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Whistler Blower . . . What It's Like to be Enslaved by Organized Criminal Networks . . this can happen to you

For DECADES, if not longer, organized criminal TRAUMA networks, SECRET societies, and HATE groups from every nation - run by a worldwide satanic elite CULT have denied countless individuals...nearly from BIRTH...the right to their own FREE WILL...and to have a life of free choice to create and express themselves...and to become what THEY want to become during their lifetimes.

These EVIL systems have DELIBERATELY, MALICIOUSLY and REPEATEDLY sexually abused children from infancy through adulthood...(from womb to tomb)... through ONGOING PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, SEXUAL and TECHNOLOGICAL MEANS, so as to MANIPULATE, COERCE and FORCE these horribly emotionally-traumatized victims to do what they are programmed and forced to do. These are the MIND-CONTROLLED and most of them will never know what they are doing...or why.

These CRIMINAL, INHUMAN networks...often referred to as the CULT... ever-increasingly ABUSE their targeted victims - to SHATTER these morally honorable people who would otherwise NEVER bend to BULLYING, BLACKMAIL, or being set-up to commit crimes against others.  The targeted victims of the CULTwould NEVER normally participate in hate groups, in crimes, deceptions, or the emotional, pyschological and physical brutalization of others.  But if programmed and ordered to do so, they will follow directions virtually without fail.  Programming them is easily done...even over the telephone.

The targeted victims are continually set upon by these evil, criminal networks....and those who DO BEND or SUBMIT to them are often framed....through entrapment....and can be imprisoned, or psychologically mis-labeled as 'mentally ill' to discredit them and discredit what they have witnessed and experienced in their lives.

The beasts and their networks will constantly attempt to program and brutalize the targeted individuals until they are driven to suicide...or are eventually murdered.  In any case, their deaths are always 'officially' labeled as suicide.  Nice and neat...no loose ends.

The EVIL, CRIMINAL, SATANIC networks cause intentional life-threatening accidents; they also set up their targets to be scapegoats, and often program them into false flag operations to kill and or harm OTHER innocent people.  Human life means nothing to the criminal elite.

The ultimate goal is to destroy or eliminate the targeted individuals and their witnessing of crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace so that the elite and their minions can claim plausible deniability.     It is a war to exterminate morality.

The EVIL ONES...the worldwide Satanic Cult...continuously tighten down on individual RIGHTS and LIBERTIES and destroy masses of truly decent people of this nation ... and decent people worldwide .... and enslave them under the hatred and control of morally, sexually, spiritually and financially bankrupt and depraved systems.

The reality of mass mind control is now a wicked, deadly fact of life which is so far advanced from the old MK Ultra and Project Monarch days that few would believe the state of technology now being used to control individuals and the masses...whichever the evil ones choose to do.