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My electronic post from earlier today:

Electronic communications failures, equipment malfunctions, censorship, and other such problems on my end abound....
Aerosol - Electromagnetic - Technetronic - Mycoplasma/Pneumonia has been re cycled about 7 times in the past three weeks without more than a few hours' relief at the best of times and fatalistic breathing emergencies at the worst.
My throat has been "stuck" shut several times for as long as 90 seconds, but with reduced lung capacity it could prove "effective", particularly with all of the nefarious substances in my lungs... it is like being waterboarded in the comfort of my own home *as per NDAA.
Of course if they wanted me dead I would be already but I will not capitulate to these mind controlled sociopathic minions.
The most striking thing about this electronically induced and exacerbated pneumonia - aside from giving the world's worst people the ability to technetronically select who lives and who dies - is the consistency of the fluid and various materials in the lungs.
1) sticky, slimy clear stringy, persistent and insidious goo
2) sticky rubbery slimy phlegm of various colours/shapes and sizes (can be solidified to block larger portions of the target's airway). 
3) deadly sticky foam
4) water
I have survived several breathing emergencies a day for the past two weeks, in many cases near fatal.
There is a dramatic increase in respiratory infections here, the antibiotic sales are just booming and there are more reports coming in of people hospitalised for IV antibiotics as well.
In my case I am draining my own lung and nebulising 22 PPM Silver in appropriate quantities.
As mycoplasma is one of the pathogens deployed here and it is technetronically triggered the cycles just repeat in targeted individuals.
I am getting similar reports from around the world.
If we allow this to happen to any one of us we are dead and doomed.
Harden Up to the Brutal Truth & FTNWO HARDER.