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The NEW TRANSHUMANISM CLUB - Humanoids/Self Healing . . .   

The big secret being kept from the American people is that the Globalists are shutting down Plum Island and replacing it with forty-five Level 3 and Level 4 bio-weapons labs all around the country. The home office may be in Manhattan Kansas and another in Elk Run near Rochester

The big secret project is the development of the third strand (triple helix humanoids which have self-healing of wounds and are
claimed to be able to live for ever -- a nice delusion costing billions in research).  This program involves the military industrial complex and the designing and redesigning of more capable "super soldiers" . . .  Triple helix exists in some human cells,
skin and inside the cheek.  This is why these areas heal so fast. The research is supposed to yield the super soldier
whose wounds self heal in a short times and have super-strength, endurance and Psi-powers (in born demons).

There are already about 50 such kids born from three parents (gene spliced, the first phase of triple helix).  Misinformation
has been released to cover this up saying that they are trying to add a single gene to one of the 23 pairs of chromosomes
(not true).

World's first GM babies born

Scientists Create 'Cyborg' DNA

New junction models for alternate-strand triple-helix formation

Note: Many organizations are naming themselves or their various subcommittees as "triple helix".  This is inside
code to notify others who are part of the "trans-humanism club" one to another.  This unfortunately is dark
science at its worst and an attempt to get rid of God's curse for sin. The Bible mentions those who beg to die
in the last days but cannot.  these will be the self-healing triple helix hybrids.  Only God's Great White
Thrown Judgment or the return of Jesus Christ will be able to stop their continual self-healing which will
bedcome their own prison and torture chamber.

The potential for gene repair via triple helix formation
Rational design of a triple helix-specific intercalating ligand

Triplexator: Detecting nucleic acid triple helices in genomic and transcriptomic data