Iron Mountain is a report on how to circumvent the Constitution. It is a document of treason couched in innocuous titles and words.

It is a report on the handling of men, women, children and babies on the basis of "herd or animal management" without regard to morality.

The Constitution has been effectively canceled by Iron Mountain.

The heart of the Iron Mountain report is that war is absolutely necessary and economically a necessary waste. It creates artificial demand.

The organization of a society for the possibility of war is its principal political stabilizer.

The basic authority of the modern state over its people resides in its war powers.

War is the glue that holds the nation together and rallies the people to make such sacrifices so they can build up a huge war machine.

Therefore, a substitute for the war system must be found in order to control the people and provide stability and legitimacy of government if we go into an era of peace.

As they phase war out they have to phase whatever they put in its place to control the people.

New political machinery would be needed at once.

Until a substitute for war is developed then war must continue in order to remain in control. Keep war until all substitutes are in place so we don't lose our rulership and to remain in power.

The substitute for war must be a universal threat of equal magnitude as that of world war. The immediate loss of lifestyles . . . .

It must be credible. It must be accepted by the vast majority of the population of the whole world.

Credibility, in fact, lies at heart of the problem of developing a political substitute for war.

A naiton would self-destruct without an external threat of some type.

It is more probable, in our judgment, that such a threat will have to be INVENTED, rather than developed from some unknown conditions.

It may be, for instance, that GROSS POLLUTION of the environment can eventually replace the possiblity of mass extinction by nuclear weapons as the principle threat to the survival of the species.

In other words, they are going to bring the environment up to the point as the principal threat to the survival of the species by poisoning the water, the food and the air. Environmental disasters constitute a threat that can only be dealt with through a social system on a global scale to offer a solution.