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Schumann waves are being overpowered by man made detrimental EMF

Here's what the inventors of EarthPulse have to say about how electromagnetic pollution is the CAUSE of poor sleep.  (EarthPulse is an electromagnetic device that goes under the mattress and reproduces the 9.6 Hertz frequencies of the earth to promote the normal sleep people can't get anymore.)

Natural Magnetic Fields Schumann Waves Primer

W.O. Schumann, a German astrophysicist, in 1952 hypothesized that the earth acts as a resonant cavity between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Schumann waves are a range of very important, naturally occurring electromagnetic fields that circulate within the Earth’s ionosphere. They encircle the earth traveling horizontally through all animate and inanimate objects.

A frequency modulated (FM) electromagnetic field in the frequency range of 1 to 100 Hz is created by the approximately 200 lightning bolts that occur globally every second.

The lightning bolts create a very weak resonating direct current (DC). magnetic field with the dominant harmonic frequencies between 0.5 and 15Hz

The long accepted view was that they are caused by solar particles trapped by gravity. More recently they have been attributed to electromagnetic waves generated by lightening which resonate through the ionospheric cavity at light-speed.

Schumann waves have been consistent at particular frequencies with little variation for hundreds of millions of years.

Life forms upon the Earth evolved in them and rely on them for optimum physical, psychological and emotional health. They influence the natural biomagnetic fields as well as human and animal psychobiology by ‘tuning’ (entraining) brain waves to its natural rhythms. Call it ‘grounding’ if you like.

Today, Schumann waves are being overpowered by man made detrimental EMF from cell phone, radio towers, satellites and even the wiring and appliances in your home.

The body can no longer detect the Schumann waves over the manmade electronic noise.. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE NOT SLEEPING WELL ANYMORE.

Without adequate Schumann wave exposure our neurological system is free to ‘entrain’ or run to higher (and higher) frequencies due to high frequency EMF pollution, This reduces body’s ability to attain deep, recuperative Delta rhythm sleep and simultaneously cripples energy generation systems.

There are several Schumann wave frequencies, of which we’ve chosen the lowest and most prominent ones beginning with the 0.5 Hz. peak and ending with 14.1 Hz peak. It sweeps through those frequencies at just 1/10th Hz steps, pauses on .5, 7.8, 9.6 Hz (where the mitochondrial magic happens) and shuts down at 14.1 Hz upon completion of the WAKE-UP PHASE.

Noticed in the chart below how the predominant Schumann waves correspond perfectly to Delta, Theta, Alpha and low Beta brainwaves.

This is not coincidental correlation; it is a process called entrainment and it is the way nature keeps us in balance.

Entrainment occurs when our mind-body state locks into the rhythm of an external oscillator. The external oscillator is either undesirable EMP or the beneficial Schumann and geomagnetic field.

Normally the brain structure called the thalamus controls our brainwaves, alternatively either Schumann resonances, geomagnetic fields or EMP are ‘picked up’ by the thalamus, particularly the pineal gland and other magnetite-bearing brain tissues.

We were meant to be relaxed and meditative with natural magnetic fields being the pacemaker; but increasingly we are not.

Earth’s Magnetic Field

The geomagnetic field on the other hand is generated by the molten core of the Earth. As the Earth’s core cools, the crust of the Earth becomes thicker and the amplitude of the magnetic field becomes smaller. Recently, scientists have “guesstimated” that our early ancestors lived in a field that may have been as high as 5 Gauss. Today, the field amplitude is a paltry .3 -.5 Gauss.

There is a little known background frequency to this geomagnetic field at 9.6 Hz. (Robert. C. Beck circa 1970’s). This correlates perfectly with the best Eastern European research that identified 10 Hz as the most effective frequency for use on everything from optic nerve regeneration to pain.

We chose 9.6 Hz. as our RECOVER-MODE frequency in 2001 and it works equal to or better than any published research we have read.

NASA Confirmed the superior effect of 10 Hz. in 2003 identifying tissue regeneration at 4 times baseline (twice that of 5 Hz or 15 Hz), ‘maturation’ gene sequences switching to ‘developmental; and they have currently licenced the technology for improving in vitro stem cell proliferation.

It is clear to us now, that the remarkable healing and regenerating effects reported by NASA is due to the effect of 10 Hz upon the cells’ mitochondria.

BioMagnetic Supplementation?

The modern era of electric power and telecommunications has created an invisible, global cloud of electromagnetic pollution (EMP) with profound, deleterious impact on your quality of life. Microwaves, power lines, cell phones, and 50 - 60 Hz alternating current (AC) are the producers of the EMP and you are enveloped in them 24/7.

EMP is now so intense and pervasive that it drowns out the Schumann waves and Earth’s natural geomagnetic. It is like trying to listen to a flute solo surrounded by a platoon of air horns. This EMP is foreign to the body and impairs its ability to function.

Just as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are essential biochemical compounds that cannot be produced by body must be consumed in the diet; the body also requires “geomagnetic vitamins” supplied by Earth’sSchumann waves and geomagnetic fields, particularly the beat frequency at 9.6 / 10 Hz to keep our cells “flush” with energy.

Think of these geomagnetic vitamins as a tuning fork that keep our mitochondria run- ning most efficiently.

Unfortunately, these “geomagnetic vitamins” are partially if not fully blocked out by EMP in much the same way as the flute solo is drowned out in the example above.

Your body really is the most sensitive antennae in the natural world.

Our pineal gland (magnetite bearing tissue) and mitochondria function like antenna that are specifically tuned to Schumann and geomagnetic resonances—these are crippled in the presence of EMP. This is analogous to recharging a battery; a dead battery needs a flow of electrical energy of exactly the right type and strength to re-energize. If there is a short circuit or the input amperage is too high or too low, or the FREQUENCY or current type (AC vs. DC) is wrong, the entire system breaks down catastrophically.

Much like the battery example above, man- made EMP essentially robs our natural ability to generate and store adenosine triphosphate (ATP) the fuel that fires all cellular processes. The body’s control and power generation mechanisms subsequently fail in unison. Overall health and vitality subse- quently follow.

EarthPulseTM BioMagnetic Supplementation produces a broad spectrum of these “geomagnetic vitamins” from very low-Delta, Theta, dominant Schumann resonanc- es, Alpha and low-Beta wave frequencies.