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The GRIP represents an ambitious effort to reduce greenhouse gases using target dates whereby local jurisdictions
must comply and implement many changes to city and local operations.

The GRIP will impact and transform all areas of economic activity in our communities.

As an example the goals in the Santa Rosa Climate Action Plan, in Sonoma County in Northern California requires reduction of
GHG emission 25% below 1990 level by 2015 by adopting policies and imposing mandates
with required target dates that WILL impact our lives in unimaginable ways. The CAP will mandate energy audits in all our homes,
business in fact, all buildings nationwide and then require we retrofit and replace by eliminating all energy inefficient unsustainable items.
Many people will not be able to afford the code requirements particularly when the economy is so weak and jobless rates and incomes are
declining. These plans are all based upon fraudulent science and the abuse inherent in the transfer of authority to administrative control
through contracts is intended to centralize and eliminate all individuals decisions and ultimately through not complying to the energy code
requirements will create cities deeming you building unfit, unsustainable and will "red tag" and not allow occupancy.

public has not reviewed and may not be obligated to..

Many of us have attended these GRIP meetings to question and to warn those intending
to implement this plan of the dangers associated with such a bold undertaking, partially when MOST people are
unaware of the scope of the PLAN and the personal costs to them . . Most do not know.. The GRIP meetings are sparsely attended
with maybe averaging ten people that are not part of the GRIP facilitators and or stakeholders with obvious benefits from the GRIP
implementation, which we see as a conflict of interest.

Measuring, recording and strategizing for noble purposes that rely on technology to improve
our lives and make our lives better can also produce a mind set that will create conditions that makes us less than
fully human.

Centralized control can squash creativity and the entreprenurial spirit that adds vitality to
our lives.

We have learned by reading the counties Climate Action Plan contract that a multinational consulting group ICFI has created all the handouts
and the presentations that the CAP local facilitators show to the public. . . Instead these meetings are directed by ICFI - who have been named
the lead consultant to the local GRIP. ICFI is a multinational consulting firm that has contracts with the IRS,
global corporations, world governments and all levels of military operations.

Thus far those of us who have attended the public workshops have been manipulated by a meeting format that excludes open
discussion, questions and answers. Rather we are told listen to the presentation, the power point, and breakup around the perimeter of the
room and write on post it notes ideas we have to reduce GHG our carbon footprint. When we attempt to ask ANY relevant questions we are told save
your questions and write them on the post it notes. There is NO welcome dialog at these public meetings . . . These meetings are NOT
intended to address public questions in an OPEN conversation and do not even offer an opportunity for clarification of the existing
Climate Action Plan that is already adopted by Santa Rosa . . .

The rejection of public discussion (by the DELPHI Technique - manipulated meetings with predetermined outcomes)
is intentional creating a controlled "consensus" where programs are being forced upon communities
whose residents were denied any real participation and left without a voice . . .

Something is terribly wrong . . .

We must conclude with the sober realization that these public participation meetings are NOT really for the public to participate openly -
whereby these policies created by multinational corporations for our communities do not represent the citizens living in the communities.
When facilitators that are trained by multinational corporations paid by grants through contractual agreements that become debt to the cities
taxes will likely be necessary to pay the borrowed monies back . . - which in turn, obligates residents to debt they do
not know about, requiring additional costs to all businesses and residents with policies they have not participated in . .

The public did not vote for these Climate Actions Plans

31,000 American Scientists disagree the Co2 is causing Global Warming/Climate Change

Congress did NOT vote for these Climate Action Plans

The environmental organizations were NOT voted for - they have NO authority

NONE of these plans represent US

You are working through non-profits, multinational corporation and NGO's to DEMAND ACTIONS and create policies that the average person is completely unaware is even occurring, right now.

The memorandum of understanding was NOT signed by any council members or county board of supervisions.

The local facilitators of the GRIP are presenting some else's work, ICFI representatives and not present at the public workshops - and the facilitators cannot answer questions since it's ICF's work. Why don't you have an ICFI representative at the workshops to answer questions? There is NO ONE at the workshops that will answer ours questions. WHY?

Did you know the Climate Action Plan is a global Plan? There is a Climate Action Plan Template SEEC and ICLEI . . ICLEI is the United Nations and means International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. . . This is a Global Plan and is mandated by the United Nations and global corporations that do not represent the people . . .

Did you know the Climate Action Plan WILL require smart meters and eliminate the opt-out choice by not only requiring smart meters in all new construction but retrofitting all inefficient appliances with Energy Star - RFID's chipped and increasing EMF inside our homes. .

REACH CODES . . . In the event reductions do not occur as expected, the City will be able to modify and add further policies to the CAP to ensure the City meets its reduction targets . . . these are threats of fines, penalties, unreachable regulations based upon false science placed upon communities, our homes, our businesses, our lives that will dissolve any accountability that the incorporated city and county governments will have to the people . . .

How can you, as an incorporated city really function for the people when you are a sub corporation of the state corporation? Our legal system is now under statue laws . . .which does not represent the people . . and the grants you sign and take the money are brides with threats attached to them . . HAVE we already lost local control?

The public has not had an opportunity to weigh in on global warming - who made the decision?

The people are being saddled with higher costs and we want to identify exactly who is accepting these grants/bribes - hiding under a corporate veil - we did not elect you to sign onto bogus science . and according to over 31,000 American scientists Co2 is not the cause of Global Warming . . .

Why would you sign the contract/brideWho signed the agreement and took the million that is based upon bogus political science? . . . we are being sold a new reality based upon bogus science . . .

Over 31,000 American scientists declared that global warming was not caused by human activity aka GHG emissions the signed petition is posted on www.StopTheCrime.net top of home page under the Climate Action Link . .

Tell the cities and the county if they want to green the county buildings that's fine - but you cannot force us to agree to your corporate contracts creating policies under bogus science . . .

Even Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country would not ratify the Kyoto Protocol because the rational supporting it was "scientifically flawed" . . He stated that even on hundred percent compliance with the agreement wouldn't reverse climate change.

The Russian Academy of Sciences presented scientific arguments against signing in a statement issued on July 1, 2005, noting that the world's temperatures do not follow CO2 levels. Further, the Academy discounted one of the most significant danger claims about global warming - that tropical diseases would spread - noting that malaria is a disease that is encouraged by sunlit pools of water where mosquitos can breed, not by climate warmth. They also pointed out the lack of correlation between global warming and extreme weather, which a British government scientific delegation had admitted it could find no evidence to support. In other words there is market being created to sell lots of hot air . . .

First, who gave authority to the PRMD/Planning Department, the County Attorney and the mayor to enter into this (GRIP) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Implementation Program - memorandum of understanding?

We would like to see a signed affidavit that those people that signed the grant (GRIP) were ordered/instructed to sign by the city councils and county board of supervisors - instructed to sign on behalf of our elected officials.

We would like to see a signed affidavit from the County Board of Supervisors and the local city council members stating they all fully understand and agree to the terms of the Grant/Contract . .

Once you sign a grant you have accepted the terms and are doing business under the requirements of the GRIP Grant . . . and by having signed this GRIP contract and accepting the GRANT money you are engaging in restructuring the ENTIRE business model of our city - and NO one is here at this meeting - we have asked for . . . We are stakeholders since we have property that requires a business license to operate. . We will be impacted by unknown and unstated restrictions that will effect our costs of doing business . . and our property will become obligated to these CAP plans to reduce our carbon footprint that we did not consent to nor do we agree that Global Warming aka Climate Change will be effected by lowering Co2 emissions. . . This is really all about cap and trade which is the selling of hot air . .

Grants require cities to take the money and abide by the terms and conditions of the grant. So, the cities MUST figure out a way to force these grant policies upon the people . .

We did not sign the Contracts or request and take the grant money for these Greenhouse Reduction Implementation Programs (GRIP) our incorporated cities did - without our vote or consent . . Those that signed the contracts are obligated to the terms and conditions of the contracts/grants not the people. . .

You think you can reduce GHG on city buildings, only? How do you comply with the GRIP "required target goals" on only city buildings? Through this controlled corporate agency process EVERYONE in Sonoma County will be greatly effected. . But wait the privately owned utility companies can charge all of us more money for CARBON off sets, the paying and trading of AIR . . . Why would you partner with the utility company PG&E in the first place? What's really going on? None of these makes any logical sense. . This seems to be benefiting international corporations bottom lines and NOT local business. . . The only way you can enforce these goals is to hit locally owned businesses and homeowners with the cost of the GRIP and NO ONE can determine if the GRIP will ultimately save the planet . . . What next reduction of Co2 called growing and raising agriculture or beef, chickens, sheep etc.? This will likely reduce our local food supply . . .

The very nature of stakeholders are based upon stakeholder benefits and profits. Corporate stakeholders suck money OUT of the local economies and reduces locally owned business profits. Corporations do not spend their money locally they suck our money out of our towns which reduces our local prosperity in the communities.

By what authority do you have to sign onto an entirely NEW business model - for all of us? Business licenses will be impacted first with all the restrictions, fines, retrofits, penalties these NEW undetermined GRIP targets will create . . Think about why the smart meter opt-outs were only given to residential housing and not commercial? Residents do not have business licenses. . . to understand the licensing and the Trading with the Enemy Act you can read "The Great American Adventure - Secret of America" by Retired Judge Dale. BUT you must understand you are NOT allowed to earn a living without a license. We must license our dogs, license to drive our cars and have a business. And now the conditions of our licenses require we retrofit our rental properties and replace our old inefficient appliances with Energy Star. . or energy code enforcement will do what? We will not get a business license renewal until we comply? Under the Property Maintenance Code - Property Inspections will be implemented to enforce your codes - this will be a loss of money to us. This will cause us to spend money we do not have and are not making in this continuing recession we find ourselves in. . .

We did not agree with the science behind the GRIP GRANT

We do NOT agree that carbon dioxide is a pollutant - in fact if Co2 was increased by only 10% we would produce enough food to END starvation. . . growers pump Co2 into green houses to promote plant growth . .

Who will hold you accountable for deceiving us?

Which one of our local elects decided to hire international corporations? Was this part of the GRANT requirement? GRANT money is behind the requiring of policies, changing our local communities and altering the entire way of life?

Why would you hire an International proagranda company - never one penny was spent to question the science of global warming - only to promote global warming you took the money to promote global warming. . . ICF will set up power points and presentation material . . they keep everyone busy on nonsense and nobody will discuss the real problems . . .

The CIA even admits they are engaged in misinforming the American people -
CIA Director (1981) William Casey
"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when
everything the American public believes is false."

See (Operation Mockingbird)
We are further concerned since we have been told that county polices are based around being and "going local" BUT we see a major conflict when you sign agreements to do business with multinational corporations. . Corporations such as ICF Jones & Stokes, Inc that has been hired to act as the Lead Consultant for the GRIP. . Who is ICF Intl. aka Jones $ Stokes? They are an international grant management and consulting firm that is carrying out agendas we did not vote for and largely unaware these agendas even exist. We found it interesting that Jones & Stokes are restructuring global policies (very concerning about ICF's Caution concerning forward-looking statement - ICF makes) . . . ICF states they are subject to factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. . . ICF is NOT local, does not know us and is telling us there are unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could change the actual results, levels of activity, performance and achievements that could be different in the future outcomes. ICF cautions us with their contract and consulting agreements with the use of words such as guidance, anticipate, believe, could, estimate, expect, intend , may, plan, potential, seek, should, will, would or similar words - that we should read their statements that contain these words, CAREFULLY. . So what are we all really talking about here a COSTLY GRAND EXPERIMENT THAT WILL FUNDAMENTALLY ALTER OUR BUSINESSES - CHANGE THE WHY WE LIVE - and the Lead Consultant does not know???? Did you know ICF consults with the IRS to improve customer relations? - do you even know the IRS is the collection arm for the Federal Reserve which is a corrupt foreign international banking operation based in Puerto Rico? Did you know that? Look it up . . . and you hired and paid to work with ICF? Who are ICF's other clients? Well we can tell you - . . . ICF works with the Department of Energy and this is what the DOE says about ENERGY - AIMING FOR ZERO - "Sustainability is NOT the same thing as Zero Energy. There is no such thing as zero energy. Energy does not exist in a vacuum - it always comes from somewhere and goes somewhere. Because there is always a cost to energy, trade-offs are inevitable in order to find a harmonious balance that offers the greatest efficiency and least impact on the environment. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL - TO NOT USE ENERGY. THE MOST EFFICIENT ENERGY IS ENERGY WE DO NOT GENERATE! THIS IS NOT A TECHNOLOGY, IT IS BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION, OR LEARNING TO LIVE IN A NEW REALITY. . . U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY - Aiming for ZERO . . .

Based upon the DOE the Climate Action Plan, The Grant for the GRIP sounds more like some kind of POLITICAL Agenda . . .

Most concerning is everyone seems perfectly willing to sign onto and agree with local policy changes allowing non-government organizations, creating corporate government partnerships, large foundations, non-profit agents without reporting the affiliations and business ties of any of these agencies taking charge. We are losing local control and becoming regionalized under policies that are not within our local control . . . and we are not having a discussion about that, WHY?

How many of you are even aware that the Western Climate Initiative - California and Quebec is NOW erasing local boundaries?

With Unelected officials and agencies we have no control . . .

Time and time again many frustrated community citizens are confused by the lack of a REAL Discussion, and Real dialogue seeking real input . . . Rather most of us have discovered that most meetings are conducted with trained facilitators and moderators that do not take questions. Rather they "require" questions be submitted on cards that are seldom discussed or mentioned. . This is called the Delphi Technique where trained facilitators manipulate everyone into a consensus not a vote. . .and everyone leaves these meetings scratching their heads wondering what just happened. . . The meetings are shaped and manipulated by outcomes that have already been determined . . . outcomes have already been determined! By WHO and WHY? The Rand Corporation came up with this method to guide societies into accepting polices that were previously decided upon for the greater good . . .in their opinion . . .

We are watching local businesses close and seeing more vacant commercial buildings . . Why does OUR local government keep making policies with International corporations that do not benefit LOCAL business?

All the corporate city council members and the county board of supervisors, that signed the GRIP, need to provide the science that will dispute the over 31,000 American scientists and the Russian scientists that have stated that Global Warming is flawed science.