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HER STORY as a Targeted Individual -  Just who am I - Chris Lissa Myers . . .

I'm a targeted individua because I was robbed of millions and justice and yes, they use to call me Aaron Brockovich. I have been to hell and back. Chris 'Lissa' At times I feel as betrayed by certain TIs, glad they're in the minority as most are helpful, kind, all trouble, like me - who wouldn't be targeted like this.

I've spoken with Sen. Udell, Wyden's offices, ACLU in 3 states & Mike German in DC, FBI 2 states, detectives in 2 states, lawyers/law firms, you name it. No one is going to help us. These stories are a distraction--all of them are down in the DUMBs. We're up here to fend for ourselves and time is nearing when you'd better be prepared both spiritually and under dirt or concrete.

Attached are photos of myself and George, my dear late best-friend husband (since childhood).
He was blown in half left for dead still speaking... they came after me.

The feelings of Betrayal by a Targeted Individual:
How the Globalist Killed my Husband now Me

April 4, 2014 at 9:03am

It's hard to describe what victim’s such as myself go through as a targeted
human being literally every moment of every torturous-dying day...

My targeting started at the beginning of the prime of my life. I can’t get over the betrayal I feel every second of every 5-D Neuro-Day. You see, I donated my late-husband George’s medical records to the US Military to ‘save lives in Iraqi.’  He was left for dead by his fellow co-workers and supervisors at Bethlehem Steel Ship Builders near where we grew-up. They not only left him lay there, with his arm stretched-out, they proceeded to cover it up. Not longer thereafter I was followed by dark cars with darkened windows. Three days as I buried my husband, I received a call from the shock trauma head-doctor in charge of him, the one who refused to turn him off. He asked if I'd donate my husband's medical records to the US Military to 'save lives in Iraqi,' asking if I wanted him to be recorded as a number or a name. I chose a number to protect my husband's identity. The doctor said no one would know or find him. It was alright by me. I wasn't looking for celebrity-hood, but asked him to forward me all the books, and files that would be printed. It never happened thou I approached him years later. He was indignant, and arrogant towards me, ushered me out his door in seconds. In other words, he didn't care. I asked here how he could make millions on his name, and not send me the promised printed studies. He took his hand and ushered me away, closing the door. That was what I thought the hardest thing I'd ever done, to go back to the shock trauma unit where I lost my husband, my best friend since childhood blown in half.

The lawyers went on to rob me of millions, and justice several times, and our 30 yr pension.

As the years went by, various folks I knew, started turning on me, assaulting me, setting me up as I began to loose track of all of the violent attacks on my reputation and physical body I sustain, and the times I was robbed. Then, strangers began following me, staring at me from down the road, just far enough away to barely make them out... strange doctors showing-up in doctor's offices only to find no one knew them, nor did I.

God, the betrayal I live with knowing this and the Iraqi War turned into a total LIE, for PNAC (NWO Perpetrators) and to see Democrats go right along with them now leaves one even more betrayed. Yet, to see not one will help knowing these operations are illegal! My late-husband went down in GLOBAL history, as the sickest, most injured human being to ever survive such catastrophic injuries.

If it can’t get any worse for me, I actually attended a college up the road from my then residence (one they surrounded then chased me out of) still remembering the college math class whereas I now realize was a part of all of this. In case your wondering, I’m from Maryland, home of some of the worse cases of experimentation on the military near Aberdeen Proving Ground, Annapolis Navy, and all the multi-agencies. 

Things got crazy as I neared the end of the wrongful death law suit as I tried to seek justice after they killed my husband, left him lying there blown-in-half, then went on to cover it up... massively. You see, he went down in sad world history when he died, living 5 days on a 1-3 percent change of survival hooked to every machine known to mankind at that time (Shock Trauma). The lawyer for the other side (law firm) now number one in the country made a deal with my own lawyer (yes) in front of me out side the Kangaroo court taking me in a literal broom closet with a later learned retired fake-judge, then proceeded to rob me of countless millions. For years, during this highly-litigated lawsuit I was referred to by everyone as the next Aaron Brockovich. I was suppose to win with a 99% chance (not my poor husband’s fault) only to find later, I should have won on a 100% chance. They put me on a 3-plus-year Wall Street Bankruptcy list on 5th Avenue with nuts and bolts (we were the only humans on the list) only to be told by these lousy lawyers representing me it didn't exist, years later. I'm still fairly sure one group was blackmailed.

Sadly, my own rotten corrupt lawyer not only received a position over top of all lawyers including graduating students in Maryland (all were in fear of him), he and the other attorney used all the 911 draconian laws and their network to Aberdeen (Satellite Div/Lockeed Martin/CIA/Raytheon) to got rid of their multimillion dollar client. Rather than award me, they placed me on a slow torturous neuro-weaponization program. Its slow death for me as my health continues to fail daily. This is when they placed me under Satellite Surveillance. By the time I made it to the next state, I was followed, chased, attacked by Drone type Satellites and terror stalked as I am to this day by males in trucks, cars, suvs always trying to run me off the road - extremely dangerous.

Yes, I feel horribly betrayed… Hence, I made it a life's mission to spend my slow-death life exposing them. I never realized how far they'd go with their Nano and Direct Energy Weapons and Brain weapons, any more than learning through my research just how corrupt my government has been. And to think, I was so dumbed-down, such a nice, non-activist type of gal on my way to my bachelors of science degree, in all things... American History... Yes, the lies of a government who is now in the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) living safe and sound while my fellow country men and women and myself are left above to fend off the asteroids comets debris from an unknown gas object (Hercolubus, Red Planet, Planet X, Dead Star) is headed here right now that will kill billions and destroy the earth I once loved.. I say once as I no longer see any beauty with all the Chemtrails and HAARP, and the blinding morning sun and red dusty skies. How most don't see what I do in the skies and the earth changing landscape, dead trees and grass is far beyond my comprehension!

Never mind the fact they proceeded to further to rob me of my workman's comp and pension, as the union hall reps big wigs were in bed with local state politicians, all huge benefactors of Beth Steel and local corrupt builders, later the NSA 'Find um' and Fry um' 911 division set-up to go after those they refer to as purveyors... meaning, if they wanted you set up, they infiltrated a house behind me, grabbed hold of my wireless internet calling their backdoor piggyback system 'MerryXmasBitches' referring to my aunt and I, witnesses no one could deny.. My own lawyer even lied to my witness and his lawyer giving them a wrong court date. When they learn, that witness was enraged.

How does this happen in America? Corrupt-Globalist Infiltrating Corporations for a War based on Lies

What a way to get rid of your client, rather than pay for pain and suffering on a global, massive level by a corporation with ties all the way to Wall Street (unknown investors)! My own lousy corrupt lawyer went on to chase me from my home with corrupt HDS cops up the street and local fire dept. as a few neighbors out of no where began turning against me too. They hung across the road with prostitutes and drug addicts from the local military base who joined in! I contacted my senator who knew... that's when they began trying to get me to say something bad about BUSH JR while they sat in my home with a cellphone.. saying 'So, what you do think about Bush?' I remember clearly how I responded, saying ' I feel sorry for him.' And I did, knowing how everyone made fun of his stupidity. How was I to know a Stasi Depopulation agenda was going on by the very one's who committed the 911 inside job! They eventually tricked me into moving into eastern North Carolina by the CIA DOD Torture Rendition Airport infamous for torture (http://www.ncstoptorturenow.org/)

God help everyone who feels betrayed by America. And pray for targeted individuals, victims of the PNAC that's destroying the world with their lies and use of their own people for weapons and nano-neuro weaponization testings and their DARPA DOD-CIA RAYTHEON LOCKHEED MARTIN agent assassins and local ZOMBIES they use with their damn Super-Computer. God help us all. And yes, I was robbed of millions and justice, twice before it was all over...

Lissa (Chris)