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The comment below is VERY important -

Obviously, the Global Power Brokers want cell towers to be stealth silent weapons and to be finger-printless with NO recognizable health impacts.  Think about it - cancer clusters provide evidence that the microwave frequencies emitted from the cell towers ARE causing illness - the remedy they "lower the output" . . . So the comment below makes sense let's fool the people - in Europe the bankers have required the cell towers to have "lowered output" to meet NEW standards to prevent cancer clusters . . . and in Europe the towers are still disguised to look like trees . . . a slower death and higher corporate profits - BIG Pharma will treat all the symptoms caused by the microwave frequencies i.e. headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, seizures, irritability, depression, cancer, mental illness, death and the list goes on. .  You can print the symptoms list at the top of home page . . . and read "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" to understand their plans and why all of this is happening . . . 

From: "JAMES
Sent: Sunday, September 29, 2013 2:19:30 AM
Subject: Re: MEXICO - Cell Towers Psychotronic  Weapons . . . Mass Mind Control . . . . in MEXICO  Short YouTube 4:21 . . .
Thanks for this.  In Europe now cell phone towers are required to look like trees and have lowered output to meet new standards to prevent cancer clusters.

Comment was in reference to following youtube ...Published on Sep 18, 2013 A CRTV special report on the extreme steps taken by the Psychotronic Weapons masquerading as cellphone towers going up in Mexico and how we uncovered them.