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TREASON - WE, the American People are "the Enemy of the State"
- and here's why we MUST understand this . . .              


BEFORE we can DO anything effective with heading off the smart grid, or anything else, we ALL MUST first understand what happened . . .

Please take the time to go to www.StopTheCrime.net and review these documents for yourself . . The sooner everyone STOPS giving legitimacy to an illegitimate corporate government the sooner we will come up with solutions . . . to stop this diabolical microwave radiating assault UPON ALL of US . . .

What people refer to as the "Federal Government" is not what they think it is. This of course is exactly why all of the people's requests and demands go unheeded. 

The "Federal Government" is a corporation with a vast network of corporate franchised subdivisions. It's job is not to serve the people, but to exploit them. In 1933 FDR, with the help of Congress, acquired emergency powers (ongoing) and reclassified American citizens as 'the enemy'. As long as the White House maintains wars and/or national emergencies, Presidential 'emergency' power and our enemy status remains intact.

[Let's not forget that all lawyers will most likely deny this. They do not want the people to know that all court cases are monitized for the Federal Reserve - CRIS.]

Because of our propaganda press, very few Americans are aware of the many military actions those who have sat in the White House have engaged in: We're Always at War
The special emergency powers granted to the office of President back in '33 is why the Executive branch has been able to attack all of these sovereign nations. 

The massive so-called agency structure we refer to as the Federal Government (that is funding the Smart Grid and Agenda 21) is unconstitutional and was created by the authority the state of emergency grants the President. This is not opinion nor conjecture, it is revealed in a Senate Report 93-549, circa 1973. This report was a result of an extensive investigation done by a Senate Committee with lots of input. More info on this report and the permanent state of national emergency: What happened to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

According to Senate Report 93-549, Congress cannot legislatively end the President's reign of power. The White House would have to declare the war or national emergency over. After 80 years, there is no chance of that happening. Our representative form of government was seized by the private Federal Reserve (international bankers) in 1933 and converted to a corporation . . . unfortunately. 

The only hope we have is to stop focusing on the cretins in Washington, DC and work on our local and state governments. All we can do is to try to convince local/state government employees to stop accepting bribes (grants and/or loans) from USA INC (and its massive agency network). All of these programs have strings attached and permit USA INC to force the sale of any state or local asset that was paid for with Federal monies per Executive Order 12803: http://www.waterindustry.org/12803.htm
This is essentially the same game the Economic Hitman, John Perkins, exposed.