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My Smart Meter -  Robbed and Tortured in Phoenix . . .

This is from an Phoenix, Arizona.  The lady is in her late 70’s and is super sweet.  Her husband is dead, she had a devastating stroke that left her wheelchair bound.  She types one handed by pecking at the keyboard.  

This is her story of being tortured and robbed by a Smart Meter.  Here is what she wrote to APS, her electric company:

Thanks very much for the meter install date…February 24. 2011.  Though I made no note of the date, I remember the day a man showed up, said or old meter was faulty and had to be replaced. I unlocked the yard gate.   Soon afterward, our appliances one by one began to fail. Some of them were old, and I figured it was time to replaced them.  On May 29, 2012, my son Robert and I were both in hospital ICU.  My daughter Karen arrived on June 2, 2012, to help handle the family emergency. She found the electricity in house  off.  It was so unbearably hot in the house she stayed in a hotel.  My son Robert was discharged around June 24, 2012, and got electricity back on.  I was  in hospital or nursing home until late September, 2012.  Robert kept dealing with appliances or computer stuff that failed to operate.  Since February 11, 2011, we have replaced one roof air/heat unit; garbage disposal twice; toaster twice; coffee pot twice; Maytag microwave oven; dishwasher twice;  dozens of light bulbs; bathroom light fixture now  one new lamp unit burned out; two outdoor irrigation valves; pool sweep twice; Halyard pool filter; two pool gate lamps; endless irrigation lines or drippers; counter top oven;  a new Canon printer; several computer crashes; phones that crackle and screech;  Maytag kitchen stove. 
“It’s your electric box,” said first stove repairman. 
I paid about $1,000 for a new meter box and/or wiring.  I bought new LG stove, and it promptly stopped working. I got into fuss with LG and Home Depot over that LG Stove.  LG first alleged there was nothing wrong with stove, but finally agreed to “fix it” (software) upon presentation of purchase receipt.  I had misplaced the receipt and asked Home Depot for a copy.  Home Depot would only provide a  copy  if I personally appeared with my ID and claimed receipt.   I am in wheelchair so got  copy of Bank draft to prove purchase.  “Mom, this is crazy,” Robert said. “We do without the stove trying to meet their demands.  Let’s just pay a serviceman.” 
Service man appeared and in minutes had LG stove working.   As I thanked him, he said, “It will go out again. It’s that new APS meter.  Everybody in this neighborhood who bought an LG stove has had electric problems.”
I couldn’t believe my ears. I never thought about the meter. “The Meter!?!?”  I said. I doubted APS would not know  by now those meters were faulty. But I started thinking…even new appliances were going out…something was causing problems  last couple of years. “What do I do if stove goes out again?”
“First, you go outside and turn off the breaker.  Then, you….” He gave directions I hoped  to never need.
The LG stove went out again on 10-23-13, the day before I emailed Arizona Public Service. I could not reach the breaker box. Now that  I know how to turn  on the  stove, all I need is a tall, dark, and handsome gentleman standing by to assist me.