Ukiah and Anderson Valley in Northern California are approximately 2 hours north of the Golden Gate Bridge. .

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From: "bren
Date: August 5, 2012 10:37:34 PM PDT

I would like to tell you that over Ukiah, most noticeably within the last three weeks, (end of July start August 2012) there are unquestionably a huge usage of unknown aircraft at night, drone or otherwise, that can remain stationary but with very intense but infrequent strobes.

I have seen such aircraft remain stationary for 40 minutes at a time. I am unsure the distance or size but if one were to go out and be persistant through the night, these crafts can be seen.

Also, mid air refueling has increased over Ukiah and Anderson Valleys as well as increased jet activity since the wrap up of Bohemian Grove in July/2012.

Yesterday, 8/4/12, we had (weather modification) jets for hours;  then white out;  then massive clouds that looked as if they were boiling downward. Then RAIN. The usage of whatever moisture is up there here cannot benefit the drought. I have no doubt about the intentions of these madmen. They are going for broke.