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ALERT - The "Hidden" Agenda and HOW "GO LOCAL" has been USED . . . Admissions from the American National Standards Institute .

This is an extremely important admission by the American National Standards Institute -
"ANSI plays an important part in creating international standards that support the worldwide sale of products, which "prevent" regions from using local standards to favor local industries."

What you will read below ties into the Climate Action Plans that are being adopted in EVERY town, city, state, nationwide and globally as laws and they are not laws . . They are corporate statutes - a MUST read is "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by Judge Dale to understand the corporate statutes.  The ICLEI/UN Climate Action Plan Template along with other important information can be found on www.StopTheCrime.net at the top of the home page under the Climate Action Plan link . . . There is much more information about the plans on the site that will not be covered in this writing. . However, that having been said we will be discussing an aspect of the CAP that will effect everyone in a profound way . .  YOUR FOOD SUPPLY - OUR FOOD SUPPLY IS BEING REDUCED AND RATIONED . . AND THE PLANS TELL US HOW . . the goal of the corporations is to centralize control over everything including all the food . . the CAP is targeting the notion that our survival is based upon reducing our CO2 emissions aka GHG - Greenhouse gas emissions . . and we must change current operations and production of agriculture to reduce GHG.  (We remind you this is all based upon false science - the need to reduce CO2 emissions to stop climate change is not true). The goals as outlined in the CAP are to increase local growing of food in the cities - on rooftops, containers on balconies, raised bed gardening, rear yards, side yards and front yard gardening. Rural farms and ranches are not considered sustainable and must be restored to forests and natural habitats. The machinery used in farming, and other large farming operations along with the trucking of the food into the cities including road maintenance and transportation is unsustainable according to the CAP. Urban/city agriculture relies on minimal mechanization because plots are usually small, requiring less fuel.  When farming is performed on small plots of land, urban/city agriculture requires rotational farming practices that maintain the soil's ability to store carbon that helps mitigate climate change.  Think about this - the notion that people living in cities will be able to replace the need for the food that farms and ranches provide is outrageous . . While the idea of planting home gardens is good - to think that this could replace outside food sources is fool hardy.  Certainly many people feel empowered when they are able to grow their own food . . and that's good.  However, there are factors such as limited growing seasons, the geoengineering programs that are deliberate large-scale manipulations of the Earth's climate/weather, and for many growing food, at least enough to survive would be a challenge.  So what is really happening here?  Based upon false science that reducing CO2 aka GHG will stop climate change is a corporate manipulation of reality to increase control of the food supply, the people and increase corporate profits. . We must not facilitate these plans by thinking that GO Local will save us from climate change. .  We are participating in our own starvation program if we allow the elimination of our farms in exchange for the idea that our home gardens will sustain us. . Lastly, the CAP will eliminate meat . . meat production is unsustainable.  
So how did these plans evolve in the first place?  And how were so many people so easily misled?

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE GLOBAL POPULATIONS ARE MANIPULATED BY THE RAND CORPORATION SCAMS ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS - these are deceptive meeting practices with predetermined outcomes, lead by trained facilitators that exploit the people who attend by guiding the meeting outcomes and manipulating a false "consensus" . . in short most people leave scratching their heads wondering what just happened.  Most people say they had NO opportunity to discuss their viewpoints and had no impact on the outcome of the meetings . .  

The corporations aka the international bankers private 'think tank' called the RAND CORPORATION has been used for decades to create new ways to manipulate the American people. They have promoted these scams to advance globalization and the growth of their monopolies.

The whole 'buy local' movement is based on the fact that locally owned companies bring more prosperity into a community than out of state or even out of the country companies do. When money is earned locally, taxed by local government and spent locally a community prospers. When money is earned locally, taxed nationally or internationally and spent on products made elsewhere - the profits are sucked out of the community. The people who live in that community wind up working for minimum wage at WalMart, for example.

This is an extremely important admission by the American National Standards Institute -
"ANSI plays an important part in creating international standards that support the worldwide sale of products, which "prevent" regions from using local standards to favor local industries."

This of course is the goal of globalization . . . to keep all communities poor and struggling while the profit made from the people's hard work leaves the community and goes into the hands of the corporations and the international bankers. If more people understood that globalization is a race to the bottom, this game would stop. If more corporate government decision makers cared about the prosperity of their own communities, this game would stop. The term "global competitiveness" means the people get poorer and poorer and the international corporate banking cartel get richer and richer. 

To help the globalists achieve their goal of wealth extraction, they promote the RAND CORPORATION"S Delphi Technique in all meetings. It is taught to private corporations, government corporations, educational institutions and non-profit administrators and other organizations.   However, they never use the term the Delphi Technique, instead they call it "consensus" building. 

For example, this ruthless and dishonest strategy for consensus building is promoted to create international standards by the American National Standards Institute. This is from their website: 

"In many instances, U.S. standards are taken forward to ISO and IEC, through ANSI or USNC, where they are adopted in whole or in part as international standards. For this reason, ANSI plays an important part in creating international standards that support the worldwide sale of products, which prevent regions from using local standards to favor local industries.Since volunteers from industry and government, not ANSI staff, carry out the work of the international technical committees, the success of these efforts often is dependent upon the willingness of U.S. industry and government to commit the resources required to ensure strong U.S. technical participation in the international standards process."

While the concept of International Standards are sold to many as a "good thing", here is the reality:
  • International standards support the worldwide sale of products produced by the international corporations at the expense of the people who do all of the work.
  • International standards encourage and create pollution from the extensive system of long distance transport of goods.
  • International standards waste even more resources via the extensive system of long distance transport
  • International standards create dependency on mega-corporations while resources and wealth is extracted from communities.
  • International standards are designed to destroy the ability of the people who live in a community to decide what is best for them.

The Delphi "consensus" scam:

This strategy is part of the elitist attitude that people don't really want their way . . . they just want their say!  So, they discourage laying out all of the facts for a "group" and permitting the group to thoroughly discuss the issue and vote on it. They discourage open public discussions and promote "mail in comments" to control the information the group is presented with. If these groups were composed of well informed people who got to vote on all of the issues that effect their lives, the people may not be in the dire straights they now find themselves in! 

From the American National Standards Institute's web site:

The hallmarks of the American National Standards process include:

~consensus on a proposed standard by a group or “consensus body” that includes representatives from materially affected and interested parties;
~broad-based public review and comment on draft standards;
~consideration of and response to comments submitted by voting members of the relevant consensus body and by public review commenters;
~incorporation of approved changes into a draft standard; and right to appeal by any participant that believes that due process principles were not sufficiently respected during the standards development in accordance with the ANSI-accredited procedures of the standards developer.

The ANSI process serves all standardization efforts in the United States by providing and promoting a process that withstands scrutiny, while protecting the rights and interests of every participant. In essence, ANSI standards quicken the market acceptance of products while making clear how to improve the safety of those products for the protection of consumers.


This quote is corporate "spin" also known as propaganda. Please note that the word "vote" is not included in their "consensus" process. The handpicked "participants" are only allowed public comment. And there is absolutely no assurance that these "comments" will result in any changes in the international "standardization" process.  In fact, we know comments are not considered if they do not align with the predetermined goals.  Nor are the "public comments" shared with the participants by those in charge of implementing the Delphi Technique. Nor is the word "majority" ever used by those in charge of implementing the Delphi Technique. A "majority" would require a VOTE.  The concept of utilizing input from the people that live and work in the communities to formulate policies that will impact their lives is not considered . . 

We need to understand that a "consumer" has no role in society except to buy "stuff" and obey the "rules" created by the corporate profiteers. 

The terms CONSENSUS and PUBLIC COMMENT is your tip off that you are being Delphied, deceived, manipulated and swindled. Sadly, some of the nicest people have been brainwashed into using this strategy on their friends and neighbors. Unfortunately they are involved in hollowing out their very own communities and their children's future employment prospects and don't even know it. They have been BRAINWASHED into using this destructive Delphi Technique that was created by the elite's think-tank known as the RAND CORPORATION. 

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change used the Delphi Technique on their attendees to arrive at the CONSENSUS that 'carbon dioxide emissions are creating climate change' and of course this is not true. . They were Delphied. 
Why is our government participating in extracting the resources and wealth out of our communities?Because they are not who we think they are!  We have mega corporations and bankers posing as a legitimate government and they are not. . .  

Read "The Great American Adventure - the Secrets of America" by Judge Dale and "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" both available as free downloads from www.StopTheCrime.net