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CRN®- FEB-16-2012- As many know now, Evergreen is being used by the CIA in its massive chemtrail spraying operations world-wide. I myself had seen an Evergreen trailer just this December in Ensenada, Mexico. I just wished I had my camera on hand that day! In Ensenada, being a Port town in itself, a lot of trailers come to and from the port. There is an extensive CFR- Trilateral Commission company operating in the port as well.

But the rumor that Evergreen operations are ongoing south of the border has now changed thanks to a listener and reader of our Spanish page at www.concienciaradio.com who watched a CRN 30-minute video report alerting of a world-wide chemtrail operation being conducted by the CIA is still occurring since it started at the start of the year.

Here is what Luis Humberto from Mexico City wrote to us describing the pictures you see below.
"Everyday I drive from Mexico City to Texcoco in Estado de Mexico and one day on the highway I photographed what looked to be a chemtrail on one of the images, which seemed odd. However, even stranger was the truck I found on the highway arriving to the Texcoco exit a couple of days later. I believe it does not require any further comments."
- Luis Humberto
And here is the video evidence.
Evergreen Trailer in Mexico
Notice the Illuminati Seal of the Luciferian 8-sided star. It is positioned over the NATO logo.
Evergreen Trailer in Mexico

What are the CIA Evergreen trucks doing in Mexico and what could they be transporting?

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