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ALERT - The REAL Smart Metering Goals  . . . pulsed bean microwave emitters to "entrain moods" and control thoughts . . .

The stealth "deployment" of the smart metering is a silent weapons system with diabolical intentions!

Repeatedly Industry and the utilities have denied the facts that the microwave radiation frequencies emitted from the smart meters ARE making us sick . . WHY?  Because the corporate structure has a "hidden secret" . . . and here is MORE of the revealed TRUTH - of the hidden agenda . . . Keep in mind we are the "enemy of the state" per the 1933 United States Bankruptcy we were collateralized against the debt.  To learn more about this go towww.StopTheCrime.net and read USA, Inc. 

We know the smart grid "deployment" is nationwide, in fact it's worldwide, and is a massive network of pulsed microwave frequencies. . This mesh grid network of frequencies has been planned to "structure" the thought patterns of ordinary Americans" through the smart meters, all disguised as promoting new energy efficiency, when actually it is set up for deep spying and behavior modification programs, hooked up to fusion centers, facial recognition software, HD cameras in stores and schools, attached to pulsed beam microwave emitters to "entrain moods" and block thoughts, and share data with NSA and DHS.  Few people understand that mega corporations are involved behind the scenes directly orchestrating this massive operation . . .

These corporations are even managing pulsed beam microwave emitting streetlight operated full strength during rush hour and serving as listening posts other times.

The silent weapons system uses many fingerprint-less methods to subdue the population without the people even knowing they are being manipulated and attacked by a weapon . . . in the 1940's Rockefeller, the U.S. Air Force, Harvard and the International Bankers devised a technical manual in which they described the plan to take control of all energy on the planet . . All energy.  And we are energy.  The
"Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" is only 44 pages and describes the plan to manipulate and to control the global population . . .www.StopTheCrime.net