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Military Aircraft over NYC Is Part of Harassment

Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 15-Oct-2011 16:15:08

Please note: the article presented below was not written by me. My first name is Mary, and the author’s first name is Mary. Two Mary’s who have never met, although we share a publisher, namely Trineday.

I print this article with Mary Efrosini Gregory’s permission. She has been logging the behavior of aircraft near Kennedy and LaGuardia airport for years. She also has produced hundreds of photographs. The point she makes below is that a lot of experimental harassment of people can be carried out near airports: citizens won’t complain because they think it is just part of the normal business of take-offs and landings.

Now here is the article. I repeat that I myself, Mary Maxwell, am not its author:

Military Aircraft over NYC Is Part of Harrassment 
By Mary Efrosini Gregory of Rego Park NY, retired US Customs Officer

It is evident that we are under martial law and have been for some time. First, it was formally announced that on October 1, 2008, NORTHCOM would be deployed within 100 miles of US borders. Years later, someone on the radio said that the figure was 200 miles. Moreover, they admit to having drones in New York State.

In some of the harassment that is directed at me personally, or at least at the apartment building where I live in Queens, New York, I would venture a guess that the aircraft is unmanned, i.e. drones. I write about this in my new book Microwave Experiment, published by Trineday.

The only thing that remains is for ‘civil war’ to break out, to legitimize the implementation of the tools that they have already prepared for urban warfare, such as drones that conduct through-the-wall imaging and striking.

A few years ago, a pedestrian was killed on Queens Boulevard; when the cops opened the car door, they discovered that there was no one inside. After that, I saw a 112th Precinct squad car follow a driverless car. I suspect that some of our billionaire officials have money invested in this technology.

There are cars that NYPD knows about—vehicles that carry $200,000 worth of electronic equipment, send out a radio signal, identify intersections, and pedestrians.

Driverless cars can swerve around a double-parked car and wait at an intersection until pedestrians have crossed. I have seen dozens of driverless cars in Rego Park since August of 2005 when I started looking for them. If you live there, may I suggest you take photos of this amazing phenomenon?

Regarding democracy, it is all over. The Nazis that infest the Pentagon have technology that they cannot be trusted to use responsibly. They are causing cancer and dementia in Jews, women, the handicapped, and elderly all over Queens, not just Rego Park.

The cover (plausible explanation) that they employ is the powerful electronics emanating from the continual air traffic in and out of the area airports—the uninformed and uncurious ascribe the phenomena to the powerful electronics on commercial jets.

I have lost count of the number of victims I interviewed who live in the descent paths to LaGuardia and JFK and who report electrical shocks moving up and down their legs, something brushing against the face, the moving wave across the blanket, a shock to the brain, waking up gasping for air, decimated walls and ceilings, insomnia, distressed pets and children, the onset of anxiety attacks.

I met a woman on my block who suddenly experienced her first anxiety attack in middle age. She was walking on 63rd Drive. She consulted a psychiatrist about the onset of her anxiety attacks and he prescribed medication. I visited her at her home a few times and while I was there, I heard an aircraft persistently loom overhead; taps and snaps ricocheted off her walls; suddenly she got palpitations and had to sit down.

She experienced numbness in her right index finger (this happens at the site where an electromagnetic stream strikes); her birds started to chirp wildly and flit about in their cages. Personally, I do not think that she should be on medication; I think that she should move.

Welcome to Nazi America. I have given up trying to warn people. I get vacant stares from most people, snotty replies from bloggers on the Internet who are probably hired by the government to engage in information warfare and denigrate the reporters, and complacency from the victims I interview.

It has been proven that continual exposure to microwave radiation causes pacification, complacency and acceptance. This is what has happened here. In fact, I think that people have already been brain damaged from their cell phones that transmit at 1.9 gigaHz next to their brains.

My neighbors, all women who live alone and/or are Jewish, have cancer of the lymph nodes. This is not a coincidence. Cancer skyrocketed on my block and across the street since the government began its experiments aggressively after 2001.

I give up. The Nazis win. They command space and near-space; they image and strike citizens in their homes night after night, here on American soil, and the media is not reporting it.

The prostitutes in Congress, who service those who manufacture this technology, all have Swiss bank accounts so we know that any Congressional inquiry will merely be a dog and pony show.

Mary Efrosini Gregory is the author of Microwave Experiment, published by TrineDay.com, available at Amazon for $10.50