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BLM - Bureau of Land Management: a Private Business for-profit


BREAKING NEWS: Bundy To File "Domestic Terrorism" Lawsuit . . . obviously the Bundy's are NOT being told we DO NOT have a Justice/Court System that works for us . . .

How Did I Miss This? The Bankers GIVETH and the Bankers TAKETH AWAY . . . 
go to Climate Action link and USA, Inc. link

WARNING to the Tribal communities - the bankers are not done with you . .
The Land Treaties/reservation lands you think you have agreements and rights to - the EPA is cutting a NEW deal. .
You had better reduce your Green House Gas Emissions or the illegitimate, corrupt, corporate USA, Inc. government
says your culture and economic future is at risk - unsustainable. This is a THREAT - Prepare to engage against a plot called
Climate Change and the requirements to reduce your carbon footprint . . . this is Economic Warfare!
NOTE: The EPA - is a Corporation Doing Business - Listed on Dun & Bradstreet - Company Search Results - and does not serve the PEOPLE . . .
below is the link to Dun & Bradstreet and the opened link is located at the bottom of this page . .
Tribal Climate and Energy Information | State and Local | US EPA
The Bankers GIVETH and the Bankers TAKETH AWAY - Gave Land to Settlers, Not Shoshone
Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/04/18/how-did-i-miss-militia-god-gave-land-settlers-not-shoshone-154472
The bankers believe they own ALL the land! The bankers think they stole the land fair and square . .
History is repeating itself - having stolen lands from the tribal communities and now stealing from the people that think they own the land now . .
All WARS are bankers wars and this is another banker's land grab war . . Watch - YouTube "Torn From the Land" . . .

All Wars are Bankers Wars . . . Nevada & CA land seizures: follow the money
More people need to look at the Federal Reserve and the central banking cartel to figure out what is going on.
From All Wars are Banker's War - an absolute MUST READ!
Of course, the Federal Reserve, being a private bank and not answerable to the US Government, did start overprinting paper dollars, and much of the perceived prosperity of the 1950s and 1960s was the result of foreign nations' obligations to accept the paper notes as being worth gold at the rate of $35 an ounce. [Part of the Bretton Woods agreement when they made the dollar - aka the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE - the world's reserve currency.]
Then in 1970, France looked at the huge pile of paper notes sitting in their vaults, for which real French products like wine and cheese had been traded, and notified the United States government that they would exercise their option under Bretton Woods to return the paper notes for gold at the $35 per ounce exchange rate. Of course, the United States had nowhere near the gold to redeem the paper notes, so on August 15th, 1971, Richard Nixon "temporarily" suspended the gold convertibility of the US Federal Reserve Notes. This "Nixon shock" effectively ended Bretton Woods and many global currencies started to delink from the US dollar. Worse, since the United States had collateralized their loans with the nation's gold reserves, it quickly became apparent that the US Government did not in fact have enough gold to cover the outstanding debts. Foreign nations began to get very nervous about their loans to the US and understandably were reluctant to loan any additional money to the United States without some form of collateral.
So Richard Nixon started the environmental movement, with the EPA and its various programs such as "wilderness zones", Roadless areas", Heritage rivers", "Wetlands", all of which took vast areas of public lands and made them off limits to the American people who were technically the owners of those lands. But Nixon had little concern for the environment and the real purpose of this land grab under the guise of the environment was to pledge those pristine lands and their vast mineral resources as collateral on the national debt. The plethora of different programs was simply to conceal the true scale of how much American land was being pledged to foreign lenders as collateral on the government's debts; eventually almost 25% of the nation itself.

BUNDY RANCH: U.S. Senator Reid, son combine for China firm's desert plant 

BUNDY RANCH: Harry Reid's Son Representing Chinese Solar Panel Plant in $5 Billion Nevada Deal

Signs Used at Bundy Ranch TWELVE SIGNS. . . . USA, Inc. is a Corporation and Doing Business Without the PEOPLE

Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch 2