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A few points:
Important to read Mary Gregory's books  - see her 3 books on Microwave Experimentation at TrineDay.com
Mary worked at Customs for 25 years and became a whistle blower about surveillance hidden 
in newly installed pictures in the corridors - then they started attacking her.  Mary reports laser pulses caused pinpoints on her skin and caused bladder release, sexual organs stimulated and more.
She has A COUPLE HUNDRED photos of pinpricks on her body, drywall stripped from the air attacks.

BTW, TrineDay.com has published 50 books - see Barry and the Boys by Daniel Hopsicker and his videos on drug lords and other books that discuss the CIA drug trade. 
Also see A TERRIBLE MISTAKE by H.P. Albarelli and DR. MARY's MONKEY by Ed Haslam and Judyth Baker's ME AND LEE. 

Gary Webb, author of Dark Alliance - who got suicided after he wrote his book which details the CIA and crack cocaine debacle in big cities.

Karen Dobson - A lawyer stumbled on a drug cartel in Newport, OR, about 15+ years ago. The rogues apparently thought she was investigating them! She was TARGETED then and ever since (per her report) by experimentalnonlethal weapons. She warned me 10 years ago not to use WiFi in the house due to frequencies being able to be used as weapons - many people thought she was crazy.  But now we know the truth from Barrie Trower etc.   A good book to read is by Jeane Manning, co-author of ANGELS DON'T PLAY THIS HAARP

ALSO read Cathy O’Briens book Trance-formation of America - sub title used to be: one woman’s life as a CIA mind controlled slave - Her HANDLERS KEPT SAYING: you can run but you cannot hide from the BIG EYE in the sky; her beautiful daughter went crazed and was raped continually as was Cathy who was a Presidential model - gang raped by many branches of the military; satellite surveillance on limited numbers of people decades ago and possibly many more per Robert Fleming in his essay on line:  The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance.   WARNING: the book has many porno type entries - don't let kids read it.
They used to play a game with the mind control set - the most dangerous game. 

Also see on the Net Robert Fleming's article:  The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance.

This is a definitive book published by the military - A to Z - TERMS AND REFERENCES RE non lethals
http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA365328  This covers so many weapons A to Z format such as acoustic, tasers lasers, phasers, microwave etc. saying we the US do not plan to develop these but need to know what others are doing!  Of course this is not true .

Many people have been taking the 2 green and 2 red algae grown organically underground in bioreactors in Siberia - see free 38 pp. ebook - Awakening the Genius Within -
all disease and healing is cellular based says Dr. Michael Kiriac, Russian scientist who studied 1000 of over 26000 species of algae - it also protects against radiation sickness.
He moved to Canada and works with Roland Thomas, ND, who says he has a body of a 25 year old although he is 50 having done the algae for a decade.