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hello. i am a worldwide victim of mind control experiment. they are using ultra advanced space weaponry. they term it 'brainscanning' which is mindreading from satellites called raytheon with spectrometer. they do "voice to skull", remote neural monitoring, psychotronic warfare, electronic harassment. all these can be researched on google. how i know this is they are spying on me and repeating my thoughts (including my most subconscious thoughts) and actions on satellite loudspeakers worldwide for about 7 years. he is al saud of saudi royal family, he drives a black suv saudi arabian license plate number 3 in sharjah, uae. he was my neighbor. he may be insane, or out of control with his power. he got these powers from obama as obama/us govt is the only 1 who would have these kinds of weapons. this is "ELITE WEAPONRY" which we the public will never be made aware of. this is so black op it is at the level of area 51 or s4 or something of that nature. but the funny thing is anyone in the world can hear it, all media is attached to my brain, so they have some funny strange messages for me like 'marry aisha al mualla of umm al quwain royal family and have a baby with this person' and other strange messages. so if anyone can hear my thoughts or actions being repeated worldwide on satellite loudspeaker, surely it can be proved that he is using this weapon, and that it is in illuminati/elite hands where it should not be.
i would like to publicise this but so far all mainstream media have ignored my requests, at the behest of their owners or on the orders of al saud.
all govts have refused to help me. 
now i have discovered that all schizophrenia is an EVIL mkultra experiment using these weapons to do voice to skull, because i had it- they buzzed a sound into my head and then i heard the voices chattering.
you can also watch jesse ventura conspiracy theory episode brain invaders.
as of current the public has no defence against mind control weaponry that i know of, and i have been searching for many years ever since it started. victims are often tried to be hospitalized, because if you complain to authority that 'hey im hearing voices in my head' the first place you obviously will go to is to a mental institution under the diagnosis/prognosis/label of schizophrenia.
i would like to publicise this to the world in order to stop world govts from abusing their authority, as they have none in my opinion and should have none, and to stop other potential and current victims from suffering the same fate i am.
what would be your recommendation in this case?
i do think this is violations of geneva convention, nuremburg code, all un and us human rights and civil liberties laws, and warrantless govt surveillance. this is some sort of "POWER GAME" to show me the power of these nasty, possibly reptilian, elites.