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WHISTLER BLOWER - WOLVES and SHEEP this is Dangerous . . . Satanic CULTS . . .

Yes, the video, below, is accurate but it's quite a bit more complicated than this.  Did you see the photo of Col. Michael Aquino?
He sold satanism and the process to miltel as a means to penetrate and control areas of societies and foreign nations
previously closed to intel.

It involves the Grimsteads, MI-6, Best Friends Animal Charity, Kanab Utah, I-94 murders, Smiley face murders, son of sam
aka "John Carr cult murders", and the church of the process of the final solution, manson family and MKultra, operation
paperclip and the Nazi cult of the Black Sun, as well as the OTO, and high end freemasonry and rosicrucianism, and St. Johns
Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota (allegedly the world's biggest collection of old, sheep-dipped ex-nazi pedophiles in the world tat
are deeply involved in various nefarious intel operations.
This goes all the way to the highest positions of intel, United States Government and corporate business as well as various top so-called church leaders.
This subject is somewhat dangerous to write about so usually limit it. It is based on the synagogue of satan that Jesus
exposed, the hex star of ancient evil Babylon and Babylonia money-magick and its pernicious usury. 

There is a super organization of satanism that cuts across all nations with its members imbedded deeply in the highest
positions.  It involves Bohemian Grove, druid human sacrifice and the"circle of twelve", one in America, one in Europe.
recent presidents are part of this cult, billary c.and some say barb. bush is aleister crowley's daughter.

Stew Webb is a long term whistleblower.  He was the first to uncover the stateside "circle of twelve".

This info gained from numerous LE investigators that were stopped cold in their investigations of these matters over the last 40 years. 

WOLVES and SHEEP -The Industry Exposed Part 59: Satanism in Hip-Hop & Pop CULTURE

Thinking about this YouTube, suddenly, I thought of another possible reason THEY are NOW releasing WOLVES in the United States, right NOW . . . "the lower 48" . . . .The wolf is a symbol of Western and European POWER and FUERY . . . entering phase two waging a cultural war the satanists want to awaken the wolf in man . . . the satanists want predators, the wolves, not the sheep the weak the followers, the people . . .

Watch this YouTube and keep in mind EVERYTHING is symbolic . .and has EVIL associations . . . in this case the WOLF . . . YIKES - there are many layers to everything - killing/sacrificing animals (cattle/sheep) the blood letting using wolves - the FEAR created when hikers or campers go into the open areas where there are wolves . . .The taking of ranchers and farmers income by killing their herds, the re-wilding (the Wildlands Project),  many layers!  A guerrilla war is being waged - with deceptive and evil goals . . . the war is really over your heart, your soul and your mind . . .

THIS IS a great series on Youtube called "The Industry Exposed:  Satanism in Hip-Hop & Pop Culture", about satanism in the music industry. In part 60, there is a top leader from the Church of satan who is interviewed and talks about using frequencies in music and says: "The war that we are waging is a guerrilla war on the human mind and we use musical frequencies, the dominant frequency and symbolism and imagery to awaken dormant aspects of the human mind."

The meat of the interview starts around 4:00 in the above clip.

To clearly understand the war being waged on the human mind you must "first" read the Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" a technical manual and a declaration of war upon the American people