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There is a high level effort to elicit massive first time gun purchases to set the stage for a civil war, if needed.
It probably is.  This is essentially an effort to elicit a Constitutional rescue operation by the highest level of Globalists,
unfortunately for their own un-American reasons.. This is why it is imperative that people understand they will NOT
be able to rescue the Constitution.  The Constitution was shelved back in 1933 when the United
States citizens were expatriated and collateralized against the theft of American gold and silver by the bankers.
The bankers staged the United States bankruptcy and that was followed by the Emergency War Powers Act
which identifed all citizens as "enemies of the state". . The United States has been seized and is run by mega 
corporations and bankers posing as a legitimate government which they are NOT.

Moving forward the international bankers, Rockefeller, the United States Air Force and Harvard University 
developed a technical manual called "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars".  The manual outlines the plans to subvert 
all laws, rewrite history and create global manipulation, enslavement and genocide . . . 
This plan has been Implemented!
You will then understand the NASA WAR Plan and why AMERICA is under a chemical, biological assault and 
attack using frequencies along with weaponized weather targeting cities throughout the country.  
YOU MUST NOT CONSENT!  YOUR SILENCE IS YOUR CONSENT . . . Educate yourselves and tell others
this is the MOST important information you can get out to ALL.  AWARENESS. . .Go to www.StopTheCrime.net
This is what standing up looks like!  LIVE IN RIGHT CONDUCT . . .

SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Perspectives & Lessons Learned" 
"It can happen anywhere ... at any time." That was the key message concerning gun violence in the U.S. conveyed by six veteran city managers who have dealt firsthand with a mass shooting. They spoke during a special forum and telephonic media event during the ICMA 99th Annual Conference last week in Boston. The six participants acknowledged the magnitude of gun violence in the U.S., noting that a mass gun tragedy can occur in any community on any day, most recently Sept. 16 with the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard shooting. To access valuable information concerning this topic, including video and audio files; a related article, "Gun Violence: Management Steps to Take Now"; and other resources, read the gun-violence multimedia news release issued by ICMA in conjunction with the annual conference.