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Certain family bloodlines select key representatives.  These individuals have corporeal sentient "alien ET beings"
assigned as their personal guides.  They appear during ritual and other times and  "advise" and
protect, but also do evil on behalf of their subject. In the top levels of deep black Intel, the people who
negotiate and operate the USG secret treaties with alien ETs believe that these beings come from
other earth type planets far off and have advanced spiritually.  

Now for the real truth only some of the lower SSG folks believe. These are demon beings, called Jinns
by Muslims that know about them.  They are inter-generational apparently (long living), interdimensional
and do have limitations.  They cannot harm God's believers without God Almighty's permission, thus
although they rule the kingdoms of the world through their chosen subjects, they are not all powerful.
They know there time is short and desire to destroy Christianity and murder all Christians as well
as all other faiths except luciferianism  (their thing).

I know this sounds incredulous, but it is true.  And that's the rest of the story.