The weather is weaponized and is NOW being used to dismantle America.  This is WAR . . .

What are the likely goals of this staged weather event?  To bring in marshall law, maybe?  
When the looters are allowed to organize on Twitter without interference one can only deduce
that these criminal gangs are being allowed and promoted to create civil disruption, vandalize and steal.  
Hopefully, the victims will not ask for the military to intervene which will only create greater victimization.  
This event is a noose which will only tighten and further eliminate what small amount of freedom
we still have if we ask for MORE government. . . .

Obviously, the intent to create chaos, despair, fear, economic devastation and a massive land grab
along with a distraction during the elections became the perfect time to create this massive storm and hurricane.

Several days prior to Hurricane Sandy chemtrails were heavy in Northern California and carbon black
was heavy in the man-made clouds.  We witnessed the plot to devastate the eastern coastal communities
of our country.  We saw plane after plane fly overhead approximately one every 30 minutes, flying from
the North to the South over Sonoma County (one hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge).  The Southerly
direction of the flight paths would place the chemtrail dumps over the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California.

Stay Safe Everyone We Are All Headed for Rough Times