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What It Looks Like to be Targeted!  Story by David Dees

Ah, so remember the stacked shoes incident? I attached the art so just to refresh your memory. As you may already know when I lived in Sweden I had a serious few incidents of harassment, having my door opened repeatedly even after changing the locks, being followed and my bike being unlocked, Someone was upset with my exposing information, and they send goons in to show me how vulnerable I am, It is how they keep people quiet. 

Then a couple months ago I walk into my kitchen, someone had come into my house and stacked my shoes. And these things happen they don’t leave a note telling what I am being harassed about, so it is up to me to try and figure it out.

Then another incident happened 2 weeks later, I had bought a 3D postcard of a sea turtle, just fantastic, so real looking, I was very proud of it, walked in from town and sat it down on my kitchen counter, thinking about getting a frame for it. Hours later I realize it is gone. I know I sat it down right there, how could it be gone? I searched the house, nothing. So I then knew they were back. I have zero idea how they got in this time, or when, there was only an odd number of hours, so weird. Then 3 days later I am walking to my mailbox, and there the postcard was facedown in the snow at the end of my driveway. It was face down, and I thought it was just paper, imagine my surprise to turn it over and see my 3D turtle again.

So it got returned, probably they just flipped it out of the window of a car. i
Then what happened next, I am on my computer and go for an important document, and it is gone. it took years to create that compilation of info and no way to recreate it. It was right there where it always was, and now it is vanished, so I go to the back up hard drive, gone from there too. Whoa. So I contact tech support to help me figure out how they got into my computer and find that it had been hacked and had access evidence of someone been there. So I activated firewire and security codes best I could.

But I am thinking, who could this be??? I was not doing any art that was hard hitting, and it seems that they are escalating the harassments. This is someone trying to get attention for something immediate.

Suddenly I realized exactly who it was.

Here is the story. About three years ago I took on a very mysterious client and began doing a series of christian based book covers, his pen name was Soul Esprit, and he would never tell me his real name or anything about him, eventually he wrote that he was living in van. What? in a van? really? Somehow he was writing books about health, religion, and secret societies from a van? Well, as weird as it sounded I just bought it because I had no other info on him. So we did 6 book covers, and I always got paid on time, so I just went along with the whole thing. Except a few months ago Jeff Rense wrote me and said that a woman contacted him saying that this Soul Esprit had scammed thousands of dollars from another lady. So I got in touch with her, and got in touch with Soul, and after a lot of questions realized that it was true. Then he admitted that she gave him the money, but that it was not a scam. It was easy to see he was lying.

I had just completed the 7th book cover for him, he had already paid me for it, but I withheld sending him the art until this whole thing was repaid with the lady who was scammed. Well she turned out to be quite a detective, and traced his IP address and other clues that led right to a family man on the east coast who was an ex-politician who had worked together with Henry Kissinger in the 70s and 80s. His real name is Steven Sydness, we found pictures of him, So I emailed the pictures to we found of  Sydness and asked if it was him, and I said that he better tell me because I was going to find out for sure anyway. In his response he said that it would be the last email I ever got from him and that it was a very bad idea not to send him the art, that I better send the art, that I was going to be sent to a FEMA camp. Then he was gone. I was not really scared, I figured he was on the east coast. Then the shoe incident. Then the postcard missing. Then the computer hacked. And he popped into my head suddenly, and I could see the urgency of the harassments.

So I prepared the artwork he wanted and mailed them off. And all the harassments stopped.

I believe he must have simply hired some professional on the west coast to start paying me visits. And if I didn’t send the art things would have gotten pretty ugly. I attached the artwork in question, how ironic that the title is Everything is a TEST. haha. So I guess I solved the stacked shoes mystery. Pretty sick stuff, but what can you do.