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ALERT: WATER "MARKET" USA . . . published for the USA out of Oxford - United Kingdom . Water privatization. . .
Original Document
Highlighted Document - We highlit this document to draw your attention to areas of significancy, however you may decide to emphasize whatever you deem important.


WATER WARS: Ontario Water Asset Map Executive Summary | WaterTAP Ontario

Regardless of where we live, climate change and the associated issues related to water and the environment affect us all. Continuing population growth and urbanization, rapid industrialization, and expanding and intensifying food production are putting pressure on water resources and increasing the unregulated or illegal discharge of contaminated water within and beyond national borders.

Canada, and particularly Ontario, is blessed with an abundance of freshwater resources. We understand the moral and environmental responsibility to be accountable and respectful of this precious resource. Ontario (which means "beautiful water") borders four of the five Great Lakes and is blessed with numerous lakes (more than 250,000), rivers and streams and rich groundwater resources, all of which we use as our primary sources of water.

Global players’ interest in Ontario’s water sector began with a couple of very large (and prominently discussed) acquisitions in the province. The combined acquisition price for two world-class Ontario water technology companies, Zenon Environmental (acquired by General Electric for $760 million) and Trojan Technologies (acquired by Danaher for $246 million), was greater than $ 1 billion.

Other noteworthy acquisitions that might not have received as much attention include Veolia’s acquisition of Endetec, American Water

1 Global Water Market 2011 – Global Water Intelligence, UK, 2010
2 "Environment Industry: Business Sector 2002 (revised) and 2004" published in 2007

Enterprises’ acquisition of Terratec Environmental Ltd., Siemens’ acquisition of Integra Environmental Inc., AECOM’s acquisition of Gartner Lee and the recent Pure Technologies’ acquisition of Pressure Pipe Inspection Company, just to name a few.

Ontario’s Private Sector Strengths in Water
Ontario has a strong private sector base of water-related technology and service companies. There are more than 1,100 companies involved in some type of water-related technology or service delivery in Ontario and international markets. This number captures companies that provide chemicals, technologies, small services, infrastructure products and engineering consulting services in this sector.

- See more at: http://www.watertapontario.com/asset-map/executive-summary#sthash.svNeS5yP.dpuf

Documents Reveal Billions of Gallons of Oil Industry Wastewater Illegally Injected Into Central California Aquifers

For Immediate Release: January 26, 2012 DAVOS-KLOSTERS, SWITZERLAND

THE WATER WARS MAP - Existing Water Supplies are Inadequate (they say) - and will lead to WATER WARS per the Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of Interior -

These agencies say - Improved water management requires knowledge of basin-specific "problems". The Bureau of Reclamation prepared an analysis of potential water supply crises and "conflicts" (water wars) by the year 2025. This analysis is based on a combination of technical and other factors, including population trends and potential endangered species needs for water. The Department of the Interior intends to seek extensive input from states, tribes, and the public on this analysis and expects that it will be revised and improved through this effort.

The MAP below Illustrates "Conflict Potential" over the Diminishing Water Supply and the KEY on the Map shows the Conflicts as considered Moderate - Substantial to Highly Likely. Keep in mind the Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of Interior are corporate government agencies and are supporting the bogus science of Global Warming aka Climate Change and are denying the existence of the weather modification programs that ARE deliberate large-scale manipulations of the Earth's climate that include impacts on the water supplies . . The droughts are engineered for the purpose of transferring "public" water control into the hands of the bankers and corporations. This MAP is very disturbing - look at the red zones. .(click on the map to enlarge)

The Department of Interior and the Bureau of Reclamation states this:

As a part of Water 2025, the Department of the Interior will use all available "tools" that have a demonstrated capacity to address potential water supply crises. Note: The department has an enforcement/ police devision. The Map above shows regions in the West where water supply conflicts are likely to occur by 2025 based on a combination of factors including population trends and potential endangered species' needs for water. The red zones are where the conflicts are most likely to occur. This analysis does not factor in the effects of climate change, which is expected to "exacerbate many of these already-indentified issues. . .

Website Comment: Please, view the water documents that confirm the plans to seize and privatize OUR water and sell it back to us for massive corporate profits . . The Goldman Sachs' document "Taking A Deep Dive into Water" confirms the United States has an "abundant" water supply/resource. . . "The Global Water Intelligence -Water "Market" USA Report" is the PLAN describing HOW private investors and bankers WILL covertly take over the public water agencies in the United States to create a water "market". Go to www.StopTheCrime.net to the Water Wars link to view these documents . . .

WARNING: The O.W.L. Foundation - WATER CRISIS "MAP" - WATER WARS and GUNS . . . The O.W.L. Foundation warns us
Excerpt from above Link:
Sonoma and Marin Counties are clearly identified as having a "dark yellow" status for conflict. The Department of the Interior interprets this risk as "substantial". In fact, not only is there a "substantial risk for conflict" the risk is calculated as being the SAME as Klamath County. Conflict has already commenced in Klamath County and people have been "shot" and shot at.


ALERT: Goldman Sachs - Taking a Deep Dive into Water . . . big profits for bankers controlling the water supply . .
Water could be a constraint on growth The world's freshwater resources are unevenly distributed around the planet: over 60% of the Earth�s freshwater supply is found in just 10 countries. Severe water stress affects 3 billion people, two-thirds of whom reside in the BRICs. Water needs are quickly increasing in emerging economies such as China and India, which together account for nearly 40% of global population and a third of global water demand. Moreover, water resources in many developing countries are becoming heavily polluted and unsuitable for human use. Inadequate water resources could be an impediment to growth as developing nations face rapidly growing demand for food and energy.

The Global Markets Institute is the public policy research unit of Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research. Its mission is to provide research and high-level advisory services to policymakers, regulators and investors around the world. The Institute leverages the expertise of Research and other Goldman Sachs professionals, as well as highly-regarded thought leaders outside the firm, to offer written analyses and host discussion forums.

Abby Joseph Cohen, CFA (212) 902-4095 abby.cohen@gs.com Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Rachel Siu (212) 357-0493 rachel.siu@gs.com Goldman, Sachs & Co.

VIRTUAL WATER TRADE ... and agriculture to feed the growing population
To feed the growing world population (projected to increase 30% by 2050), the agricultural sector, currently 70% of global withdrawals, will continue to be a major user of water resources. The expansion of the middle class in developing nations has a large impact on agricultural water use. The rise in incomes typically results in a shift in dietary preferences from predominantly plant-based diets to more water-intensive dairy and meat products.

To meet these dietary changes, many countries, particularly those in water-scarce regions, have engaged in �virtual water� trade. Virtual water refers to the water that is used in the production of a good. For example, when a country imports one ton of wheat, it is importing virtual water�that is, the water needed to produce the crop. Virtual water trade has been suggested as a way to alleviate the uneven distribution of water by allowing for the transfer of water resources from water-rich nations to water-scarce countries. It could also allow for greater efficiency of water use as virtual water flows from relatively more- efficient countries to less-efficient ones. For example, China imports soy-based products mainly from three countries, Brazil, the United States and Argentina, which are able to produce soy with less water than domestic production in China.

WATER REPORT: Water "Markets" of the United States - a Strategic Analysis - Final Report
Sponsored by the U.S. Economic Development Administration - Final Report - November 1, 2010



Scanned Fax

SECRET MAPS - EPA Selling Out America - EPA MAPS Developed in Secret Suggest EPA "IS" Expanding Regulations . . . Massive Water and Land GRAB
Excerpt from above link:
BISMARCK, N.D. — A map developed by the EPA and released to a U.S. House committee investigating controversial proposed water regulations should have citizens concerned, says U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer. “It is certainly alarming the EPA would develop these maps in secret and only release them after being confronted by members of Congress,” Cramer, a Republican, said in a news release accompanying his office’s release of the maps. “The EPA has been hiding information which could upset the public and jeopardize its massive power grab of unprecedented authority over private and public water.”Excerpt from above link:
BISMARCK, N.D. — A map developed by the EPA and released to a U.S. House committee investigating controversial proposed water regulations should have citizens concerned, says U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer. “It is certainly alarming the EPA would develop these maps in secret and only release them after being confronted by members of Congress,” Cramer, a Republican, said in a news release accompanying his office’s release of the maps. “The EPA has been hiding information which could upset the public and jeopardize its massive power grab of unprecedented authority over private and public water.”
Actually this is a map that is interactive. Find your state, increase the size of the map, the blue lines are all the water EPA wants to control. When I opened Montana it was a mind blower. I know we have headwaters, I know we have reservoirs, dams, rivers however, when you increase the size of the blue streams it will take your breath away.

Article - Keep in mind this is NOT a right or left agenda do not fall into that trap. These plans were created by the "incorporated" government and its agencies and as long as we remain in an annually extended National State of Emergency ALL corporate government rules, laws and ordinances WILL continue to unlawfully demise our existence . . and executive orders will continue to be advanced upon us through the executive branch of the white house . . .

Website Comment: This should not surprise anyone. The EPA is a corporate agency doing "business" within the United States of Incorporated . All doing business and we have not been part of this business plan . . In fact to few people understand how government really works . . Our local cities, counties, states and federal governments and their corporate agencies are doing business (Commerce) . .They do not work for us and they do NOT represent us . It is most important to understand how government works because the out of control statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, fines and penalties are increasing. Read Senate Report 93-549 and The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America by retied Judge Dale free downloads at www.StopTheCrime.net Please note our research team has discovered documents that will further define that US Water is now in the sites of mega corporate business goals for PROFIT. This documents have been released and will be sent out forthwith. . .

Water War Amid Brazil Drought Leads to Fight Over Puddles
Excerpt from above link:
Brazil’s Jaguari reservoir has fallen to its lowest level ever, laying bare measurement posts that jut from exposed earth like a line of dominoes. The nation’s two biggest cities are fighting for what little water is left.

Sao Paulo state leaders want to tap Jaguari, which feeds Rio de Janeiro’s main source. Rio state officials say they shouldn’t suffer for others’ mismanagement. Supreme Court judges have summoned the parties to Brasilia for a mediation session this week.

The standoff in a nation with more water resources than any other country in the world portends further conflicts as the planet grows increasingly urban. One in three of the world’s 100 biggest cities is under water stress, according to The Nature Conservancy, a U.S.-based nonprofit.

Even so, Sao Paulo has resisted restrictions that states like California have enforced, including prohibiting restaurants from serving water except when asked and allowing homeowners to water lawns only on specified days.
Electric utility Cia. Energetica de Sao Paulo added to the furor after it reduced water flows in August from the dam that regulates the flow from the Jaguari reservoir to Paraiba do Sul, the river serving Rio. The company known as Cesp was later forced to restore water flows and fined 5.4 million reais. Cesp said in an e-mailed response to questions that it's disputing the fine.

WATER CRISIS - HYPE . . Too Many People, Not Enough Water – Now and 2700 Years Ago

Toxic plume spreads, PG&E faces 2nd Hinkley suit

California drought hits San Mateo County coast particularly hard - San Francisco Chronicle
Don't be frightened with the mega media psyops campaign to create the sense of water scarcity. . .

Remember, the Earth is the water planet and makes water continuously. We have an abundance of water and are being tricked into a false belief system to make money from our ignorance and lack of understanding how the water cycle really works and where water originates. . . The international bankers and other corporate agencies make HUGH profits from our willingness to believe false science. . .

Please share the TRUTH with all you know and contact ALL ranchers and farmers and warn them what The Report From Iron Mountain told us "the biggest land theft in the United States and Global history is underway" . . .

U.S. House approves bill to remake California water law
Opponents warned that if Congress overrides state water law in California, it can do so elsewhere too. "What happens in California won't stay in California," said Rep. John Garamendi (D-Walnut Creek). "This bill, if it ever becomes law, will ignite California's next water war and the fights will spread across the West."


Sixteen Things Libya Will Never See Again
NOTE: Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country. While drilling for oil they discovered Primary Water which is a renewable and continual process within the Earth. Primary water is an alternative to atmospheric water and is accessible as a water source, globally. We were not told the facts of how water is created by hydrogen and oxygen and is plentiful.

Deborah Tavares on the Joyce Riley Power Hour 10/15/2014

Jerry Brown in California signs groundwater legislation
Excerpt from above link:
The legislation was opposed by farm groups and Central Valley lawmakers. Critics said the regulations will hurt farmers already strained by sharp reductions in available surface water. They also objected to the creation of more bureaucracy and raised concerns about property rights.

“It is unfortunate that the governor felt compelled to sign this groundwater management scheme that was hastily cobbled together without regard to historical legal precedent and private property water rights,” state Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, said in a prepared statement. “Californians who rely on groundwater will now have to deal with not only new and unaccountable government agencies that will police water usage; they will be at the mercy of these faceless bureaucrats who will impose unknown fees and fines.”

Groundwater makes up about 40 percent of all fresh water consumed in California in average years, and far more in drought years.

Brown said public attention on the drought focused the Legislature on water. He called the drought the “overarching context that allows a lot of action that has taken place in Sacramento.”

Harvard Law School Creates Water Trusts to STEAL Water Rights . . .

PG&E (Rothschild) "Owns" a Primary Water Source in Northern California . . .
Comment: Keep in mind this report is about habitat preservation which is the stated goal. The REAL goal is that the international bankers are working towards privatizing the United States water supply . . . Please go to www.StopTheCrime.net and then to the Water Wars link . . .

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) acquired the hydroelectric complex and accompanying Eel River water rights in1930=-~-o,L, the Snow Mountain Water~.*.*u... ~ Power Compa.ny Water rights for PG&E on the Eel River consisted of all flows except a minimum of 2 cfs released from Cape Horn Dam at all times for downstream water users.

PG&E has applied for a new 50-year license (April 1970) that proposed to maintain existing operational procedures for the project.

In April of 1972, the FPC license issued to Snow Mountain Water and Power Company expired. PG&E has continued operations of the project (FPC 77) under annual renewals of their old license. One month before the license expired, the Department of Fish and Game submitted a report (Anderson, 1972) to the FPC recommending that certain flow releases and . . . (Read more from the link above)

Since 1972, the Department of Fish and Game has conducted two investigations (Department of Fish and Game, 1972 and 1975)

which included temperature and instream studies to recommend the minimum instream flows and the operational alternative best suited to the preservation of fish and wildlife (for a further description of the operationa! alternatives reviewed, see Cape Horn Case Study Report No. 14).

WATER MAP - Tracking and Monitoring How California Water Agencies Are Responding to Record-Dry Conditions
Note: The plans to take over the US Water "Market" are posted on www.StopTheCrime.net under water wars . . . this map is data collection to track and monitor the creation of the "mandatory" water reduction policies and to verify city by city and county compliance to the manufactured drought and water scarcity schemes intended to create FEAR, and privatize the US water into the control of the banking corporate and Rothschild crime organizations.

WATER WARS in the US: Injection Wells: The Poison Beneath Us
Comment: The Iron Mountain Report back in 1966 told us the international bankers would pollute the ecology, and it would take 30 years to pollute the air, water and food to create the fear necessary that would result in the immediate loss of life - this was designed to replace war . . . GLOBAL WARMING . . When you read this article below you will understand this plan to pollute is well under way . . . PLEASE GO to www.StopTheCrime.net to the Water Wars Link and read the documents that STATE HOW the bankers are positioned to take over the USA PUBLIC Water resources . .

Excerpt from above link:
Over the past several decades, U.S. industries have injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the earth, using broad expanses of the nation's geology as an invisible dumping ground.

There are more than 680,000 underground waste and injectionwells nationwide, more than 150,000 of which shoot industrial fluids thousands of feet below the surface. Scientists and federal regulators acknowledge they do not know how many of the sites are leaking.

In interviews, several key experts acknowledged that the idea that injection is safe rests on science that has not kept pace with reality, and on oversight that doesn't always work.

"In 10 to 100 years we are going to find out that most of our groundwater is polluted," said Mario Salazar, an engineer who worked for 25 years as a technical expert with the EPA's underground injection program in Washington. "A lot of people are going to get sick, and a lot of people may die."

EARTHQUAKES: Hazard Associated with Deep Well Injection - Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin No. 1951 (Manuscript approved for publication on June 28, 1990.1Institute for Crustal Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106.2U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA 22092). The PDF for the report is under the comment below . . .

COMMENT: The perfect earthquake, "fingerprintless" and deliberate! Think about this - maximize profits by using the earth as an invisible internal dump site by injecting toxic waste underground. Under certain circumstances some of the injection sites cause earthquakes. Big profits are made due to the deliberate damage caused by earthquakes and the cost required for reconstruction of damaged infrastructure . . . Plus, the savings by disposing manufacturing chemical wastes into the ground versus LEGAL disposal . . The Perfect Crime. . .

This report discloses facts that have been CONCEALED from the public . . . Furthermore, can we fully reLIE upon a report like this to represent REAL scientific data? Particularly, when this report discusses impacts of water loads due to reservoirs that this report says causes earthquakes? If indeed reservoirs for water storage cause earthquakes, this finding would lend to the acceptance of dam removal, which doesn't add up when you think of ALL the lakes i.e. Great Lakes (water reservoirs), in the United States that store water, collect surface water run-off and increase the ground water supply . . . Keep in mind we are finding that MOST scientific reports are based upon consensus science and NOT real science. This is Criminal Science which is profiting the bankers that are creating 'markets" out of intentional and deliberate redefining of REAL factually based data. Science has been for sale, for profits, for control and to enslave the populations through corporate statutes, rules and ordinances to enforce criminal policies based upon false science with criminal intent. Keep in mind - the global warming science is another consensus based science created to further profit the bankers and enslave the people. .

It is possible this report was crafted as a cover for the seismic damages caused by injection wells by falsely blaming the impacts of damages caused by water reservoir storage. .

The profit driven bankers have been "vaccinating" the earth with LETHAL injection wells, and have Plans to privatize the PUBLIC water supply. Their strategy will drive public water resources into private hands, a partnership launched quietly in January 2012 at the World Economic Forum. They plan to establish water governance that put the private sector in the driver's seat in water management and control . . and create a global water "market", wherein they sell our water back to us . . The international bankers are seizing public water resources under the cloak of many corporate government agencies such as the EPA, Army Corp of Engineers, Dept. of Interior, The World Bank, VEOLIA (Rothschild), Nestle, Coca-Cola, GE, and more, along with our local state and corporate governments. It makes sense that the international bankers would benefit by reducing access to water resources creating the fear of seismic destruction.


Excerpts from above link:
Under certain circumstances, the increased pore pressure resulting from fluid injection, whether for waste disposal, secondary recovery, geothermal energy, or solution mining, can trigger earthquakes. This report discusses known cases of injection-induced seismicity and how and why earthquakes may be triggered, as well as conditions under which the triggering is most likely to occur. Criteria are established to assist in regulating well operations so as to minimize the seismic hazard associated with deep well fluid injection


Within the United States, injection of fluid into deep wells has triggered documented earthquakes in Colorado, Texas, New York, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Ohio and possibly in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Inves- tigations of these cases have led to some understanding of the probable physical mechanism of the triggering and of the criteria for predicting whether future earthquakes will be triggered, based on the local state of stress in the Earth's crust, the injection pressure, and the physical and the hydrological properties of the rocks into which the fluid is being injected.

Page 66

The phenomenon of seismicity induced by the impoundment of reservoirs is more widespread and better documented than that of injection-induced seismicity; how- ever, the mechanism of reservoir-induced seismicity is more complicated and not as well understood (Gupta and Rastogi, 1976; Simpson, 1986a). (HUM? THIS IS CLASSIC DOUBLE-SPEAK). Reservoir-induced earth- quakes were first described in association with the filling of Lake Mead, Nev. (Carder, 1945), but it was not until the late 1960's, when earthquakes larger than M 5.5 occurred at four major reservoirs (Hsinfengkiang, China, Kremasta, Greece, Lake Kariba, Rhodesia, and Koyna Reservoir, India), that sufficient concern was raised to warrant inves- tigation of the mechanism controlling reservoir-induced seismicity. The largest of the earthquakes believed to have been induced by the impoundment of a reservoir occurred at Koyna Reservoir in 1967 and had a magnitude of 6.5. It caused over 200 deaths, 1,500 injuries, and considerable damage to the nearby town and the dam. Thus, the hazard associated with reservoir-induced seismicity is significant.

Unlike injection operations that only affect pore pressure, the presence of a large reservoir modifies the environment in several ways. First, the large mass of the reservoir represents a large increase in the imposed load, which increases the in situ elastic stresses. The load of water also affects the pore pressure directly (by the infiltration of the reservoir water and subsequent raising of the water table) and indirectly (through the closure of water- saturated pores and fractures in the rock beneath the reservoir load). This coupling between the elastic and the fluid effects in the rock, as well as the poorly understood response of inhomogeneities in material and hydrologic properties of the rock to changes in stress induced by the reservoir load, make modeling the impact of reservoirs much more difficult than for cases of fluid injection (Simpson, 1986a). Nevertheless, there are enough similar- ities between injection- and reservoir-induced earthquakes that they both provide a number of constraints on the mechanism of triggered seismicity.

Although the magnitude of the net pore pressure change produced by reservoir impoundment is often considerably less than at many fluid injection sites, the larger physical dimensions of the reservoirs allows their influence to extend over much broader areas.


TO LEARN MORE GO TO - wwwStopTheCrime.net to the USA, Inc. link and watch or read "The Iron Mountain Report" . . Senate Report 93-549 and "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Federal Judge Dale - all free downloads from www.StopTheCrime.net or google search . ..

Letter - From: United States Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
To: Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Division

WATER WARS in IRELAND - Anger at Irish water charges reaches boiling point

Drought hits towns hard; days from being without water (TEXAS)
COMMENT:  The weather has and is being deliberately manipulated to cause global climate change and create FEAR to bring in policies to control all water resources, and this is only one of the goals.  The agenda to steal WATER from public control and deliver water control into the PRIVATE corporate hands of the bankers to create water markets - selling the water back to the people.  This is being viewed by the bankers as a quick method to centralize global control of land, water and food resources . . . See the corporations and the bankers PLANS in their words on HOW to privatize and create a WATER MARKET . . .

Secretary-General of the United Nations . . . HIDES the Real Scientific Facts of the WORLD . . Facts NOT Told
Facts NOT Told:
Climate change is the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the Earth's climate . . . go to www.ToxicSky.org and also, watch the YouTube documentary "The Iron Mountain Report" . . The following quote is based upon the false science of global warming aka climate change . . . The "Iron Mountain Report" will explain how the international bankers through their corporations deliberately polluted the earths, water, sky, food supply and more . . .

Secretary-General of the United Nations . . . HIDES the Real Scientific Facts of the WORLD . . He LIES

"Few global issues are more important than the environment and climate change. Since taking office, I have consistently emphasized the dangers of global warming, the environmental degradation, the loss of biodiversity and the potential for conflict growing out of competition over dwindling natural resources such as water - the topics which are analysed in the GEO-4 report. Dealing with these issues is the great moral, economic and social imperative of our time."

– Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-4)1 report, October 2007, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Water Wars by Janet Phelan NOW living in Exile for What She Discovered . . . . did you know this?
By publishing “Water As A Weapon” in the July/August edition, The American’s Bulletin made journalistic history. There have been massive efforts to censor the information in that article, and its publication in hard copy is truly a victory for freedom of the press, during dark times for truth and personal liberty.

The WORLD BANK: New MAP and Report Identifies Major Clean-Tech Market Opportunity for Small Businesses in Developing Countries
Comment: When the World Bank refers to small businesses they are referring to their PPP's Private Public Partnerships. Keep in mind the World Bank makes more profits when their corporate agencies stomp out locally owned businesses and seize the local markets. . Important to understand that in order for the international bankers to control and develop new energy "markets" local communities are targeted, one community at a time behind the double speak of GO LOCAL . . . The Go Local movement has been tricked by the bankers the movement is really about international transfer of local control at every level . . . The Clean Energy "Market" is a new money making scheme for the international bankers, in that, after the profits are made from polluting the water, etc. and fabricating new energy polices based on the need to reduce green house gas emissions a NEW Green "Market" aka Economy emerges. . All of the climate change agendas are to build new markets for the corporate banking cartels . . To understand how our local governments really work go to www.StopTheCrime.net and click on the USA, Inc. link . . .

FRACKING: The Shale Revolution - "Frackademia" by Law: Section 999 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 Exposed - (Poisoning the Ground Water)
Comment: Goldman Sachs states in their report "Taking a Deep Dive into Water" that the shale revolution is a hugh "Market". The United States has an abundant supply/resource of water. Water has only recently become an investors dream for long term profits, since everyone needs water. Goldman Sachs will benefit from climate change and the creation of the sense of water scarcity. To read MORE about the corporate bankers plans to privatize the global water supply go to www.StopTheCrime.net to the Water Wars link . . . download their documents . . . and read the article below -

Excerpt from above link:

"Frackademia" is best defined as flawed but seemingly legitimate science and economic studies on the controversial oil and gas horizontal drilling process known as hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), but done with industry funding and/or industry-tied academics ("frackademics").

While the "frackademia" phenomenon has received much media coverage, a critical piece missing from the discussion is the role played by Section 999 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Although merely ten pages out of the massive 551-page bill, Section 999 created the U.S. Department of Energy-run Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA), a "non-profit corporation formed by a consortium of premier U.S. energy research universities, industry and independent research organizations."

Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, RPSEA receives $1 billion of funding - $100 million per year - between 2007 and 2016. On top of that, Section 999 creates an "Oil and Gas Lease Income" fund "from any Federal royalties, rents, and bonuses derived from Federal onshore and offshore oil and gas leases." The federal government put $50 million in the latter pot to get the ball rolling.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005's "Halliburton Loophole" - which created an enforcement exemption from the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act for fracking, and made the chemicals found within fracking fluid a "trade secret" - is by far the bill's most notorious legacy for close followers of fracking.

These provisions were helped along by then-Vice President Dick Cheney's Energy Policy Task Force, which entailed countless meetings between Big Oil lobbyists and executives and members of President George W. Bush's cabinet. Together, these lobbyists and appointees hammered out the details behind closed doors of what became the Energy Policy Act of 2005, a bill receiving a "yes" vote by then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, almost no focus - comparatively speaking - has gone into scrutinizing Section 999, which subsidizes biased pro-industry studies for a decade and in turn, further legitimizes unfettered fracking nationwide.

Speaking at an industry public relations conference in Houston, TX in 2011 - the same conference in which it was revealed the shale gas industry is using psychological warfare tactics on U.S. citizens and recommending the military's “Counterinsurgency Field Manual” for "dealing with an insurgency" of Americans concerned about fracking - S. Dennis Holbrook of Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York stated that it's crucial for industry to "seek out academic studies and champion with universities—because that again provides tremendous credibility to the overall process."

Section 999: In Service to Big Oil

RPSEA's "FAQ" section makes its raison d'être crystal clear.

"The objective of RPSEA is to leverage research dollars along with the technical expertise and experience of RPSEA Members to conduct industry led research and development work to help commercialize domestic...Unconventional Onshore Hydrocarbon Resources," RPSEA's website explains. "RPSEA will focus on innovative technologies to reduce the costs of production, expand and extend the nation's hydrocarbon resource base..."

Membership in RPSEA costs between $1,000-$10,000 per year depending on the company size or if the member has non-profit tax status. Industry dues-paying members include ExxonMobil, Chesapeake Energy, Halliburton, BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, GE Oil and Gas, Encana, Statoil, Total, Cabot, BG Group, Devon, Anadarko and many others.

22 universities also pay RPSEA membership dues. They include University of Utah, University of Texas-Austin (a well-known "frackademia" hub), Ohio State University (another well-known "frackademia" hub), Colorado School of Mines, Louisiana State University, Oklahoma State University, Stanford University, West Virginia State University, Colorado State University and many others.

RPSEA's Board of Directors - whose members serve two-year terms - has representatives from the oil and gas industry consisting of GE Oil and Gas, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Baker Hughes, Western Energy Alliance, Petrobas and Total. Its Unconventional Resources Program Advisory Committee features representatives from Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, BP, Southwestern Energy, Schlumberger and Baker Hughes.

Section 999 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 says the Secretary of Energy "shall carry out the activities under Section 999 to maximize the value of natural gas and other petroleum resources of the United States by increasing the supply of such resources."

Some politicians have also found a way to enrich themselves, as well, via shrewd "shalesmanship." Exhibit A: U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX).

"Since 2010, Hall has earned as much as $1 million from a company that holds mineral rights along the Barnett Shale," explained the Sunlight Foundation in a March 2013 article. "The money was disclosed as dividends from a company called North & East Trading Co. (N&E)."

A September 2008 opinion piece written by Hall explains that he helped write Section 999, meaning he's now pulling a personal profit from the same legislation he helped to author.

"This year marks the culmination of a legislative project I spearheaded in the House, creating an R&D program to recover oil and natural gas from ultra-deepwater and other onshore terrains," he wrote. "This program was included in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and is being carried out through the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA)."

The mission statement laid out in Section 999 doesn't allow for the dangers of fracking - ranging from groundwater contamination, to air contamination, towastewater injection-caused earthquakes, to gas pipeline explosions, to climate change impacts of fracking - to be studied.


WATER RESTRICTIONS: City to enforce new water regulations - reduce water use or fines or water turn-offs
COMMENT - NO mention in the article below of the deliberate engineered drought in California compliments of Geoengineering/weather manipulation programs that ARE deliberate large scales programs manipulating the global climate . . . learn more go to www.ToxicSky.org

Your Lack of Knowledge is YOUR Consent to these programs that the corporations that run our country are implementing through corporate statutes that are lawless corporate laws . . . read Senate Report 93-549, the Clearfield Doctrine and understand how government really works watch the YouTube "Who is Running America and the CAP" . . go to www.StopTheCrime.net go the the WATER WARS link and read the "documents" that WILL tell you about the Plans to TAKE OVER America's public water system and place the water system into private corporate control . . . CRITICAL READ

Excerpt from above Link:
Currently, if a resident doesn’t reduce water waste after the first warning, St. John said subsequent fines of $150 and $300 can be issued. The City Attorney’s Office is exploring how the city could implement the state’s allowance of up to $500 fines for such infractions. St. John plans to make a presentation about the new regulations, along with recommendations on enforcement, during the city council’s Sept. 8 meeting.

“We don’t run around fining people; that’s not how you get compliance,” St. John said. “You get compliance by educating people and making sure they’re aware of what the regulations are, why they exist and what opportunities we can provide to help them save a little money on their water bill and save a little water. That’s always our focus.”

To avoid wasting water and accruing fines, residents like Suzanne Clarke are implementing measures like planting drought resistant vegetation and mulching lawns, the latter of which Clarke did through a rebate program of the Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership. St. John said such partnerships are important in supporting communities and providing a consistent message — record low rainfall means every drop counts.

WATER a Corporate DOCUMENT - "Statutory Water Rights Law" and Related Water Code Sections (as amended, including Statutes of 2013)
Note:  The Local, State and Federal governments are not real.  They are privately owned corporations called governments.  All laws created by these government corporations are private corporate regulations called public law, statutes, codes and ordinances to conceal their true nature . . . read "The Great American Adventure - Secrets of America" by retired Judge Dale and free download from the net or www.StopTheCrime.net

BREAKING: Lawmakers Pass First California Groundwater Rules
Excerpt from link:

"The bill targets areas where groundwater basins are in danger of being over-drafted, or drawn from more quickly than water is replenished. It gives local land planners two years to create a groundwater sustainability agency, which in turn has up to five years to develop a plan for managing wells and pumping. Those plans can include installing meters and charging fees to curb excessive use.

The state Water Resources Control Board would step in and develop plans for communities that don't abide by these rules."

Note: Keep in mind the drought has been deliberately created by weather modification programs . . aka Geoengineering . . WHY? This is a push to bring the public water control into "private" hands of the corporations for profit . . There are global plans that TELL us this. . Simply research Global Water Intelligence, Veolia which is Rothschild water control and even Goldman Sachs is in the water business - stealing the water from all of us . . Also, go to www.ToxicSky.org WHATEVER, you do get this information out . . .

DROUGHT: Scientists Warn CA Drought Could Last 35 Years . . . Corporate Hype and Media Psyops . . to force enforcement statutes for asset stripping.
Read the "Iron Mountain Report" and learn the truth . . with the truth there is hope . . . Do NOT fall prey to the corporate local, state and federal government agencies - they do not work for you! Go to www.StopTheCrime.net to the USA, Inc. link . . . DO NOT CONSENT . . .

Excerpt from Above Link:
They say global warming has meant the chance of a decade long drought is at least 50 percent, and the chances of a ‘megadrought’ – one that lasts up to 35 years – ranges from 20 to 50 percent over the next century.

The study by Cornell, University of Arizona and U.S. Geological Survey researchers will be published in a forthcoming issue of the American Meteorological Society’s Journal of Climate.

‘For the southwestern U.S., I’m not optimistic about avoiding real megadroughts,’ said Toby Ault, Cornell assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and lead author of the paper.

‘As we add greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – and we haven’t put the brakes on stopping this – we are weighting the dice for megadrought.’

As of Aug. 12, most of California sits in a D4 ‘exceptional drought,’ which is in the most severe category. Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas loiter in a substantially less severe D1 moderate drought.

Ault says climatologists don’t know whether the severe western and southwestern drought will continue, but ‘with ongoing climate change, this is a glimpse of things to come.






The NEW GREEN ECONOMY GOIN BROWN: WATER WARS Deliberately Engineered - Santa Cruz Water Violators . . . News Article and Comment
The weather has been deliberately manipulated to change the climate, GLOBALLY . . .

Now, in drought stricken California the weather weapons have been used to create the drought. The power structure aka d'facto corporate government really believes they can continue to trick people into believing there are NO such weather manipulation programs . . The general public remains willfully ignorant and brainwashed . . We see the increased progress of mind-control to manipulate, tame and control the masses. . . The bankers aka criminal crime families are making HUGH profits while poisoning all levels of consumer products and economically gutting country after country . . . "The general rule is that there is a profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profits. Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then offer solutions" - this is a quote out of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars . . . free download from www.StopTheCrime.net

Now the new drought saying, here, in Sonoma County in Northern California is "Brown is the New Green". . . Right now Sonoma County is in a declared Stage Two drought , and has a Cash for Grass Program, wherein, water rate payers will pay 50 cents per square foot for lawn that is removed up to $1,000.00. Just think if the state declares a Stage Three drought we will be prohibited from watering ANY lawns at anytime, day or night, PERIOD. Further, we will be prohibited from planting new annual plants, vegetables, flowers or vines. . .

Find out about LOCAL Water Reduction Requirement PLANSThe Drought is Created Intentionally

Groundwater mining is "exploitation" of shared resource - Editorials - The Sacramento Bee
Understand what is being said here - residential rural wells are exploitation of water . . . This is setting up the distain between city dwellers hooked up to municipal water versus people that reside in the country and those farmers and ranchers that MUST have wells since connections to city provided water services do not exist. There are incremental plans that have long since been initiated to ultimately classify properties outside the city growth boundaries as unsustainable and sprawl . . . identified as emitting co2 emissions which MUST be reduced or "eliminated" to prevent climate change . . . These plans have already been approved in many cities across the nation . . Watch the YouTube "Who is Running America and The Climate Action Plans" . . . and to learn more go to www.StopTheCrime.net to the Climate Action Plan link . .

EXCERPT from the above link:

Groundwater rules are different. Its use is essentially unregulated, except in a few urban counties. Virtually every rural county considers groundwater the property of the person with the pump. If that pump sucks water away from neighboring wells, well, that’s unfortunate.

The problem with this case of groundwater mining is who profits from it. If Del Puerto were buying surface water from an irrigation district, the money would go to the district and benefit all its members. But private groundwater sales benefit only the seller.

That’s why farmers – generally conservative and often downright disdainful of government regulations – might soon welcome state intervention. The Legislature soon will consider bills for establishing state guidelines if not rules. Besides, they might not have a choice.

A recent case in Siskiyou County, if it survives appeal, could change the groundwater legal landscape. After overpumping lowered the Scott River, a Superior Court judge ruled that groundwater feeding the river belonged to the public and not solely to those who owned the pumps. It’s entirely likely similar challenges are being prepared to protect the Merced, Tuolumne and Stanislaus rivers.

In times of scarcity, water needs to be shared, not exploited.

RAND Corporation - Identifying and Reducing Climate-Change Vulnerabilities in Water-Management Plans
The RAND Corporation is engaged in PSYWAR and mind control, and rewriting science to create the illusion of man-made Global Warming aka Climate Change and know Climate Disruption . . .

The REAL CAUSE of climate change is the admitted large scale global manipulation from the geoengineering (weather modification) programs that have intentionally caused climate change . . .

Those supporting the need to reduce GHG greenhouse emissions have been conned by the RAND Delphi Technique . . The science RAND is pushing is consensus based which is not REAL science . . . this is mind control to change the FACTS . . For those that support the man-made global warming scenario which tells us there is over population the solution is to reduce the population = GENOCIDE . .

When agencies draft their water- management plans, they commonly assume that their region�s future climate and all its variability will be similar to that experienced over the past several decades. Unfortunately, this planning assump- tion seems increasingly unlikely to hold in the future. In California, according to scientific information compiled by the University of California, climate change will likely lead to higher temperatures, altered precipitation pat- terns, and less snow pack to supply state and federal water projects. Climate change may
also alter the frequency and severity of extreme events, such as droughts and floods. In addi- tion, western water agencies will continue to face many other difficult planning challenges, such as anticipating future water needs and sustainably managing such local and regional resources as groundwater basins.

This rapidly changing, difficult-to-predict environment poses a major challenge for many water-management agencies.

New Approach to Climate-Change Vulnerability Assessment and Options Analysis

BEWARE: California drought: Water-shaming apps hit smartphones

WATER THEFT - Sample Questions to Ask Your Water Agencies


Waterless World - Weather Warfare and Psywar - No Water, No Food, DEATH to the Planet . . . ALL WARS are Bankers WARS - this is WATER Warfare . .
We really can congratulate ourselves, the baby boomers, the ones who have ridden high on the hog with their attitudes. I am talking about those attitudes that destroy the future because we just do not have the ability to look reality right in the face. We are heading into a horrendous water crisis unlike anything that the world has ever experienced before and right now there do not seem to be any solutions capable of addressing this crisis.





Nestle, Arrowhead tapping water from Morongo reservation
No water reduction requirements amid the drought where fines are being placed upon overuse, water runoff, watering during restricted times and more . . . Search Nestle - Coca Cola and the World Bank on water privatization

Water Wars: The Rand Corporation - Efficient Water use in California . . . and the rest of the nations

The Water Resources Group Background, Impact and the Way Forward PDF and more . . .
You will find this information nothing short of Water Wars to conscript and take control of the water supplies, globally, and to force rural land owners to reduce water usage to levels that will eliminate property ownership and much more . . . . this is UN Agenda 21 and the plan to centralize resources into the control of the bankers and mega corporations . . . read the press release below and understand WHO the controllers are - to name a few the World Bank, Coca-Cola and Veolia (Rothschild). Educate yourselves and learn about the assaults upon Global societies . . .

Managing California’s Water From Conflict to Reconciliation - Important to Note the corporations positioning to privatize the water - the Rand Corporation, Bechtel and more