David Boran (tucked away in Oklahoma) oversees training intelligence for Interpol, U.S. and the International Community made up of Bilderberger East and West, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

This project of "Electronic Incarceration" is the companion to the Death Dumps and Chemtrailsorchestrated by MITRE and the Belfer Center and carried out by contractors such as Evergreen International (that took over the old CIA Air America). The main Chemtrail ingredients were reported as"deadly" and "disease causing" in a front page article in USA Today May 12, 2011. They called it "Toxic Dust".

MITRE (non-profit) located in McLean, Virginia is obviously an intelligence operation that sets systems and procedures for the Department of Defense, the FAA, Homeland Security ad the IRS. The coordination of the first three agencies is necessary for Operation Cloverleaf which is one of the names of the Chemtrail plans of culling the population. Culling means killing especially the old and disabled.

John P. Holdren,
America's Angel of Death


The Belfer Center was run by the president's science advisor Malthusian John P. Holdren who advocated mass sterilization in his book Ecoscience. The Belfer Center includes population reduction enthusiasts Federal Reserve chair Paul VolckerCIA heads John Deutch and James Schlesinger,and Nathan RothschildJames Schlesinger also runs MITRE.Malthusian Bill & Melinda Gates' Foundation (Bilderbergers) - Advocates of a radically reduced population and a World Government under control of the "International Community" (the world's cartels).

So you should be getting part of the bigger picture.

Operation Cloverleaf (toxic dust containing aluminum , barium, strontium and other compounds)is a systematic environmental killing device designed to hide the perpetrators (brotherhood of death) together with a combination of University, CIA, Non Profits, and the Executive Administration of both political parties.