May 12, 2011 USA Today spelled out the physical damage "Toxic Dust" does to humans by each element.
MITRE coordinates the FAA, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security. This is how the Death Dumps can be laced across the sky by planes not headed directly tocommercial airports.
MITRE is political. And it is "intelligence" run ... meaning for the central banks. Merely ... go to for confirmation. There is the evidence that the CIA has chosen to punish the Tea Partys

Not one in 5,000 members know.  And the few who do are afraid to "handle the truth" and fight back. The Belfer Center is the alter ego of MITRE and is interlinked. It is laced with CIA operatives. The Belfer Center was headed by John P. Holdren(CFR) who in his book Ecoscience advocated using sterilants in the food and water to prevent human births.
Tea Party members can put 2 and 2 together. The Tea Party was not supposed to pick up on the worldwide "Sovietization" by the international community of towns and cities using ICLEI's Agenda 21
The Illuminati core activated MITRE to use IRS to slow and distract Tea Party from tangling with their scheduled pending tyranny.
As G. Edward Griffin says ..."Don't fight City Hall ... Be City Hall".