Dear fellow chemtrail/geoengineering activists and supporters,

"Why in the World are They spraying?" is in full production and has been getting a great response as we have been able to discuss our findings almost daily on various radio shows around the world.  Barry and I with the help of Geoff Brady New York Sky Watch, Pacifica Radio, have made great progress in our understanding of the history of weather control by interviewing Dr. Jim Fleming, Professor of Science and Technology, Colby College.  I am currently in production on Maui where I have interviewed Dr. Nick Begich about HAARP and also several organic farmers who all have had over a sixty percent decline in their crop production in the past 10 years.  This decline, of course, is believed to be a result of on-going chemtrail/geoengineering programs.  When I return from Hawaii, we also have interviews planned with Rosalind Peterson, California Sky Watch, Dane Wigington of What in the World are They spraying?", Mark McCandlish, Defense industry Consultant, and Barb Peterson of Farmwars.  We are making great progress towards helping the world understand the purpose of these damaging programs as well as the severity of the issue.  The following is our website that describes our new film and our objectives.  We are at 10% of the funding that we raised for "What in the World are They Spraying?" and are in need of support to get this important message out in a professional and effective manner.  We are funding this entire project with Pre-orders and donations.  Pre-orders and more information can be found at:  Also, please Facebook and foreword this link to your e-mail list.  Together we can make a difference in getting these programs stopped.  Thanks again for your support in addressing these crimes against nature and humanity.
The following are also a few radio programs about the new film:

Michael Murphy on The Jack Blood Show:

Coast to Coast with George Noory:

Michael J. Murphy