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Whistler blower - This is what I have put out recently since being Masered & struggling against a wide range of subsequent symptoms . . .

Alex Hunter Electronic communications failures, equipment malfunctions, censorship, and other such problems on my end abound....
Aerosol - electromagnetic - technetronic - mycoplasma/pneumonia enables the mind controlled military and law enforcement minions to incarcerate activists, dissidents, investigative reporters, whistle blowers and otherwise targeted individuals as per George W Bush's '03 legislation just re fortified by Obama after the two Americans infected Ebola were returned to American soil and quarantined.
My Aerosol - Electromagnetic - Technetronic - Mycoplasma/Pneumonia re cycled about 10 or more times in the past four weeks without more than a few hours' relief at the best of times and featuring fatalistic breathing emergencies at the worst.
My throat has been "stuck" shut several times for as long as 90 seconds, but with reduced lung capacity it could prove "effective", particularly with all of the nefarious substances in my lungs... when I presented to my General Practitioner's examining room **** my symptoms all but disappeared so I filled a 500 ml jar with the materials expelled from my lungs listed below.
The most striking thing about this electronically induced and exacerbated pneumonia - aside from giving the world's worst people the ability to technetronically select who lives and who dies - is the consistency of the fluid and various materials in the lungs.
1) sticky, slimy clear stringy, persistent and insidious goo
2) sticky rubbery slimy phlegm of various colours/shapes and sizes (can be solidified to block larger portions of the target's airway). 
3) deadly sticky foam
4) water
I have survived several breathing emergencies a day for the past three weeks, in many cases near fatal.
There is a dramatic increase in respiratory infections here and the antibiotic sales are just booming.
In my case I am nebulising 22 PPM Silver in appropriate quantities.
As mycoplasma is one of the pathogens deployed here and it is technetronically triggered the cycles just repeat in targeted individuals.
I am getting similar reports from around the world.
If we allow this to happen to any one of us we are dead and doomed.
Of course if they wanted me dead I would be already but I will not capitulate to these mind controlled sociopathic minions. They are probably using me to capture and classify others who agree with, "like", "share" and support my activism on their Social "NET"working Sites, the "WEB" and the "NET".
Let Us Be Clear: On the day anyone involved will receive No Quarter.
Harden Up to the Brutal Truth & FTNWO HARDER.

There is nothing "normal" about facebook or any other social "NET"working site on the "WEB"/"NET".
We cannot use it to save humanity as many like to think and those that do completely underestimate the cunning and ruthlessness of the inbred, sociopathic parasites perched atop the (now) global social pyramid.
They didn't name it the "WEB"/"NET" & Social "NET"working for nothing.
It is yet another mark of their arrogance and hubris.
This trap relies on our thirst for real news, our desire to spread the word in an attempt to save humanity and sadly our curiousity, laziness and apathy as bait.
Barely anyone sees my posts and those that do are either the same people, minions or the ones that do get through for whatever reason are classified and targeted for their political opinions depending on their response to the Brutal Truth.
I am urging you all to preserve/upload, burn to CD and print off the most critical information/literature, photographic evidence, videos and radio shows, Take It Off Line and Away From ****ALL***** Technology and spread the Truth about the Global Master - Slave Society Aggressively or everyone and everything we know and love will be destroyed.
Harden Up to the Brutal Truth & FTNWO - HARD!

I have been an activist for 17 years, I wont ever stop using my art, writing or speaking abilities to expose globalist genocide, tyranny, transhumanism and bio - technetronic enslavement which involves chemtrails and the technetronic grid (not just HAARP). As this is a major component of their strategy to select and cull a massive percentage of the population I'd say that might qualify me for a spot on the red list - especially in a world where you can be blue listed for the slightest sign of dissidence.
That I deliberately subject myself to this Hell on Earth in order to investigate, report on and expose it from an intimate perspective might intrigue them as well. If anything the might respect me a bit more than the typical sheeple, but being sociopaths they will continue to torture, sleep deprive, irradiate, microwave, Maser, mutilate (with psychotronic frequencies), manipulate, mid control and ultimately assassinate me.
I'm pres/cofounder of 

The Canadian Coalition of the Walking Wounded (CCWW 11/11/'08)
The American Coalition of the Walking Wounded (ACWW 01/01/'10)
The Brutal Truth Movement (9/11/'12)

None of these organisations or fb groups ever got very far off the ground due to electronic censorship, sabotage and attack which should be clear by going through the group pages, timeline or YouTube Channel/Video Comments, etc.
I am also jokertattooo and Captain Chemtrail on YouTube (now all but completely censored) and run these three small group pages on fb:

1) CCWW/ACWW WWIII, Global Domination & Population Reduction Agenda Advisory: 
2) FTNWO! 
3) The Brutal Truth Movement 

I had the Advanced Activists' Advisory Radio Show but everyone that produced or supported the show kept getting attacked and in some cases destroyed:

WCB ICBC Insurance Fraud and Racketeering 'independent examiner'

- A Hunter