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GOVERNMENT CONTRACT: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA M67854·Q4·C-5074 - The Peripheral Pain System Used to Target
Comment - These weapons are false plasma weapons that hit nerves creating false pain using lazar, RF and pulsed EMF technologies. Important to note the plasma in the chemtrails also causes damage to physical property, power in vehicles, can disrupt batteries - causing shorter battery life, can short equipment out, radios can be disrupted and attacked. High intensity directed energy to nociceptors/nerve endings that identify pain on our skin i.e. when you are burned you pull your hand back . . are pulsed energy ADS and are able to connect on a neuron/nociceptors (nerve) level whereby the technology causes a false pain so people will go on medications and pills . . . So really you are not in pain but these technologies can create the illusion of pain, This is part of the active denial system (Active Denial = pain and pleasure - rewards or torture = mind control torture weapons - these are the means and weapons for global mind control implementation - another example if a politician does not vote for what the controllers/criminal crime families want the politician can be tortured with these weapons . . . Below is a government contract for the technology being used by covert criminals upon the populations, globally. . .

Chemtrails are for changing the atmosphere into a PLASMA for Directed Energy weapons of Mass Destruction, using Weaponized Weather. directed energy weapons, the Weaponized power grid, and weaponized telecommunications grid.

Weapons of Mass Destruction - CONTRACT UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA M67854·Q4·C-5074 - The Peripheral Pain System. The detection of pain begins with a complex set of peripheral afferents (nociceptors) that detect and encode a great variety of stimuli. These peripherally encoded events are relayed by axons into the central nervous system (spinal cord, thalamus, cortex) where the information undergoes the complex assembly required to produce a localized, conscious perception of pain (Cooper and Sessle, 1993).

Nociceptive atferents detect tissue damaging or near tissue damaging consequences of mechanical and thermal events, and the chemical events associated with actual tissue damage. To accomplish these multi-level tasks, the pain system has evolved a family of nociceptive neurons with dive"" mechanical, thermal and chemical response capacities. These capacities overlap in a manner that is not completely understood, but it is likely that they vary for particular tissue sites (skin, joints, muscle, viscera, bone) that have highly specialized nociceptive requirements. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=788882457800790&set=gm.10152274064338581&type=1&true

Recent advances in nociceptor characterization have permitted classification, In Vi/TO. ofatlcast 8 distinct nociceptive phenotypes. Our laboratory has shown that sensory cells of the DRG are comprised of discrete, internally homogenous, classes of capsaicin (OC) sensitive (types I, 2, S, 7, 8 and 9) and insensitive (types 3, 4, 6) populations with distinct capacities to respond to SHT, PGEz, protons, ACh and ATP (Martenson et al., 1994; Cardenas et al., 1997; Cardenas et ai, 1999; Petruska et aI., 2000, 2002; Cooper and Cooper, 2001). We have used lipid soluble fluorescent tracers to define the specific distribution of nociceptors into viscera, joints and skin. Preliminary studies have indicated tha~pu1ationsofskinin~ ~S. It is these nociceptors that are likely to receive the maximal burst _ from laser plasmas A) Objectives /Concept.

Recent advances in directed energy weapons technology suggests that scalable, non-lethal to lethal force systems may be possible. Such a system would be useful in many environments. Two systems currently under development, active denial and pulsed ener ADS and PEP offer mainly complementary capacities that could address multiple tasks ese tasks include the full capability of these directed energy systems (DE) are still being explored. At their current stage of development, each system has clear nonlethal (ADS) and lethal (PEP) capacities suitable to the above tasks. Our experiments will examine the feasibility of PEP as a new generation non-lethal weapon. Pulsed energy can be confi ed to produce plasmas of exce tionall hi ener In the studies described below we will determine the feasibility of using the plasma derived EMP to induce pain suitable to disarm and deter individuals or form barriers to the movement of large hostile groups. If successfully deployed, PEP could complement ADS in situations in which the latter is ineffective, less effective, or rone to counter measures. Many of the counter measures that might be envisioned against ADS offer opportunities for PEP targeting (via plasma induction or ablation of the defense). Despite these potential advantages, certain special capabilities and features of ADS offer advantages over PEP in many scenarios. Therefore, the systems are complementary. The efficiency and lethality of PEP weapons systems lll'0 straight forward. The non-ballistic, instantaneous properties of DE make precise tlll'getting a straightforwlll'd matter of line ofsi l. Terrific amounts of energy can be delivered over great distances with pinpoint accumc . However, Potentially. the location of PEP http://www.marcorsyscom.marines.mil/Portals/105/Counsel/Contracts/M67854£Q4£C-5074~University%20of%20Florida.pdf