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Glenn McBride . Glenn is a gulf war hero, arrested by Virginia cops for helping fellow veterans and is now harassed, and defamed. He will tell his own story and help educate others on Co-Intel Pro- and a little known crime called-  'Organized Stalking".

Welcome to Inter-Occupy's continuing conferences on electromagnetic radiation including microwave radiation dangers. We have been getting educated on how this hazardous radiation affects people, animals, insects and plants, and how these harmful effects increase over time. 

EMF targeting and harassment - i believe the education of Organized Stalking, is important to understand and put this piece together with EMF Harm. - some people don't agree with this-  but I wanted to do a conference on this topic, as I have been organized stalked for 14 years - and then it evolved into EMF targeting, 4 years ago, after my activism escalated. 

Although our conferences are focused in EMF harm, and it's detrimental effects, the crime of Organized Stalking seems to emerge as part of and in co-ordination with 

Co-Intel Pro

40% of Intelligence budget - is used for this covert and ongoing crime.

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

J. Edgar Hoover says about COINTELPRO

There have been books, articles, blogs, commentary, Youtube videos, etc., detailing what victims call gang stalking and gang stalking methods/techniques. We don't know how many gang stalking victims there are, nor do we know how many members of gang stalking groups, flash mobs are involved in community mobbing of gang stalking victims, and, persons and entities who play a peripheral role in related workplace mobbing and systematic isolation of the gang stalking target.

Once caught in the web of the gang stalking Program, a target is subject to a full court press that invades every aspect of their life and is calculated to destroy that person. The process is highly formulaic programmatic, systematic and systemic. Key to the destruction of a gang stalking target is a full penetration and infiltration of their environs, including their constant surveillance and harassment in their home, workplace/school mobbing of the target, and target’s isolation from friends and family members. This is done in a highly formulaic, programmatic, systematic and systemic manner. 

According to DOJ statistics, 185,050 persons in the U.S. were being stalked by teams or groups of between “3″ and “50″ stalkers, which was then upped to 350,000 people. See links:



USDOJ 2009, finding 13.1% of ALL stalking victims are stalked by 3 or more stalkers, with the majority of stalking victims being subject to electronic surveillance:



The first element of the gang stalking Program, is the constant surveillance and related harassment of the gang stalking victim 24/7/365 . is involved in surveilling the gang stalking victim 168 hours a week. Approximately 4 full-time jobs are involved in the constant surveillance of a single gang stalking Program victim. 

Since gang stalking victims are subject to harassment, conspicuous surveillance, flash mobbing, street theatre and related tactics everywhere they go, inside and outside their community, there are additional gang stalking group members involved in the illegal surveillance and related harassment of gang stalking victims in their community. And additional gang stalking groups needed to illegally surveill and harass a Program victim as they travel within and outside their communities.

 It is also clear that gang stalking groups multi-task and harass numerous targets that travel in and through a given community in which the particular gang stalking group operates. It is also conservative to estimate that at least one or two gang stalking members per target are involved in coordinating gang stalking activities against targets of the Program when said targets are “on the move” in addition to the bare minimum of 4 gang stalking group members needed to keep the Program target under constant surveillance. This equates to a total of 5 or 6 gang stalking group members per gang stalking target victim. There are about 1 million to 2 million gang stalking group members.

The gang stalking group members are drawn heavily from the Penal System under the guidance of the Department of Homeland Security. 

The Cointelpro Papers by Churchill and Vander Wall which uses dozens of original FBI memo’s and teletypes (obtained through FOIA) to show how the government identified, disrupted, destabilized, and, finally, neutrilazed countless individuals and dozens of groups. This was conducted on most individuals and groups based on politics and not because of any actual or suspected criminality (i.e., political policing). The Cointelpro Papers analyzes non-criminal groups targeted including the Socialists, Communists, New Left, Anti-War Movement, American indian Movement, and, Black Liberation Movement.  It also discusses the targeting ofMartin Luther King, Jr., and other less known activists who were nullified. The book also discusses principled pushback from FBI Field Office supervisors promptly squashed by J. Edgar Hoover and the domestic Washington Consensus. The government’s own version written by the Church Committe is available in paperback and is called Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans: 1976 U.S. Senate Report on Illegal Wiretaps and Domestic Spying by FBI, CIA and NSA (ISBN: 9781934941218). Of course, the Church Committee analyzed the COINTELPRO 

David Lawson, a private detective in Florida, went undercover in Florida, to align himself with Organized Stalkers- and wrote about his findings in a book called "Cause Stalking" . His website ( which goes down periodically), www.multistalkervictims.org/lawson.htm