FIRE in Paradise:  Images in the SMOKE

FIRE in Paradise:  Images in the SMOKE Photos about 2 hours after fires started (11/08/18) What Do You Think These UFO’s Are? Insider Comment: Some of the photos look like an electronically “cloaked” helicopter, others a UFO. Alien anti-gravity craft or US Secret Space War craft are both anti-gravity craft and have electronic capability and […]

PARADISE & MAGALIA RESIDENTS CONFUSED BY MYSTERY POWDER–Magalia-residents-confused-by-mystery-powder-469454243.html People in Paradise and Magalia are confused about a mystery, white powder that suddenly started showing up on their vehicles. Many say they’ve never seen anything like this and there is lots of speculation about what this could be. “My girlfriend down the street came over the other day, and she also has a […]

Paradise Fire Pics

Here are some more shots from the Paradise Fire, other neighborhoods with pg&e damages and other anomolies. Like I said before, I am just trying to get these out to the public because I have no channel or followers (obviously) to get any awareness of what is really happening.  

CLIMATE ACTION PLANS ACTIVATED – Butte County – Climate Action Plan – Town of Paradise EXCERPT: Adopted February 25, 2014 Introduction to Butte County Located in Northern California, unincorporated Butte County contains approximately 1,680 square miles within the northeastern end of the Sacramento Valley, extending east into the northern Sierra Nevada foothills. Butte County is predominantly a rural area; urban land makes up less than 5% of the total […]

Here, Jacob Rothschild Explained How & Why Here, Jacob Rothschild Explained How & Why February 5, 2021 And we ignored him. The mass media creates a cognitive dissonance that prevents us from recognizing the truth when it is given to us.Jacob Rothschild:“It has been mainly the economic independence of most of the common people which makes them so unruly in these […]

ISLANDS – SAFETY in QUESTION: ISIS take over stunning islands where Daniel Craig and Bono holiday burning down luxury hotels and imposing Sharia Law NOTE: THERE ARE PHOTOS IN THE LINK ISIS militants have taken over paradise islands in the Indian Ocean, burning down hotels and imposing Sharia Law. Luxury islands off the coast of Mozambique, where A-list celebrities spend their holidays, have been overrun by insurgents linked to Islamic State.

FIRE Agencies DEADLY Burn’em Up PLANS – these PLANS Apply to YOUR FIRE SERVICE, TOO!

FIRE Agencies DEADLY Burn’em Up PLANS these PLANS Apply to YOUR FIRE SERVICE, TOO!   Enforcing Climate Change Policies and Denying the Use of Weather Weapons Disguise “Deep Ecology Principles”   WEATHER WEAPON DENIERS   Insider Comment What you will read below is NOT only about Cal Fire – this is about YOUR Fire Service, too! […]