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PROOF: Nationwide FORCED New Green Energy Retrofitting Requirements with Rockefeller/Rothschild Financing . . .

- and YOUR cities and counties are signing you up without your knowledge - to the World Banksters - the International Banking Cartel that is perpetrating a horrific fraud upon all of us, and destroying EVERYTHING that is good decent.  

To learn more watch the YouTube "Who is Running America and the Climate Action Plans" and "Water Wars Stealing Water for Profit and Power".  We MUST understand how government really works to realize how one of the greatest crimes ever committed against the population occurred.  

Free Downloads "The Great American Adventure - and the Secrets of America" by retired Judge Dale and "Who is Running America?"  

What you will read below is the adopted retrofitting financing through PACE and Figtree (one in the same) by Sonoma County, schemed by Rockefeller and Rothschild, for all property owners to obtain loans should they need funds to implement the REQUIRED new green energy "deep" retrofitting to buildings to meet new energy codes.  Of course, these new energy codes and policies are all based upon falsified science of Global Warming to reduce Co2 emissions . . Your cities, counties, states and the federal governments, which are all incorporated, are working for the agendas of Rothschild and Rockefeller.  The illusion of these loans are to create the idea of lender and financing options or CHOICE.  These loans of choice are all under the same umbrella of lenders which all lead to the Central Bankers.  Don't be Tricked!  Refer to the information HERE to verify for yourselves . . .



March 17, 2015

8. Authorize Figtree Financing to participate in the Sonoma County Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing Marketplace as an additional PACE provider by: (A) Authorizing the Director of General Services to execute Agreements for Collaborative Services between the County and Figtree Financing to provide PACE financing options to property owners in the County; and (B) Adopting the required Resolution allowing residents in the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County to participate in the Figtree PACE financing products and approving the amendment to a certain joint powers agreement related thereto.


Jun 3, 2014 - rockefellerfoundation.org/ .... Funding, Ygrene Energy Fund, FigtreePACE Financing, Clean Fund, and Structured Finance Associates.

SETTING THE PACE 2.0 Financing Commercial Retrofits . . .

Excerpt -

In February 2013, PACENow, the Institute for Building Efficiency, and the Urban Land Institute provided a first look at the structure of PACE programs in “Setting the PACE: Financing Commercial Retrofits.”3 Since then, many projects have been completed and more PACE programs have been launched. There are now over 250 completed commercial PACE projects worth more than $75 million. In this updated report – based on more than 30 interviews with market leaders including program administrators, financing entities, contractors, building owners, and project developers – we analyze the market’s direction, successes and challenges.

How has the market evolved and developed? What program financing and administration models have gained traction? What drives project completion? And what are some of the emerging best practices? This paper answers those questions by focusing on four leading PACE programs:

  • C-PACE (Connecticut)

  • Figtree PACE (California)

  • Los Angeles County Commercial PACE program

  • Toledo-Lucas Port Authority program/ BetterBuildings Northwest Ohio

PACE is an adaptation of a common financing technique used for decades throughout the United States: local governments provide financing that is repaid with a property tax based assessment for improvements that benefit property owners and also meet a public purpose.4 Using PACE, cities and counties promote energy efficiency upgrades, on-site renewable energy projects, and in some places, water conservation and resiliency measures. PACE can be used to finance 100 percent of a project’s costs with a repayment term matching the useful life of the implemented measures. To date, nearly 500 municipalities in the United States participate in PACE programs. Some of the program design attributes include:

  • PACE financing can be used for any commercial, industrial or agricultural property, and may be available to non-profit and government facilities as well.

  • PACE projects must save or produce energy and be permanently affixed to the property.5

  • PACE is entirely voluntary. Benchmarking, energy audits and evaluations can be part of a set of services and analysis offered through PACE. In communities that adopt PACE, assessments are paid only by participating owners, and only for their own projects, so no additional taxpayers are involved.

  • Property taxes and assessments have a senior claim on property. If a property goes into foreclosure, only PACE assessments in arrears will be repaid from sale proceeds, along with other property taxes and assessments.

4 Please see Appendix 1
to learn more about the history of PACE since 2008 onward.

5 Water conservation and resiliency measures are eligible for PACE financing in some states as well. 

  • Open Market PACE Is Scaling Up - : Figtree PACE Financing

    KK: Figtree is a specialty finance company offering PACE funding to .... According to the Deutsche Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation study, scaling building ...
  • [PDF]Lender Support Study (PDF) - Figtree Financing

    with firms such as Natixis Real Estate, BNY Capital Funding, and Deloitte ... Jessica Bailey, formerly with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and now Director of.
  • (PACE) Financing for Multifamily Housing in California

    Jan 29, 2015 - PACE makes it easier for property owners to finance energy ... save $1 trillion over a decade, according to the Rockefeller Foundation study.
  • Resources | PACENow
  • State Clean Energy Finance Banks: New Investment Facilities for Clean Energy Deployment. Brookings – Rockefeller. Project on State and Metropolitan ...
  • [PDF]RF Annual Report - 1958 - The Rockefeller Foundation

    Rockefeller Foundation
    sciences were not receiving the public interest and financial ..... closely associated in the financial support of science—the. General ...... high in a giant fig tree.
  • [PDF]RF Annual Report - 1938 - The Rockefeller Foundation

    Rockefeller Foundation
    tion's finances during 1938 appear on pages 79 to 80 and ...... and adequate financing, substantial progress. :jfi ...... tropical fig tree grows throughout the West.
    • News: Figtree PACE Financing

      A $279 billion investment in commercial, residential, and institutional segments could save $1 trillion over a decade, according to the Rockefeller Foundation ...
    Figtree PACE Financing -  Unlocking Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing for Multifamily Housing in California . . .


    David Gabrielson, Executive Director of PACENow, notes: “PACE is a proven and effective financing solution for just about every building type, including multifamily. We applaud the Obama Administration, Governor Brown, and the MacArthur Foundation for their leadership in promoting broader PACE use for HUD supported properties through this path-breaking Pilot initiative. PACE is being adopted throughout the U.S. and is helping to drive economic activity, create jobs, revitalize our buildings, and protect our environment.”

    PACE makes it easier for property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that make buildings more valuable and sustainable. It can be used, voluntarily, to finance 100% of a broad array of energy reducing projects, or solar installations, and long-term payback of up to 20 years means most projects save money immediately for property owners and tenants.

    According to the White House: “In the United States, about a quarter of households live in multifamily housing units, including more than 3 million units in California alone.

    Improving the energy efficiency of these buildings nationwide by 20 percent would save nearly $7 billion in energy costs each year and cut 350 million tons of carbon pollution in a decade.” PACE can help make existing multifamily buildings more affordable to renters with low incomes and, as a result, save money for consumers and taxpayers.

    About PACENow:

    PACENow is a non-profit foundation funded advocate for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. PACENow’s mission is to promote improved energy efficiency in buildings and use of PACE. Our strategy is to be a trusted source for information and resources to a growing coalition of PACE stakeholders that includes local governments, businesses, industry service providers, labor and trade organizations, environmental groups and private individuals nationwide.

    Energy efficiency retrofits represent a spectacular investment opportunity. A $279 billion investment in commercial, residential, and institutional segments could save $1 trillion over a decade, according to the Rockefeller Foundation study. Moreover, the ACEEE’s estimates show that energy efficiency improvements tend to result in the average return on investment of 22 percent. PACE financing is a robust and flexible tool that can be used to make our nation’s buildings more energy efficient.