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To understand your reality please read the "NASA WAR Plan" and the "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" and technical manual outlining global manipulation, enslavement and genocide . .
using a silent weapons system that is fully engaged. . .RIGHT NOW! www.StopTheCrime.net

MALIBU, California - Panic in Paradise - Are Wireless Communications Devices "Cooking" the School Kids, Staff and Teachers?

The administration is looking all around for toxins but this one they will not 'see'.  The symptoms these teachers have are indicative of those that are
exposed to microwave radiation over a continuos short or prolonged period of time.

LOOK what NASA Tells us: "Lethality", "Gross Alteration in Brain Function" from WIRELESS radiation  http://fb.me/14n8RlAdE  

Cancer doctors at St. Joseph Hospital are FINALLY catching up to the dangers of WIRELESS microwave radiation.  They are even documenting a
person's cell phone habits in patient medical charts!  See  http://fb.me/JDT23nN7

Cell Towers -

U.S. IQ - Getting Dumb
Frequencies and Toxins in the air, water and food supply Lower the IQ

NOTE:  Malibu, like many communities, has become a partner with ICLEI - aka the United Nations and is adhering to UN Agenda 21 policies that will ultimately lead to a NWO under a totalitarian regime of total oppression and elimination of  "all" human rights . . .

Malibu - High School - The Missing Elephant in the Room
Ask Virginia Farver about school buildings and cancer.  Her 29-year old son Rich died of brain cancer within a two year exposure to RF microwave radiation coming from a cell tower cluster on the campus of San Diego State University.  Rich was one of SEVEN deaths that fell within this two year period.  What do all these dead people have in common?  They all spent considerable time in Room 131.   Read the story here http://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.com/2012/11/san-diego-state-university-brain-cancer.html
So what's going on over at Malibu High School? Is there WiFi in the buildings?  Or cell towers?  What are the  microwave radiation levels in these classrooms?  Has the administration or school board  measured the radiation levels?
The effects of prolonged exposure the electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices such as WiFi, wireless computers, wireless projectors, wireless microphone equipment, and cell phones can adversely effect health.  (Also, CFL light bulbs emit EMF fields that can further impair health.)
Wireless devices use low level radiofrequency (RF) microwaves.  Over a period of time depending on exposure proximity, strength and personal genetics a person will develop symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, forgetfulness, anxiety, mood swings, depression, skin rashes, vision changes, ringing in the ears, nose bleeds, tingling sensation in arms/legs, intestinal disorders, heart palpitations, etc as well as cancer.
Yes, the research is there.  And it has been there, completed, since the 1970's.  The FCC regulates the levels of RF exposure as well as the FDA regulates GMO's in our food.  Our federal government and US military know of the dangers of continuous prolonged exposure to low levels of microwave radiation.  Look at Barrie Trower, Magda Havas PhD, David Carpenter PhD, Devra Davis PhD for more information.
The World Health Organization lists RF microwave radiation as a Class 2B possible carcinogen.  This is the same category as lead and diesel fuel.  Have we removed lead from paint and children's playing areas?  Should we take the precautionary approach with RF microwave radiation for our children's safety? 
Check out the radiation yourself.  Purchase an Acoustimeter AM-10 or a HF35C and go measure your child's classroom.  You may be amazed at what they are bathing in for 8 hours a day.  If you don't want my link go on Amazon.  Just consider measuring the microwave radiation and go towww.StopTheCrime.net and purchase a meter as recommended above from the website store . . .

Wi-fi "upgrades" for Common Core

Fifteen (15) existing classrooms were upgraded to the district’s new technology standards.  The standard includes a projector and screen, document camera, DVD player, and a sound system with a wireless microphone.  The school has been upgraded to 1Gpbs networking and campus-wide Wifi.  The telephone systems were replaced with a district-wide IP telephone system (VoIP).  One teacher and eight student laptops were provided for sixteen science classrooms.  Wireless access points were installed throughout the campus and the phone system was replaced with a new IP telephone system. The campus network infrastructure was upgraded to one-gigabit bandwidth to support the wireless access and telephone upgrades.


Panic in paradise: Malibu high school community shaken by cancer fears