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How One Month Exposure to Microwave Radiation from Smart Meters Changed MY Life . . .

It took 1 month for my life to be shattered by smart meters. The utility company
installed sixteen by my home; within days, stabbing pain in my head, palpitations,
arrhythmia, pressure in my chest, extreme insomnia began-- symptoms that did
not occur when I was away from my home. Four others, 25 -80 years old,
experienced similar symptoms in my home.

After one month, I thought I was having a heart attack. I moved out. These
symptoms began occurring near other RF sources (cell towers, wifi.) Radiation
injury from RF sources, like a severe sunburn, leaving the body over-reactive to
touch, rendered me extremely sensitive to constant, subtler RF exposures in nonsubtle
ways. My exposure to smart meters opened the to door to neurological
contamination from many radiation sources, including non-ionizing radiation.

There is a signature feeling to radiation. Like shock from a bad electrical plug or
uninsulated wire. It gives us a prickly, strangely devitalized soreness. Longer term
effects of non-ionizing radiation have been documented for decades.
Eventually, I had to leave SD, my private practice as a health care provider. I live
in remote areas, searching for increasingly rare areas free from cell towers/wifi/
other RF sources. The stabbing pain often feels unbearable. People I know
suffering from smart meter injuries include doctors( 4 of my doctors,) lawyers,
dentists, neuropsychologists, engineers. Friends call in tears from the pain
shooting through their heads/bodies. Friends contemplate suicide due to the
fruitlessness of their efforts to escape.

Most people are initially unaware that symptoms they are experiencing are due to
smart meters. Some common symptoms from smart meter exposure: headaches
and especially migraines, insomnia, rashes, ringing in the ears, palpitations,
arrhythmia, nausea, asthma/breathing difficulties, lightheadedness, difficulty
concentrating and other cognitive impairments such as memory problems, vision
problems, glaucoma, tremors, seizures, and burning and stabbing pain in the
body. People often trace the onset of their medical symptoms to the installation of
smart meters, when informed. People with pacemakers and other medical
devices should not be near smart meters. Children and infants cannot report their
symptoms. They may exhibit behavioral changes or disturbances instead.

Children (and adults) have been rushed to ERs with cardiac and seizure
symptoms. I saw a top cardiologist who informed me that he is seeing many
young people with my symptoms.

Although medical responses to this growing problem have not received publicity,
those responses have been growing for years now. The American Academy of
Environmental Medicine has come out with two strong position statements
against smart meters. Dr. David Carpenter, MD, School of Public Health,
University of Albany and 40 international experts have signed a letter warning
about the hazards of smart meters. The 2012 BioInitiative Report (based on
1,800 RF studies) addresses significant health effects from even low RF
exposures. The World Health Organization has ranked smart meters and ionizing
radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen, along with DDT and lead.

Our exposures to radiation via cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi, computers and the
“smart grid” compound literally every day. The argument that people use cell
phones and other electronic gadgets daily, therefore let’s not quantify or address
specific and cumulative exposures is like saying that smoking one cigarette a day
is the same as smoking one carton of cigarettes.

A program cannot be called “green” when it harms life. The number of people
injured by smart meters is growing. We are enduring great losses--physical,
emotional, financial, social and spiritual. I feel pain when in stores/ office
buildings/restaurants/ most social environments. My inability to work added to my
medical expenses has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am cut off from
family and friends. I know professionals who sleep in their cars, sleep in tents in
their backyards or in remote areas, people who can have little contact with their
former lives, who cannot work or be near their loved ones. This situation amounts
to a state of emergency for many people all around the US/ Europe.

Wired smart meters and fiber optics are options that would have avoided this
problem entirely. Had studies been performed on the health effects of pulsated
non-ionizing radiation-- which people can often not opt out of until it is too late--
this grotesque suffering from smart meters would have been prevented.
All RF exposure must be evaluated. New Standards must be set. The science is

Those injured need a safe environment, free from RF sources. I have relocated
11 times, am still not safe, I am still searching for somewhere to live.
RH formerly from San Diego - Rebecca