ostensibly in order to reduce mortality figures. These weapons have been marketed as ‘non-lethal’,1 ‘less lethal’,2 ‘sub-lethal’, or ‘weapons not intended to be lethal’, although the use of some of these devices has already resulted in significant numbers of deaths and serious injuries.3 This paper addresses the use of certain such non-kinetic energy (NKE) weapons, by which is meant those weapons that seek to achieve their purpose other than through the threat or application of force to the human body.4
Certain of these weapons have been deployed and used in a variety of contexts: during armed conflict (both international and non-international), in peace operations, during policing operations, in prisons5 and mental institutions, for riot control,6 and for border control. A kinetic-energy weapon is one that threatens or inflicts harm to a person through the application to the human body of the energy that a bullet, fragment, or other projectile possesses due to its mass and motion.16 Such weapons can penetrate the body with injury to the inner organs, or impact bluntly on it.
Page 5
The exercise of physical force so as to inflict injury on, or cause damage to, persons or property; action or conduct characterized by this; treatment or usage tending to cause bodily injury or forcibly interfering with personal freedom.
(These weapons are also damaging personal property.)
Page 6
A substance whose chemical action on specific biochemical processes and physiological systems, especially those affecting the higher regulatory activity of the central nervous system, produces a disabling condition (e.g. can cause incapacitation or disorientation, incoherence, hallucination,
22 Article II, paragraph 1, 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention. 23 Article II, paragraph 2, 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention. 24 The US Department of Defense defines ‘chemical agent’ as:
a chemical substance which is intended for use in military operations to kill, seriously injure, or incapacitate mainly through its physiological effects. The term excludes riot control agents when used for law enforcement purposes, herbicides, smoke, and flames.
Page 22
The use of poison or poisoned weapons is prohibited.108 (What are chentrails, fluoride)
Page 25
Incendiary weapons - (Have been used in the 2005)
Page 35
Right to health - Doublespeak - ignore the fact that we can tazor you, microwave you and use chemicals on you.
Page 44
In the run up to the war in Iraq, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld testified to the US Congress House Armed Services Committee, admitting that the US was attempting to ‘fashion rules of engagement’ to enable their use.219 Subsequently President Bush authorized their use in Iraq in certain circumstances, and CS and pepper spray were shipped to the Gulf. This is legal in US law under Executive Order 11850, which was signed by President Ford in 1975 and permits the use of RCAs under specific conditions such as in ‘riot control situations in areas under direct and distinct US military control, to include controlling rioting prisoners of war’ and in ‘situations in which civilians are used to mask or screen attacks and civilian casualties can be reduced or avoided’.220 However, it is illegal under international law. Article I of the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) clearly states ‘Each State Party undertakes not to use riot control agents as a method of warfare’.221
Page 45
Synthetic chemicals such as the fentanyl derivative used by authorities during the 2002 Moscow theatre siege would fall into the theoretical “Industrial Pharmaceutical Chemicals” category and, as toxic chemicals, are covered by the CWC [1993 Chemical Weapons Convention] alone. However the superficial boundaries between this category and that of “Bioregulators” and “Toxins” are blurred. As Wheelis points out, the analogues of bioregulators and toxins are covered by the BTWC [1972 Biological Weapons Convention]. He argues, therefore, that synthetic chemical analogues (i.e. drugs) that bind to the same specific cell receptor sites in the body as the corresponding natural ligands (i.e. bioregulators) are also covered. The significance of this “double coverage” is that would-be developers of such agents should not be able to exploit the loophole in the CWC that permits the use of certain chemicals for “law enforcement including domestic riot control purposes”. This is particularly important given conflicting interpretations of both the CWC’s definition of RCAs and its provisions on the acceptable situations for use of such agents.226
Page 48
241 Countries and territories cited are: Bahrain, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Dominican Republic, East Timor, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Kosovo (Serbia), Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russian Federation, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. Cf. M. Crowley, ‘Dangerous Ambiguities: Regulation of Riot Control Agents and Incapacitants under the Chemical Weapons Convention’, op. cit., p. 47.
242 Georgia, Iran, Israel, USA, and Vietnam. 243 Michael Crowley cites an April 2006 Human Rights Watch report on East Timor (Tortured Beginnings: Police Violence and the Beginnings of Impunity in East Timor), which documents use of excessive force during arrests, torture and ill-treatment of detainees by the National Police of East Timor (PNTL). In several cases, pepper spray was reportedly used. In the case of Venezuela, Human Rights Watch has reported that in early February and late March 2004, National Guard and police officers beat and tortured people detained during and after protests in Caracas and other Venezuelan cities. Some reported that their captors hurled tear gas bombs into the closed vehicles in which they were seated, causing extreme distress, near suffocation, and panic, while others described how the powder from tear gas canisters was sprinkled on their faces and eyes, causing burns and skin irritation. (‘Events of 2004, Venezuela’, Human Rights Watch World Report 2005, 12 January 2005), cited by M. Crowley, ‘Dangerous Ambiguities: Regulation of Riot Control Agents and Incapacitants under the Chemical Weapons Convention’, op. cit., pp. 42–44.
Page 49
As part of a seemingly pre-planned massacre at a stadium in Conakry, Guinea, on 28 September 2009, it has been reported that tear gas was first fired into the political gathering from outside.245 This created a stampede, following which the security forces fired into the crowd. One opposition supporter, a 32-year-old man, described to Human Rights Watch how the ‘red berets’ (the Presidential Guard) entered the stadium and began firing directly at the protesters, and how the killings continued as he tried to escape:
They first began to fire tear gas from outside the stadium – many canisters of tear gas were fired into the stadium. Just then, the red berets entered from the big gate to the stadium. As soon as they entered, they began to fire directly at the crowd. I heard a soldier yell, ‘We’ve come to clean!’ I decided to run to the gate at the far end. As I looked back, I could see many bodies on the grass. I decided to try and run out of the stadium.246
According to a UN report on the massacre, dozens of people attempting to escape through the stadium gates ‘either suffocated or were trampled to death in stampedes, which were compounded by the use of tear gas.’247
Page 58
Other electrical weapons
Lewer and Davison also note the development of weapons that can deliver incapacitating shocks without the need for wires, using a laser beam to enable an electrical charge to be delivered to the target person or vehicle.291
Jaycor, a US company, reported several years ago that it had developed ‘wireless stun gun technology’ that could deliver ‘electric shocks to individuals at ranges up to 25 feet without conductive wires. An electrified conductive fluid is ejected from a gun at high velocity, making contact with stationary or moving targets. The single stream of fluid delivers a high-voltage pulse capable of delivering a shock even through thick protective clothing.’292 According to the company:
The liquid stun gun has significant advantages over the handheld electric stun devices or the electric stun devices with attachment wires capable of being projected toward targets up to 15 feet away. The liquid stun gun can engage one or more persons, and does not require attachment wires with barbed tips, which often must be surgically removed. The water stream may be moved among targets until the selected target is positively engaged before the high voltage is applied. This feature can be used to avoid stunning innocent bystanders or hostages.
This wireless stun gun technology can also be used in conjunction with a vehicle-mounted water cannon for use in crowd or riot control. Water can be sprayed on the crowd, delivering debilitating but not lethal shocks. In certain military applications the electrical current could be controlled to deliver potent electrical shocks to equipment as well as individuals.293
Page 61
307 Green laser weapons are said to have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2006. There have been accidents and injuries from their use in Iraq. Presentation by Neil Davison to the May 2010 Meeting of Experts.
Page 62
High-energy lasers are typically lethal311 but are also being investigated for ‘non-lethal’ applications. Thermal laser weapons use infrared lasers to heat the skin to cause pain but not permanent injury.312 Planned anti-matériel uses for high-energy lasers include ‘bursting automobile tires, rupturing fuel tanks, selectively cutting through electrical or communications lines, or setting fires.’313
The Active Denial System (ADS) is a weapon that uses millimetre wave energy to heat up water molecules in the subcutaneous layers of the skin, causing a painful burning sensation. The radiation acts in a dose-dependent manner and so exposure duration is critical in terms of safety.315
Page 63
In January 2007 a media day with live demonstrations of ADS system 1 was held at Moody AFB, Georgia. A deployment date of 2010 was mentioned; press reports said that the beam heats the skin to 50°C without lasting harm, not mentioning the fact that this depends on the beam being switched off immediately when such a temperature is reached....
... the ADS provides the technical possibility to produce burns of second and third degree. Because the beam of diameter 2 m and above is wider than human size, such burns would occur over considerable parts of the body, up to 50% of its surface. Second- and third-degree burns covering more than 20% of the body surface are potentially life-threatening – due to toxic tissue- decay products and increased sensitivity to infection – and require intensive care in a specialised unit.319
319 J. Altmann, ‘Millimetre Waves, Lasers, Acoustics for Non-Lethal Weapons? Physics Analyses and Inferences’, op. cit., pp. 18, 24. For an analysis of disabilities resulting from burns, see in general the report on the second working group of experts convened by the ICRC on 5–7 November 1990, in L. Doswald-Beck (ed.), Blinding Weapons, op. cit. Cf. also Wright, S., and C. Arthur, ‘Targeting the pain business. US-based Raytheon is marketing microwave weapon systems that “fill the gap between shout and shoot”. But who will use them and why?’, Guardian, 5 October 2006, www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2006/oct/05/guardianweeklytechnologysection (accessed 10 May 2010).
Page 72 (This is Doublespeak)
Similarly, the word ‘weapon’ should be preferred to ‘device’, when it is clear that what is being used is indeed a weapon. Otherwise, for example, there might be a risk of States avoiding the necessary legal review required by Article 36 of 1977 Additional Protocol I by not labelling new systems as ‘weapons’? Indeed, as Neil Davison has noted, there is a tendency among certain governments or their armed or police forces to prefer terms such as ‘capabilities’ or ‘technologies’ to weapons; calmatives’ or ‘advanced riot control agents’ to chemical weapons; ‘conducted energy devices’ to electrical weapons; ‘optical distractors’ to laser weapons; ‘active denial technology’ to radiofrequency weapons; and acoustic hailing devices to acoustic weapons. Presentation by Neil Davison to the May 2010 Meeting of Experts.

2045.com . . . This is Truly Diabolical . . . Humans MUST be phased OUT!
Please watch, when you can, these movies AND DOCUMENTARIES....
The Globe is on the verge of massive change. And whether you like it or not is not the question. Humans are being transformed! It's called transhumanism.
The movies show us snippets of their evil plans, one needs to watch these little details and read the source documents as recommended above.
There is a timeline and we don't have much time . . .

NASA - "Advanced-to-Revolutionary Space Technology Options--The Responsibly Imagined" - 2013 - Dennis M. Bushnell
PAGE 6 - "Dumping Ground/Trash Pit" Space Commercialization going forward is hostage to far lower space access/launch costs, The "Keys to the Kingdom."
PAGE 17 - "Holographic crew members could obviously be added and updated daily with the latest information and news to provide socialization as well as expert aid and comfort. Then there are, in some 15 or so years out, the real expectation of robotic crew members with Machine Intelligence approaching human via biomimmetics." - Then there's DARPA and "designer humans".
PAGE 22 - Synthetic Biology Technologies along with the ongoing studies of "Extremaphiles" could be applied to Humans to possibly provide such as Rad-Hardening, reduced 02 requirements/enhanced 02 efficiency, reduced food/liquid requirements-to-direct photosynthesis, Etc. . . Altogether, "Designer Humans" designed as "Exploriticus Sapiens".  Not that much of a "leap"/Change from the current trend toward "Designer Babies".

http://www.dataasylum.com/ The holy grail . . A"BioAPI" - This is what they are doing to you and your family, and this is how they do it! Preface - What the hell is happening . . . you must be thinking that, as well as being dazed and confused in the least which is the purpose of this web site. Your unfortunate lack of critical thinking skills leaves you without the ability to see the unseeable. You watch, but you fail to see. Fear not my less informed friend - whether your being chemtrailed, body/mind controlled, stalked by the public or living to the age of 160 in perfect health, this web site connects the final high level dots concerning this otherwise complicated puzzle of insanity currently before you. "Logic and proportions have fallen sloppy dead, and the White Knight is talking backwards". This is what they are doing to you and your family, and this is how they do it . . .Complete, high dexterity remote control of every single synapse and neuron for every person on the face of the earth. . http://www.dataasylum.com/


Radio Shows/YouTubes/Books

08/19/2013 The Power Hour with Joyce Riley
Hour 2 Hour 3
DEBORAH TAVARES will join The Power Hour once again to delve deeper into critical world events and actions against humanity. Deborah will explore some of the ways depopulation may occur and how some of the things we are exposed to may be used against us as weapons. 

08/08/2013 The Power Hour with Joyce Riley
Joining The Power Hour today will be DEBORAH TAVARES who will be discussing critical world events and actions against humanity. Deborah will explore some of the ways depopulation may occur and how some of the things we are exposed to may be used against us as weapons. Don’t miss today’ show to hear about an extraordinary document from NASA!

Dr. Blaylock's interview - The Ongoing War Against Humanity . .

The Life and Times of Michael Prince
Dangers of AI, Clones, ETC

Dr. Barrie Trower on Radio Liberty
02/19/2013- Microwave Stealth Warfare

*Elysium* Official Trailer #1 Starring Matt Damon (2013) [HD] - YouTube

Radio Liberty - Date: 01-22-13 - Deborah Tavares - How Our Freedom's Are Being Eroded

Dr Deagle Show 2013/01/10 - Alexander Backman w/ Deborah Tavares - SMART Meters ELF Dangers

Deborah Tavares on Radio Liberty
with Dr. Monteith 12/11/2012

Deborah Tavares discusses
NASA The future of War Doc with Marti Oakley

Deborah Tavares on Radio Liberty

Deborah Tavares on Radio Liberty
with Dr. Monteith 12/7/2012

Alex Jones Movie (2005) - Martial Law 911
Rise of the Police State - Full version

Microwave Weapons - Stealth Warfare - Barrie Trower - YouTube (14:53 minutes)
Transcription - PDF

Deborah Tavares - NASA Revealed! by Ben Fellows

WAR GAMES - Third Age Total War - Sauron vs. Kingdom of Arnor.wmv - YouTube - These WAR games are "very" popular with OUR children.  - Complete mind games and mind control .

Dr. Barrie Trower - 30 Minute Reality Update

Frequencies - Public Health Danger - Olle Johansson, PhD Announcing Seletun Scientific Statement on Vimeo

Forbidden Gates - Teacher's Guide
This mind-binding and terrifying emerging technology will change everything we have ever known . . .
A Hellish Scenario - How Genetics Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Human DNA Enhancement Could Lead to Human Extinction . . .
Technological advances mean that there is a high probability that a human-only future will end in extinction, because genetic engineering is already here. Genetic engineering has the potential to destroy civilization and create post-humans. Enhanced Humans (Super Soldiers), Cyborgs and Robotics!

Purchase The Forbidden Gates and Apollyon Rising Collection

Tom Horn -Strategic Perspectives Conference - The Human Enhancement Revolution

'Artificial egg' made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking goes on sale at Whole Foods
What we have to look forward to . . . Bill Gates genetically modifying the plants . . . eliminating the need for animals - another method to reduce our available food choices . . . The Gates McEggo = GMo

Australian Politician Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21 & Club of Rome

Theme Music for the NASA ATTACK . . .



Ex CIA on deathbed - Eisenhower was going to attack Area 51, AMAZING STORY!!! 

This is an announcement Gordon Duff made earlier this year . . .

Obama Calls On Congress To Spend $100M Next Year To Map Brain

Vint Cerf - Dreams of an Internet That Connects Humans to Animals—and Aliens, and he worked with DARPA . . .

Mt. Weather

Russian Scientist Says Immortality Possible for Wealthy Elite by 2045 The International Criminal Banking Cabal want to live FOREVER. . They create endless wars, collapse economies, falsify science, scheme plot and carry out murder all over the world, they preform ritual human sacrifices with children and others, they have stolen intellectual scientific property from inventors then often kill them.  The criminal cabal has stolen our U.S. Constitution and has woven invasive lawless government legislation into every city in America and worldwide calling it Global Warming which requires all of us to reduce our carbon footprint.  They have a depopulation agenda . . . They are ruthless without morals or ethics and "they" want to live forever. .They plan on destroying everything that is good and decent . 

Ft. Lauderdale police using smartwater to solve cases



Revealed: 64 Drone Bases on American Soil

Predator Drone Strikes: 50 Civilians Are Killed For Every 1 Terrorist, and the CIA Only Wants to Up Drone Warfare

The White House Coolly Assassinates US Troops . . . watching from DRONES

Navy Building  Drone Base in  Malibu?  
See the E.I.R. - Environmental Impact Report . . .

Drones with Cameras will see us all . . EVERYWHERE!
Will you feel safer??  OR   Will you feel more vulnerable?? Super Surveillance Camera installed on aircraft. If you have watched the TV program "Person of Interest" you may have thought that this was science fiction but it is here right now. It is amazing and yet frightening at the same time. Watch and be amazed.

US planning for new drone base in Northwest Africa, officials say 

The coming drone attack on America | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Definitions and References

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Slide 35 Chew Chew
Slide 61 Slingtron
Slide 93 PSYWAR the Movie - CNN "Cable Network News" Psychological Terror and Propaganda . . and the CIA 


NASA How the U.S. military could build a “Terminator”

Dynamic Robot Manipulation

ROBOT SONG - "The Humans Are Dead"

HUMANS into ROBOTS with Chem Trails, Smart Meters, HAARP, Reproducing in CANDIDA

GE's Hospital Robot Could Reduce Human Errors And Save Lives

Future military robot technology that will change the world!!!

Experts to Study Whether Robots Will Exterminate Humanity

DARPA Drones and Robots

New DARPA Robot Looks Human

COMPUTERS WILL RUN NYSE prepares disaster backup plan

Robots ready to run the world Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

US Army Colonel Issues Warning About Remorseless “Killer Robots”

DARPA Building Robots With ‘Real’ Brains

BBC News - Cheetah robot 'runs faster than Usain Bolt'

RoboBees: Design Poses Intriguing Engineering Challenges

Pentagon Wants Packs Of Robots To Detect “Non-cooperative Humans”


Nano Bots and - Deprograming Illuminati Slaves . . . what do you think of this? The nanoparticles of DU and chemtrails have fllled all of us with tiny antennas so basically we are all slaves.  They don't need implants.  Just look at the NASA WAR document.

Absolute Vodka Commercial/Cyborg Racing Dogs

Scientists teach robots how to trick humans

Pentagon to Build Robots With ‘Real’ Brains


What is a Cyborg? Man-machine mixture . . . transhumanism . .

Robots/Cyborgs - Newsflash to psychiatry: a human being is not a thing . . . humans as machines . .

Verizon Commercial - Droid DNA "Extra Sensory"

The March of Robots Into Chinese Factories

Robots: The Future of the Oil Industry

Are Robots Set to Take Over the Wine Making Craft?

Smarter Robots, With No Wage Demands

Robot dragonfly in Sedona


1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS. World's highest resolution video surveillance platform by DARPA

Air Force Wants New Energy Weapons to Cause Non-Lethal ‘Bioeffects’

California commission rejects Navy sonar training, says it would harm whales
The Kill and taking will not stop . . The U.S. Military Industrial Complex is being orchestrated by those in power, posing as a government, that want total global dominance over "everything" . . They are reducing the global population of humans!  AMERICA WAKE UP . . . Read the NASA WAR document and other source information

DARPA - The Engineer's Source for Product Technology - Electronic Products - Surveilling AMERICA . . . .


U.S. Air Force developing terrifying swarms of tiny unmanned drones that can hover, crawl and even kill targets

Killing of Sea Mammals - U.S. Navy Hawaii-Southern California Pacific Warfare Training and Testing - to harass, hunt, capture, kill or collect . . .

The New Phoenix Program

Plum Island - The Bio Terror Conspiracy Theory - Jesse Ventura

Super Soldiers?

Confessions of a British NWO Super Soldier and 4th Generation Clone, the now Defunct Commander, " Michael Prince".--Learn the ADVANCED TRUTH on what the NAZI's are up to and have in store for you..


Tsunami bomb NZ's devastating war secret

Acoustic Weapons of War -  Mosquito
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COMING SOON - Street Lights that spy . . .collect data . . .and transmit 

Spray on antennas

Libya: NATO brings hell on earth

SURVEILLANCE - Welcome to the Police State . . . LAPD to use wireless cameras/Verizon 4G - Spy, Lie and Fry - A WAR of Frequencies . . .