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How the Vaccination Notice protects the physician too

The pressure is on physicians to coerce parents into permitting their children to be vaccinated. Not all physicians are eager to force these toxic vaccines into children. 

Statutes (including state licensure requirements) are written by the unaccountable government-corporation, which expects its "licensees" to inflict their corporate rules upon the unsuspecting public - as a condition of their license, right?

However, if we give the physician our legal notice, this breaks the chain, because WE have no contract with the corporate state to fulfill. And . . . the licensee has no authority to force us into abiding by 'their' governing statutes. 

The physician signature is not a requirement on the Vaccination Notice. All the physician has to do is put our notice in his/her file and give a copy of our legal notice to the vaccination-police - if required - and he/she is off the hook. The physician tells the license police that he/she was not willing to accept the liability for "government-corporations" OR big pharma. 

This might be easier to understand when you read the notice. 

This is written at the bottom: 
NOTE: This document can be used to protect those that administer vaccines (physicians, nurses or others), or are obliged to
adhere to corporate statutes, from any punitive statutory actions or penalties.

Basically our corporate-government is playing chess and we are instructed (by attorney's and government employees) to keep playing checkers. 

Once we know how the game is really played, we have a good fighting chance at winning. Because, we are smarter and have more to loose. 

By the way, I am married to a retired physician. We talk about this stuff . . . a lot!! He is a really good man and we are both very familiar with the inner workings of the medical-industrial complex. We educate each other. 

Input is always welcome . . . in fact it is necessary to improve on all of our efforts, don't you think? I believe it is called "collective wisdom". So don't be shy about sharing ideas and suggestions.