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ALERT WATER THEFT PLAN for California A TEMPLATE for the NATION - REPORT Prepared for Brown Administration - State Legislature . . . posted on www.StopTheCrime.net

Who's really behind the scenes of water regulation?  

First, we know the drought has been engineered and deliberately created to facilitate water restrictions and other goals.   If you are not aware of the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the Earth's climate you will want to learn about this program . .  Go to www.ToxicSky.org  

We recommend that you watch the YouTube "Who's Running America and the Climate Action Plans" and to go to www.StopTheCrime.net and look at some of the many resource documents . . Meanwhile, lets take a look at the schemes to control the water supply and those corporate agencies involved . . .

About the California Water Foundation

The California Water Foundation’s (CWF) vision is to sustainably meet California’s 21stcentury economic and ecological water needs.

CWF supports innovative projects and policies that address water challenges today, while bringing together experts, stakeholders, and the public to achieve long-term, science-based solutions for the future. 

CWF is an initiative of Resources Legacy Fund, with primary funding from S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Pisces Foundation, and additional support from David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, and Colleen and Robert D. Haas.

NOTE - from StopTheCrime.net  WHAT you just read above is "doublespeak" the Policies and Projects that the CWF California Water Foundation claims to support is really about the privatization and centralized control of all of the California water resources.  Behind the scenes corporations posing as philanthropic good works, which are hiding in plain sight, are corporations that are set to advance the goals of the Committee of 300 by corporate theft of water and land grabs all across the globe. Some of these corporations that plan to control all resources are the Bechtel Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Pisces Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, the Turner Foundation and more . . . The "Report From Iron Mountain" revealed the goals to achieve a totalitarian system whereby the corporate government construct controls every aspect of human life and behavior . . . EVERY ASPECT! There are the stated goals and the real goals - Welcome to the Twenty First Century and 2020 . . .Do not be deceived - investigate for yourselves and learn the reality that has been concealed BUT has been available for you to discover if ONLY we had not been so trusting of government . . . We must start asking the right questions!  We recommend reading the NWO Exposed by Insider 1969 free download from www.StopTheCrime.net resource document tab . . . and the Iron Mountain Report . . .

The California Water Foundation defines sustainable water management as follows: Sustainable water management means water is managed in a way that meets current economic, ecological, and quality of life water needs without compromising the future ability to meet those needs. . CFW states the challenges to achieving sustainable water management includes:  Growing Population  - Climate Change - Aging Infrastructure - Degraded Ecosystems . . . This is doublespeak and most people realize we have a declining population, climate change is code for environmental warfare, weather warfare and that the real villains who have intentionally damaged the environment are the bankers behind the corporations who long ago designed a global control agenda - Full Spectrum Dominance!

California Water Foundation Launches Stakeholder Dialogue on Groundwater Management Reform

Effort Will Produce Policy Proposals for Brown Administration & State Legislature

Los Angeles, CA – The California Water Foundation (CWF) announced today that the organization is convening a diverse group of stakeholders to prepare policy recommendations on groundwater management reform. The result of CWF’s effort will be a report to Governor Brown and the State Legislature with recommendations for achieving sustainable groundwater management that prepares for future droughts, avoids and reverses harm, protects water quality and the environment, reduces conflict among water users, and enhances the use of groundwater as a valuable source of water storage. 

Here are some links below to verify the perpetrators:

  • About the California Water Foundation

    The California Water Foundation's (CWF) vision is to sustainably meet ... CWF is an initiative of Resources Legacy Fund, with primary funding from S. D. Bechtel, ... and Lucile Packard Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, and Colleen and ...
  • [PDF]

    California Water Foundation Launches Stakeholder ...

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2014. Contact: Marycon Razo, California Water Foundation mrazo@resourceslegacyfund.org, (916) 442-5057.
  • [PDF]

    Managing California's Water - Public Policy Institute of ...

    Public Policy Institute of California
    Supported with funding from S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, The David and. LucilePackard Foundation, Pisces Foundation, Resources Legacy Fund, and Santa ...
  • Managing California's Water: From Conflict to Reconciliation ...

    Public Policy Institute of California
    California has struggled to manage its water effectively for more than 30 ... This research was supported with funding from S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Pisces Foundation, Resources Legacy Fund, ...
  • Public Policy Institute of California - Contributors

    Public Policy Institute of California
    Stephen Bechtel Fund (Bechtel Conference Center at PPIC) Donald Bren Foundation ... The David and Lucile Packard Foundation The David and ... The California Water Foundation, an initiative of the Resources Legacy Fund College Access ...
  • California Water Foundation Releases Groundwater Recommendations Prepared for Brown Administration and State Legislature
    CWF-Led Stakeholder Dialogue Demonstrates Mounting Support
    for Improved Groundwater Management 


    Excerpt from the above link:

    CWF’s groundwater report explains that groundwater subbasins are like a linked system of hundreds of shared bank accounts supporting diverse uses of water across the state. Because there has been too little focus on balancing these accounts, in parts of the state, significantly more groundwater has been extracted than is replenished naturally or by human actions. As a result, California’s groundwater challenges have reached crisis level and action simply cannot be put off any longer. Agreement must be reached and solutions must be set in motion.

    “California Water Foundation’s stakeholder process helped break down longstanding barriers between stakeholders about the way we manage groundwater in California,” said Ken Manning, president of the California Groundwater Coalition and executive director of San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority. “The report provides a solid framework for developing sustainable groundwater policies and common-sense solutions to protect our groundwater supplies.”

    Through the dialogue process, CWF developed a framework to improve groundwater management to be considered by the administration and state legislature including:

    1. Establishing statewide goals and a definition for sustainable groundwater management.

    2. Empowering local groundwater management entities to provide locally developed solutions for

    sustainable groundwater management in their areas, and provide them with the tools to succeed.

    3. Authorizing the state to provide technical support, funding, oversight, and where necessary, enforcement to ensure the sustainable groundwater management goals are achieved.

    CWF’s groundwater report illustrates the mounting support for improved groundwater management. The Association of California Water Agencies also recently issued a report with recommendations on the issue.

    “To make this system work, we must empower local water managers with the authority and the resourcesnecessary to sustainably manage their groundwater basins and protect stored water supplies – goals that are precisely outlined by both ACWA’s and California Water Foundation’s recommendations,” said David Orth,general manager of the Kings River Conservation District. “We look forward to continued collaboration among the diverse stakeholders who contributed to the California Water Foundation report.”

    CWF is continuing dialogue with stakeholders with the objective of turning the framework into action by advocating for policy actions, continuing to build support around the report’s recommendations, and directly investing in groundwater management projects in key regions throughout the state. Read CWF’s full groundwater report online.

    About California Water Foundation

    The California Water Foundation (CWF) seeks to transition California to a sustainable and resilient water future –a future in which water is managed as a natural resource, looking across all sources and uses to find the best solutions for social welfare, economic development, and environmental sustainability. CWF supports innovative projects and policies that address water challenges today, while achieving long-term, science-based solutions for the future. CWF is an initiative of Resources Legacy Fund, with primary funding from S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation and Pisces Foundation, and additional support from David and Lucile Packard Foundation and others. Learn more at: http://www.californiawaterfoundation.org

    California Ground Water Report May 2014 - Prepared for the Brown Administration and the State Legislature . . .

    Important to note that these plans were presented to the public AFTER management, monitoring, enforcement, imposing local fees, data collection, and goals to centralize and create a ground water management entity proposals were already advanced.


    We MUST NOT CONSENT to these corporate statutes that are not laws that serve us!

    Read "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Judge Dale . . .