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Personal Story - Electronic Mind Control Weapons Used to Target Victims . . .

> CONFIDENTIAL - Insider Report . . .

> Because the advanced assault weapons 
> mimic "paranormal" events it is not necessary to have
> any kind of hardware anywhere near a target to surveil
> or assault the target.

> What is crucially important, in order to save targets
> all the headaches and stress of trying to find a
> conventional signal (as taught in school) "source"
> is that we have overwhelming evidence that today's
> perp weapons use FAR more advanced technology
> than conventional test equipment can track with
> any certainty. 

> Today's perp weapons:

> - Can penetrate excellent EM and acoustic shielding 
> as if the shielding were not there
> - Can directly manipulate both breathing and vocal 
> cords to generate involuntary speech, often used 
> to keep the target awake 
> - Can "inject" conventional sound or radio signals so 
> they appear to emanate from any point in space. 
> Often, this is used to make appliances appear to 
> "talk" or all outlets appear to be "sending radio 
> frequency signals". This is decoying, as the 
> perpetrators have demonstrated this "injection" 
> can also be done from any point in thin air, or a 
> windowless side of a building.
> - Can move objects, from tiny gas bubbles in the 
> victim's respiratory tract, through yanking legs out 
> from under the victim, all the way up to shoving a 
> moving car sideways. Violent yanking of victims' 
> limbs and forcing the victim's jaw to clack up and 
> down are favourite ways to keep a victim awake. 
> Victims report both sexual fondling and actual blows 
> as if by fist from invisible sources, with real bruises.
> - Can view the target's body in such detail that they
> know, in a dark room, inside a dark tent and under bedding, 
> exactly which finger is not pinned down by the
> pillow. They then pick that finger to wiggle to keep
> the target awake.
> - Can make objects disappear then reappear in 
> another location, and the reappearance location 
> can be a moving vehicle 
> - Can strike heavy blows to any object, or set any 
> object including the body into strong vibration, 
> while nearby objects are not vibrating at all. Even 
> instances where the bed frame was slammed 
> extremely hard - as if by an invisible mallet, and this 
> would sometimes knock me half on to the floor. 
> Verified by seismograph and vibration switches - 
> not imaginary!
> - Can manipulate cords, straps, hooks and other links
> "on the fly," meaning even when a target is walking.
> Can create impossible knots in these things, and even
> remotely manipulate a broad strap through a buckle so
> it ends up 180 degrees (backwards), "on the fly."
> - Can cause a zipper to "fall open," unzipped, silently,
> as the target is walking along
> - Can cause liquid to drip in substantial amounts from
> the cap of a high quality drinking water bottle, or
> tap, even when the gasket or washer is in perfect
> condition, and, the target cannot cause any water to
> leak in spite of extreme pressure on the bottle. The
> water apparently passes through a perfect seal.
> - Can wrench house/building structure causing loud 
> snapping or crackling noises, often done at precisely 
> the point where a victim is starting to doze off to sleep 
> - Can "inject air from nowhere" inside the upper lip 
> when the lips are firmly closed, and the tongue and 
> cheeks are blocking air from the lungs - this injection 
> is used to keep the target awake as it results in a 
> loud noise like flatulence.
> - Can apply thousands of pounds tension to metal stock 
> or welds in excellent condition, causing breakage, yet 
> no tool marks are left on the (soft) finish 
> - Can cause liquids inside a fridge, with a target
> sitting three feet from the fridge and hearing/feeling
> no motion of the fridge, vibration, or noise, to fly
> upwards and outwards from a container and splash
> all over the inside of the fridge. In spite of the 
> container having been verified as having the liquid
> still - not in motion - when the door closed a minute
> or two earlier. Happens in different apt buildings,
> not some oddity dependent on location.
> - Inexplicable (from conventional technology standpoint) 
> "lights" on and close to victims, especially with people 
> from the MKULTRA-era survivor community. Some 
> are seen by nearby witnesses (like two cases of 
> brightly glowing hands) or show on photos. Burns on 
> the victim sometimes show afterwards. 
> - A small number of full levitation cases.

> There ARE some manifestations of conventional electro-
> magnetic signals, but clearly, there are far more advanced
> signals in use too. 

> We do NOT know if the EM signals we
> sometimes detect are -

> - Are from ordinary commercial sources
> - Are necessary for the advanced signals to work
> - Are unintended side effects of the advanced signals
> - Are outright DECOY signals, to make us go off on
> a conventional signal "wild goose chase" and make
> claims to the authorities that make us look crazy

> CONFIDENTIAL - Insider Report . . .