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You have my permission to send this information onto whom ever you please!  

The SDSU HPWREN cell tower is connected to many Grids, which form the Smart Grid.  I  have always thought that this was connected to HAARP.  SDSU is the Backbone Node to the UCSD Supercomputer which is connected to the University of Stanford ' VLF Research Group.'  The Department of Energy has little to do with Energy, it's all about research through the grid system.  Many of our States are under control of the UN.  Maybe you've heard of ' UN Agenda 21 - Smart Meters? '  The connection is the GENI GRID - Global Energy Network Institute.  This is through the UN and the World Banks.  These Smart Meters being installed are Criminal and VERY dangerous!!

P.S.  I'm in the film ' Take Back Your Power.'  Also Katie Singer a well known Author is releasing a book soon titled:  The Electric Silent Spring.  Rich's Story is the 1st one in the book.  There has also been ANOTHER death associated with SDSU Nasatir Hall.  Dr. Paul Sargent a Professor passed away January 2013 after a 4 year battle with Cancer.  This would put him in the same timeline as the other victims.  Although, I have not found out what ' type ' of cancer.  Kids sit under this cell tower all the time!!
This is the Global Grid.  HPWREN, and these Grids have the NITRD Agencies attached.  NITRD Agencies include:  AHRQ, DARPA, DHS, NRO, NSA, NSF, DOE/NNSA, DOE/OE, DOE/SC, EPA, HHS/ONC, NARA, NASA, NOAA, NIH, NIST, OSD and DOD.  A World Control Grid!  2013 there is now a new Supercomputer Center located in Morgantown West VA..  This has the ' NETL ' National Energy Technology Lab.  You can type in ' NITRD Agencies - GENI ' or ' NITRD Agencies - Smart Grid ' and a lot of Whitehouse documents will come up.  This is so very BIG, and I don't know if it can be stopped?  These labs are being used to develop drones, RNM, Smart Meters, GMO's, among other technologies that will be used against the masses.  I believe this is what Edward Snowden will come out about.  I'm sure it is.  HPWREN is also connected to the Inmarsat Satellite.  If you type in ' Inmarsat Satellite,' it is connected to the Smart Grid.  Its all about surveillance and CONTROL of the masses.

I'm sure these towers are on most college campuses, although it was tough to find this information.  It took me months.  The SDSU Administration always referred to this cell tower as a simple Television relay tower." [Emphasis Mine! A clue: IF you have to LIE about something, it is because there is something to HIDE! This says to me: THEY KNEW! Despite anything they say to the contrary now. This was a Cover up! If this is down in writing, TV Relay Tower, BEFORE and DURING the cancer clusters appearances, I think there is a Strong Case against SDSU! Diane] You cannot find these on www.antennasearch.com.  As a Nation, we are in a LOT of trouble.  I've been reading a book titled:  Microwave Experiment ( A Story of Government Testing on a United States Customs Officer ) by Mary Efrosini Gregory.  A very good book.
    If I find out more information, I'll keep you posted.  There are Supercomputer Centers all over the US, and other Countries.  There is one in Alaska that is called ' FISH ' and does research through HAARP.  Mostly funded by the NSF - National Science Foundation ( OUR TAX Dollars)  I found articles in the ' HAARP Research & Applications ' document.  I believe that this is a HAARP GRID and HAARP Smart Meters: "Thus HAARP fills a long-standing vacuum in controlled electromagnetic sources, with the potential to revolutionize low-frequency remote sensing and communications."



True Ott's - COMMENT . . . Personal Story - My Son Died - Microwave Radiation Frequencies . . .  Cell Towers and Wireless Communication Technologies . . .

YES - Virginia is 100% correct.  The higher the "status" as far as "accreditation" is concerned, the more the mind-controlling ELF and microwaves are employed on the campuses.   The "grid" compose the control 'rings' - and the NSA Utah computer is the "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL".   The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) has conducted countless experimentation on human mind-control via education in concert with England's Tavistock Institute.   Again, that's what made me so incensed at Dane - the TRAITOR!      
Again, that is why the NSA Satanists need 2.3 Yottabytes, and a 512 qubit quantum computer.