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EDUCATION - BOARDING SCHOOLS (Kids Can Go Home on the Weekends) Buffalo Considers Public Boarding Schools To Solve Education Issues

The "College" Conspiracy - Full Documentary - YouTube
The College Conspiracy Full Documentary - College Conspiracy is the most comprehensive documentary ever produced about higher education in the U.S. The film exposes the facts and truth about America's college education system. +++++ How To Get The Best Grades With The Least Amount Of Effort -http://goo.gl/tacw9X +++++

'College Conspiracy' was produced over a six-month period by NIA's team of expert Austrian economists with the help of thousands of NIA members who contributed their ideas and personal stories for the film. NIA believes the U.S. college education system is a scam that turns vulnerable young Americans into debt slaves for life.

Compulsory Schooling - Mass Manipulation History - YouTube

The Destruction of Our Kids - Nightmare on Puberty Street » MissionLocal
Keep in mind Kaiser, the CDC, and NIH have created this porn to be shown to OUR kids. We recommend you search and verify, for yourselves, that the CDC is Rothschild coordinated, and Kaiser is Rockefeller. Consider unschooling your kids

HUMAN RESOURCES Social Engineering In The 20th Century HQ FULL - YouTube

HORRIFYING LITERALLY the PLAN of ROUNDING THE KIDS UP . . .. . . "Keeping Kids In School" Project to sustainably improve school attendance in Sonoma County - Recover Lost Revenue from KIDS not in school
Watch the video of this below - YOU will be STUNNED . . . Literally the Plan to Round OUR Kids UP!

VIDEO ARCHIVE of "Keeping Kids in School" http://sonoma-county.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=2&event_id=322&meta_id=155481
Probation competed for and won a $2.145 million Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) to provide case management services to K-12 students experiencing school attendance problems and their families. The JAG grant provides $715,000 per year for three years to fund the Keeping Kids In School (KKIS) Project. KKIS is part of a larger countywide school success framework, consistent with the Board of Supervisors’ priority of ongoing investment in education, and supported by a broad group of stakeholders collaborating to improve connection to school in Sonoma County.

The Truancy Problem
Research shows that truancy has a complex set of causes, and can be just one of many problems a student or family is facing. It has far-reaching consequences that affect students, families, schools and communities. Illustrating the direct financial impact truancy has on school districts, according to the California Attorney General, in Sonoma County a total of $9.1 million of state revenue was lost due to absenteeism during the 2012/13 school year, or about $171 per student. The long-term outcomes of truancy are even more extreme, mounting huge societal expenses from low educational and occupational attainment, poverty, social service and justice system involvement, poor health, increased crime and victimization, and foregone tax revenues.

This link starts the video at item 26 - "Keeping Kids in School" and is VERY DISTURBING. This proceeding clearly demonstrates Education is a MARKET based on revenue, and the individual attendance of "each" child. Attendance data collecting on each child/parent will soon become closely monitored to prevent lost revenue for the school districts in the future. . .


The archive video, as shown above, can also be found on Sonoma County CA Board of Supervisors Meeting on 4/14/15 and you will see the meeting archive and the video of the meeting. The video on item 26 starts at 1:14:30 through 2:00:55 . . .

Item No. 26 - Keeping Kids in School a federally grant funded program . . . Everyone MUST listen to the plans being hatched, right now, to STOP absenteeism - which represents $9.1 million in lost annual revenue for the schools due to truancy.

SEX ED: School under fire for transgender "kindergarten lesson" - EAGnews.org
KITTERY, Maine – Officials at Mitchell Primary School are apologizing after a book about a transgender child was read to most of the school’s K-3 students.

“We have a practice of if a topic is considered sensitive, parents should be informed,” superintendent Allyn Hutton told SeaCoastOnline.com.

“In this situation, that didn’t happen. The whole culture at Mitchell School is about teaching tolerance and respect. The people presenting the lesson thought (the book) was one more piece of teaching that lesson.

SCHOOL - Johnny's email from his Teacher to his Parents and SEX ED - "Nightmare on Puberty St." a Play
Dear Parents of Johnny,

I wanted to let you know about a couple of changes that I have made in the classroom regarding your child recently.

The first thing is that I decided to move him to a desk in the back of the room. He has been more disruptive than usual lately, and it is affecting the students who sit next to him. He has been waiting all year to sit toward the front of the class, and I moved him up there a few weeks ago. He's really struggling with self control, and having him in the front has just proven to be too distracting. We tried it out, and it just wasn't a good spot for him. I wish it were different.

Another thing is, I have removed Johnny from book club. There are a couple of reasons for this.

One, I am constantly having to redirect him while his group is meeting. He does not take the time set aside to meet with his group seriously and makes it difficult for the group to get things done.

Secondly - Another reason for this decision to remove him from book club - is that there has been a "parent complaint" that Johnny is discussing very inappropriate things of a sexual nature while meeting in these book clubs, and making a particular student very uncomfortable. I spoke with Johnny about this, assuring him that I was not accusing him of anything, but just advising him to be very careful about the things he says to people, especially girls. I did tell him that if there were any more complaints, there could be some "serious" consequences. This could include losing end of the year privileges such as the 6th grade party.

You know I am rooting for Johnny, and I want him to be with us for all of the special events coming up. If you could have a chat with him regarding what is appropriate to discuss with classmates and what is not, I would appreciate it.

Johnny's Teacher

Side Note NOT from Johnny's teacher: Johnny's 6th grade class had JUST attended "Nightmare on Puberty Street" and school program. . .
Sex education continues throughout the year, incorporating updated information as it becomes available from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and health care providers.

Grandparent's comment: this is porn inserted into the school curriculum by Rothschild and Rockefeller. The CDC and Kaiser Foundation are controlled by the international bankers who are bringing deviant sex, MKULTRA - Mind Control Programs and drugs into federal education institutions, called schools, that are teaching, falsified history, false global warming science, common core math, creating massive individual data ID's on each child, and children are using wireless laptops that are damaging and causing DNA breakage - leading to illness, infertility and death. Schools are incorporated, a business that is revenue based and categorize children as value added, a human resource that has a defined economic value . . Education is a Market and our children are being brainwashed, manipulated and ultimately not prepared for the REALITY they will face when they graduate. School = Weapons of Mass Indoctrination.

Examples of Cell Tower Fires, Collapse, Ice Strikes, and Theft-Maryland Coalition Against Cell Towers on Schools

VACCINATIONS for OUR KIDS: Surgeon general tells Elmo: Get vaccinated | WashingtonExaminer.com
Comment: Before getting vaccinated read the vaccine inserts and if you still think the benefits out weigh the risks read it again. Consider reducing television time - which is programming and the method used to brainwash and indoctrinate. Keep kids safe from vaccines and brainwashing.


Getting vaccinated will feel only like a pinch, the U.S. surgeon general assured Sesame Street's "Elmo" character last week.

The California measles outbreak is officially over, but Surgeon General Vivek Murthy urged Elmo to get vaccinated in a video released by the Obama administration Friday.

"It's my job to make sure everyone stays healthy," Murthy tells Elmo in the video.

"Get all your vaccinations in time" to stay healthy, he continued. "Don't worry, Elmo, it's just a little pinch and it's safe. And tell all your friends on Sesame Street to get vaccinated too."

Full Story of Kids Whistleblowing Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK - YouTube

RAND Corporation: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military: Volume 2. Estimates for Department of Defense Service Members from the 2014 RAND Military Workplace Study | RAND
In early 2014, the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office asked the RAND National Defense Research Institute to conduct an independent assessment of the rates of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination in the military — an assessment last conducted in 2012 by the Department of Defense using the Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Active Duty Members. The resulting RAND Military Workplace Study invited close to 560,000 U.S. service members to participate in a survey fielded in August and September of 2014. This volume presents results from this survey for active- and reserve-component service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. It includes estimates of the number of service members who experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, or gender discrimination in the past year, as well as detailed information about the characteristics of those incidents, decisions to report, and experiences with response and legal systems for both male and female service members. It also describes service members' beliefs and attitudes about these problems.

Rothschild - National Center Learning Disabilities, Inc


MKULTRA: The CIA's Secret War For Your Mind - YouTube

UK - KIDS Prove Six Crimes. . . Pedophiles: Hampstead Police, Social Services brainwash whistleblower kids, threaten mother - YouTube

Announced to stunned audience: 'I can’t do it anymore'



How much lead is in your chocolate?

Serco Group (DANGEROUS) - the Human Transport Company out of London for ARK - Absolute Return on Kids. . .

ARK - Absolute Return on Kids . . . Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a partner

Serco's ARK (Absolute Return on Kids) and ROTHSCHILD -  500 million pound firesale attracts private equity firm Carlyle - Sky News | Reuters

EDUCATION SHOCKER - School ALL Year - Starting at 3 months of age through 18 years . . . A Whole NEW American School System . . . YouTube
Check out the video of Lamar Alexander speaking before a national governor’s conference when he was the governor of Tennessee. He is telling the audience that they should have a whole new American school, open all year long from 6:00 am to 6:00 p.m. and to essentially take care of the young pregnant mothers and their children from 3 months old to age 18.

Forbes: "Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought"

Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control

Students in Ontario will start sex-ed classes in FIRST GRADE and will be taught about same-sex relationships in third grade
Ontario's updated sex education curriculum will impact students from first through 12th grades
Issue of consent will be addressed with first grade students
Some parents say the new curriculum introduces material at too young an age including - sexting in Grade 4
In Grade 7 - age 12 and 13 - information about sexually transmitted diseases and oral and anal sex will be discussed
This is the first time the curriculum has been updated since 1994, long before the invention of the smartphone and legalized gay marriage

Why We Need to Home School - From CHINA - Common Core is the Communist Core I Went Through in China - YouTube

SCHOOL BOARD - Fluoridation Debate - Sonoma, California School Board Meeting August 13, 2013 - YouTube

DEBATE - NO! You are watching a DELPHI meeting at the school board . . . and data collection.

This is indoctrination by incrementally introducing the question of fluoride to the school board members for consideration.

The district school boards are incorporated and do not serve us or our children, of course, the fluoride issue is being advanced in the schools and the county wants the schools to support fluoride. .

What we are seeing is the data collection of teachers and school board members that support or refuse fluoride. Those who question fluoride will be confronted and manipulated through their paychecks or eliminated from teaching. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors requested the school boards opinion on the Fluoride issue. Keep in mind the county board of supervisors voted unanimously to move forward with reviewing the feasibility of fluoridating the municipal water supply . .

Even the topic of immunization is being raised in this school board meeting!

The school board is also discussing the strategic plan.

BEWARE!  SCHOOL PRINCIPALS WARNING to ALL PARENTS:  EDUCATION TESTING - An Open Letter to Parents of Children throughout New York State Regarding Grade 3-8 Testing . . . this will apply to other school districts in other states, eventually. . .
EXCERPT: From Above Link -
Dear Parents,
We are the principals of your children’s schools. We serve communities in every corner of New York State — from Niagara County to Clinton, Chautauqua to Suffolk. We come from every size and type of school, with students from every background. We thank you for sharing your children with us and for entrusting us to ensure that they acquire the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their dreams and your hopes for them.

This year, many of your children experienced the first administration of the newly revised New York State Assessments. You may have heard that teachers, administrators, and parents are questioning the validity of these tests. As dedicated administrators, we have carefully observed the testing process and have learned a great deal about these tests and their impact. We care deeply about your children and their learning and want to share with you what we know — and what we do not know — about these new state assessments.

Here’s what we know:

1) NYS Testing Has Increased Dramatically: We know that our students are spending more time taking State tests than ever before. Since 2010, the amount of time spent on average taking the 3-­‐8 ELA and Math tests has increased by a whopping 128%! The increase has been particularly hard on our younger students, with third graders seeing an increase of 163%!

2) The Tests were Too Long: We know that many students were unable to complete the tests in the allotted time. Not only were the tests lengthy and challenging, but embedded field test questions extended the length of the tests and caused mental exhaustion, often before students reached the questions that counted toward their scores. For our Special Education students who receive additional time, these tests have become more a measure of endurance than anything else.

3) Ambiguous Questions Appeared throughout the Exams: We know that many teachers and principals could not agree on the correct answers to ambiguous questions in both ELA and Math. In some schools, identical passages and questions appeared on more than one test and at more than one grade level. One school reported that on one day of the ELA Assessment, the same passage with identical questions was included in the third, fourth AND fifth grade ELA Assessments.

4) Children have Reacted Viscerally to the Tests: We know that many children cried during or after testing, and others vomited or lost control of their bowels or bladders. Others simply gave up. One teacher reported that a student kept banging his head on the desk, and wrote, “This is too hard,” and “I can’t do this,” throughout his test booklet.

5) The Low Passing Rate was Predicted: We know that in his “Implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards” memo of March 2013, Deputy Commissioner Slentz stated that proficiency scores (i.e., passing rate) on the new assessments would range between 30%-­‐37% statewide. When scores were released in August 2013, the statewide proficiency rate was announced as 31%.

NOTE: Open the link above to read the entire letter . . . This is a result of the NEW Common Core Curriculum . . .

At SCHOOL - Cops: Teacher attacked 1st grader for having too much food at lunch - EAGnews.org


Camera footage of the school’s cafeteria and witness reports, however, tell a different story.

“A sheriff’s deputy who reviewed camera footage of the incident wrote in an arrest report that as the student walked by Lemelle in the school’s cafeteria, she could be seen kicking him in the rear,” according to The Advocate.

“The video also showed her slapping the boy on the back of the head, the deputy wrote.”

Prior to the incident, witnesses said Lemelle yelled at the student “in a loud and degrading manner because he was not walking like he was supposed to,” and held the child back from the lunch line until his classmates received their food, according to the police report.

When the student returned with his lunch, Lemelle allegedly made the child sit by himself, then took some of his food, telling him “he only needed one taco,” the news site reports.

The student recounted the same story when interviewed by Child Advocacy Services, according to the West Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office.


EDUCATION = PROGRAMING - BRAINWASHING - MIND and BODY CONTROL and more . . . Global Strategic Plan
Learn more go to www.StopTheCrime.net top of home page to the link: Global Strategic War Plans

Increasing computing power, growing access to the Internet and ‘Big Data’ will have a transformative effect on education, with an increasing blurring between online and offline learning. Education levels will continue to rise across the globe and for both sexes. At the same time, educational institutions will face a series of major challenges, including facilitating smoother transitions from education to work and encouraging lifelong learning to ensure the workforce can adapt to a changing job "market". These pressures will force educational institutions to provide more informal, distance and personalised learning. There will be a growing emphasis on the transferability and constant upgrading of qualifications, as well as a shift towards more personalised forms of "assessment" that use a range of technologies to "trace" the paths of "individual learners".

Technology’s impact on education and skills

Significantly increased computing power will be available on demand at greatly reduced cost over the next three decades. Teachers will have access to vast quantities of data, and will have the facility to command the flow of information and learning in their classrooms by controlling the exercises, simulations and games, in which their students participate, at the touch of a button. Books will be more widely available online – as e-book technologies evolve. As ‘Big Data’ changes our understanding of the world, developing data analysis and computing skills will become increasingly central. For example, social science students are likely to increasingly examine social phenomena using computer models and data rather than just fieldwork. As school teaching becomes more online and software-based in nature, existing educational inequalities could be exacerbated, as not everyone is likely to have the same level of digital access. However, online learning will continue to make education more accessible, particularly for people who are geographically isolated.

Education courses, particularly at university level, will depend increasingly on the Internet, with some delivered exclusively, or almost exclusively, online. Digitally-delivered education will provide increasing personalisation, with students able to customise when, where and how they learn. While face-to-face teaching in the classroom is unlikely to disappear, it will become increasingly focussed on simulation, interactive games and debate rather than traditional classroom-based learning. Teachers’ primary roles are likely to become that of learning adviser, helping students navigate their own education rather than providing it all themselves.Part1

Facer, K. (2011), ‘Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Social Change’; Sharples, M. et al. (2012), ‘Innovating Pedagogy 2012’; Stoyanov, S. et al. (2010), ‘Mapping Major Changes to Education and Training in 2025’

The capacity to manage and mobilise social networks will be an increasingly important skill-set to possess, with growing demands on educators and employers to build this capacity. Research shows that people learn best with, and from, others. Therefore, as social networking evolves, there may be more collaborative learning, with online networks offering real- time discussion and virtual classrooms.

The ‘Internet of Things’ will allow data from the classroom to be used for "continuous" performance management. Networked devices will combine with cheap data storage to open up new accountability, scrutiny and "reporting" practices. New tools will permit students to share comments about their education in public forums, opening up new ways of holding teachers to account. Students and teachers will feel increasingly scrutinised, with some positive benefits – such as detailed, sophisticated and real-time feedback on performance – and many negatives, such as a decline in social skills. Already sites like ‘RateMyTeachers’ are beginning to challenge old power relationships and underpin new ones, and they will become even more widely used in new and sophisticated ways.

Restructuring traditional education systems

As research reveals more about the psychology of education, so learning will be increasingly packaged in a way that blends the formal with the informal. Line managers in the workplace will take on increasing responsibilities as ‘learning advisers’ for their staff and, as workplace learning and development becomes more ongoing, social and informal, organisations will run extensive programmes of coaching and mentoring as a core element of their learning and development programme. As informal and social learning grow in importance, individuals will increasingly look for ways for this learning to be recognised or accredited to demonstrate their value in the marketplace.

Educational institutions will be increasingly organised (and classes brought together) on the basis of 'common' knowledge, skills and preferred learning and teaching styles rather than (just) age. Educational programmes will include elements dedicated to developing students’ skills in learning. Research highlighting the importance of creativity in underpinning academic and business success will stimulate a new focus on developing students’ creative skills at school and university. Cognitive testing will have developed to such an extent that its results replace qualifications and experience assessment as the major element in the recruitment process. It is possible that, by 2045, hiring decisions will become (almost) entirely based on cognitive tests rather than qualification levels.page89image26848Part1

As the future workforce, in developed countries, is recruited increasingly from an older population, so the need for an improved lifelong training and education system will increase. Educational providers may aim short and online courses at lifelong learners, and sabbaticals could become increasingly popular as a means of refreshing one’s learning in a fast-paced world. Educational entrepreneurs will recognise that there is a huge market among middle-aged people wanting to upgrade their knowledge and older people wanting to pursue second careers. Simultaneously, as the world’s population ages, and as education becomes more informal and less institutionally based, so the family home could become a more critical educational space. As opportunities for education increasingly occur at home, away from the classroom, so grandparents and great-grandparents could be more crucial to its delivery. As older people mix work and care later in life, they may become partners in learning alongside their own children and grandchildren. It is already common to find grandchildren acting as teachers for grandparents to introduce them to digital technology, and other precedents can be found in the roles played by younger children in citizenship education and 'adjusting' older family members following migration. As the twenty-first century nears its mid-point, educational institutions will become cross- generational hubs of learning, with older family members actively involved in passing on their learning to the younger generations and, in turn, picking up new ideas and skills from them.

The global education marketplace

Institutions in Europe, Northern America and Australia will increasingly 'run' their highest quality programmes from campuses in developing countries, as well as introducing more distance-learning courses. As more people learn outside their country of origin, and migrate to pursue careers, it is likely that there will be a drive to standardise qualifications at the global level. Even if a common global curriculum is not universally pursued at secondary school level – as an extension and expansion of the International Baccalaureate, for example – it is probable that qualifications will be defined as part of a common global system. Across the developed world, many schools will be increasingly run (or at least sponsored) by 'powerful corporate' organisations or by parent groups. There may be much-reduced government oversight and involvement.

Educational inequalities

Global gender gaps at the primary school level will have largely disappeared by 2045, although girls are likely to remain under-educated in many of the world’s most intractably poor countries. This trend is likely to be strongly evident in those countries where cultural and religious factors (such as some interpretations of Islam) constrain women from taking part in education and the economy. Access to education could also become more polarised, depending on wealth or ability to pay. Students will be separated into vocational and academic streams from a young age. As 'corporate' involvement in education grows it will encourage children’s entry to one or other stream at even earlier ages, as corporations and organisations (including the armed forces) seek to identify – and train accordingly – the strongest future performers.

The average level of educational attainment will rise, shrinking the gap between developing and more developed countries. Countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nigeria are projected to raise the average years of schooling of their workforce by about three years over the next three decades. However, the average number of years spent in full-time education will remain at current levels in well-educated workforces. In more advanced developing countries, women’s participation in formal education is likely to increase considerably. By 2045, it is possible that a majority of the world’s children will have had a university or higher-level education.63

Defence and security implications

■■ Global education levels will increase, but educational inequalities will probably persist, entrenching social discontentment and allowing youth disaffection to continue.

■■ In the new education and training mix facilitated by employers, online and virtual blended learning are likely to predominate, though formal face-to-face learning is unlikely to die out completely.

■■ Some countries may begin to educate and train children assessed as having the potential to succeed in specific careers (including in the armed forces) from a very young age..

Machines, jobs and education

Machines will take over certain jobs from people, with developments in artificial intelligence (AI) ultimately meaning that education will focus on those (few) areas of human thought and activity that machines are unable to deliver efficiently. This means that education will play an important role in enhancing people’s ability to develop new ideas, to interact empathetically with other people and to take responsibility – all things that it is difficult to envisage machines doing . . .

Learn more go to www.StopTheCrime.net top of home page to the link: Global Strategic War Plans

PROTECT the CHILDREN: CAUTION: This is an INCREDIBLY graphic interview with children -
CAUTION: This is an INCREDIBLY graphic interview with children involved in satanic ritual abuse. This is real and happens much MORE than people are willing to even partially admit to even themselves. but this NEEDS to be looked at. You cannot bury your head in the sand anymore, you are either helping change this or you are part of the problem. Looking away and doing nothing is just as bad as doing these things yourself. Educate yourselves and get active. End slavery . . . This young Russian-British boy and girl describe serial rape​, and worse, by their teachers and other community leaders. Medical tests confirmed that these kids were being abused. British authorities then stole the children from the Russian mother (who was NOT part of the group child abuse)


HORRIFIC- 303 Killing Babies.MOV (UK Pedophile Ring) - YouTube

SEX in School: ‘GENDERbread Person’ Comes to California School to Show 13-Year-Olds What They Need to Know About Sex
Parents of 13- and 14-year-old students at Acalanes High School in California were shocked to discover that not only had their children taken part in a sexual education class taught by Planned Parenthood, but it covered far more than they were told in advance. A few of the most upsetting “lessons”: Using a “Genderbread Person,” students were taught they could choose their gender, rather than it being assigned at birth. Using a “Are You Ready for Sex” checklist, the students were taught how to prepare for sex. This included questions about condoms and water-based lubricant. Using a “Making Consent Clear” sheet, students were taught how to get “clear consent” by saying things like “Do you want to go back to my place?” and “Is it okay if I take off my pants?”

Serving Industry Through Education: Student Mentoring and Research Techniques
Room LL21F (San Jose Convention Center)
Virginia Balke , Delaware Technical and Community College, Newark, DE
SITE SMART is a project at Delaware Technical & Community College that aims to increase students’ scientific and professional skills, to better prepare them for transfer to a four-year institution or for entering the workforce. The main goal of year one was to increase student engagement and retention by developing a sustainable undergraduate research program in the Biology and Chemistry Department.

BILL GATES: GAVI: Selling Eugenics with a Philanthropic Twist
Led by Gates and the usual suspects, GAVI’s mission is to “guarantee equal access to vaccines.” Since forty-three percent of GAVI vaccines are produced by pharmaceutical companies based in emerging markets, GAVI’s business model is designed not to save lives, but to increase business for the vaccine industry in countries not yet affected by pharmaceutical weapons.

To understand GAVI’s true objectives, consider Gates’ stated objectives:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent…” (680 million ~ ONE BILLION people)

How exactly does one save lives by eliminating a billion people?

Gates’ apologists’ claim that “If you lower childhood mortality, people have less kids and the rate goes down” – down to something presumably closer to the UN-approved 2.2 offspring per household. But aside from Bill and Melinda Gates, it’s hard to imagine three billion couples chatting about child mortality and Haemophilus influenzae virus type b when Cupid strikes.

As the vaccine industry’s top cheerleader, Gates isn’t expected to consider the virtues and cultures that value children more than progressive Western cultures, where sterilization, contraception, vaccines and abortion are projected to exterminate the French, Italians and the English by the end of this century. But rather than encouraging the French to produce more children, Western countries facing extinction appear to be using vaccines to level the playing field by killing tomorrow’s enemies and economic competitors before conception.

EDUCATION a Soviet Style Education in AMERICA - Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World - YouTube

Mission Mind Control (1979)

EDUCATION the TRUTH:  The Kids NEED to Study this family . . . Timeline of the Rothschild family
The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

Weapons of Mass Instruction - John Taylor Gatto - GREAT! - 2004 - AERO Conference - YouTube

SEX EDUCATION - Parents angry after school tells 13-year-olds they can have sex, choose gender
Students at one northern California high school are learning more than just the birds and the bees. Along with local area groups, some parents are irate that their children’s sex ed class at Acalanes High School in Lafayette is being taught by employees of Planned Parenthood without their prior knowledge. They are also fuming over the methods and materials being used, including a checklist that asks students if they are “ready for sex” and another worksheet that describes how to give and obtain consent, as well as a diagram that uses a "genderbread" person for lessons in gender identity.

ALERT: HUMAN PERFORMANCE Document . . .Interview of Ron Angell by Deborah Tavares
Rense Radio Program 7/16/14 – Interview of Ron Angell by Deborah Taveres in regards to the Mitre Corporation . .
Please Download the PDF document- It has been approved for unlimited distribution.
Human Performance DOCUMENT (Mitre Corporation) – Complete Control of Politicians, Civilians and ALL Life on the Planet https://stopthecrime.net/human.pdf

Mind reading and control of politicians and children and university professors and programs funded by the Mitre Corporation (CIA) - Absolute Return on Kids being a UK programme of Eugenics in Schools now implemented in the USA as of 2006 using charter Schools and "no child left behind" really meaning all children are left behind and turned into a " human resource" using torture and abuse with fascist mind control space satellite and terestrial cell tower weapon systems of mass destruction.

Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) Vaccinations Program - Donor profiles - Funding & finance - Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
All 2014-2033 IFFIm pledges by donors in US dollars and US dollar equivalent amounts of national currency pledges calculated using prevailing exchange rate at the time of signing of the grant agreement. These contributions are hedged at the time the grant agreement is signed. These contributions have not been reduced by a notional 3% provision to allow for any potential reduction arising from the High Level Financing Condition of the IFFIm Finance Framework Agreement. - See more at: http://www.gavi.org/funding/donor-profiles/ark/#sthash.REJ28474.dpuf

Contributions comprise direct contributions already received by Gavi from donors, contributions made to IFFIm and the AMC donor contributions to the World Bank. All 2000-2013 direct, Matching Fund, and AMC contributions are recorded in US dollars at the actual exchange rates for the day of cash received. All 2014-2033 direct, Matching Fund, and AMC pledges are expressed in US dollars at 30 September 2014 exchange rates.
- See more at: http://www.gavi.org/funding/donor-profiles/ark/#sthash.REJ28474.dpuf

Funding history
ARK is an international organisation whose purpose is to "transform" children’s lives. Originally set up by leaders of the alternative investment industry; ARK delivers high social return on philanthropy, leveraging intellectual, financial and political investment. ARK is headquartered in the UK.

- See more at: http://www.gavi.org/funding/donor-profiles/ark/#sthash.REJ28474.dpuf

ARK - Evil Satanic Eugenics in Schools . . . ARK - Absolute Return on Kids

EDUCATION - School Sucks - Contributes to Socialism / Fascism / and here is the Remedy



Target the Children - Faridinkum

Common Core Math - Abbott And Costello Math

COMMON CORE - Dr. Gary Thompson Common Core Presentation Idaho Falls November 2014

Common Core Results in Behavior Change without Protest

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Digital Library with Formative Assessment Practices and Professional Learning Resources for Educators


New grant to UCLA for Brain Mapping – RECENT

CIA EXPOSED - Using Mind Control on U.S. Legislators . . .CONVERSATIONS WITH THE CROW (CIA - "department of dirty tricks" whistleblower)

Brain Mapping and Obama

VACCINATIONS: CDC Document of Immunization Strategies - a SMOKING GUN
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Use of Data Collection on various doctors Immunization rates, Review Goals to 'Sustain' Immunization rates, Incentives/Bribes, Teamwork/Bullying, publicize immunization efforts in a newsletter (Shame'em), Provide funding for other rewards for provider staff (More Bribes), Small tokens of appreciation, Hand-out resource materials (indoctrination/propaganda), Send out reminder notices to patients (Harasses), Compete with other doctors to increase immunizations, and compete with other states, Motivate/Educate (Indoctrinate), make use of electronic newsletters to get information out, (more Harassment), site reason of deficiencies, report patient subsets, use data collected from an immunization registry, use and report data collected during an office visit for further analysis (Yikes - FURTHER ANALYSIS), Use studies of private pediatricians to document improvements in immunization rates, increase number in the adult population assessments, Data collecting and Record keeping are vital, Immunization records should meet ALL legal requirements.
Immunization Strategies for Healthcare Practices and Providers

The Need for Strategies to Increase Immunization Levels


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Vaccine-preventable disease rates in the United States are at very low levels. In 2009, only 71 cases of measles, 3 cases of rubella, no cases of diphtheria, 18 cases of tetanus, and no wild-type polio were reported to CDC. Given these immuni- zation successes, one might question the continued interest in strategies to increase immunization levels.

Immunization levels are a better indicator for determining if there is a problem with immu- nization delivery, and this chapter will focus on increasing immunization levels and the strategies healthcare providers can use to do this.

Specific concerns about U.S. immunization levels and areas for further study include the following:

Childhood immunization rates are still suboptimal. In 2009, for example, only 85.7% of children 19 to 35 months of age had received four doses of DTaP vaccine.

For other age groups, immunization rates are considerably lower than those for early childhood. According to Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System data from 2005, a median of only 65.5% of persons 65 years of age and older received the influenza vaccine in the past 12 months, and 65.7% had ever received pneumococcal vaccine.

Economic and racial disparities exist. Low-income and minority children and adults are at greater risk for underim- munization. “Pockets of need” exist in our nation’s inner cities.

Cost-effectiveness needs more research. More research is needed regarding which strategies increase immunization levels with the least expenditure so these strategies can be prioritized.

Sustainable systems for vaccinating children, adolescents, and adults must be developed. High immunization rates cannot rest upon one-time or short-term efforts. Greater understanding of strategies to increase and sustain immuni- zation levels is necessary in order to create lasting, effective immunization delivery systems.

Many strategies have been used to increase immunizations. Some, such as school entry laws, have effectively increased demand for vaccines, but the effectiveness of other strate- gies (e.g., advertising) is less well documented. Some proven strategies (e.g., reducing costs, linking immunization to Women Infants and Children (WIC) services, home visiting) are well suited to increasing rates among specific populations, such as persons with low access to immunization services.

The AFIX Approach
The CDC, through state and other grantees, administers a program designed to move healthcare personnel from a state of unawareness about the problem of low immunization rates in their practice to one in which they are knowledgeable, concerned, motivated to change their immunization practices and capable of sustaining new behaviors. The acronym used for this approach is AFIX: Assessment of the immunization coverage of public and private providers, Feedback of diagnostic information to improve service delivery, Incentives to motivate providers to change immunization practices or recognition of improved or high performance, and eXchange of information among providers. First conceived by the Georgia Division of Public Health, AFIX is now being used nationwide with both public and private immunization providers and is recommended by governmental and nongovernmental vaccine programs and medical professional societies.

AFIX - Blend of advanced technology and personal interaction . . .
First, AFIX focuses on outcomes. It starts with an assessment, producing an estimate of immunization coverage levels in
a provider’s office, and these data help to identify specific actions to take in order to remedy deficiencies. Outcomes are easily measurable. Second, AFIX focuses on providers, those who are key to increasing immunization rates. AFIX requires no governmental policy changes, nor does it attempt to persuade clients to be vaccinated, but instead focuses on changing healthcare provider behavior. Third, AFIX, when used successfully, is a unique blend of advanced technology and personal interaction. Much of the AFIX process can be done electronically, increasing speed and accuracy of assessment and feedback and streamlining reporting. However, the personal skills of the assessor and that person’s ability to establish rapport with and motivate a provider are critical to achieving lasting results.

CDC has developed a software program, CoCASA, that enables assessment to be done electronically, is flexible enough to accommodate whatever assessment parameters are desired, and provides results that can be printed immediately. This program will be described further in the section, “AFIX Tools and Training.”

Incentives -
Incentives are extremely variable. No one thing will be effective for every provider, and a single provider may need different types of motivation at different stages of progress. Things like small tokens of appreciation and providing resource materials at meetings have helped providers approach their task positively and create an atmosphere
of teamwork, but longer-term goals must be considered as well. Since the effort to raise immunization rates may involve an increase in duties for staff, offering assistance in reviewing records or sending reminder notices might more directly address a provider’s needs. Incentives pose a challenge to the creativity of the program representative but also offer the opportunity to try new ideas.

Finally, incentives are opportunities for partnerships and collaboration. Professional organizations or businesses have been solicited to publicize the immunization efforts in a newsletter or provide funding for other rewards for provider staff. Many other types of collaboration are possible; these also have the benefit of increasing awareness of immuniza- tion among diverse groups.

VFC–AFIX Initiative

In the last several years, responsibility for immunization
has largely shifted from public health departments to private providers, who now vaccinate nearly 80% of children in the United States. Many of these providers participatein the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, a federal program whereby funding is provided for state and other immunization programs to purchase vaccines and make them available at no cost to children who meet income eligibility requirements. Because immunization program staff make periodic quality assurance site visits to VFC providers, CDC launched an initiative in 2000 to link some AFIX and VFC activities and incorporate AFIX activities during VFC provider site visits. VFC program staff are encouraged to promote the AFIX approach and, if possible, to combine VFC and AFIX site visits. This reduces the number of visits to a single provider and helps avoid duplication of staff time and effort. In addition, it increases the emphasis on overall quality improvement for a provider rather than meeting the requirements of a single program.

CoCASA can provide immediate results of the assessment, supplying the reviewer with the information needed for use in the feedback session and noting areas that need further follow-up. CoCASA saves the reviewer time and provides various analysis options. CoCASA reports provide estimates of immunization coverage levels and potential reasons for the coverage level, such as missed opportunities for immunization and patients who did not return to finish the immunization series. The program can generate reports on specific sets of patients, such as those mentioned. Data from an immunization registry or patient management system can be imported into CoCASA, and data collected during the visit can be exported for further analysis.

Immunization Information Systems (IIS)

Many recordkeeping tasks, as well as patient reminder/ recall activities, can be greatly simplified by participationin a population-based immunization information system (IIS), also known as an immunization registry. An IIS is a computerized information system that contains information about the immunization status of each child in a given geographic area (e.g., a state). In some areas, an IIS is linked to a child’s complete medical record. An IIS provides a single data source for all community immunization providers, enabling access to records of children receiving vaccinations at multiple providers. It provides a reliable immunization history for every enrolled child and can also produce accurate immunization records, if needed for school or summer camp entry.

A goal of Healthy People 2020 is to increase to 95% the proportion of children younger than 6 years of age who participate in fully operational, population-based immuniza- tion registries. In 2009, approximately 77% of children in this age-group met this participation goal. Federal, state and local public health agencies are continuing their efforts to improve the registries themselves and to increase participation by immunization providers. Registries are a key to increasing and maintaining immunization levels and provide benefits for providers, patients, and state and federal immunization program personnel. More informa- tion about immunization registries is available on the CDC Vaccines and Immunization website at http://www.cdc.gov/ vaccines/programs/iis/default.htm.

Psychological barriers to health care are often more subtle but may be just as important. Unpleasant experiences (e.g., fear of immunizations, being criticized for previously missed appointments, or difficulty leaving work for a clinic appoint- ment) may lead clients to postpone receiving needed vacci- nations. Concerns about vaccine safety are also preventing some parents from having their children immunized. Overcoming such barriers calls for both knowledge and interpersonal skills on the part of the provider—knowledge of vaccines and updated recommendations and of reliable sources to direct patients to find accurate information, and skills to deal with fears and misconceptions and to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for patients.

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