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We need to start by recognizing that they are not opposing a legitimate "government". They are appropriately opposing a corporate "system" that sees their children as "value-added" products for commercial purposes. 

How did this happen, that our precious children have been reduced to mere "human resources"?

Our country is not a country but is a for-profit corporation founded in 1925. All assets, including human, were hypothecated into a "joint public trust" in 1933. 

This was done by the fake-Jewish Rothschild banking dynasty. We need to understand this tragedy before we can fix it.

Step one: understand that the US is not a country but has been a privately owned corporation since 1925. 
And that the so-called stockholders are likely the Rothschild's. 

New video about USA INC - with source documents


Dear C.C. Committee,

Gloria has submitted her response (see below) to our State Superintendent's request for comments on Common Core (see his email below).

If you are finding this assignment difficult, try using her input to give you a head start, but write it in your own words.   ALL of us need to submit something within the next few days.  Pass this on to those you know in Ca. who are interested in the issue possibly former teachers. 

Please help. or the State Ed Dept. will be able to say the public has nothing to offer.  Those of you who are math majors must have something to submit, as that part of the curriculum is just plain crazy.   


The State Public Instruction Department is welcoming public review
and comment on the Common Core Curriculum.
Share this with all concerned parents and grandparents that you know.
Tom Torlakson, our California State Superintendent of Public Instruction is asking for Public Comments on their new framework for Common Core, Kindergarten through grade 12. The public has until February 13th to review the ELA/ELD Framework. It is available on line,
The closest location for us to review submitted and adopted instructional materials and resources on hard copy is at the following address:
Lettycia Terrones
California State University Fullerton
Pollak Library, Curriculum Materials Center
800 North State College Boulevard
Fullerton, CA 92834
They are asking the public to:
1.    read the materials,
2.    answer their survey and
3.    submit our comments:
In the event the link to the survey is unavailable and you wish to complete a survey - please complete the word version of the survey and submit via e-mail to elaframework@cde.ca.gov.
Comment on the Draft ELA/ELD Framework

In addition to the survey comments on the draft 2014 ELA/ELD Framework can also be e-mailed to elaframework@cde.ca.gov , faxed to 916-319-0172 or mailed to:

Attention: 2014 ELA/ELD Framework
Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 3207
Sacramento, CA 95814