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Federal government loans to include funding for smart grid projects in 18 Southern Ohio Counties . . . these loans can be refused.

  More importunity these funding sources illustrate how all our communities, nationwide, are being bribed by Washington forces         under the guise of reducing Green House Gas and Co2 emissions which is fraudulent and bogus science  . . .

To All Anti-Smart Meter activists - it would be wise to take some time and read about the War and Emergency Powers that currently defines our federal government. According to the current President, the War on Terror is ongoing, which suffices to maintain his "emergency powers". 

To defend ourselves from the onslaught of the Smart Grid, we need to begin by knowing that since 1933 we have been officially classified as "enemies of the state", which explains why the Smart Meter "deployment" has been used. 

It is likely this information is new to you, even though the Senate Reported on it in 1973. The vast majority of Americans are unaware of this reality. The 'government' wishes the people to remain confused and cooperative. So far they have succeeded at keeping us in this state for 80 years. Without a good understanding of the political scam that is ongoing, we will fail at finding real solutions.  

The solution to oppose the "deployment" of the smart meters rests upon the people NOT complying . . . to Learn more please read "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" a Technical Manual for global control of all energy resources . . . and read USA, Inc. on www.StopTheCrime.net 

Deborah Tavares

AL Whitney