Congressman Admits Chemtrail's

In what may be the first governmental acknowledgement of its kind, a public official from Cleveland, Ohio has referenced "chemtrails" in a bill put before congress.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) has submitted bill no. HR 2977 IH , which proposes a ban on the weaponization of space.  One of the weapons systems listed in the bill is "chemtrails". The use of this term is significant because until now, all reported governmental inquiries into this issue have been dismissed or denied.  Agencies such as the Air Force have routinely called reports of chemtrails "a hoax". CONGRESSMAN ACKNOWLEDGES CHEMTRAILS

1949 U.S. Army begins 20 years of simulated germ warfare attacks against American cities, conducting at least 239 open air tests.
1950 Sept. 20-26. One of the biggest experiments involved the use of Serratia marcescens and bacillus globigi being sprayed over 117 square miles of the San Francisco area, causing pneumonia-like infections in many of the residents. The family of one elderly man who died in the test sued the government, but lost. To this day, syraceus is a leading cause of death among the elderly in the San Francisco area.
1955 Another case was the joint Army-CIA Biological Warfare test in 1955, still classified, in which an undisclosed bacteria was released in the Tampa Bay region of Florida, causing a dramatic increase in whooping cough infections, including twelve deaths. The Population Control Agenda Pt.2

Who could doubt the validity of the claim that the Government is guilty of poisoning us with today's Chemtrail's after looking at their past offences of the same act.

Symptoms from Chemtrail sprayings

It is being reported that people with average or below average immunity are experiencing pneumonia-like respiratory symptoms, while people with stronger immunity are only experiencing slight discomfort for a day or two or no symptoms at all. Some people have gotten very ill and the symptoms seem to keep returning after a short period of improvement. It's possible that some of these sprayings might contain special bio-engineered pathogens designed to affect only certain racial groups. Chemtrail's: NWO Flu

Texas Revenge A possible cure for this flu?




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 The Chemtrail photos above both were taken in 1999. The upper left was taken in Santa Fe New Mexico Nov. 30th. The upper right was taken in Santa Fe April, 18th.


  Reports have been coming in from all across the nation of these chemtrail sightings. I have seen these myself here in my home state also. Death and sickness have resulted from these sprayings. We Americans must put a stop to this. Enough is enough.

Airline Manager - Chemtrail's Are Real And Called 'Project Cloverleaf'

Are Chemtrail's the Humane Way?

The following excerpt was taken from an outline of a Government Project: The Wildlands Project.

...Humanity must drastically scale down its industrial activities on Earth, change its consumption lifestyles, stabilize and then reduce the size of the human population by humane means, and protect and restore wild ecosystems and the remaining wildlife on the planet." The Wildlands Project

After my article The Timeline of  Population Control was posted at Jeff Rense .com, the above quote was removed, and their site has since moved. However their views remain the same and the article A Wilderness View by Tom Butler editor of Wild Earth from their new site still reflects reduction of human population by so called humane means.

  This whole chemtrail issue is related to the plan for decreasing the world population to around 450-500 million -- and starting with the US first. Another dark chemtrail hypothesis

  I remember Vice President Gore -- he was just elected at that time -- giving a keynote address about reducing population. And I thought, 'What? Do the American people know what's going on? The U.N.'s Shocking Agenda


Chemtrail's in the Sky While all flights grounded after the World Trade Center Attack

Chemtrail's In The Skies While All Airlines Were Grounded