The above link shows how the EPA has farmed out the calibration of the monitors to an ex department of defense Neocon. It also shows how the monitors were going up.. then were recalibrated and scientifically could not be accurate also they did not expect people to have hand held testers. 

Our Radiation levels reached above what HAZ MAT requires as an emergency during the Jan 1 holiday. Before that I told everyone I know that we had been sprayed with something different. And this is what I find... I'm so Pissed OFF..!! 

Everyone who screams Conspiracy Theorist should do a double take ! 

Everyone who has a record of these bastards spraying us need so look and see if the EPA's Air monitoring Equipment goes down like it does in Amarillo. While the media will not report a WORD on Chemtrails.. the EPA's equipment shuts down while this evil takes flight over our families? 

Everyone needs to wake up at what is really happening. You have people calling for a world government and the same people are calling for a 80% reduction in population? The chem trails are just on part of the whole plan, but if we don't do something the bad guys will win. 

So let's stand up and fight these few who think they are going to push us around. I'm not scared of them at all. I'm more scared of letting them get away with it and for my kids.

So I'm doing all I can to expose this evil. I know what they put on us since December will have devastating consequences on unborn, and elderly, cause I'm the latter, and this is really sick evil stuff. So I'm pulling out all the guns and saying "let's peacefully protest." 

That's all I'm doing.

This is a radiation monitor... why would it need to break down while these fleets of jets spray our families? I think they are not so worried about our guns? Do you have a metal taste in your mouth? I do? 

Welcome to the New World Order


EPA Update on their Gamma Equipment in Amarillo Jan 25 2012